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God Whispers, I Emerge, Wisdom Flows

Word of the Day As you leave the Holy Ground of humble adoration and prayer to continue your daily concerns and face new challenges, you receive My anointing. You are stronger to face the realities of life. Should you have to walk your path in the middle of scorching heat, in the fiery path of […]

Weeds, Manna And Amazing Grace

A story sent to me by my friend Katie Gardiner. This is her first try at all this. I am so proud of her. Today as I weeded my garden I heard Holy Spirit speaking to me as He often does. He interrupted my thoughts to bring understanding as I pondered how we as His […]

Remembering My Father on Father’s Day

By Tess Martinez Little House on the Prairie When my children were small, Little House on the Prairie was a TV show we all looked forward to on Saturday evenings. I liked the family story and the ideal setup in the countryside. I loved the family values we derived from it. The story was values […]

Journals Of The Heart, A Dream Come True

In The Beginning My journey to where I am now began somewhere in 2004, not discounting a whole life of preparation. Although I have written poetry since childhood, never wrote articles compiled my thoughts into any other form until around this time. Spurred on by a series of trials which left us without a church […]

Dry Your Eyes, Refrain From Weeping

The victory is come When the fast is done The victory is come Only arise and be faithful Dry your eyes Refrain from weeping All of My promises Bear fruit in My keeping The time of blessing Ripens on the tree Have faith in God And wait only on He When the fast is done […]

Crashing Waves

By Dineen A. Miller Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting on the beach at the water’s edge. The waves keep coming either washing over me in a soft surge or bowling me over with a giant push. As the waters recede, I barely have time to recover. Water drips from my face, my matted hair, […]

My Heart Pants After Thee

By Lisa Beth Jenkins Early in the morning My heart pants after Thee, I long to hear Your sweet voice in my ears, I long to worship You, Oh God, I long to worship You, for You’re the only One that knows, me through and through, I worship You. And when I lift my hand’s […]

When My Friends Walk With Me

Early this year I came to Journals of the Heart. The format was very classy and serene. I liked it but more to it, the title sounded very feminine, Journals of the Heart, I fell in love with the articles and kept sending comments. Brenda has always been generous with her guidance and mentoring as […]