Fireflies And Other Such Mysteries

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“… [For it is He] Who delivered and saved us and called us with a calling in itself holy and leading to holiness [to a life of consecration, a vocation of holiness]; [He did it] not because of anything of merit that we have done, but because of and to further His own purpose and grace (unmerited favor) which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began [eternal ages ago].

[It is that purpose and grace] which He now has made known and has fully disclosed and made real [to us] through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, Who annulled death and made it of no effect and brought life and immortality (immunity from eternal death) to light through the Gospel.” (2 Timothy 1 9-10 Amplified)

A Twinkle In Your Daddy’s Eye

My beloved, I am with you at this moment in time and My heart is being stirred by your beauty. Thoughts about you are emanating from Me, sending waves of joy from My being like rays of gentle sunlight.

How intricate and mysterious you were while being formed in the depths of your mother’s womb (Psalms 130:13). Even though I had always known what you would look like, I still longed to see the color of your eyes, the softness of your hair. How I loved the moment your heart spoke its first beat, and when your fingers curled in your mother’s womb as if to hold My hand. Yes, My beloved, I was very involved in every aspect of your being and I still am. My love for you has never ceased or in any way slackened. My attention has never waned and I still love everything about you, from the slightest inflection on your face to the grandest gestures of praise.

Within the inner recesses of your being deep within the very heart of you, a place of habitation was fashioned for Me to dwell in. Yes, you were fashioned to hold the very light of My presence. Before there was ever a twinkle in your daddy’s eye there was a twinkle in Mine. You already existed in Me and were given grace before the beginning of all time (2 Tim 1:9-10). A father only waits nine months, but as for Me, the wait to see you manifest in the physical was so much longer, but well worth it. Can you see Me smiling? I am.

I see things about you indiscernible to the human eye. Things so complex, even I marvel at the wonder of what I see. How I longed for you, waited for you. The angels are in awe of you. I am in love with you. Let Me shower you with affection and tenderness today.

Take some little moments to reflect and see Me standing over you while you were in the womb—see Me standing by you right now. O’ how I adore you, for you are My chosen one. I am whispering these things to your heart—to your spirit because I want you to feel absolutely loved on this day in particular and every day after.

I know there are many more things I could discuss with you, many things I could be teaching you but what good will they do without the revelation of love. Beloved, today is like taking a day at the spa and being pampered. Today is the day for love. Let Me massage the hard places of your heart with My presence—with My Word. Let Me drench you with the warm oils of healing. Yes, today is a day for love. Come and be loved on by Me.

In Pursuit Of Fireflies

Beloved when I am with you, which I always am, I am sometimes reminded of children playing on gentle warm summer evenings after the sun begins to rest. Parents sit on their porches watching the familiar sight of their children playing, almost absent mindedly, as the day drifts away. Darkness invades leaving a sense of adventure and children wait expectantly for one of their most favorite events to take place.

Unafraid, with eyes scanning the blackness, they wait with simple questions like, “Have you seen one?”

Then suddenly…mysteriously a flash of soft yellow light interrupts the black of night. With excited leaps and yells calling, “firefly, firefly,” they all run in its direction only to find it flashing a distance away from them. Undaunted, they continue running here and there with each flash of light. One carries a jar with a loose lid in hopes of capturing the light and holding if only for a few moments. Such joy…such freedom they have. Such expectancy and delight are demonstrated with each gleeful cry. They are undaunted and carried away by the adventure.

Like them, I am undaunted when it comes to pursuing you My Beloved. I pursue you like a child after fireflies in the darkest moments of your life. The habitation of light within the recesses of your heart flashes and I come after you…I pursue you with an unrestrained heart and attitude.

Even though sometimes when I get there you have flown off into the night, I like the children, continue to chase after you. No matter what, I never rest—I never tire in My quest for you. I chase after you and capture you for My glory. I capture you within the mighty restraining bonds of My love in order to show you who you really are; a beautiful demonstration of My light and glory.

Children excitedly show the fireflies they catch to their parents and wonder at the wonder of what they are. Likewise once I have captured your heart I in turn show the wonder of who you are to a world who seeks for answers. You are an intricate demonstration of who I am. Therefore, I will not let you fly off into the darkness unattended or unnoticed. I come after you.

