You Are Seated In Heavenly Places

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“So, friends, we can now—without hesitation—walk right up to God, into “the Holy Place.” Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The “curtain” into God’s presence is his body” (Hebrews 10: 19-21 Message Bible)

Removing Veils of Obstruction

Beloved, I am taking you to a new level in Me—taking you to places in the Spirit at this time unknown to you. I am upgrading your status in heaven and on the earth through signs and wonders . . . and with great favor.

I am removing veils of obstruction, ripping them asunder in your own thoughts and doctrine in order to reveal many hidden truths. The blood of My son, Jesus removed the veil between you and Me (Hebrews 10:19-21). All deceptive veils of the enemy were destroyed. They only have power over you or in you if don’t believe or know who you are in Me. When you know who I am, you believe My Word and all things are possible, for My Word is true . . . full of power to set the captives free.

Your understanding of this truth is about to change, moment by moment and day by day. Using the principal of line upon line, precept upon precept, glory upon glory, I will take you into a deeper revelation of who I am in you—who you are in Me. Knowing this will bring about the full realization that My heart beats for all who are lost and gone astray. When you love yourself for who I made you to be, you will have a greater love for others.

Dare to believe there is something more than you are experiencing. There is something more for you and not just for the giants of the Faith. Many of them have learned to press in with great discipline and refuse to let go. They have believed against all odds and so will you. I am here to strengthen your resolve and enable you to do likewise with great faith and persistence.

You must choose to believe, for I am revealing hidden truths, revelations, plans and purposes I designed before the foundations of the world for you to know and walk in. I am showing you who you are in Me at levels you once thought as inconceivable.

I, along with all of heaven, am attracted to you and drawn to you, for I have seen your heart leaning into the very gates of purpose. Your persistence pleases Me, motivates Me, and draws Me very near. Heaven and all it contains are at your disposal. Reach up, reach in by faith—by sight, for I have opened your eyes to see, your ears to hear. Let no contradictory voice or past issue dissuade you from this moment. You have been promoted.

Words from Heaven

I have been protecting you — mostly from your own self. You can do more damage and cause more setbacks without the help of anyone else if you choose to listen to accusatory words, either your own thoughts or those spoken by others. My divine presence within you preserves and protects you (I John 5:18). I carefully watch over you with a heart to do you good all the days of your life.

Beloved, I have spoken many Words of instruction and promise to you in days gone by. Some you remember—some you have forgotten—some you have let go of out of unbelief or hopelessness.

However, I haven’t forgotten even one syllable of any Word I have ever spoken over or about you. They are just as true today as the day I shared them with you. They were and are conceived in the womb of My heart. Their birthplace is heaven, born of love and desire to see you accomplish purpose and destiny on a daily basis.

Remember, as I have told you so many times, destiny unfolds day by day. Just like your eternal heavenly position is not in the future, neither is your destiny. You are already seated with Me and I want you to live out of knowing this and your life will hold more joy on a daily basis. It will hold more joy and hope because you know and understand each day is pivotal to the next. Each day holds the seeds of tomorrow. Each Word is a seed full of fruit and each fruit is full of seed and so on. Don’t miss one piece of manna by despising in any way the day you are in. Even as the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Me, so your days belong to Me.

Therefore, know whatever is birthed in heaven is an accurate representation of My will for your life. I want you to bring the things birthed in heaven into the natural realm on a daily basis, even if it is through a simple smile or a kind word. Every building block is important and builds an edifice of beauty or a barrier to hope. Be careful how you build and use the Word I have given you as your sword to keep the hills I have given you. And know the realm of time can and will be reshaped by the eternal birthing of My living Word in your heart and life. It is time for you to bring these words from heaven to earth. Agree and see.

Divine Appointments

Beloved, I am sending divine contacts, arranging everything down to even the indiscernible details. Have faith. Can you see the light of the stars traveling through the heavens? Can you see the fish swimming in the deepest fathoms of the ocean? Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It is the same with all I am doing in your life. I am working on many fronts to bring things about.

It is important to see things from a heavenly perspective, not an earthly one. The Word I have spoken continues on and on like the light of many stars, traveling until it hits the object of its affection. In the days to come you must learn the principle of seeing from My perspective. You must learn to see from the position given to you in Me.

Yes, the door of heaven is open to you, over you and you are forever within heaven’s habitation. Keep on coming, keep on receiving without question or doubt. You will not be disappointed.

Do not give in to any seeds of unbelief. Do not look too introspectively at your own heart. Look at Mine and know you are in Me and I am in you. Only respond to conviction, not guilt. My conviction, never and I mean never, releases guilt or shame. Confess and move on in Me. I have freed you from the guilt of sin (1 Corn. 6:11).

Beloved, don’t keep Me waiting based on your wrong misconceptions or a need to produce some kind of penance. I have already paid the price. Accept this and move on. Time is short and I need you. You are an amazing part of an incredibly intricate plan. Right now at this very moment necessary contacts are being planned, divine appointments are being arranged. It is essential that you

My Wisdom and Revelation Are Blowing In the Wind

Vision rides on the wings of My wind. Wherever I am, vision is there. Wherever I am, a future and hope is there. Wherever I am, wisdom and revelation abide.

