Under God’s Banner of Love

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“He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love” (Song 2:4 NIV)

Immovable Banner

Beloved, My banner over you is love. Banners are proclamations, bold statements of fact displayed over people, places and things. They are My indisputable declarations meant for all to see. When you heard My Word and accepted My truth, I placed a seal upon you, a seal of ownership (Ephesians. It is I who makes you stand for I have put My seal within your heart as a deposit of what is and what is to come (2 Corn. 1:22, 2 Corns. 5:4-5).

I make many declarations over you for the entire world to see. I want everyone to know you are Mine. It is My great pleasure to brag on you, to show you off to the world and all the powers that be.

You are My vessel of honor fashioned on My potter’s wheel to hold every essence of who I am. I do not hide you away like some would a fine piece of antique china or pottery. I do the very opposite. I share you. I take the very best of who I am and pour it into you and in turn you are poured out. I give you all My goodness and beauty and in return many are brought under My banner of love through your life. Being in Me is a safe and fruitful place of abiding love—love that is even now waving its banner over you.

Therefore, you must believe there is great security under My immovable banner for I change not (James 1:7). Rejoice for I have already gone before you to make the crooked way straight and the rough ways smooth (Luke 3:5). Under My banner there is no other way. Receive it as already done. It is not a future thing. It is a now thing.

Irresistible Love

Knowing you are so loved by Me will be irresistible to the unloved, irresistible to all you come in contact with. I will accomplish a two-fold purpose: loving you and drawing others. It is My statement to all the powers that be. I erect My permanent, immovable banner over you, over your life, proclaiming My love for you. While it is immovable, anchored in the blood of My Son, it responds with a fluid movement to the Wind of the Spirit sent to blow across your heart and life.

My banner of love responds in a dance-like movement, creating a unique piece of music by which to orchestrate your life. You must live, move and have your being in Me (Acts 17:28). Never be afraid of shifting winds when you are under the covering of My love. It is in the refusal to shift when I shift that creates a lack of covering, producing an anxious heart. Obedience is better than sacrifice (Isaiah 1:11).

Trust Me to be Lord of the outcome. Dance this dance with Me and if you miss a step or two, like Peter, I will reach down and pick you up (Matt. 14:23-33). Remember, it is the heart I look upon. Let your heart reflect upon My goodness, My attributes and yes even meditate upon what I say about you. It is okay to use My Words to brag out loud about who I say you are. Bragging according to My Word brings rest because you are in agreement with Me. At the same time it releases a power which cannot return void.

My banner consists of all you will ever need. Come and rest under it. Come and be with Me and let the winds of love and change transform your life. Breathe in the very atmosphere of Heaven when you are with Me. Exhale all stale air and old ways and make way for the new. Even now the winds blowing through My banner is releasing freshness and newness of life. Come.

A Fresh Awareness

I am sending waves of Holy Spirit movement over you even now, releasing this very day a fresh, invigorating awareness of My love for you, a fresh exhilarating sense of newness. I am yours and you are Mine, and My banner over you is love. I am blowing across the strings of your heart, creating a beautiful melody: a song of all songs. I am strumming the words held deep within your heart; verses you have read, promises received, hopes and dreams you have longed for. I am reviving you, doing a new thing (Isaiah 42:8-10).

As I hold your heart like a beautiful instrument under My covering I feel it come to new life. Yes, your heart is like a supple peace of clay in My potter’s hand and I turn it, forming it in to what I already know it to be (Isaiah 64:8, Proverbs 21:1). I see so far ahead of you. The only thing able to stop this process is your unwillingness, your fear of somehow not measuring up.

Cooperate with Me and all will be well. To be flexible is good but to be fluid is better. To flow with Me takes more than focus, it takes love . . . a love that captures the heart in such a way it can no longer be satisfied with anything else.

This is the love I have for you. I am captivated by you and nothing else can satisfy. It is My heart’s deepest desire to be with you. Let being with Me be your foremost desire also. Do so without reservation or fear.

Remember, beauty and value are in the eye of the beholder. I am beholding you right now and I declare you to be a ravishing, beautiful, valuable instrument of My glory. Close your eyes and let the wind blow. Let the banner wave, for I am here.


Beloved, as you rest, dance and rejoice under My banner we will move in unison to create a whole new song. The song of one is good but to have one’s song added to the song of another in harmony is better. My song and your song become one to create waves of glory necessary to the freedom of those around you.

Therefore, arise, My Beloved, and move freely under the breeze of My presence for I am present (Acts 17:28). I will never let you go nor shall I ever remove My banner of love (Deuteronomy 31:8, Hebrews 13:5). Rest, love, worship, sing, dance, mourn, rejoice and pray from this secure place, knowing I will always respond with truth, wisdom and declarations of love. I will respond and give you whatever you need for the moment and for the days to come.

