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Dance Upon Your Dry Bones, Prophesy To Them And Live

Are there dry bones in your marriage, in relationships with your children, or career? Are there dry bones in your emotions, causing you to shut them off because of hurt and response to offenses? Are there dry bones caused by unwillingness to forgive your own self the way I already have? What dry bones do you have in your life? Remember, they are things that robe the moisture of faith and hope from your present or future.

Lily Band

The Lily Band’s Latest DVD All glory and honor to our Holy Father and Jesus the Lily of the valley. Come… taste and see that He is Good as He pours His new wine and oil in and over you. See ,feel, and know you are so very loved.” in Jesus love an peace, Gary […]

Fireflies And Other Such Mysteries

Within the inner recesses of your being deep within the very heart of you, a place of habitation was fashioned for Me to dwell in. Yes, you were fashioned to hold the very light of My presence. Before there was ever a twinkle in your daddy’s eye there was a twinkle in Mine.