God Sends A Cardinal

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Written by Jean Dean
“When God Sends A Cardinal Tapping at Your Window!”

Hello Beloved!May I share something sweet with you? I feel comfortable sharing this with you, for I feel like we relate.

The reason for the above title is this. Over the past two weeks, there has been a precious little Cardinal tapping at my window.

Now, someone might say, what’s so special about that? Birds do that!

Well, I would think that, too. But, this particular Cardinal has been tapping, non-stop, for two weeks. Nothing can make her go away.

The tapping is at my bedroom window. But, if I walk up to the kitchen, the Cardinal moves to the kitchen window to tap, tap, tap. When I go back to the bedroom, to sit and study the Bible, she follows me there.

The Lord Jesus and I have such a sweet, romantic love relationship. And, one of the ways He has always spoken to me is through birds.

A few times, I have been up very, very late…wee hours of the morning, worshiping Him, and reading the Bible.

When, out of the blue, and in the middle of the night, a bird will begin to sing outside my bedroom window.

To make it even more beautiful, once it happened in the middle of the night, in the middle of “WINTER!” Wow! ūüôā

Several months ago, in October, I was having an especially hard time, doubts, fears, (warfare), etc., when, out of the blue, a beautiful Cardinal shows up and starts tapping constantly on my window. It took my “blues” right away. The Cardinal only stayed a few days. Then, as mysteriously as she arrived, she went away.

Now, here in the spring, another Cardinal. And, guess what, I have been undergoing major, major doubts, fears, and warfare. Satan is trying to bring me down?

It’s right at this time the little Cardinal shows up, again, and has not left!
Let me tell you one more really sweet thing…that I know you will love and appreciate, having the gentle heart you have.

Last night, when it was really, really stormy, I became a little bit concerned for this little Cardinal. It got dark and stormy, windy, lightening, the whole bit.

I was in my bedroom, sitting and studying the lesson I would be teaching on Sunday to my 4-5 year olds.

I walked up to the dinning room, where there is a nice big bay window, and, you guessed it, the little Cardinal followed me there.

Well, she taps at the window a few times, going back and forth from a branch outside the window. Then, she goes back to the branch and sits.
I sat there stunned, watching all of this amazed because it was dark, raining and windy outside!

All of a sudden, another Cardinal lands on the branch there by her. They sit side by side, and get this, they KISS!!! ūüôā O’ be still my heart!!!

Their little beaks pecked each other several times, they rub their heads together, and then the one who had suddenly shown up, flew on away.

It was at that point I went down to my knees to worship my King! Our Creator! He had me!!!

How endearing to think of the Lord sending one of His most beautiful birds to fellowship with me.

As I sit here typing, crying, and listening to my new-found friend tapping outside my window, my doubts, fears, and warfare are far, far away from me. I don’t believe there is anything in this world that could disturb me right now.

The Lord wants me to share this with you! I pray you are blessed. “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!” Praise the Lord! (Psalm 150:6).

In Christ Jesus, His servant,
jean dean

jean dean Copyright 2006/2007

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