In Need Of Resurrection, A Journey of Intimate Pursuit

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“Say to the Daughter of Zion [inhabitants of Jerusalem], Behold, your King is coming to you, lowly and riding on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey [a beast of burden].” (Matthew 21:5-6 Amplified)

Come Journey With Me

Beloved, I am inviting you on a journey in these upcoming days. You have been on journeys with Me before but this is different. I want to touch some unattended places within your heart. Do not fear for this is a journey of discovery and truth. It is time to go a little deeper and discover how you see yourself sometimes. It is time to walk in more revelation than you have had in the past. It is time to be encapsulated in the joy of who you are in Me. Who are you? You are My beloved child of Zion. You are king and priest. You are My dwelling place and My kingdom is within you. So, open the eyes of your heart to see deeper than you have seen before. Think of it as a promotion in the discovery of your identity in Me.

Look! Your King is coming on a donkey. I am coming. I am here on a donkey, walking humbly and gently down the path of your life. It is the path right in front of you where your feet step day by day. It is the path where you struggle or overcome day by day. Depending on whether you walk in victory or give in to struggle does not determine the coming of My presence. The ever and always determinate factor is love. If it weren’t so, who could know Me…be with Me.

Do you see Me? I see you. Do you hear Me? Do you hear the soft touch of My feet as they resound with purpose on the road to the depths of your heart? Yes, I am getting closer to some hidden things in your heart. Remember; I am gentle and humble of heart.

Don’t hide your eyes or look down My beloved for I am ravished for you. Don’t turn your ear from the approaching sound of My footsteps as I come upon the doors of your heart…the barricades guarding the forbidden places within. I am coming to sup with you…all of you.

Look! I have come for you, to take you on a journey—a journey of resurrection—a journey of new discovery. Will you ride with Me regardless of what you think you know? Will you take My hand and come with Me regardless of what you think you have learned about Me. I have come into the midst of your life with an invitation to transform and change your image of Me to a greater degree—to change your image of yourself in a more complete and whole way.

What you so often struggle with are mere reflections of what you believe about yourself and what you believe about Me. I want to take you on a journey of intimate pursuit. I want to speak ever so kindly to you and bring you to a greater place of intimacy with Me. Come for you are indeed My passionate quest. I am reaching down. Take My hand and come up here.

I Have Come As Light

Beloved, I have come as light that you may not continue in darkness as to how I see and feel about you. There will not be even the smallest fraction of doubt when all is said and done. It is necessary to know in detail how I feel so you can do likewise for others… so that you will have a Word in due season for the unlovely and unloved.

I have given you an incorruptible identity in Me. I am your Wisdom…your righteousness and your redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30-31). All are gifts. All are Me Therefore; do not strive any longer to be perfect for you are perfect in Me. As we ride on this journey together you will begin to see who you really are. Light will be shed into even the gray areas of your life making them white as snow. Often you think of the darkest areas but I am after them all until I consume you and you consume Me in to the fiber of your life. You will become in your own eyes what I already know and see. The reflection you see will match up with what I say…with what I show you.

Beloved, you will no longer be bound to the things others have said to you, said about you or even thought about you. You will no longer be bound to the things of the past or any fear of the future. My blood is the great eraser of all past time and its issues. My blood is also the great hope and permeates your future with promise. It erases sin and removes it forevermore. My life…My blood has conquered death, Hell and the grave. This you know but now you will really KNOW.

Mere words of men can…not stand up to the power of My blood—to the power of My Word. I have taken the keys from the enemy. All is final as far is he is concerned. Simply put…he has lost. I know you know this; but…do you really know it? Time has come to really know.

Beloved, I am alive forever more (Revelations 1:8). You are alive forever more. And all I need is your cooperation. Lay down all wrong words and misconceptions at the foot of the Cross. Turn around and embrace all I say you are as we travel this road of discovery together.

For I come on a donkey with the light of revelation to you, the one I love. Join Me and put your arms around Me. Forget the world and all it contains. Lay your head upon My shoulder. You are My heart’s desire. You fill Me to overflowing with love and longing for you. Come up here. Take time and let Me pour out all I feel for you right now…tonight…tomorrow and every day after. How I love you My cherished one. You are the apple of My eye (Psalms 17:8 Deuteronomy 32:10 Zechariah 2:8). What a journey I have planned for us as together we step aside from the daily struggles of life to sup with one another.

