Covering Of The Lord

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“For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14 MKJV)

My Waters Cover the Earth

My waters cover the earth, and majestic mountains rise up out of the sea—each and every one declaring My strength and glory. The skies and heavens are spread out like a canopy over the earth to cover and protect . . . to bring rains in due season according to the needs of the earth.

In like manner I cover you this day, this moment. In like manner, I bring forth rain to the seasons of your life and saturate you with My goodness. Therefore, declare this goodness, this protection with a heart of jubilant praise, and proclaim the majesty of My name in all the earth. Proclaim the majesty of My name in your life, for I am good.

The winds move at My command. The rivers and seas are held within their banks at My Word. All things are held together within bounds by My power. Nothing escapes My notice because I AM.

I am all, in all and I contain all. Nothing is hidden from Me and all is held in the palm of My hand. Every molecule has My complete attention. Every note sung by a songbird is recorded in the memories of My heart. I delight in the grace and beauty of all I have created from the seemingly insignificant to the most majestic. Each is full of wonder for they were created as the breath of My mouth, at the expression of My Word.

I desire for each expression of My creative heart to declare who I am and stir up inquisitive hearts to embrace the knowledge of My glory. I will work in you in such a manner to stir the hearts of men to seek Me. Be confident in this.

How much more then in light of all these things do you have My heart and attention? Your very name is carved in My hand, ever present, ever visible to Me. I am attentive to you at this very moment. My heart beats fast at the very beauty of your presence. My heart escalates at the sound of your voice. Come under the covering of My wings today and enjoy these moments with Me.

I Know When Each Sparrow Falls

Beloved, I know when each sparrow falls. I have numbered every hair of your head. I even count the very grains of sand where your feet walk. And today, like each and every other day, My gaze and My attention are focused on you like a laser beam.

Yes, you are on My mind. As a matter of fact, you have always been on My mind and will be at the forefront of My thoughts forever. Remember this, as you go through your day. It will make things much easier if you come to the realization of My constant attention and affection. Knowing this will develop a lover’s heart in you and enable you to do things out of love to birth a true heart of service to your King.

You are seated in heavenly places and have the same vantage point as I; therefore set your heart on things above and do not be dismayed by temporal things of this earth (Colossians 3:1). Being seated with Me is the position you hold and I want you to walk in this reality. I am your reality. Remember, the things of this earth will pass away but I will remain, for I am alive forever more and so are you.

Beloved, I have called you to be above and not beneath (Deut. 5:8). I have called you to rule and reign with Me. I am releasing a covering of light over you today thereby enabling you to walk in greater revelation and truth about your specific calling in this life. Be mindful of loving Me and others. This creates a canopy of protection for yourself and others. Remember, love covers and mercy triumphs over judgment.

Now, rise, for I cover you and in turn you cover others. Cast down every contrary thought and believe no lie of the enemy (2 Corinthians 10:5). Don’t look back. Instead you must look to this very moment and the Word I am speaking. It is for this day and this hour. Rise and stand tall under the covering I have provided and know that I am dwelling in the midst of you and every circumstance you encounter or experience. I am your covering.

I Am A Mountain Of Strength, A Strong Tower

Beloved, all the beauty surrounding you was made as a gift, a habitation in which to dwell and experience My splendid love for you. All things were created to provide for the sustaining of life physically and spiritually.

In light of this, the circumstances you experience which bring consternation to your soul are but drops in the sea of My capabilities. I am your strong tower and mountain of strength in the day of trouble, in the midst of your sea (Proverbs 18:10, Psalms 61:3). Minor setbacks do not dismay Me in any way, even though sometimes they seem larger than life to you. They are wonderful tools in My hand to teach you, if you will let Me.

Daily lessons of life hold the keys of your tomorrows. Be patient My love and endure with the knowledge of My unrelenting heart of love toward you. It is never moved from its position as guardian and protector of your heart and soul.

I use each circumstance, both good and bad, as opportunities to instruct, encourage, and build you into one who can do likewise for another. I use them to enlarge your faith and remove the enemy’s plan to discourage you from the way I have chosen for you to walk by enabling you to overcome. This builds an overcoming spirit in you.

At the same time you experience My grace and mercy in any given situation, you will see My salvation in your circumstances. A two-fold purpose is accomplished, building humility of heart and confidence at the same time. You are put on the right path and our relationship grows deeper as you see Me moving on your behalf. This deepens the knowledge of My love for you in your own heart. Run into Me and be glad for today is a day of growth. Receive all I have offered and be multiplied in the lives of others. You have My heart, My covering and My protection. Rise and walk in confidence knowing I have your back.

Turning Evil For Good

As you rise up with dignity in the calling I have given you, don’t be dismayed at the minor setbacks of life. Each is used by Me and all things work together for good for those who love Me and are called according to My purpose. Turning things for the good is what I do. I use them to teach you as I clear your path of all obstacles and distractions. I use them to draw your focus and attention to Me.

In coming to Me, in being focused on Me, you are positioned to receive the necessary blueprints to overcome and build a strong foundation that last forever. In the process, your confidence will grow as you discover you can do all things in Me. We make a good team, you and I.

You have grown, you know. If some things happening in your life right now had happened even months ago, your dismay would have been great. Circumstances and situations have taught you well under the guidance and protection of My hand. I am so proud of you.

One last thing, My child, be careful what you speak regarding your circumstances. Sow good words of faith—sow good seeds blessing in response and you will reap an abundant harvest of blessing in return (Galatians 6:7-9) Remember, I see all My children with a heart of love, working in their lives at the same time I work in yours. My grace is sufficient and available for all.