Turn your ear and hear My song, My heartbeat. I am ready to sing. Listen carefully and intently for the song (Zephaniah 3:17). I want you to hear it, record it. I send it not only for today but for all the tomorrows when doubt and unbelief try and intrude into your very core. It is imperative for you to record what I say . . . what I sing. My Words to you and My song over you are weapons of warfare meant to give you the offensive position.

When you proclaim what you hear, you join with Me and become interwoven with the very threads of My being—My banner. I am the Banner and all My fullness is at your disposal, housed with your very being. I am not only over you and around you, but in you. I am knit into the very fiber of your DNA. I know this and more than anything else I could ever desire, I want you to know it. When you know it we will imprint all of creation together as the breeze of My habituating presence commingles with the breeze of your awakened being. Come and move freely with Me.

God’s Whispers of Love

Throughout the earth, the wind of My Spirit is moving, rustling, blowing, and whispering many things. It is creating masterpieces destined to last through out eternity. And you are My masterpiece. I have planned every color, every texture, and every nuance contained within your being. Like a coat of many colors, you were knit in your mother’s womb. Like an artist pallet, you hold enough colors to paint the greatest canvas of all time. All things necessary to move and flow within the creative winds of My presence and love are in you.

I whispered your name long before you ever were. I released gifts and beauty with the breath of My mouth and I said, “You are good.”

Good is not as simple a word as it sounds but is deep with affirmative treasure. It is to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are beautiful, bountiful, cheerful, at ease, and the fairest of them all. To know you are favored, glad, gracious, kind, and pleasurable to Me. It is to believe you are precious, every ready to do My will, sweet, full of wealth, welfare and prosperity . . . and desires for you to know you are most pleasing, and highly favored in My eyes and heart. When I declared goodness over and about you, all the depth of the word “good” belonged to you. You came from heart and you are indeed good.

Therefore, Beloved, join Me in My labor of love in your life with joy and acceptance. Create treasures incapable of being destroyed by moth or rust. Don’t let any past or future negative words negate, halt our journey or challenge your goodness in My eyes.

Words of men that disagree with Me about who and what I say you are must be discarded. They are like wrong notes inserted into a great symphony, disrupting its intended beauty and flow.

Remember, My banner is sewn with the scarlet thread of redemption. Therefore, stay in a place of forgiveness towards others and your own self. Under My banner, disagreeable words of the enemy have no power and will find no place in you. Grab My banner; hold it high as My white linen and scarlet thread covers you.

You are My beloved, and My desire is for you. Never forget this and let no one convince you otherwise. Can you hear Me singing? What do you hear, My beloved? What do you see? Receive.

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, I so desire to always be aware of Your great love as it covers me . . . as it overshadows me. My heart is sealed in You and I belong to You and You alone. Fashion me and make me according to Your great purpose. Let my life be an example of Your goodness and beauty. Fashion me according to Your desire and not mine. You are my Banner of Love and Rest in the habitation of divine protection. Help me to rest in You in such a way that I am flexible to move with the very wind of Heaven. May my heart never be rigid or set in its own way and cause me to miss the simple beauty of loving You. It isn’t as complicated as I sometimes like to make it.

Teach me to dance in time to the moving of the Holy Spirit and the freedom Your blood bought for me. There is no other banner greater than the blood-stained banner of Your sacrifice. I am anchored in You, my rock and strong foundation. Move through my life and remove every hindrance to freedom and liberty in the Spirit. Help me to stay flexible, even to be fluid, when it comes to responding to You and Your Word. You are indeed Lord of the outcome, for You have already been where I am going. Teach me to dance with You in an uninhibited and totally unrestrained way as I proclaim who I am according to Your Word. I am the delight of Your heart and the apple of Your eye. My name is carved in Your hand and I am ever before Your face.

Therefore Lord, I receive the new winds of the Sprit to wash over me, through me and all around my life. I am captured within the breeze of Your presence. Replace every area of dryness, apathy or unbelief with a whole new perspective—Your perspective. Open my eyes to see. Open my ears to hear what You are saying moment by moment. My heart belongs to You and You alone. Come, Lord Jesus, and touch every area of my heart. Tune every heartstring that is not in sync with Your melody for my life. Stretch my heartstrings and make them into an instrument capable of the most beautiful of songs.