Always remember this; I pursue you with a passionate love—a jealous love (Song of Songs 8:6). From the dark depths of your mother’s womb to the darkest moments of your life, and all in between, I have been there and always will (Psalms 139:13). Rest in this today My beloved and let My light and essence emanate from you. For you are intricately and wonderfully made. I delight in you and I pursue you always.

Heart Of A Child

Beloved, laughter fills the air and worry has no place in the heart of a child. The process of chasing fireflies is as important as the capture. One moment in which to marvel at a firefly and the mystery it personifies is worth it all.

Yes, that one incredible moment as they hold it captured in their jar, is worth it all. Eyes wide open, with joyous squeals of delight, they ponder the depths of what they see and take advantage of their momentary enchantment. Yes, I take advantage and seize on those moments to plant seeds of desire in their hearts to know the one who made it so—to know the one who is the creator of all things.

You know what, I have heard more conversations of wonderment over a firefly than you can imagine and guess what, “I remember them all.”

Likewise, I remember every moment of your formation as I overshadowed you in the jar of your mother’s womb. My spirit hovered and I penetrated the very depths of your soul with longing for Me. I fashioned you in My image. You twinkle with My essence. You hold My DNA, My heart and My light. So let your light shine before all men and see the darkness transformed…see the darkness flee.

Beloved, even though I knew you before you ever were and I witnessed all the days of your formation, I am still dazzled by you. You have captured My heart.

Just as I remember and delight over every childish chatter about fireflies and other such mysteries, how much more do I consider you? More than you can ever imagine. More than the grains of sand are My thoughts toward you (Psalms 139:17-18). Yes, you are My great love…and My light in whom I have chosen to shine.

Therefore, never fear the process. Take joy and see all things as an adventure. Never be afraid of the darkness for you were made to transform it. Let My laughter fill your heart with a childish chatter and wonderment today. Look inside and see how your heart has captured Me. You are My own Firefly of ever burning light. Come; let us pursue the lost of this world with delight. Come; let us illumine the darkness together.

No Worries About Tomorrow

Beloved, sometimes you are more like a mysterious firefly than other times, darting from one place to another, all the while lighting up the night with flashes of light. And, just in case you need a reminder— I, like the children pursuing their adventure, delight in pursuing you here and there. As a matter of fact, I just want to be where you are. It is My heart’s desire. Sometimes you feel so far away and forget that My greatest pleasure is to just be with you…to speak to you…to hear your voice. It is the simple pleasure of your smile that brings laughter to My eyes and creates laugh lines on My face. Me, have laugh lines? Why not?

I have no worries about your tomorrow, so why should you. I worry not about how long it takes you to do this or that. I so enjoy the process we go through together that I often lose track of time. What is time lieu of eternity anyway?

Any concern I might have is because I don’t want you to miss out on one second of all I have planned for you. Have the faith of a child and don’t be anxious for tomorrow (Matt 6:34). Enjoy the moment you are with Me and each moment will hold greater value and reap many more rewards than you can imagine.

Remember, to Me you are like a gentle, warm, and captivating summer evening…an ever unfolding canvas of beautiful mysteries just waiting to be shared with others. I so love to come out and join in your excitement—to join in your adventure as you light up the world around you.

Like a child marveling at a firefly in his hand, I marvel at you. I know this seems odd. After all, since I know everything, how could I marvel so? Well, it is all about love. It is all about seeing you come in to the fullness of the image of who I am in you. It is truly an adventure which I give My whole attention to.

You know what, My Beloved; the acorn hasn’t fallen very far from the tree. You are much more like Me than you give yourself credit for. Fly free, My luminescent one—My mysterious one. I have sent many warm days and gentle breezes of My spirit into your life. Lift your wings in praise and see how incredibly intricate you are.

Are you feeling loved on yet? I hope so.

Transform The Darkness

Beloved, I am here to tell you many, many words of love in hopes that you won’t worry, fret or struggle so—in hopes you will experience the fullness of My delight as I interact in and through your life. You are indeed a light in the world and shall not be hidden.