And as you know, I am omnipresent—I am everywhere. Therefore, vision, life, hope, freedom, love, faith and so much more are everywhere. You just need eyes to see and ears to hear what is blowing in the Wind.

Beloved, I am granting you increased wisdom—increased revelation and you shall not perish nor falter in the days ahead. I am taking My fingertips and inserting them into the recesses of your heart in order to open the eyes of your understanding.

Each touch shall be sharp as steel, yet have a feathering brush-like movement. This is My kindness which leads to repentance and the washing of My Word. I am cutting away, all the while imparting vision with the wisdom and revelation to carry it out. I give and take away. I take away all that hinders and deposit all needed things for life and godliness.

Know this; revelation is of no value without the wisdom to use it properly. Improper use of revelation can cause you to jump out ahead of Me as you make wrong decisions about timing and such. Many a heartache and much delay have hindered the progress of many when they try and walk out revelation without wisdom. Listen carefully to Wisdom’s voice and you will not be derailed.

Beloved, much of what you need you already have. Therefore, I am shining My light to illumine any darkness seeking to hide your treasure chest of invaluable assets and gifting.

Each insertion of My finger into your heart will create a wind tunnel able to carry the airstream of My power. What you don’t need will be removed and what you do need will be deposited. What you have is being enhanced, fortified, and sharpened. Stay close to Me for you are entering into days of visitation. I am opening your heart (Ephesians 1:17-21).

I Am Knocking, Answer the Door

In these days of visitation, Beloved, you must never be afraid or concerned. Don’t count yourself as unworthy, nor figure someone else will do it if you don’t. If all is left to what you consider to be Super-Christians, much will be left undone. I desire you and the fulfillment of all I call you to be in the earth. You are the one I have chosen for the task at hand. You and you alone can do the calling in front of you. I understand your weakness and I am mindful you are made of the dust of the earth.

Who would have ever thought dirt could make such treasure as you. Children can imagine such a thing. After all, they do make mud pies and all other sorts of delectable things out of a bit of dirt and water. Have the faith of a child and dare to believe I have made such a wonder with you.

In order for you to believe with all your heart, breezes of My presence have come and will continue to come to expose and blow away all chaff in this day, My beloved one. Yes, this is your day of visitation.

You have already come farther than you know. In order for you to see enough and enable you to come up here with Me I must not push or exert My wind against your back, but come around about and meet you face to face. Lift your face; lift your heart to the mountains from whence your help comes. Your help comes from Me. The wind of vision is blowing. It is moving to catch you up into the high places with Me.

It is a new day and those with their faces set like flint, turned into the wind will hear the voice of Holy Spirit saying, “Turn right, turn left.” The nuances of My presence and diversity of gifts have become and will continue to become manifest (Isaiah 50:7). Without revelation, you perish. Turn your face into My wind; I set vision before you this day. I am knocking. Will you answer regardless of all past experiences or lack of success? Will you walk among heavenly places with Me?

Yes, I am knocking. Will you answer and enter a new day, enter a new way of being and doing? Come up here with Me. All will be viewed from a whole new perspective. Come.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declartion

Lord, I am amazed at the wonders of Your great love and mercy in my life. You go to such great lengths to let me know much I am tenderly loved. The thought of promotion scares me a little, but I will surrender all my fears to You. You are my strength and my enabler. I am so thankful that I don’t have to find all that You have planned for me to work with. I rest in You all the while keeping my face and heart focused on You. You have freed me from sin and guilt. I receive the freedom of Your sacrifice. I hear You knocking and I answer the door, for You have ripped the veil in two.

Lord, I mount up with the wings of an eagle to fly with You. Take me higher in You than I have ever been before. May my heart be humble, full of grace and mercy to those around me. Open my eyes to see the things which bind me, hinder me, or keep me from seeing the log in my own eye. Remove every veil, every obstruction and set me free to see You in all Your fullness. Open my eyes and heart with each beat it takes until it beats in tune to Yours.

Lord, as I look back on my life I can see the footprints of Your protection so many times. So many times You tried to protect me and I went my own way thinking I knew better than You. Yet, You never left me forsaken. Stir my heart to remember all Your promises and help me to remember every Word You have spoken to me. Help me to remember with a grateful heart all the times You have encouraged and healed me . . . all the times Your love has upheld me and I will be renewed. May the Words birthed in heaven find preeminence in my thoughts and thereby influence my actions.

Lord, You paid the ultimate price and made way for me to be where You are—to see things from Your vantage point. Many times I get discouraged because I can’t see with my eyes what You have spoken to me. I can’t see in the natural what Your Word says already is. Just as Your words “let there be light” continue on through the constant birthing of new stars, so shall the Word You have spoken over my life continue until it releases all You have planned.