I take my place under the banner of Your heart. I rest with confidence in Your ability to keep me and protect me. I dance with uninhibited joy in Your great love for me and I rejoice, for You have overcome. I join with all the angels of Heaven and sing a song of honor and praise. I give my ear to hear Your voice. I give my heart to hear Your song. I dance with You. I sing with You and glory fills the earth. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Reflect on the banner of the Lord waving over you, declaring His ownership and love.
  2. You are His vessel of honor, formed to carry all of who He is. Have you found this true in your life or have you disqualified yourself in any way?
  3. Write down the gifts you know He has placed in you . . . things of Himself He has given you.
  4. How have you used these gifts in the lives of others? How have you poured yourself out?
  5. What crooked, rough way are you facing in your life? Reflect on the fact He has already gone before you.
  6. Are there things you have been afraid to trust Him with because of inadequacy, fear of rejection or failure? He is secure and immovable and nothing surprises Him. He already knows anyway.
  7. Fear not and ask Him to put you on His potter’s wheel. Ask Him to shape you in such a way you can hold more of His goodness and beauty.
  8. In what areas do you need to shift and embrace God’s perspective?
  9. Bragging according to His Word is agreement with God, bringing rest and releasing power. You can practically apply this truth to your own life by coming into agreement with Words He has already spoken over you. Sometimes we look for a new Word, having failed to believe the ones He has already spoken. Take some time to reflect and ask Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance what the Lord has said about you personally.
  10. What areas do you need to overcome by being in agreement with Him?
  11. Reflect on God’s banner dancing over you, blowing like a piece of sheer fabric in a gentle breeze on a spring day. Take some time to rest in His presence with some instrumental music and listen. What is He saying? What is He singing over you?
  12. Imagine your heart being held by the Creator, the God of all that is or ever will be, and meditate, contemplate the significance. Write Him a love note, a love letter expressing the awe of it all.
  13. Reflect on the Lord having such a desire to be with you that nothing else can satisfy. Have you ever looked at your relationship with the Lord in such a way?
  14. What does it mean to you to have your life orchestrated like a song?
  15. In what areas have you been trying to orchestrate your own life? Ask Holy Spirit to show you why you feel the need to do so in certain areas.
  16. The Lord is beholding you right now and calls you beautiful and valuable. Write a love letter to Him and tell Him how you feel in return.
  17. Wow, we are knit, immersed, intertwined into the very heart and DNA of our Father. Take some time to listen carefully. Write down even the faintest impressions you hear Him speak about you.
  18. Rewrite what you hear into declarations and choose to speak them about yourself. Brag according to what He says.
  19. Have you thought of the Words and Songs He has given you as weapons? Why or why not?
  20. What does it mean to commingle the breeze of His presence with your awakened being? Take some time to reflect on the depth of this concept.
  21. Reflect on being the Lord’s masterpiece and having every color, texture and every nuance of your being formed by His love and for His glory.
  22. The Lord made a declaration over your life in your mother’s womb and called you good. Reflect on all the definitions bound up in the word “good” and receive them as whom and what you are.
  23. Take some time to think about any words men have spoken or the enemy has whispered to your heart that you haven’t yet let go of. If you are unsure, ask Holy Spirit to bring them to mind. Do this on an ongoing basis, especially when you have negative reactions to things people do or say. If your response seems overtly reactionary you may be holding on to something negative someone has done or said. Forgive them and break agreement with the word or action and receive His words of goodness.
  24. . Break agreement with them. Grab a hold of what He says about you. Write what He sings, speaks, and yes, what you see with your imagination. Trust Holy Spirit to show you truth, and glorify Jesus.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

5 Responses to “Under God’s Banner of Love”

  1. I really enjoy your Journals of the Heart site. It touches my heart reading everything. I started crying,the Lord touched my heart.I love journaling and I have a lot of journals that I wrote to my Lord. But this is really awesome. Now I can go to Journals of the Heart and read and enjoy whats on it and be blessed.

    Brenda,you and your site are a blessing.This site is truly from the Lord to me. It will bring a lot healing and enjoyment in my life.I love it!! Thank you and God bless…..


  2. Joy,

    Your comments have brought joy to my day, for they are an answer to the prayer of my heart to be a blessing, to share the Father’s love. I am praying for a complete healing and restoration in your life. He created you for a very special purpose and so desires to share it with you. You are the love of His life.

    I hope you find some answers here. Keep journaling and many blessings to you Joy. Feel free to comment and contact us with your prayer request. We are here for you.

    Your servant in Christ

  3. I’m sooooooo Happy to read everyday Journals of the Heart.
    It’s really a fresh word coming from The Lord – I wait for it every day
    because The Lord used it in my life many times as answer for many things
    God bless u and Bless your Life as u bless others …..About God’s banner of love it’s really living words ……


  4. Dear Brenda,

    I always enjoy your words of the day, but this one was especially touching. So many people think their position with God is dependent on what they do. You shared it so eloquently that He loves us no matter what. We are safe under God’s banner of love!!! So, if we know we are safe, we can step out and take risks without fear. God is our Father and He is watching us with delight as we take those wobbly baby steps towards Him.

  5. What a word, what a word, what a word!!!!!! never has any man spoke like this to me. I can hear and feel the word’s of God speaking to my very beings. I look forward everyday to reading what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has to say to me. Thanks Brenda and may the blessings of our Lord be forever upon you and yours. your sister in Christ, Jen’e

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