Angels Are Dancing, Paradigms Are Shifting

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“The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior [Who saves]! He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in His love He will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; He will exult over you with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17 Amplified)

“For it is written, He will give His angels charge over you to guard and watch over you closely and carefully;” (Luke 4:10 Amplified)

Angel Dance

Beloved, apple of My eye, I am so very aware of your circumstances. I see the raging of generational assertions over your life and your family (Psalms 17:8). Just like I delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, I am able to deliver you no matter what happens (Daniel 6:20). It is My desire and plan to do so. Right this moment, angels, warring angels I have sent, are dancing a dance of war over you, a dance of deliverance from the onslaughts of the enemy.

I give My angels charge over you (Luke 4:10). Their garments are like flames of fire (Psalms 104:4; Hebrews 1:7). They emanate My passion for you. They dance over the child like faith of your heart. They dance and sing over the promises I have spoken to you, and they will not return void. They dance a dance of jubilation over your newfound revelation of My love, a love which endures forever. Excitement in your heart shoots out rays and shafts of electric light, charging the atmosphere around you. If only you knew how I am drawn to every aspect, every essence of your life, your whole perspective would be different.

Therefore, I am opening your understanding to know how every word, thought, deed – even the tiniest inflection of your face directed toward Me – captures My complete attention. Paradigms and mind sets are shifting. I hide you under the shadow of My wings, and your atmosphere is now charged by the rushing of angels singing and dancing over you. Yes, I am also singing over you (Zephaniah 3:17).

Such Hope Never Disappoints

Close your eyes and see. Yes, close your eyes and see. See Me and know I have always loved you. Before you were ever formed, I knew you and loved you. I have a purpose and destiny for your whole family to fulfill. Embrace Me with faith. Look for Me to come, and the victory will follow. Lay everything at My feet, all your expectations, desires, doubts and self-chastisement. I do not chastise you. I embrace you. Even now, angels are swirling around you, dancing a dance of deliverance over your life. I need you, desire you for My purposes. I am jealous for you. You are Mine. All you have is Mine, and I will contend on your behalf.

Even though there have been winter days of life to endure, and sometimes your seasons of winter have seemed as if you actually live in colder regions, you have hoped in Me. Every season in your life can and will be infused by Me. No matter what, I inhabit the deepest places of your heart, and your thoughts always come back to me. Your heart always hopes in Me.

Sometimes you forget who you are when you observe your own actions. I see things from a different perspective. I look at the true motive of your heart, and I am mindful of its wounds or lack of understanding (1 Samuel 16:7). A bruised and bended reed I do not break (Isaiah 42:3). No matter the depth of the struggle, be it measured in inches or fathoms, I care, I intervene.

Remember, hope in Me never disappoints. The circumstances of life produce a maturity in you as My love and faithfulness are poured out in your heart, bearing the fruit of hope (Romans 4:5-6). I have seen the sacrifice given to those around you, those you serve, those you love, and I am going to give honor where honor is due. I am honoring you for not growing weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9). I know sometimes you look at your own heart, seeing only shortcomings or focusing on the negative aspects of your attitudes and behavior. This is about to change. No, it is changing, for I have accelerated you into a whole new dimension of revelation and understanding. Today, wisdom is your portion, your bread. Today, you shift into a whole new level. Agree with me and let it be.

Power In The Blood Of Jesus

Speak My name. Whisper My name. Close your eyes, and see your family, your concerns, held within the shelter of My name. Speak My name. Speak My name. There is power in the blood, power in My Name. Though you were far off, you are now brought near (Ephesians 2:12-13)

Angels, once only dancing, are now totally given over to the movement; so much so, they are intertwined in one purpose, becoming an intermingled force creating light and fire. Light of revelation and fire are released to burn away all hindering foes, fire to cleanse to the very foundations of your life and family.

Holy Spirit is descending, shrouding, and overshadowing you in a cloak of peace and comfort (John 14:16). Your comforter has come to enclose you in the secret place within the wings of My heart, within the feathers of My comfort. Beloved one, once so fearful of Me, you are now enclosed in the beauty of My heart, radiating My glory.

Sweet dewy mists of My presence rise from around you, permeating the dry places of old religion with new revelation of who I am, who I really am. The Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, your comforter, teacher, friend and companion is swirling freshness and freedom around you. He is dripping like the morning dew, and you are springing forth, my willing one, in the Day of My Power (Judges 6:28).

Transforming Love

I am your vision no matter what happens in life. Know this: I work all things together for your good (Romans 8:28). I do not leave you at the prey of the enemy. I contend. Envision Me standing before you. Let Me be your vision, your focus, and set your face like flint (Isaiah 50:7). See Me standing beside those you love, drawing, wooing, with My Father heart of love.