Pursue Me, and as I pursue you, we will collide. The light will be so great; darkness will give away to complete visibility and revelation. Like two electric wires meeting, sparks will fly and fill the skies. July 4th will have nothing on us.

Know this; I want you to enjoy the process without fear or self-judgment. Just because a child can’t understand the total complexity of how and why of what the firefly is or does changes nothing. They simply delight with an unadulterated and pure faith. Simple complexity creates joy and mystery all at the same time.

Even knowing the how and why doesn’t negate or underestimate the beauty of how it lights up the night sky, nor does it dampen delight and simple faith at what simply is? If anything it only adds to the mystery of the One who created it.

Beloved, simplicity of faith is in knowing how much I love you regardless while resting in the complexity of My mysterious grace and its ability to keep you forever. Yes, you are My beautiful firefly and you truly light up My heart—My world.

The light in you is meant for the transformation of darkness and cannot be hidden (Matt 5:14). As I pursue you and you pursue Me there will be many I long to bring into My kingdom watching. They will get off their porches of apathy and no longer be content to let the days of summer pass them by, while others abound in wonderment and discovery. They will join in the adventure, and before you know it, there will be so many fireflies no darkness can be found.

Come; let us discover the mysteries of one another, the mysteries of the Kingdom among gentle days of mutual habitation. Like I said, “The angels are in awe of you. And, I am in love with you. Are you convinced? I am.

Prayer of Supplication and Proclamation

Lord, my heart is stirred by Your words of love. No one can ever love me or has ever loved me the way You do. Sometimes it is so hard to imagine. When I look at my life and remember the things I have done or the struggles I still have I am amazed by Your mercy and grace. Sometimes I have felt my walk to be drudgery or just downright hard. This happens when I forget how much You love me, how much You literally adore me.

Teach me to discern Your great love and compassion for me. Help me to see every inflection on Your face just like You see mine. I so desire to have the faith of a child and climb up into your lap of love and friendship, to curl my hand up in Yours regardless of my emotions, circumstances or fears. All I want to do is experience this great love You have given me. I want to see the twinkle in Your eyes when You look at me, when You think about me.

Your words never cease to amaze me. Your ability to take the average or seemingly normal things of life and speak them into my heart is nothing short of amazing. How I love You and Your ways. They are boundless and full of life and light. Many times in my life You have found me in the darkest of all places and pointed out to me my qualities and not my faults.

Like Adam when he hid from You was aware of his faults, I am aware of mine and You know it. Your kindness leads me to repentance as You speak to the treasure within me and not the fears and failures. You call me who I really am and I respond in return. You are so very wise and know just how to reach me.

With this in mind, come into every dark place and let the light of You shine in me for your glory. I draw near to you and you draw near to me. Wrap me up within the bonds of Your unceasing love…Your truth and I will be an example of Your beauty and grace. Lord, who would have ever correlated You, the Light of the World and fireflies in such a beautiful ways. Just to think that You remember every child’s conversation of delight over such a seemingly insignificant thing as bugs in a jar makes me bow at the many faceted wonder of who You are. You gazed upon my formation with absolute delight.

Lord, sometimes I feel pressured to do things in a hurry or am apathetic and do not want to do them at all. Either way You are with me, encouraging me the whole way. Therefore, I give my worries to You and rest in Your unceasing grace and patient love. Your eye is on the sparrow and Your eye is one me to express delight. Help me to grasp the enormity of such an adoring love.

Help me to believe always no matter the circumstance or doubts I might have. Paint across the canvas of my life and display the beauty of who You are in me. Let Your light shine through me and all men shall see You and experience the glory of Your love.

I choose to pursue you with uninhibited passion in everything I do and say. My mouth shall speak forth Your praise and the wonder of Your name wherever I go and in everything I do. Increase the passion within me till it becomes a flame to ignite every apathetic or complacent heart I come in contact with. Together we will fill the darkness with Your light and darkness will be no more. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. Meditate with a time of soaking worship on the depth of His grace given to you before all time.

2. What hard places in your heart need the healing oils of His presence? Write them down and then offer them up to Him. Let Him keep them in His care. In exchange He will give you His peace and acceptance. Hardness usually comes from wounds of rejection and disappointment among other things. He is here today to pour out the balm of Gilead and set you free.

