Dance Upon Your Dry Bones, Prophesy To Them And Live

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”Immediately the boy’s father cried out and said, “I do believe; help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24 NASB)

“He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God,” (Romans 4:20 Amplified)

Soil Of Your Heart

Beloved, there are many dry bones in the lives of My children. There are hopes and dreams seemingly dead and gone. What dry bones are in your life today? What promises have you let go of? When a seed is planted in moist, rich soil it dies and produces an abundant crop. At the same time it is dying, it is living. Let this give you hope.

When seeds are thrown out on top of hard ground…when they are thrown among the briars or rocks they do not produce…. Subjected to the elements they dry up and are suffocated of all life. And, like feathers in the wind, they blow away. Like bones in a desert they are covered by the sands of time (Matthew 13:21-23).

Likewise in the spirit, your seed can be swept away by the cares, worries and failures of this life (Mark 4:18-20). Seeds die an unnatural death from neglect, disease and lack of nourishment. Unbelief is like a deadly virus causing the seeds of faith I have planted in you to come to an untimely death making fruition unattainable.

However, all things are possible with Me. The breath of My mouth breathes forth resurrection power and has preeminence over everything both living and dead. Therefore, confess your unbelief…confess your feelings of unworthiness. Let go of past failures and give Me all your seeds…all your dreams. In doing this resurrection power will come and you will be enabled to live a life of fulfilled dreams—a life of faith (Romans 4:20).

I want you to know your value in the deepest parts of your heart and mind, so today is the day of resurrected dreams. You are My good soil. Let Me plough the earth of your heart. Let Me water it with My rain of love and nourishment, thereby, creating a more receptive and fertile soil. Dare to let go of unbelief and broken dreams and trust Me to breathe new life into the core of their being…into the core of your being (Mark 9:24). Be rooted and grounded in Love (Ephesians 3:17). I am here and will not leave. All will be accomplished. Have faith.

Failure Is Another Word For Course Correction

Dreams and promises given by Me and not planted and nurtured in faith become like dry bones. Dry bones rob moisture from the environment around them. They take life instead of giving it. Dryness invades and creates hopelessness, which gives way to apathy and denial. Apathy and denial become ways to protect oneself from blame or more hopelessness. It is a vicious cycle.

Denial is not the answer and it has never fixed anything. Eventually something comes up to disturb the thin shield it seems to provide. In spite of Peter’s denial, I still reigned supreme and his life gave glory to My name. So will yours.

After all, I am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:17). All things submitted to Me are transformed and changed. Even dead seeds, dreams and unbelief become soft clay in My capable hands. I use everything and I mean everything in your life.

Once again My love, are there promises in your life you have neglected or forgotten? Have you looked at them and declared yourself incapable of doing what I have spoken or believed those desires you have for the ones you love cannot be? Of course they can be. They can be because I AM and because I love you. What other reason do you need?

Beloved, I count you worthy and My grace is sufficient in your weakness—in your inability. In your weakness I am strong (2 Corinthians 12:9; 1 Corinthians 1:27) If this weren’t so I wouldn’t have given Myself as an offering for your life—or your purpose.

Just remember, everyone has failed and fallen short of the glory of God at some time or another (Romans 3:22-24). Forgive yourself and others for today is a new day. Today is a day that dry bones become a living army. Have a change of heart based on My faithfulness. Yes, have My heart and you will embrace My perspective on failure. Failure is only a course correction. It is a sign saying, “Stop, yield and go My way.” Today is your day of resurrected course correction. Have faith, for I have gone before to order your steps (Proverbs 20:24).

Graveyard Of Resurrection

Beloved, once again, are there any dry bones robbing hope of fulfillment in your present life and future? Remember, a graveyard is the place of resurrection. It is the place where I demonstrate My victory over death of any kind. Without death there would be no need for resurrection…no need for victory to overcome…no need for faith. Without struggle there would be no need to overcome. I am the Overcomer…I am the Victory. The victory is in Me (1 Corinthians 15:56-58). The victory is Me.

Are there dry bones in your marriage, in relationships with your children, or career? Are there dry bones in your emotions, causing you to shut them off because of hurt and response to offenses? Are there dry bones caused by unwillingness to forgive your own self the way I already have? What dry bones do you have in your life? Remember, they are things that robe the moisture of faith and hope from your present or future.

