Weeds, Manna And Amazing Grace

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A story sent to me by my friend Katie Gardiner. This is her first try at all this. I am so proud of her.

Today as I weeded my garden I heard Holy Spirit speaking to me as He often does. He interrupted my thoughts to bring understanding as I pondered how we as His children, His kings and priest feel so condemned at times.

Yet, I have been learning He loves me enough to “convict” me and train me with a heart to support me at all times. His heart always wants to encourage me to grow and live, to find Him in all things. He is everything around me, everything outside of me. I can always see Him when I look through eyes of “life” rather than darkness (Phil 4:6).

I hear His whispers in the wind…”Choose Life.”

As I weeded the garden I realized how we have to work at keeping our garden free of weeds, how we have to plant good things in them. If we don’t the enemy will come and plant tares (Matt 13:25-26).

We have to choose daily to partake of fresh manna, to partake of Christ. Like the manna, our relationship with Him must be new every morning enabling the putting off of our old man-our old ways of thinking (Phil 6:8 2 Cor 10:5). This leaves room for us to fill our garden with Words of life in order to receive His gift of Life (John 6:68 Gal 6:7-8 and Deut 30:19).

Our minds are like gardens. They will grow what we plant in them-what we “allow” to be planted in them. However, when we plant the wrong things, allow the wrong things to be planted, all is not lost.

All we have to do is embrace His Word and His truth sets us free. Instantly we are reunited with the Father when we step through the door, Jesus, by repenting (John 10). He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of “all” unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). This is amazing grace! This is unmerited favor! Ah‚Ķthis is love.

Katie Gardiner Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

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