3. Have you ever had or seen a baby reach out with their soft hands and grasp the hand or touch the face of their parent or been the recipient of such love from your own children? Remember the joy and absolute awe you felt? This is how He feels about you each and every moment. Reflect on this and write a love note back to Him. Tell Him how it makes you feel.

4. Allow yourself to picture in your mind and heart the simple childlike beauty of chasing fireflies on a summer evening. Can you hear the laughter…can you hear the joy? Now see the Lord with the same pure and joyful glee chasing after you in both the dark and happy places of your life. Reflect on this and write down your thoughts.

5. He sees every flash of light within you. He sees every movement you make and He pursues with undaunted passion. Meditate on this and write how you feel.

6. After He has captured your heart and held you within the bonds of His great love He unabashedly shows you off to a dark and dying world. Sometimes He even takes you to dark places so others can see the light and in turn chase after Him. Reflect on this beautiful picture and journal your thoughts.

7. One moment with Him is worth it all and one moment with you is worth it all for Him. He is offering you more than moments. He is offering you the mystery of His great love. In what ways or in what areas do you need Him to reveal His love so you can illumine the darkness around you with more delight and effectiveness?

8. How has the Lord personally captured your heart?

9. Reflect on times of darkness in your life when the light of the Lord in someone else pursued you and brought you out of the darkness into His marvelous light. Doing this will build your faith and create a grateful heart.

10. Did you ever imagine His thoughts toward you being more than the grains of sand? Take some time and reflect on this and write some of your thoughts toward Him.

11. What worries about your progress have robbed you of simple faith and adventure?

12. Ponder the laugh lines around His eyes and ask Him to show you how your life and heart have made Him smile, made Him laugh.

13. Seeing you are made in His image and more like Him than you think, how does and in what ways do you need to change your opinion of yourself and of Him?

14. Did you ever think about the Lord marveling after anything in such a profound way? He marvels at you and it is time for you to reflect on this like a child would marvel and reflect on the mystery of a firefly in their hand.

15. You are meant to transform the darkness. You are His light in the world, a city on a hill. If He says you are, well, you are. Come and agree with who He says you are, in spite of any past failures. Know this; the best is yet to come. In what ways have you been enjoying or disdaining the process He has you in?

16. Ponder His mysterious grace and mercy and His ability to keep you.

17. Reflect on your sphere of influence and how you can be a light in the darkness?

18. The angels are in awe of you and He is in love with you. Write a devotion of love in response to this.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

4 Responses to “Fireflies And Other Such Mysteries”

  1. How wonderful it is to be a child again. Full of innocence. No cares. No worries.

    Yes, even before we were born, He knows every strand of our hair . He alone knows what lies ahead of us. How tender and faithful is His love.
    I pray for childlike heart that I may put all my future in His Big Hands.

    Brenda, I chased fireflies in the countryside with my cousins when I was a little girl. I know how it feels but I never imagined the deeper meaning in relation to faith and God’s love. Awesome is your love for Him. There is both passion and poetry in everything you write.

  2. Tess, thank you so much for your gracious words.

    I never imagined it before either, until the other day when I was soaking in His presence and started seeing the picture of chasing fireflies in my spirit. I was so touched by the sweetness and childlike faith of the experiences I had chasing them in my father’s and grandmother’s yards.

    Bits and pieces of who Christ is can be found in all of His creation, allowing us to see a more complete picture of who He is. He is more than we can imagine or dream of. Praise His wonderful, beautiful, Holy Name.

    Much love and blessing in Him

  3. Like Tess, I too can remember running around catching fireflies with my cousins. Even as an adult the joy of being out with my son when he was young teaching him to catch fireflies. How I loved listening to the innocence of his laughter. How we must bring smiles and joy to our Father’s heart when we laugh and let the cares of the world go.

  4. Veryl, we were both led to this site by God’s leading hands. Going back to the memories of our childhood can bring joy and healing. It gives me the opportunity to parent the little child in me. We really cannot be uprooted from our beginnings.
    I will try catching fireflies with my grandson Kenet. I can imagine how exciting it will be.

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