Dry bones speak as the enemy jabs them at you like a saber. They clamor and say it can never be or you have already had one too many chances. They can be anything from the catastrophic to the sublime. A dry bone is a dry bone regardless and all need resurrection no matter what.

Let go of any offenses (1 Peter 4:7-9). They are not worth it and have the power to bring a brittle aridness to your life. I destined you to be a garden saturated with life having the power to impact and change the environment around you, not the other way around (Isaiah 58:11). Letting go releases creative power. Letting go brings freedom. I declare freedom over you today for a new season of planting has come to a heart of resurrected hopes and dreams.

Dry bones are the opportunity to experience miracles. Therefore, I am sending the oil of My spirit to heal and soften you as you arise from the place of dryness in any area of your life. I am releasing My resurrection power into the dry bones and lost dreams of your life and the lives of those you love.

I am asking you to act contrary to all you think and feel. I am asking you to confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that you are My beloved—to confess and believe My Word is true regardless of how hard the enemy rattles his saber of dry bones. Confess your failures and be cleansed (1John 1:9). I remember them no more and neither should you (Psalms 103:12). Looking back solves nothing. Trusting in Me solves everything. Set your face like flint and know you will not be put to shame, nor shall you be disgraced (Isaiah 50:7). Arise and be filled with the breath of My Mouth. Arise and breathe.

Arise, Prophesy To Your Dry Bones

Beloved, the time of all times has come. The time has come for you to arise and shine. Time has come for you to arise and act contrary to what you see, hear and feel. There is no other way. I must remind you that it doesn’t matter how large or small the thing is you struggle with or long to see. All are important to Me. My power is available to bring forth life and purpose in all you long for. See though My eyes and you will endure till the end.

You must trust Me and My Word. I am asking you to dance among the dry bones of your life…dance among the drybones of unfulfilled dreams and desires. I am asking you to speak words of faith to them. I am asking you to have hope on this side of the Red Sea. Not one syllable of My Word given to you ever returns void.

“Dance! Speak!”

“Yes, beloved! You must dance and prophesy to your dry bones all I have ever said to you about them and they shall live (Ezekiel 37:3-5).”

Do not be afraid. I say your bones can surely live. You have all you need to accomplish this. You have Me. Your have My resurrection life flowing in and through you. You have the power to agree and see. Do not look down at the bones as Peter looked at the storm. Look up at Me—resurrection draws nigh.

Listen! Hear the distant whispers. Hear the soft rattling of your promises longing to be fulfilled. They are waiting for your voice to speak according to My Word—waiting to respond with faith to the hearing of My Word given to you.

Yes, they are waiting, not for you to dance as Miriam did after she crossed the Red Sea, but to dance before the way is opened. You are to be an example of one who calls those things that are not as though they are (Romans 4:16-18). This is called faith. Faith comes by hearing.

Beloved, what is faith hearing when you speak? Today is a day to speak life. Open your heart and be with Me and you will know exactly what to speak. I will give you a current Word…a current revelation on what you need to do to bring life to dry or forgotten dreams. I say, “Your dry bones will live!”

Let The Words Of Your Mouth Be Life And Not Death

Beloved arise and dance among your dry bones with a heart of worship, for I am good and My love endures forever. Dance and see the framework come together. Dance! See sinew and muscle come upon the bones. Receive the ability to move. Receive the ability to live and move…to have your being in Me. Receive and dance!

See the skin of My presence cover and protect everything within you as it allows you to sense all that is of Me…allows you to be sensitive to My every touch…allows you to be sensitive to every breath exhaled from My mouth (Ezekiel 37:6-10).

Time has come to dance. Therefore My child you must indeed dance. Dance in your heart. Dance in the natural even if it is only to tap your feet. Do something for I am here on the four winds breathing upon your slain dreams. Yes, I am here declaring life. I am uttering My voice and saying, “LIVE!” Dance unto the breath of heaven now blowing across the surface and the recesses of your life. My breath penetrates to the deepest places. Therefore be assured no place within you shall be left untouched by Me.

Let the words of your mouth be life and not death and you will not grow weary. You will indeed reap in due season (Proverbs 18:21; Hebrews 12:3). You will be lifted up to soar with freedom above all doubt and unbelief. You will mount up with eagle’s wings, to ride the currents of heaven, in the power of My Spirit (Isaiah 40:31). Mourning will be turned to dancing (Psalms 30:11). Dancing turns the valley of bones into a watered garden and will envelope you with a garland of beauty instead of ashes.

