Heir of Abraham, Heir To The Promise, Part Two

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“But you, beloved, build yourselves up [founded] on your most holy faith [make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher], praying in the Holy Spirit;” (Jude 1:20 Amplified)

Detours And Your Most Holy Faith

Time marched on and on and on. Abram’s faith was tried and tested. Many years in to his unparalleled adventure faith took a detour and Sarai sent in her handmaiden to produce My promise and Ishmael was born. They were driven out by Sarai but I rescued them. And time went on and on. Once again I came to encourage him, speak to him many years later. I made a covenant with Abram in spite of his detour, changing his and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah. It was time for a new thing, a new name.

It is your time My beloved. Yes, it is your time. You are building up your most holy faith (Jude 1:20). Don’t give up. Faithful is He who has chosen you (Isaiah 49:7). Your muscles are growing, building, and extending themselves beyond the bounds of your greatest ability to dream. If you can dream it know I have already exceeded your capacity to imagine and dream by leaps and bounds. Abraham stands with Me today and is amazed how the dream of his heart is still unfolding beyond anything he could comprehend. What has come from the realization, the manifestation of his dream makes counting stars look like child’s play.

Beloved, it is no different for you. The things I have planned for you, the dreams of your heart will unfold in the ages to come. It is not just about you. It is the bigger picture of which you are an extremely important and vitally necessary part. I am invested in you and I will not walk away or give up. Time has marched on, but I am the Lord of all time. Have hope and remember, in spite of any detour, I forgive, in spite of any delay I will overcome all obstacles. Stand, believe, you are My over comer.

Not By Might, Not By Power, But By My Spirit

Undaunted by the detour Abraham took, trying to produce the promise on his own; I once more released the dream, the longing of his heart. I went against all circumstantial evidence. I defied his very present reality and called him father of many nations (Romans 4:17-18).

In the season to come Isaac would be born. Isaac means laughter, and I always have the last laugh with the enemy. He never wins with Me. Always remember this when you are fighting a battle. Do not fight in your own might or try and make way before the ordained time. Battles are only won by My spirit (Zech 4:6). Walk according to My spirit and you will prevail (Romans 8:4). I brought timing and maturity together. For Abraham and Sarah, childish laughter would no longer reside in repressed hope. It was to reveal itself in flesh and blood with coos of childish delight.

After a second visitation, do you think he still sat out under the stars and counted or wondered how could it be? Did he let sand sift through his hands, marveling at the magnitude as he contemplated his own aging impotent body? Did the answer come on a day when he least expected it? Did he have questions in his eyes on the day Sarah looked at him with jubilation mixed with amazement in her eyes, as though the heavens shouted the joy of it? Was her age transformed into a thing of beauty because of it?

Yes! Yes, My beloved. Yes to all the questions. Don’t chastise or disqualify yourself for your questions. Bring them to Me and receive faith in exchange. I never tire of encouraging you for I look on the motive of your heart as it clings to Me all the while holding a sword in your hand.

To Everything There Is A Season

On that grand and glorious day when Sarah discovered her suddenly, the heavens shouted and the trees of the field clapped their hands, singing with joy, “The promise is here (Psalms 96:2)! The promise has come!” When she told Abraham, did they dance and shout for joy? Of course they did. Can you imagine the magnitude of Abrahams worship as the words sank into his heart? The faith of God in him nurtured over the years grew into fruition. In due season the fields yield their fruit (Leviticus 26:4).

My beloved one, they are an example of what to do and what not to do. They are an example of My faithfulness and My unwillingness to let go of the word I have spoken till it is fulfilled in the lives of My children. I counted his unwavering faith as righteousness. The promise was born in spite of the detour. Have you waited a long time? Have you made detours? Have you blamed yourself? Have you wondered and asked why? Have you looked up at the stars at night and wished you could see beyond them to what I see?