I am revealing to you and to your family what a true Father is. Nothing escapes My notice, absolutely nothing. Look up to the mountain from whence your help comes (Psalms 121:1). Your help comes from Me, your Lord and Maker and no other, not from any man, only from Me. Chosen one, look up and see how much I am engrossed in your life. Look up into My eyes of love, and know your time has come. The day of deliverance is coming nigh, is drawing nigh for the completing of your family according to My order.

Be patient, and have faith (Psalms 40:1). Open your mouth, and let My faith pour into you, enabling you to endure. Open your mouth, and let My patient love speak through you (1 Corinthians 13:4).

As you behold Me with unveiled face, transformation born of My love for you is taking place. Transformation follows love. You are wonderfully altered by My love, and My love released through you transforms others. To love Me and to love them fulfills the highest call one could ever achieve. Everything flows from this principle. What a pleasure to use you as a manifestation of My love. Beloved, be patient; strengthen your heart, for I have come near to you (James 5:8).

You Are A Pleasure Of My Right Hand

It is not enough to have faith in Me. You must have My faith, and I am giving it to you today if you will open your mouth and speak the words I have put in your heart. Let My words fill your mouth. Imagine your heart like an open, beautiful vessel placed under an ever-pouring fountain on an extremely hot day. This is what I am doing for you: pouring My water, My faith, into the fiery circumstances of your heart. I am pouring My faith into your dreams and desires.

You see, at My right hand are pleasures forever more (Psalm 16:11). One of those pleasures is you, My love. Did you ever think of My Word this way? I imagine not. Many have been taught to do so would be pride. Beloved, You were and are the joy set before Me (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Acknowledgement of who you really are and the pleasure you bring to Me is not pride. It is necessary! It is necessary in order to walk in true identity, necessary to overcome the lies of the evil one. Know this: I have formed you with great intricacy. As you let go of all unprofitable things — all doubt and unbelief, you are cleansed, and I shape the clay of your heart into a vessel of honor ready for every good work. You are a good work. You are good. (2 Timothy 2:21). You are a pleasure of My right hand.

I not only restore you, but I restore and prefect all concerning you (Psalms 138:8). I love your family; I love those you love, each and every one. I love you, and My kindness is leading all to repentance, and I wash you with My Word. Angels are dancing, Holy Spirit is descending, and faith is poured out. I am with you to do My good pleasure.

Arise and proclaim an end to all generational ties and bondage, for you have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. You are in Me, and I am in you. Close your eyes. Reach out and see Me, and see the atmosphere around you shift. All is complete in Me.

Arise and proclaim an end to all generational ties and bondage, for you have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. You are in Me and I am in you. Close your eyes. Reach out and see Me and see the atmosphere around you shift. All is complete in Me.


Your angels dance over me. You sing over me. Hope swells in my heart like an open gate. Come in O’ King of Glory and do as You will. I rest in You and Your plan for my life. All aspects of my life are delivered and restored to the purpose intended by Your loving sacrifice. Your blood saves me, covers me, delivers me and it redeems and frees me to be who You say I am-a pleasure of Your right hand. I settle into the comfort of Your protective, nurturing wings. Holy Spirit I love You, need You and I respond with a heart of obedient praise.

Father I give my all to You, my family, my hopes and dreams, yes, I give everything. I give my shortcomings and prideful thoughts and I receive Your gift of righteousness and love. As I am being transformed by Your love, my love is transforming others as Your heart is manifest in me. I close my eyes. I see Your face. I hear Your song. Today is a day of angels dancing and paradigms shifting! The atmosphere is clear and I can see You, hear You, feel You. Infuse me now an I will be changed. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Can you see angels singing, see Him singing over you? What is He singing?
  2. Reflect on how even the tiniest inflection of your face or the most fleeting thought of love toward Him radiates from you and captures His attention.
  3. In what ways have you elevated your shortcomings and neglected to notice the true motive of your heart?
  4. What do you need to lay at His feet today, good, bad or indifferent?
  5. Holy Spirit is manifesting right now in a very special way, desiring to love on you right were you are. Listen carefully. It isn’t just about giving, it is about receiving. Let Him wash you, permeate you. Record what He says.
  6. Take some quiet time and think on any wrong concepts of what a father is based on the demonstrations of men in or out of your family. Release them out loud to Me.
  7. Vocally receive My father heart for you and allow Me to release all My love, in the fullness of its transforming power. Do this daily, hourly or minute by minute until all doubt and unbelief are erased, till I have fully replaced the wrongful acts of men.
  8. Not only does He want to give you the pleasures at His right hand, He considers you one. Reflect on the immensity of this thought.
  9. Something to ponder in light of the above. Since you are a pleasure of His right hand, that would mean you are also a gift to others around you. He offers you, His honorable vessel, and a pleasure to demonstrate His goodness, to others. Selah

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of ‚ÄúSoaking in His Presence‚ÄĚ to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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