Many are awaiting your transformation. Many dry bones are waiting for you…yes; you Therefore, come and arise! Let worship, proclamation, and praise create a new song in your heart. Stand up on your feet My mighty warrior and dance the dance of Victory, for I have clothed you with gladness (Psalms 30:11). Arise mighty army and live in every area of your life…for you have been called to do great things.

Prayer of Declaration and Supplication

Lord, there are many dreams of my heart I have let go of or simply forgotten. They have become buried in the sands of time…buried within the deep places of my heart. And though I have forgotten them, You have not and my heart rejoices. Many worries and circumstances of this life have attempted to bring unbelief to the core of who I am. Doubt and unbelief have proclaimed with a very loud voice on many occasions but Your whispers are louder than the shouts of the enemy. Please forgive me where I have not nourished the seeds…the promises You have given me in days gone by. Forgive me for having fear or seeing myself as unworthy somehow to carry out Your plans for me. If I were unworthy You would have never given them to me in the first place. Release resurrection power until all is well. Breathe on me and I shall truly live to fulfill all that has ever been planned for me.

Lord, you are my dream maker…my dream fulfiller in every way. There is none like You. When my hope has become deferred, denial and apathy can become ways for me to escape looking at areas of struggle. Please forgive me for having a heart of apathy in any area of my life. Forgive me for thinking denial will somehow save me from having to deal with things…somehow save me from any pain. True to Your Word, You never quit working in my life and out of Your love, mercy and grace You allow things to come up and disturb my false sense of peace. Denial is indeed a thin and deceptive shield which solves absolutely nothing.

This day, I choose to look to You…to look to Your resurrection power and might on my behalf. You are committed to seeing me through to victory and gave the ultimate cost to do so. I must not treat what you have done lightly. You are right. I can do nothing myself. All must be done by Your Spirit in order to really overcome. By grace and with faith I come into agreement with Your Word. You are sufficient in my weakness…in my inability. I release all my failures…in all my failures in the areas of my most consistent struggles. I declare I am an overcomer and You have put me on the right course.

Lord, I have always seen graveyards as the end of the line—as the place of unfulfilled dreams, desires and potential. In the natural they are and the graveyards of dead dreams within me would be the same if it weren’t for You. You are indeed my Resurrection Life and I choose to believe nothing is impossible with You. All it takes is one breath of Your mouth and everything lives…everything is made brand new.

The voice of the enemy likes to take the dry bones and use them against me. He longs for me to doubt Your goodness…Your faithfulness. He wants them to draw the very life and moisture out of my heart and cause me to walk in unbelief. Instead I choose to listen to You and I do so by faith. I believe You are good and that You reward those who seek You…those who trust in Your name. I receive a new freedom today…a new freedom to believe in ways I never have before. Help me to not look back. Help me to set my face like flint in Your direction…to set my face like flint according to the truth of Your Word.

Lord, the time has come to rise and shine with a heart of joyous praise, for You are faithful. Your love endures forever regardless of what takes place around or within me. I acknowledge Your loving-kindness and Your complete attention to even the smallest concerns of my heart. No matter what they are, from finding a parking space to matters of life and death, You care equally for them all.

Please show me where every ounce of fear would seek to hide and heal every wound giving place to said fear. Help me to dance on this side of the Red Sea. Help me to believe. Expose and then heal every hindering place within me and I shall be made new. Give me a fresh Word and I will proclaim it until victory comes. I declare with a heart of faith that I hear the whispers of Your voice over the rattling of dry bones. Faith will hear me speak Your Word and faith will come. The ears of faith are open to the Word coming out of my mouth.

Resurrection life is not for some future day…it is for me right here and right now. I embrace resurrection life. I embrace the Living Word. I come into agreement and I live. My dry bones live.

Lord, as I choose to worship even in the tough times I am asking You create in me a clean heart and a steadfast spirit. I choose to arise and worship You with a heart of faith believing all is well in You regardless of what I see or feel. I receive the ability to move…the ability to dance. The framework of my life is being built line upon line, tissue upon tissue and muscle upon muscle.

