Tale Of Two Dogs, Choose Life

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By Veryl Williams

“I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live (Deuteronomy 30:19 Amplified)

My Prayer

Oh Father, how excited I am to be in this place of restoration and healing with you. How thankful I am that you desire me to come no matter what I have done or how far away I wandered. As I watch my dogs so anxious to be curled at my feet in their love and desire to be with me; so I desire to be with you.

My Heavenly Father’s Response

“Child I want to truly look at your dogs. They are both curled up in love and devotion to you at your feet, but yet so different. You have had so many hurts, betrayals in your life. Your spirit has been so wounded, deeply wounded. You have wondered why it took so many years for you to come to this place. I had to peel off the layers; I had to dig deep beneath the wounds. There were so many. I had to wait patiently. You had to grow very slowly for a long time in each step you took. I brought you to this place in your life and to this time, now choose to believe as I show you the “Tale of Two Dogs”

Tale of Two Dogs

Suzie was born so unique in her creation. Look down at her curled at your feet and see the security of the love and trust between the two of you. The devotion you have for each other. She is eager to please you, so secure in who she is with you. She desires to be in your presence at all times. Words do not always need to be shared between the two of you as you abide together. She fears and loves and respects you in such a complete way.

When she is apart from you physically she knows love keeps you bonded. She is free to go and be all that she has been called to be. She walks in confidence knowing she is loved. Love is the power allowing her to be who she is and has been created to be. When discipline does need to come she does not allow it to destroy her. Instead she comes and asks for forgiveness. It is given and the love and security continues. Growth takes place. She is so secure in your love she is free to be Suzie, beloved of her master and best friend.

Her life started in love, but it became a life of abandonment. She was cast aside and betrayed. Those she loved turned their backs on her. She was hurt but chose not to allow her spirit to be wounded. She began to seek out her true master and friend. She knew you existed and refused to give up. She traveled some dangerous roads to get to you, undaunted, she traveled on. Then the day came and she crossed the Jordan into her promised land where she has flourished.
Suzie lives live in prosperity and abundance.

This is how I desire for you to be. I want you to be secure in My love of you, daring to trust and throw off the wounds, deeply abiding Me; you have the strength and courage to be all I uniquely created you, Veryl, to be.

Kaylee was born so beautiful and full of promise with much love to give. She was innocent and ready to just live life carefree and happy with brown eyes just waiting to adore those around her. So trusting and then the wounds came. She was beaten, she was betrayed and by the time she was a year old her spirit badly wounded. Beaten so badly, and yes, so betrayed, her hope died. Her whole life was encircled around the desire to love and be loved. Her innocence of trust destroyed.

While Suzie lived in anticipation of her Savior, Kaylee curled up to die. Her Savior did come and her love is deep for you. Her devotion runs deep, but her fears keep her from being all she was created to be. She is afraid love will be lost at any moment, so afraid that when discipline comes now, even though it comes in love, it destroys her, and she curls up in fear.

She lies curled at your feet; intent on staying there, fearing that if you move away, love goes away. Yes, so fearful, believing discipline means you no longer love her; therefore, she is not able to grow stronger. Because she is unable to grow, she cannot go into the world and be what she was created to be. How incomplete and narrow her life has become; all the joy’s she misses. Unless she is willing to let go of the past she will never experience all that is hers to have in this life.

To Sum It Up

Suzie is ever peaceful and secure enough to be all she was created to be. Wholeness and joy are hers. The confidence and strength she emanates to the world around her, causes the world to be drawn to her.

Kaylee is ever fearful and unable to surrender her wounded heart. She will never experience life at its fullest. She will continue to live in her fearful-narrow world. She will repel people from her instead of drawing them near.

The Difference

What is the difference? Choice! Suzie chose to rise above her difficult world. She chose to reach out and search for her master, a place where her heart would be healed. She chose to surrender to you when you found her. Kaylee, while she longs to have all that Suzie has, chooses to stay in her world loving you, but not abandoning herself to her world in order to be healed. Thinking she is controlling her world by not surrendering, she misses out on the fullness of love.

The Longing

As you long to heal her wounds and wipe away her tears, so I have longed to do for you. As you long to set her free from her captivity, so I long to set you free from yours. It comes down to a choice. Choose Life! You asked why it took so long. I had to wait for you to choose life.


Father, I no longer choose the wounds of my past, nor will I let them interfere with your plans and purposes for me. Regardless of what I think, feel, or see I choose to curl up at Your feet in a posture of love and adoration. And when I do not feel or sense Your presence I will not doubt Your great sacrificial love for me. I choose life and life more abundant (John 10:10).

What the enemy has stolen from me You cause him to return seven-fold. I abandon myself to You and the world around me will be attracted to the love emanating from me as I abide in You. I choose life. I surrender the past to You. If any man be in Christ he is new, therefore, I proclaim I am new today in every possible way. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for thinking I am worth it. I receive the fullness of Your love. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. Contemplate the times you have felt this way, and know how much the Lord loves you.

2. What wounds, betrayals or fears to you need to release to the Good Shepherd?

3. Write them down, give them to the Lord and destroy the paper.

4. Record the thoughts of love He speaks to you as you write.

Example: I feel abandoned. His response: I knew you before you were born. I loved you while you were in your Mother’s womb. I have never forsaken you and I never will. I will contend will with those who contend with you√Ę‚ā¨¬¶)

Veryl Williams Copyright 2007

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