Where Can You Go, Darkness Is As Light To Me

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“If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you” (Psalms 139:11-12 NIV)

I Come On The Wings Of The Wind

Where can you go from Me? Where can you go from My presence? What circumstance can possibly hide you from Me? Nothing, not even the darkness, for it is a light to Me.

Not a creature exists that is concealed from Me. Everything is open and exposed before Me. I see and know everything (Hebrews 4:13). I know your every waking moment. I know when darkness tries to press in. I hear you call My name and I answer you. My ears are tuned to hear your voice, to the tiniest of sighs escaping from your lips. Call on Me with an expectant heart full of the knowledge of who I am on your behalf. The earth quakes and the mountains roar at My response to you. Will you believe and respond to My invitation to call on My name—to call on My name with a heart of expectancy no matter the situation, no matter where you have been or what you have done?

Know this: I am bowing the heavens and coming to you riding upon a cherub, riding on the wings of the wind. I am thundering from the heavens and arrows are in My hand ready to scatter your enemies (Psalms 18).

Therefore, when the darkness presses don’t ascribe to it more power than My light. I am the light and light is greater in every respect. I know sometimes darkness can seem larger than life, and like an eclipse, it seems to block the sun.

Don’t let eclipse-like thoughts or circumstances become the objects of your focus. Do the very opposite and shout My name. Refuse to give in to the onslaughts of the enemy no matter how large or small they may be. Little thoughts compile in subtle ways and make mountains out of what would have been a mole hill if only it hadn’t been left unattended.

Capture your thoughts today, renew your mind and light will invade every aspect of your life (Romans 12:2). Know there is nowhere you can go from My presence. You see, not only am I with you, I am already where you are going. Take comfort in My abiding presence. The light is shining on you right now. Receive and be changed.

Walk In The Fullness Of God

Beloved, when you focus on the pressing darkness of your circumstances or any wayward thoughts they can become obsessive. Wrong thoughts left unchallenged long enough become pawns to do the bidding of the enemy and can cause havoc much harder to deal with than the initial seed of thought. If left long enough, a critical spirit can develop and cause bitterness in your heart. Rooting out bitterness can be a very difficult thing, so be very attentive to your thoughts and don’t let them stray from the truth of My Word.

When your thoughts wander from My Word you are left open to the impressions of the enemy and they take prominence over Me and what I have spoken to you. When allowed to continue they become like an idol by drawing your focus off of Me and onto them. This gives them a place of authority and power in your life, superseding My authority in your own heart.

The time has come to try Me—time to see and know that I am good at all times. I am your sufficiency today and every other day. Take the time today to be in My presence and let Me touch your heart, disappointments and wounds with My healing love. Healing closes the door to the mind-binding accusations and thoughts of the enemy. Forgive all and be healed.

The enemy of your soul wishes to bring negative thoughts through any avenue he can. Be very aware and do not be taken off guard. Nothing is hidden from Me. I am aware of all his plans and practices. Today is a day to walk in the fullness of knowing I see all. Know this: I am very present in the midst of your life, your family and your troubles.

God’s Preeminence

Beloved, change is not only on the way. It is here. I am restoring the power of My preeminence in your life, a power belonging only to Me. Know and realize My closeness—My nearness. Do an about face and stand before Me, stand before ME face to face. See how very much I love you. See how much I desire for you to look into the depths of My heart— to look into the depth of My eyes and see what I see. I see Me.

Like a horse at the plow with blinders on, do not look to the right or the left, least you get swallowed up by the sea—least you be distracted by what is in your peripheral vision. Thought cannot be hidden and are just as loud as words when it comes to power and ability to dissuade the heart for its set course. Eventually thoughts erupt and collaborate with words to form a mighty alliance against My purposes. The fruit of such a collation is criticism, worry, doubt and unbelief.

You cannot add one hair to your head by worrying. Instead, you rob yourself of peace and faith. In doing this, hope can be deferred, leaving the heart sick. Hope in Me and Me alone and you will not be disappointed. Doubt and unbelief cannot live in an environment of hope and hope cannot be deferred if it is placed in Me. Remember there is nowhere you can go that I am not already there.

