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Enter My Rest

Remember, you were created by and for Me. Pleasing Me is contrary to the spirit of the world (Galatians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:4). I never pleased all men. I only obeyed the Father’s voice. I knew the Father’s voice because of time I spent with Him and was not dissuaded by the cries of men or the temptations of the enemy. The Father’s heart was and is contrary to the heart of unbelieving men.

God Of All Sufficient Grace

My right hand does valiantly on your behalf and stretches out over you, redeeming your emotions, your thoughts your mind (Psalms 118:6). My strength and power are perfected in your weakness and My grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9). Nothing is impossible in Me because I have given you all I am and no word I speak is without power (Luke 1:37).

Healthy Choices

God wants you and I to make healthy, godly choices, in all areas of our life. Just like when we make healthy choices in what foods we eat, it blesses us and others around us. When we make healthy choices in other areas of our life, it also should bless us and others around us. Healthy relationships, healthy social choices, healthy financial choices, healthy spiritual choices, and healthy choices for what we put into our minds. The problem is, we all may have different opinions as to what “healthy” is.

And The Rain Said?

Hunger…thirst…what do they mean? What does it mean to hunger and thirst for the Lord…to hunger after righteousness? These were thoughts, questions floating through my conscious mind this morning amid the warm bubbles and steamy air of my hot tub. Heavy dew like moisture permeated everything while sips of cream colored liquid warmed my throat, satisfying my need to evict the cobwebs left behind by a night of dreams. Ah yes…dreams I wish I could remember. Maybe they were dreams of rain…sweet heavenly rain.

The Tide Has Turned, Part Two

My heart yearns for you to receive the riches of heaven I have already given you. Time to appropriate has come. Time to receive in the here and now has come. It is not meant for you to wait for heaven My beloved. All is already given. Surrender all doubt, unbelief and fear. Embrace the Word and hide it your heart and you will be enabled to stand up and receive. Let Me remind you, I have given you every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3-6).

Examine Your Heart, Your Faith And Your Motives

The last thing we want is to be about is “The Greatest Show on Earth!” That was in fact the circus. Hopefully we are pressing onward to simply be about “The Greatest on the Earth – and in Heaven. Hopefully we are being about His business and not ours

Be Not Silent

There has been a great attempt to discredit you and create doubt that you do in fact hear me.As you know, this is not My work but the way the enemy works through people given to their own devices and following their own will…

The Tide Has Turned, Part One

Yes, the tide has turned in your life enabling you to be blessed and to be a blessing in a whole new way. All things tying you down are now broken. Everything meant to trip you, to keep you bound and keep you from My blessings I break and remove. You are in a new day, a new time. The things of old have passed away forever and new life has already come (2 Corinthians 5:17). I am here to adorn you with a beauty of life and purpose more lovely than the lilies of the field. How beautiful and strong you are My beloved.