Kathy Lang’s Prison Diary – October 31st – Nov 1st 2007

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Bibles for His Captive Ones

Hi Brenda,

I had a trying night on 10-31-07 at the prison where I work part time. I had 3 kids in tears because of God working on their hearts. I shared Jesus with them and it was amazing seeing the Spirit of Jesus loving them thru His Word…all 3 were ripe for His Word. Then one other teen went crazy—threatening me and calling me names and I left discouraged. The Lord was working on my heart and I was praying for wisdom so I could talk with this other kid on Friday.

Well today is Friday, Nov. 1st and it started with me dropping off 2 Bibles in the Polish language at the local county Jail.The chaplain could not find these for the inmate and he called me. The Lord provided someone in my family who was able to find a place in Chicago which carried the Bibles.

Then I went to work and talked with the boy who was so wild on the 31st. It was great. God gave the exact words to say him. I led him to the Cross with forgiveness in my heart and great concern for this teen’s salvation. He left our prison with 2 Bibles. He was being transferred to another placement. I am grateful the Lord opened his heart to hear. Keep him in your prayers.

The day only got better. I went to check a TB skin test and the teen was in a classroom. I had medical books in my arms along with 6 Bibles to give out to new kids coming in (I don’t get to see all the kids because I work part time). Three other kids in the classroom saw the Bibles and asked me for them. I was able to share with them and the whole class how to read the Bibles.


In response to their request, I went back to the library to get more of the Easy Read Bibles and gave all of them out to the new kids I met.

It is a blessing to feel how Jesus feels for the lost ones. I love it. What a privilege to witness for the Lord. Right before I left, a teen came in for a sick call that has been with us for over a year. I gave him a Bible when he came in one year ago. This boy has visibly changed. He thanked me for the Bible and said he reads and studies it every day. He told me how the Bible changed his heart and how he feels much different, telling me how he has given his life to the Lord. Well it was an amazing 3 days in the life of a nurse who gets to share Jesus with His precious ones.

Much love to you,

Bless you, Kathy Lang

“I supply Bibles to prisoners. My goal is to get a Bible in every prisoner’s hand. If you would like to contribute to this cause contact me at sos24@sbcglobal.net
If you would like to read more about my ministry, go here: How It All Started“

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