There Is No Condemnation In Me

Beloved, fear not. You will not miss Me in this day and hour. Not one thing planned will go left unnoticed or untouched by Me. I am not in a hurry and I will not pass you by. My hand is always extended.

I am not moving like a fast steed making it impossible for you to catch Me. I am moving at a slow and humble pace in order that you might find Me and join me. I have unconditional love for you. I have never condemned you and I never will (Romans 8:1). My kindness leads to repentance and I wash you with My word.

You are not the rebellious one you have sometimes thought yourself to be. You are not the selfish one other people may at times have thought you to be. You are a piece of My heart. You are not disqualified in any way from fulfilling your purpose or from riding with Me. You are just in need of My tender care—in need of My special attention…which of course…I love to give.

Open your heart today and receive My manifest wisdom. This humble wisdom you find in Me will penetrate your innermost being with revelation and understanding. Even as I came to the shouts of Hosanna, I am coming now to the slightest whisper of your voice…to the breath of your mouth as you exhale. I come in response to the flutter of your eyes as your voice speaks My name.

Come My love; don’t be afraid or ashamed. Come up here on the donkey with Me. Wrap your arms of faith around Me and we will ride into victory. We will ride into purpose and destiny as Holy Spirit leads and guides you into all truth.

Submit to Me. Resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:6-8) This is My promise: I have not condemned you and I will not. Since I, the One who died for you, will not condemn you, who can? I say, “No one!” Don’t let even the subtlest of accusations the devil should like to accuse you with have place. When you believe even the slightest lie, it opens the door to believe something you would have never entertained before. Distance yourself from any condemnation of men and receive My resurrection power as we journey together.

Take some time to listen. Let this day be the day you hear the sweet admonitions of My heart which saves you from the prowling of the enemy. The greatest weapon you have is to know who you are. Search out My Word and see who I say you are. Take a break from all you DO and let the Word of My heart cause you to BE. Taking My Word into your heart is part of the journey. It will have its perfect work in you. Come dive into My Word.

My Freedom And Fullness Dwell In You

Beloved, once again I remind you, do not fear what you think I will see in you. I only see one thing. I see Me, the hope of glory. In these coming days I shall reveal all to you as we ride down the path of continued resurrection. I will leave no stone unturned in order to free you completely. Notice that I said, “I will free you.” I did not say you would free you. Trust Me to bring to the surface only what needs to be dealt with at the time. Sometimes you tend to go digging up too much stuff and, as a consequence, you are overwhelmed and feel faint.

You will nail the way you see yourself and all hindering factors to the Cross as we take our journey of communion together. Bit by bit and line upon line and precept upon precept all you believe contrary to My Word and nature will be nailed forever to the Cross. I will resurrect in you, the ability to see who I already know you are. I am revealing the wonder of what I see and know about you to yourself and others. When I show you these intricately beautiful things about yourself, you must agree with a hearty, “Yes and Amen!” Let no shadows of the past try and convince you otherwise. This would be foolish and make the journey I have planned take longer.

Once again, I know you know this, but I feel compelled to remind you that I saw you before you were ever born—that I saw you before you ever were aware of Me or My love for you. I saw you and said, “You are good.” Nothing has changed and never will, for my fullness dwells in you (Colossians 2:9-10). I loved you before you ever were.

Yes, when I see you, I see me. This is a vital truth you must know in your heart and not just in your head. Therefore, in order to convince you and bring you into complete agreement with who I say you are I have chosen to come…chosen to come with a new day…chosen to come for you are in need of resurrection.

Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon you are emerging in to a full and rapturous beauty—to a full and overcoming confidence. Hold on My beloved as winds of the Spirit sweep through the very depths of your being. Hold on as I carry you through the heights heaven. Hold on as I pull you up with Me and transform everything. Freedom has come.

