Healthy Choices

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Healthy Choices By Jeanie Traub

God wants you and I to make healthy, godly choices, in all areas of our life. Just like when we make healthy choices in what foods we eat, it blesses us and others around us. When we make healthy choices in other areas of our life, it also should bless us and others around us. Healthy relationships, healthy social choices, healthy financial choices, healthy spiritual choices, and healthy choices for what we put into our minds. The problem is, we all may have different opinions as to what ‚Äúhealthy‚ÄĚ is. One may think looking at pornography is healthy while another may see this as an unhealthy choice for what to be putting in your mind. So which is it? One may think having an affair is a healthy choice, while another may think of this as an unhealthy choice. So who is right? For most it is a logical question but let us look deeper.

With my walk with the Lord I have learned that when He is present everybody is blessed. In other words, everybody comes out a winner and happy about the choice. When we are self-centered instead of God-centered then one party is the winner and the rest are not. For the one who is used to thinking about self, it works, but it is not Gods’ best for everyone. Healthy choices make everyone blessed and happy. Our choices affect many people, not just ourselves. All of our loved ones are affected by every choice we make and most of the time it affects a whole group of people. If I choose to drink too much and drive and then hit a car with a family in it, I, in effect have hurt many more than myself and my loved ones. A healthy person will consider these things when making decisions. A healthy spirit-led Christian is one who leads his life to please God and therefore his choices will bless all of those around him.

A wonderful spirit-led nurse, who worked in hospice, described a moment when one of her patients had an experience with heaven. She told her she saw Jesus and He asked, ‚ÄúDid you learn how to love?‚ÄĚ In other words, did we learn to love everyone? Did we care about others and not judge others? Were we a blessing to others or did we inflict pain? Did we show compassion for His people or where we just concerned about ourselves? Were we good stewards of our health so we could help others? Were we good stewards of the money God gave us so we could bless others? Were we good stewards with everything God gave us so He could continue to bless us? Did we realize what our journey in life was about? Did we find our purpose in the kingdom of God? Did we come along side of Gods’ people and give them support when they needed it?

As we grow in the Lord we must take a good look in the mirror. We can make a difference when we allow our Lord and Savior to come along side of us and help us. In spending quality time with Jesus He will teach us how to love by us letting Him love us. We can then learn and experience His incredible love and mercy. Then as we give this love and mercy to others, He will continue to fill us with His love and mercy. His love will begin to flow through us like a ‚Äúriver of living water”.

This season God wants to know who will spend this precious time with Him and give Him their all so He can give them His all. As He does, and we give it to others, His love will continue to flow. When we give all we have to the Lord then He can release all He has for us. I hope you will make healthy choices starting today to bless and spend time with the Lord and let Him shower you with His blessings!

In Christ

Jeanie Traub

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of ‚ÄúSoaking in His Presence‚ÄĚ to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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