Going to Tagaytay

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Tess Martinez’s

Journal entry for March 20, 2007

Gazing at your creation:

Going to Tagaytay, a city in the mountains known for its beautiful cool breeze and breathtaking view is a day to look forward to, and a day to remember.

Retreat houses run by different congregations are everywhere. There are about 70 of them. The most breathtaking view is along the ridge where, looking down you see the blue waters of Taal Lake and in the midst are nestled Taal Volcano, the smallest Volcano in the world. In fact, it is one among the 7 wonders of the world.

Each time we move in towards the city after gradual climb, noticed by ear pressure as we climb at higher altitude, feelings are never the same. Each visit creates a unique feeling. While I bask in the glory of God’s handiwork, amazement is always there. How could it be so beautiful and yet more beautiful each time we go there. God’s work of creation never really rest.

The first stop is always the famous PINK SISTERS, a little church where nuns in pink belonging to the contemplative order are in prayers 24 hours a day. The well kept garden is a beautiful place to meditate and find a peaceful moment with Him in solitude.

Coffee in Taal Vista Hotel, overlooking the scenic Taal is a respite from a noisy city life and its routine. People form all over the world stay in this hotel for a very unique and memorable experience.

Over the light breakfast with a second serving of my famous Batangas brew (my native Province) my husband and I talk of light things and always ended up honoring God for His kindness and generosity to us.

Fruits and vegetables, the greens for our salad are among the manifestations of God’s bounty. The clean air brushing our hair and the fog…ah a beauty to behold! When the streak of light peers through the fog as we inch our way through to the main road, we feel a sigh of relief. And I am reminded of our freedom from darkness in to light in our daily grind, our daily life.

My prayer:

Lord, these are happy moments in my life. So simple, yet so amazing. It fills my heart with gratitude. It satisfies my longing for peace and communion with You at its simplest.

It gives rest to my weary soul and quenches my thirsty heart for contentment. All I ask is give me the grace of time and good health to experience the joy of Your presence in this chosen place as I always say,” This is a Holy ground.”

Allow me to savor the intimate happiness of our out-of-town drive with my family and to give our grandson Kenet a taste of what is naturally beautiful in life.

The fruit stand and vegetable farms are a reminder of Psalm 65. “You crown the years with your generosity. Richness seeps from Your track. The pastures of the desert grow moist. The meadows are covered with flocks…”

Thank you for my healthy eyesight and a heart so in love with nature. Truly my dear Father, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CREATIONS!


Eustacia “Tess” Martinez Copyright 2007

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