Come And See

Beloved as we arise together and ride the lofty heights of change…the lofty heights of freedom, all will change. Yes, My love, you need a resurrection of not only yourself image, but of who I say you are in Me. Come My beloved and journey with Me—journey with Me, the King of Kings, on this path of revelation where all self wrong assessment will fall away in the light of My glory and grace.

Where I take you is a place to permanently dwell and abide in…a place of eternal habitation…a place you never have to leave. It is a place filled with songs of deliverance and complete freedom. Open up the doors to the secret places of your heart and life that I, the King of Glory, might come in.

In Me there is no darkness or shadow of turning. I am Light. Being with Me is to be in Light. The moment you are with Me the Light that I intrinsically am abounds. Darkness flees. Shadows are gone. To be in Me is to be in a place of Light transforms a ride on a donkey to a victorious adventure upon a powerful steed.

For you will have come to know your place as King and Priest. Yes, My love, you have already been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light…My light. I have given you every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3). All I have belongs to you and is at your disposal. I have always loved you and continue to love you as the Father loves Me. In fact, I love you as much as He loves Me and He loves you as much as I love Him. Seems simple but when you look between the lines it is profound. Selah (to meditate or reflect on)

However, to fully walk in all I have for you, you must know both the place of humility and the place of authority. The transformation of My resurrection power in you will accomplish both. Come and see what I see. Let us go together. It will be worth it all, My victorious one. I am waiting to ride with you. A simple yes is all I need. What do you say My beloved? Is it a Yes?

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord Jesus I can see You in my heart. I hear your soft voice calling me. There are many times in my life where I have struggled to understand Your great love for me. Often times I have let words and attitudes of men distort the truth. I turn from this misconception and will not entertain even one thought to the tiniest degree. I choose to believe the truth as I embark on a whole new journey with You. I have taken other journeys with You on many occasions and yet my stomach flutters at the thought of this one. A reciprocal intimate pursuit is the desire of Your heart. You are with me in my struggles, my failure and my victories. I am so thankful that you are not a fair weather friend.

I turn my face in Your direction with anticipation. I hear Your footsteps gently coming down the path of my life. I give you free reign to remove any barriers separating us from this great work You are coming to do in my heart. Yes, I choose to look…I choose to take the chance and see what You see when You look on me.

Lord let Your light shine into the darkest, most hidden places of my heart. My identity is in You. Show me who I am. I long to know You as I am known and it is Your will and desire that do so. All that I will be is already accomplished in You. You are my Resurrection and my Life. On this journey of intimate pursuit I will leave the past behind. Worry for my future will have no place of habitation in my heart. I am and will be forever content in Your presence…content to rest in the assurance of Your everlasting love and friendship. Even now Your blood…Your sacrifice permeates my heart, my past and my future.

Lord I so want to thank You for waiting for me…thank you for moving at my pace for not being in a hurry. Your unconditional love overwhelms me, captivates me. You are never in a hurry and are always ever ready to take the time and do what is necessary for me to overcome…whatever is necessary for me to be at peace. I choose to put aside all fear for You did not give me a spirit of fear. You have given me a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. I am able to live without fear and walk in love as I abide in You.

Increase my faith…help my unbelief….as I reach my arms out to You. Holy Spirit teach me…guide me. I trust you. I choose to resist the lies, the words of men, and yes, and the words of my own heart which do not agree with You. Jesus, the Cross is my hope…my resurrection and my freedom in every way. I know this but now it is time to walk in it to the fullness of all that You are. Help me! Help me to not dig up things You aren’t dealing with. This certainly overwhelms me and has the tendency to bring hopelessness into my thinking which in turn effects my actions in so many negative ways.

Yes, let every way of wrong thinking be nailed to the Cross where it loses all power and authority in my life. At the Cross…at the Cross where I first saw the light and the burdens of my heart rolled away…are words of truth worth remembering. Resurrect me to the fullness of who I am called to be. Let me see the fullness of the fact that I am seated in heavenly places.

Lord, I admit my need for resurrection in so many areas…in so many ways. Resurrection is the process of life in You. I am a new creature in You but at the same time I am always being made new. What a beautiful picture. How can I overcome death and blindness in all these areas unless I first see myself as You see me? Illumine my darkness and let me see that to You I am the fairest of them all. Yes, I will come with You, journey with you. I will come regardless with the determination to embrace and receive the truth.