I embrace the open door of Heaven and the position given to me in You, Lord. I refuse all doubt and unbelief. Negative words of men are of no consequence to me and they have no power when I embrace the truth. You paid the price for me and I accept the fullness of provision Your life has given to me. I accept Your perfect sacrifice and I move on to move in sync with You. Give me the understanding and revelation to realize the magnitude of Your omnipresence in my life. Help me to grasp a hold of a vision which holds the fullness of wisdom to know and the faith to walk out what so freely flows in the wind of Your presence. You have heard my heart’s desire to walk in an atmosphere of vision and revelation and have answered my prayer.

Lord, I set my face like flint to look full into Your wonderful face, to look fully into Your wonderful Word. I hide it in my heart and become like You. No one can or will do the purpose You created for me and me alone to fulfill. I will not be found asleep at the wheel. You are knocking and I am answering. Past failures and lack of success have no hold on me. This is a new day in You and I willing come. Amen


Reflect and Journal

  1. In order to go higher, just like an air balloon, you must lighten the load. What loads do you need to lighten in order to move up higher in Him?
  2. What obstructions, whether they are thought deed or attitude about yourself or others, do you need to let go of and thereby remove power to deceive or hold back?
  3. Reflect on what persistence means to you?
  4. How is knowing Him and believing the Word synonymous?
  5. Take some time to reflect on Heaven being attracted to you and why that is? Could it have something to do with the fact you are born again and seated in heavenly places? How can you personally cooperate to increase this attraction?
  6. Reflect on the many times over the course of your life where He has protected and kept you . . . those times He has kept you against all odds. How did He do it? With a grateful heart thank Him for the angels of mercy He sent into your life when you needed them the most.
  7. Are there things you think He has forgotten or you have negated the possibility of them happening somehow?
  8. Have you been caught up again in any way to believe destiny is some future thing and missed the precious moments of the day you are in?
  9. Reflect on each day being a building block, a seed for tomorrow. How does this change your perspective of the day you are in?
  10. The Words He has given you were birthed in the heart of Heaven, birthed in Him, so take some time to ask Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance any Word He sees relevant to moving forward with the heartbeat of Heaven for you right now.
  11. Reflect on the many people and situations the Lord has sent into your life to further your progress and bring you one more step into the fulfilling of destiny.
  12. What promises have you let go by the wayside because you didn’t see what you expected when you expected to see it?
  13. In what areas are you too introspective and have the tendency to give sway to guilt and shame? In what areas have you been walking in unbelief and are these areas connected in any way to guilt, shame or the need to pay penance in order to move on? Confess for not believing the blood of Jesus is enough. Release them. Expressing this in your journal will help you now and at a later date.
  14. Reflect on the difference between guilt/condemnation and conviction. One speaks death and one brings freedom and life.
  15. Take some time to walk to the open door of Heaven and listen. Do this by quiet worship with a heart to hear what Holy Spirit is saying, time to hear which Words He wants to bring to your remembrance.
  16. What areas of your life need increased vision? Do you need increased vision to see a future and a hope for those you love? Ask Holy Spirit to reveal vision for you and those you love and then believe.
  17. What attitudes, unbelief or persistent sin need cutting away from your life and actions? Be not afraid, because though sharp, steel cuts clean and a feather’s touch brings a sense of whispered gentleness. He cuts and heals at the same time.
  18. Reflect on times you have had revelation and jumped the gun without the necessary wisdom to carry out what He showed you. What lessons did you learn and how would you do it differently the next time? Remember, failure is another word for course correction and can be viewed as an asset if we do not slide into condemnation, guilt or shame.
  19. What have you been sensing that He is depositing and enhancing in you?
  20. Reflect on having an open heart. Take time to let Him speak to you and enhance all you know He has already given you. As always, enter with a heart of thanksgiving and praise.
  21. Reflect on the joy of children making mud pies without concern of how dirty they get? The simple delight in the process/experience can be a valuable lesson. What does their joy over making something out of what others might not find of value say to you about your own life or others? How can this perspective redefine your definition of value?
  22. He is blowing out the chaff and pulling you around with the wings of His wind to meet Him face to face. What is your response? The first thing coming to mind is usually where you really are. Think about this. If it is negative, deal with it and fall into His arms of grace. If it is positive, dive in and experience more.
  23. What doors of your heart has He been knocking on? Is He asking you to let go? Is He asking you to embrace His call? He usually knocks on the next door in the process. What is yours?
  24. What words has He spoken to you that are being stirred up in your heart? Write them down and reaffirm His faithfulness to bring them to pass.
  25. This is your time, your day, and your hour of visitation. He is at your door, the door of your heart and thought life. Answer and record what He is speaking to you.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. “I am sending divine contacts…

    Thank you Lord for confirming your promise that what may not be seen by my eyes are still in the spiritual plane and will soon manifest.

    That for every delay, you are preparing us to be worthy of its fulfillment when our time is ripe.

    That our hearts must be aligned to your will and whatever is bound to come may lead us to becoming your able and obedient servants.

    That the soil when well prepared for planting by a patient farmer yields more harvest.



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