Beloved, hand over all your consuming thoughts. I am here to make an exchange with you. I exchange your darkness for My light. Exchange all your impure and doubtful thoughts for Mine, for My Word. Think on whatever is upright, pure and lovely to behold. Behold Me. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide from My presence or My all-seeing love.

Therefore, come into My embrace of enduring love and kindness. Come into My embrace of forgiveness. Come out of any darkness into the light of My presence and be made whole in every area of your life. My light is shining into the hidden places of your heart today. Open and receive all I have to give.

I Illumine Your Darkness

Come into My all encompassing, steadfast love and the heaviness will lift, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light (Matthew 11:30). Cover yourself with a garment of praise and a thankful spirit. See your ashes turned to beauty, and your mourning to joy. (Isaiah 61:3). I destroy the darkness for I am Light. I am life and life more abundant for you this moment (John 10:10). I am pouring out the oil of gladness today.

Come; let Me illumine any areas of darkness in your life and heart. I am sovereign over the darkness and there is no place for any foe to hide from Me. The darkness desires one thing and that is to distort the true vision of Me, causing you to see Me as either uninterested or the cause in your plight.

I have engraved you into the palm of My hand, calling you the apple of My eye (Isaiah 49:16). Your every breath is important to Me. Even now I am taking the tip of My finger and I am tracing out the very lines of your essence, tracing out the lines of your life held within My hands. My light transforms and has brought you out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son. This transference is a process, a journey; therefore do not be dismayed for I am not slow in coming to you. I am not slow in fulfilling My promises.

Beloved, I am always right on time. And right now, I am very aware of your situations and circumstances. Are you aware of My presence? Look up. I am near. Breathe, for I am as close as the breath of your mouth. After all, you are My beloved and I cherish you. I will never leave or forsake you. I am near. Breathe . . . .

Let There Be Light

Breathe deeply of My presence. I saturate the very air you breathe. I am everywhere at the same time. Where can you go from My presence since I am omnipresent? A window of opportunity is opened before you today—a portal of light is opened above you and My light is streaming through to enable you to succeed where you have never succeeded before.

Now is the time to confess any doubt you may have about My love and motivation toward you. Now is the time to let go of hope deferred in any area of your heart. Let all doubt, unbelief, worry, hope deferred, wounds and grief rise to the surface and dissipate in the light of My glory. Trust Me and like fog on a sunny day they will dissolve, leaving the way clear. The circumstance may remain but your heart will change and go on to become a brave heart full of faith. Because of the clarity you receive, you will be able to see forever, you will be able to see and discern My heart in any given situation.

There is much to do and I need you to carry out your purpose in a whole fresh way. Disarm the enemy by agreeing with Me. Look and see My salvation, for My right hand does valiantly on your behalf. I have stretched it out to remove the eclipsing of light brought about by any pressing darkness in thought or deed. I hover over you as I hovered over the deep. I am moving by My Spirit in a concentrated way. My Words echo across the heavens. They echo across your heart. I say, “Let there be Light.”

Know this, My beloved, it is My pleasure for I am light and can be nothing else. Victory is released into the destiny of your life. I have overcome the darkness for I am the light. Arise and shine for your light has come (Isaiah 60:1).

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, forgive me for taking my eyes off of You and the might of Your name. Help me to readjust my focus and place it with a fixed gaze on You. You go before me to make a way where there is no way. I take comfort in Your abiding presence. There is nowhere to go from Your presence and I am grateful. I shout Your name and I am saved. I receive the light of the Lord and I am changed. Help me to be aware of even the tiniest thoughts before they have a chance to develop into strongholds of bitterness or unbelief in my life. I choose to set my face like flint in Your direction that I might not be dismayed by what I see around me.

Lord, I stand up to look into Your wondrous eyes of love and mercy. I choose to look into Your heart to see who I am. Your Word is an expression of Your heart and I will not forsake it or its instruction. I forsake worry, doubt and unbelief. Every thought the enemy brings, which is contrary to the Word of God, has no power in my life. I submit to the Word of God only. I take every thought captive and my mind is renewed in You. I embrace Your truth and loving kindness. I walk in Your enduring love. I open my heart and receive light into every hidden place within my heart. Come and fill me with all You have to give.