Every never and fiber of my being is coming into alignment with Your Word. I declare that I am becoming more responsive to You moment by moment. I dance in my heart. I dance with my feet. I will dance regardless of what I see, feel or think. I am moving in motion to the beating of Your heart…to the inhaling and exhaling of Your very breath. I am in sync with You.

I mount up with the wings of an eagle and I soar to the heights of promise. Any graveyards of dry bones in my life are even this moment being resurrected to bring forth a living future and hope. I arise and I worship. I arise and I proclaim. I arise and dance the dance of victory on this side of the Red Sea. Since You are for me, who can be against me? NO ONE! I arise to do great things for great things He hath done for me. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. What seeds of faith have you neglected, let go of through unbelief, unworthiness or for any other reason?

2. What worries or circumstances have robbed the moisture out of your hopes and dreams? What do you think He is trying to tell you personally in relation to them?

3. Do you believe one bad apple (one dry bone) per say has the power to take away from the beauty He has made you to be in this life?

4. Confess. Let go of your unbelief and let Him stir the soil of your heart with faith. Once you have confessed your unbelief, take time to listen to Him. He has words of resurrection power to speak into your situation regardless of how big or small it might seem to be to you.

5. Do you walk in denial or apathy in any area of your life?

6. What is your most common struggle that you have endeavored to overcome for a long time? Is it personal or in relation to seeing a promise fulfilled in your life or in the life of someone you love?

7. Do you believe He can resurrect your dreams no matter how many times the results have declared otherwise…not matter the times you feel you have failed? If not, ask yourself why…what is the core unbelief issue keeping you back from His promise?

8. Where has apathy slipped into your heart? What situation or attitude gave it an open door?

9. Journal on what it means for Him to make you strong…for His grace to be sufficient. In order to believe His grace is sufficient, you must know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much He loves you regardless of your mistakes or failures? Do you know this?

10. Are there situations that have offended you…people who have offended you? Now is the time to let all offense go. It doesn’t matter if you have done it before and not succeeded. Today is a new day and you must continue to let it go until complete victory is accomplished. Be persistent and do not give way to guilt. Simply confess and receive until you have overcome.

11. How does the enemy most often rattle dry bones in your life and jab at you with them? Look for a consistent pattern and let Holy Spirit get to the root of it.

12. Offer the dry bones in your life up to the Lord for a fresh outpouring of oil and resurrection life. Write what He says about your situation.

13. How can you personally be more diligent to confess what He has said to you until victory comes? Do you need to write down promises, scripture verses pertaining to your situation, or get a fresh Word? Contemplate this and do accordingly.

14. Not only does He want you to speak, He wants you to dance in an attitude of praise. Can you hear His whispers over His rattling? Write the whispers of His heart and use them as proclamations capable of reshaping the future.

15. Now that you have done this, what words of agreement has He given you to speak?

16. Since faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, then faith must have ears and is waiting to have something to respond to. Reflect on this and ask yourself the question, “What is faith hearing when I speak?”

17. What words of death have you spoken? Break agreement with them and speak life in their place.

18. His presence is in some ways like the skin covering your tissue and muscle and yet it is like an energizing force inside. Like your nerves, His presence causes you to sense even the slightest touch. It is the breath of life that speaks to you…the strength building power that develops your muscles as you declare the Word. His presence makes you dance and brings joy to your heart. Reflect on this and journal the thoughts your heart longs to sing.

19. What mourning do you need to have turned to dancing or what good things do you need to sing a song of adoration and thanksgiving in response to? Never let it be just about overcoming but let a grateful heart of thanksgiving continually sing songs and dance dances of praise.

20. Worship; write out some proclamations according all He has shown you. Speak them and dance on this side of the Red Sea…dance all the way across and then dance again on the other side for He is worthy regardless of where you are in the process

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. Wowzer! What a love letter. It is nearly midnight and the events of the evening have left me weary. I came to my favorite spot expecting to receive and did. Parts of of the Dry Bones and Dance is what I heard the Lord speaking to me this afternoon.

    I think I will print this off for my time with God tomorrow and do the journaling.

    Brenda I know that God showers His love upon you. I know that He smiles at the sound of your name. What a gifting He has showered upon you.

    God Bless you.

  2. I bless the Lord for this word today. It has truly spoken to me as I am believing and confessing life to what seems like dead situations in my life. So much of what is in the love letter has been in my prayer and spirit this week. God bless you for being a vessel of truth.

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