Incredible Mercy, Lavish Grace

Yes, My Beloved, today is indeed a new day, a day of incredible mercies and lavish grace. My grace extends over the entirety of all I have created, including you. The works of your hands shall declare My goodness to all you come in contact with, all you minister to—yes, to your family too.

I am moving on behalf of your family as I cover you. See your family standing under the covering of My redemptive love. It is to be your highest call and My divine intervention which brings things into proper perspective as far as your family goes. Respond well to the promptings of your heart on their behalf. Hear and see what I am doing and don’t think anything to small to make an impact. Listen carefully in this area. I am speaking.

Listen carefully as you look up and see the heavens. I am sending a gentle wind into your life laden with whispers of divine guidance and direction. Look around and absorb the beauty surrounding your life. They are My declarations of love and capability for you.

Let them speak to your heart. Take a moment and go outside. Stand under the magnitude of heaven’s canopy extended over you, stretching as far as the East is from the West. Like My love, its distance cannot be measured for there is no end to it. Yes, like the waters cover the earth with rain and sea, My child, I cover you. Rest in My all-sufficient, abundant grace (Romans 5:17). Today is a new day. Each day is a new day. Rejoice in them and be glad. I am.


Lord, You are my strength and my song. Your name is above all other names and I run into Your strong tower where I am safe from my enemies. You spread Yourself over me like the heavens cover the earth. I am enclosed within Your canopy of love and protection. Your goodness surrounds me like a thick blanket. Let my heart be a creative expression of Your heart. Stir the creative gifts placed within me that I might represent a visible picture of You to all I meet. I choose to believe, receive and embrace the Word You so graciously took time to give to me. I am seated with You in heavenly places, positioned to hear and see what You are doing in every situation. By faith I am one who rules and reigns with You. I cast down every thought contrary to the Word You have given.

Your beauty surrounds me and covers me with such a splendid love. You have provided all I need to sustain me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My life and heart are in Your hands. I run into the strong tower of Your might and strength where I am saved from my enemies. I embrace the lesions of life with confidence, for You do valiantly on my behalf. Help me to walk with the fullness of Your mercy and grace in every aspect of my life. Leave nothing undone in Me. Make all things new as I learn to walk in humility and confidence. My heart is becoming a deep well of realized love and grace.

I rise up in the calling You have placed on my life and I will not be dismayed by the little foxes, the minor setbacks or the unkind words of men. You are mighty to save and have set me in a large place where I can move with freedom and grace. Everything in my life is turned for good and the enemy’s plans are brought to naught as I surrender to You—as I proclaim Your name. I guard my heart and mouth that I may speak what is lovely and upright at all times. Teach me to judge my circumstances according to Your Word and not my feelings. In doing this my mouth will speak what Your Word says and not my opinions.

Lord, I receive a new day. I receive a new heart in everything I do. Your grace covers me and upholds me. Mercy surrounds me like a cloak. My hands are made to declare Your works and they shall do so on a continuous basis. My family is standing under the covering of redemptive love and grace. My family is loved beyond measure and each member will come into their destiny in the fullness of time, according to Your time. Open my eyes to see all the beauty around me in both people and creation. I rest in the Lord’s all-sufficient grace. Today is a new day as each and every day to come shall be. I rejoice in the Lord and I am glad. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Father sees you as a creative expression of His heart destined to reveal His majesty and beauty to inquisitive hearts. Reflect on this and write what it means to you to be His creative expression.
  2. His heart escalates at the sound of your voice, at the beating of your heart. Reflect on this.
  3. Have you been coming under the covering of His wings to enjoy His presence lately? If not, now is the time.
  4. You are always on His mind and the recipient of His constant love and affection. Reflect on His attitude of complete adoration toward you and write a response.
  5. Have you been setting your heart on any temporal things lately and given them more power than the eternal things which last forever? Read the Word again and put temporal things in their proper perspective in relation to Him.
  6. He is releasing a covering of light over and on you today? Take advantage of this and receive whatever it is you need. Reflect on this and record what He says.
  7. Reflect on how your circumstances and struggles are but drops in the sea of His capabilities to work on your behalf?
  8. How does this change your view, your perspective of what is going on in your life?
  9. Since today is the doorway or the key to your tomorrow how should you respond to what is taking place?
  10. In what ways are you learning humility and confidence at the same time?
  11. What setbacks have you allowed to discourage you in pressing forward in certain areas of your life?
  12. What have you been speaking in regards to these setbacks? Have you been agreeing with the enemy with negative thoughts and words? Negative thoughts lead to negative words.
  13. Take time to break agreement with wrong thoughts and words. Release new words of hope into the situations.
  14. Reflect with a heart of thanksgiving on how His grace has been sufficient even when things are tough.
  15. Reflect on the portion of the Word relating to your family. What do you need? Who have you been praying for in particular? Have you given up on hope for anyone? Take time to hear His voice and do what He asks even if it seems small and insignificant. Remember, it takes many blocks to build a building. Are you willing to add another good block to the buildings of the ones you love?
  16. He is sending winds of guidance and instruction. Reflect on the areas of your life in need of this divine instruction. Share them with Him and ask for the revelation to be loud and clear. Confess that the eyes of your heart are open to hear what the Spirit is saying. Record every word He speaks.
  17. Reflect on resting in the Lord under the canopy of His love. What do you sense as you quiet yourself in His presence?

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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