Help me to be ever mindful to lay my burdens at Your feet. So many times I get caught up in the business of life and before I know it I am inundated with burdens I was never meant to carry. I choose to come into Your presence with a thankful and grateful heart full of wonder about who You are—a steadfast God whose timing is always perfect. All Your promises are yes and amen in my life. I will not fear nor will I listen to the lies of the enemy about Your character and enduring love.

Lord, I close my eyes and breathe deeply from the presence of Your abiding love. I inhale Your love and exhale all the frustrations, doubts, worries and things the enemy sends to assault me on a daily basis. I must stay in Your presence at all times, continually inhaling and exhaling in order to walk out a life of victory and peace. I confess my doubt and unbelief to You. I exchange the lies I have believed for Your truth. Arise O God and let my enemies be scattered to the four winds, never to return. Victory is released into my life and I receive it as the truth and as a manifestation of my destiny. I arise and shine for my Light has come. Amen

Reflect and Journal

    1. Have you felt concealed from the Lord in any way, as if He is not aware of what is going on in your life?
    2. His ears are tuned to your every breath. Reflect on this in light of your circumstances.
    3. What dominating thought of the enemy keeps harassing you? Now is the time to take it captive and replace it with God’s Word to you. Find scriptures to counteract these thoughts and meditate on them and write what He is speaking to you about in relation to them.
    4. What circumstances have you been focusing on to the extent your eyes are drawn away from the lover of your soul?
    5. In what ways is the enemy trying to convince you through thoughts or impressions to rest in your own sufficiency and not believe God will meet your need in this given area?
    6. Reflect on the areas, emotional or physical you need healing in. Take time to look to Him and listen for His answer, lean on His grace and mercy, and receive His Word. Write it down to use as a weapon against the enemy when he says, “Hath God said?”
    7. Reflect on the power of the tongue when it expresses hidden negative thoughts of the heart not taken captive.What words have you been speaking? If they are negative or destructive, take time to examine your heart and hand over to Him any rogue or critical thoughts.
    8. Receive forgiveness and release life in place of these thoughts. Speak death to the harvest coming from bad seed thoughts and replace these spoken thoughts with His Word. It is important to fill the voids created by removing wrong thinking and speaking with words of life or the enemy will take advantage of the empty space. It is not enough to repent and break agreement. You must replenish with.
    9. Have you been bearing burdens not meant for you to bear? If so, what are they? It is important to name them in order to identify any lies the enemy may have told you in order to make your rest in your own sufficiency.
    10. Take time to release these burdens, even if you have done it a thousand times before it matters not.
    11. Reflect on the Lord tracing the outline of your life and heart with His finger. It gives Him such pleasure.
    12. Write a love note of thanksgiving and praise. Listen and write what He says about you as He traces your name with His love.
    13. Take some time and relax and prepare your heart with worship.
    14. After you have worshiped, with music low, rest and close your eyes and do a breathing exercise. Let any worries, doubts, wrong thoughts about yourself or others come to the surface. When they do, exhale them with a concentrated realization of letting them go. Each time you let something go consciously inhale the presence of God cultivated in worship. Keep doing this as long as you feel the Spirit wishes.
    15. Reflect on what just took place and write down what God did for you, what He spoke to you during this exercise. These recorded words will become memorials of faith to encourage you and use as a weapon against the enemy. This most likely will not be a one-time thing. Most things we believe have taken much time to form, and for the most part, do not disappear instantly. Sometimes they do and victory is quick but as with most things, this is a process and develops intimacy and dependency on God which is a good thing. Consider it an awesome journey of discovering how to love and be loved by the Father.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

2 Responses to “Where Can You Go, Darkness Is As Light To Me”

  1. Where ever I go, You are there. Every step of the way, You are along my side. New and old undertakings. There seems to be no end to perfecting whatever you wanted me to do. All will just present itself when and where I needed them.

    You illumine my path, showing visible signs that I am on.. and on the right track. My heart’s gratitude cannot express fully how I love Your promptings. I will abide and follow. Lead me Lord…the journey is indeed on!

  2. Almost eleven months ago I sent my second comment. I was then a newcomer to the Journals seeking for answers in this crowded world. Looking back, all I have is gratitude for leading me to this site. What a blessing it has been to me!

    The devotions are my link to Him. The soaking is my lullaby from the sweet songs of His tender heart.

    It will always be concluded with a praise of gratitude…and may I have the grace never to waver from my faith in His provisions!

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