I know you can answer yes to all or most of the above questions. This does not daunt Me at all. From this day forward the greatest thing I desire is to see you avoid all future detours. Be close to Me in intimate relationship, in constant communion and detour signs will be unmistakably clear. It is better to avoid than to overcome them, for some can have a lifetime of consequences. I am here to spare you, to remind you of My true nature. I am faithful! I am true! I am to you as I was to Abraham. Trust Me.

I Watch Over My Word To Perform It

Beloved, you are a descendant of Abraham and an heir to the promise. I love you as I loved him. He was just a man like Elijah was just a man (James 5:17). They did nothing any greater than you can do when trust is put in Me. I am opening your eyes to see beyond the stars into the heart of one who adores you. I am giving you My hope, My endurance, My patience, and most of all, My faith

I have not forgotten one promise or one dream I have planted in your heart. I watch over every one to perform them. Let it be done according to My spoken and written word. I release My word today, bringing about the victory you have so longed for.

I am releasing My Word to you right now this moment and I am saying, “Open up O’ eyes of My beloved, open and see. Open up O’ gates of your heart. The question in your eyes and heart are answered today with yes and amen. Yes and amen to the dreams and promises I have birthed in your heart.”

“Do not detour with a heart of unbelief for it always causes problems (Hebrews 3:12). Do not let the enemy say, “Hath God Said?” He is a liar and the father of all lies (John 8:44 b) Have faith in Me. Have My faith. Open up your heart and I will fill it with My faith. I am faith. I give Myself to you. Is anything to wonderful or impossible for Me? No! I watch over My word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). It does not return without accomplishing the purpose for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11).”

Angels Have Gone Before You To Prepare The Way

When I spoke of the stars of in sky and their numbers you were among them. I saw you then and determined to bring forth the very deepest desires and longings of your heart, planted there by Me. Know this, Abraham’s yes and amen is your yes and amen My beloved chosen one, My king and priest (Revelation 1:5-7). Always remember, you did not choose Me first, I chose you (John 15:16).

The time has come to take off all hindering lies of the enemy. Time has come to put on Me in every way. Time has come to believe as never before that I am for you and not against you. Come into a place of deeper cooperation with Me. I am your great reward and your reward will is and will be great.

Yes, you are a king and priest, seated in heavenly places with Me. Arise and be faithful, put your hopes and dreams in Me. I will hold them, nurture them, develop them and release them at the precise moment of maturity. Look up for the fulfillment of your dreams draws nigh and My faith is imparted to you in new measure today. I have sent angels to prepare the way (Exodus 23:20).


You have truly chosen me, gone before me in every way. I arising with an attitude of gratefulness for all You have done. My heart is faithful and where it isn’t You are filling it with Yours. Abrahams yes and amen is mine also. Elijah’s yes and amen is mine also.

Consume me with a heart of undignified abandon. Show me Your radical heart of love. Reveal to me the depths of Your name as the dreams You have planted in my heart mature into the physical and natural realm. I look up! Fulfillment is here and is drawing nigh. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. Have you taken any detours and allowed the enemy to condemn you, causing you to doubt or walk away from your dream? If so, give them to Him and receive a new freedom. Build up your faith by speaking His word, by agreeing with Him. It’s all about relationship.

2. Reflect on the immensity of His dream in you unfolding in the ages to come. How does this thought inspire you to walk on in faith?

3. Can you laugh at the enemy with Him, hidden within the shelter of His wings?

4. How have you chastised or disqualified yourself. When you do this, you disagree with who Father says you are. Repent and receive grace and new vision.

5. Have you wavered and blamed yourself figuring a detour would forever block your way? Let go of these things. He sees you entirely different. He sees beyond to the heir you are.

6. Have you let detours, lack of intimacy or prevailing circumstance rob your faith. What ever it is, it isn’t worth the exceeding great promise He has given you. Reflect on this and make adjustments.

7. Ask Him to open your eyes, enabling you to see beyond the stars.

8. What do you think it means to have the faith of God, not just faith in God?

9. How does knowing there is a season, timing, a maturity needed to bring things to pass enable you to let go of doubt and unbelief.

10. Father nurtures what He plants. Your dreams are being nurtured by the King of Kings. How should this or does this change you thinking?

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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