Teach me to see, to know Your heart of unconditional…Your heart of every kind and overflowing love. I embrace Your songs of deliverance over my life. I embrace hope, boundless grace and mercy. I trust You. I long for our hearts to beat as one. I will look in the mirror and see the fairest of them all. I will see You as my reflection. I am Your beloved cherished one. I come today and rest my head upon Your shoulder. I love you. You ask me what I say to Your request to journey with You…to receive resurrection. I say, “YES!” Amen.

Reflect and Journal

  1. What are some of the areas of your life where you know you don’t see yourself the same way the Lord does?
  2. When you do this, find what the Bible says in reference to these misconceptions about yourself. Write them down side by side and reflect on the difference.
  3. What journey of resurrection is He calling you to come with Him to experience more fullness in every area of your life? Sometimes one area can so cloud others that you can’t see your successes. It is like one bad apple or just a little bit of leaven added to your perception and the enemy’s lies. It is a deadly combo. Reflect deeply. Have some Selah time with Him and ask Him to show you specifically what it is He wishes to get to the bottom of…to the root of.
  4. What does intimate pursuit mean to you?
  5. Sometimes people have spoken words about us which cause us to believe the very opposite of what God says about us. These words have a tendency to cause us to strive in order to prove the words wrong. Words and actions can make us believe lies about ourselves. On this journey the Lord wants to undo these wrong beliefs…wrong thoughts. Like oil on water, which thing or things seem to always be floating on the surface of your life causing you pain, irritation, attitude, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, and so on.
  6. Is there one in particular which seems to cloud or block out the sun and therefore cast shadows on other aspects of your life?
  7. What things do you strive to overcome the most? Ask Holy Spirit to show you any words, actions or lies you believed or words others have said and you have agreed with. Write down the opposite words you hear from the Father’s heart. Starting with a scripture will help.
  8. Take time to quietly rest and envision His arms wrapped around you…His arms pulling you up close to His side. Rest your head on His shoulder and receive love…what is He saying?
  9. In what areas have you felt condemned?
  10. Forgive those who have condemned you including yourself. Sometimes it is easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves but it is necessary…it is vital…forgiving ourselves will cause us to love who we are. It is hard to love someone you have something against. Remember the great commandment: Love Him and love others as yourself…how can you love others if you do not love yourself? This is part of our daily journey…to love Him… to love ourselves and to love others. Therefore; forgive.
  11. With purposeful action and a resolute heart give all unforgiveness, regardless of what area of your life it has surfaced in, to the Lord. Don’t walk according to the tendency to grade one sin…or area in need of resurrection as worse than another and disqualify yourself based on perceived magnitude. The blood is the blood regardless.
  12. This may be more than a onetime thing and you must resist the tendency to believe the lies of the enemy and refuse to walk in unforgiveness toward yourself or anyone else. once you release them. It helps to write them down along with God’s response in order to have an altar of remembrance to remind you of His provision and deliverance. This is resisting the devil. The truth will set you free.
  13. Write your thoughts about the Lord knowing you and loving you before the foundations of the world in spite of anything you would ever do…in spite of all you have done.
  14. What areas of your life would you like to see resurrected the most besides your image of who you are and who He is?
  15. Take some time to see these things nailed to the Cross once and for all. In fact, you can draw the Cross on a piece of paper and write those things you struggle with on it…then write the victorious words He speaks to you over the top of those struggles or sins. Write the victorious words in RED.
  16. He has transferred you from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. In what areas of wrong self-assessment or unforgiveness of anyone, including yourself, have you been locked into darkness?
  17. Express these to Him, the Lover of your soul, and exchange them for the light and revelation He offers so freely.
  18. Write down your own yes and amen. Tell Him what your heart is saying. Tell Him how far you are willing to go in order to be completely resurrected in every way.
  19. He has given you every spiritual blessing in heavenly places…He has given you all He has with a willing and sacrificial heart. He does not hold back…nor does He withhold. In fact it has already been purchased…paid for free and clear. Selah and envision yourself receiving the very thing you need the most.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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