The Tide Has Turned, Part Two

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And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7 Amplified)

Abundance and Contentment Go Hand in Hand

Be responsible with the blessings I give you. You are blessed to be a blessing, to give as it is given, and to impart as it is imparted. I am so excited and full of pleasure about all you are going to experience. As your Father, I am ecstatic. I give you blessings of wisdom, prosperity, discernment and all other things to further the Kingdom. I give you life and life more abundant in all areas: spirituality, physically, emotionally, relationally, and financially (John 10:10). Success is the fruit of all you turn your hand to when submitted to Me. You are prospering as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2).

I am not a stingy God; after all, I gave My most prized possession to be able to say all these things to you. I am not a withholding God and I have given you every key you need to open the floodgates of heaven. In giving My most prized possession, Jesus, all is accomplished. He died to give it all: the entire Kingdom, all abundant life, all wisdom, all knowledge, all healing, all success, all favor, and everything you need to fulfill who I am in you.

Lack shall not dominate your life in any area, from the small to the great. I am abundance and when you have Me, you have abundance. Therefore, you cannot lack if you have Me. How can you teach others about abundance if you do not know or understand it yourself? Contentment and abundance go together. Without contentment the rest is not possible for you will never have enough if you do not walk with a satisfied and grateful heart for what you do have (Philippians 4:7-11). Your definition of abundance is based on your level of contentment. And contentment is based on who and what you say I am. Think on this.

Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places

Experience My blessing and teach others how to live abundantly without: disease, lack, hopelessness, unforgiveness, or any other thing I have overcome in your life. Barely getting by in the spirit or in the physical isn?t the life of a king and priest. Yet, some see a life with little as more than enough because they have the God of more than enough. You see, abundance is individually unique and like beauty, subject to the eye of the beholder. Behold Me and know I am more than enough. Let My perspective be yours and know above all; I chose you in My beloved son, Jesus, before the worlds were ever formed (Ephesians 1:3-6).

My heart yearns for you to receive the riches of heaven I have already given you. Time to appropriate has come. Time to receive in the here and now has come. It is not meant for you to wait for heaven My beloved. All is already given. Surrender all doubt, unbelief and fear. Embrace the Word and hide it your heart and you will be enabled to stand up and receive. Let Me remind you, I have given you every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3-6).

A godly heart accompanied by contentment born out of an inward surety in Me brings about abundant gain. There is no other way to achieve this outside of Me and My Word. Surrender all and seek Me and My Word first above all things. It is the Key. Never grow weary in being reminded about the need to immerse yourself in the logos and rhema Word. It is your daily bread and the key to all wisdom and revelation. I am more than enough and create contentment which pours out blessing to all it encounters. Embrace Me afresh today and receive abundant gain.

Sing To The Lord and Enlarge Your Tent

Sing My beloved, sing! Shout a shout of praise! Opening night has come. The play of your dreams is about to open front and center stage. All things are arriving to produce the scenes and set the stage to enact the play of your life. I am taking your little dreams and adding My big dreams to them. Your little dreams are just the seeds, just like a tiny mustard seed and My big dreams carry the power and anointing to grow beyond any limitation. Enlarge your vision and receive a breaking forth (Isaiah 54:1-3).

Yes indeed, the tide has changed. The hard ground is surrendering to the plow of My anointing and Word. Seeds of all kinds are being planted, even while you sleep. Some will grow faster than others and produce immediate fruit. After all, I do not want you discouraged. Other seeds will continue to germinate and grow at a slower pace and patient endurance will be part of the fruit. I am stretching your tent pegs and increasing your possession of lands.

The tides have turned in your favor My beloved king and priest. The devorouer is rebuked for your sake and the sake of the Kingdom. Hold your head up and look to the mountain from whence your help comes from. It comes from Me. Don?t you ever for a moment forget it either. The time has come to let the world know you are mine in every way.

I go before you and all my children with great delight. I proclaim to the enemy and tell him you are My beloved one, My chosen King and Priest. I am your Abba Father. There isn?t anything I won?t do for you, won?t give you, because you call Me, Father. Let all above and beneath the heavens who can hear know this; you are precious to Me and I will defend you at all cost. Beloved you are mine and belong to Me and Me alone. I gave My Son. He hung on a tree for your complete freedom. I do not condemn and neither will anyone else. It is settled and resurrection power is released. You are free.

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom speaks to you today, beloved and reminds you once again: all binding ties are loosed; the tides have changed and turned in your favor, so move forward (Nahum 1:13). Today is, as I said, the first day of your life. I have brought you to this day and will not turn back. Water the seeds planted in your heart with the Word and My presence. The ?rest of the story? is yet to be written in the natural but has already happened in Me.

The highest place of worship is found when you bow the knee, surrendering all. When you rise from the high place of humble surrender you will be able to see clearly, be able to see forever. All will look different. Nothing will look the same, for your heart will have new eyes, eyes opened and flooded with wisdom and revelation (Ephesians1:17). Stay in the posture of thanksgiving and praise for the portals of heaven are open over you. The posture of being on your knees elevates you to the highest place in Me. I do not forget the humble (Psalms 19:12).

I am your Father, the Most High God. I speak and all of heaven and earth moves on your behalf at My command. At one word from My mouth, heaven and earth trembles. I hung the stars in the sky, created the planets, and a universe still growing and expanding. Yet, I am your tender-hearted Father, full of love so deep it cannot be fully comprehended. I am gentle of heart and wipe every tear from your eye (Matthew 11:29). When your heart but whispers My name I hear your voice above all the noises of the universe. In fact, you don?t even have to whisper. All you have to do is think about Me and I respond with, ?I am here beloved.”What do you need?? All is supplied in Christ (Philippians 4:19).

You are the apple of My eye and I am aware of the long hard road you have traveled at times in your life. Sometimes you traveled roads I did not choose for you. I did not choose the hard roads but I did choose you. The road traveled does not matter, but your heart of trust and obedience to me from this day on is all that matters. Come in close and let Me whisper something in your ear.

Traveling A Different Road

You will now be traveling a different road. Though your garments were torn and ragged at times and you had no shoes of peace on your feet, you still loved Me. Though many times the dust of circumstances was streaked with tears of longing, you still loved Me. Though you have tried so many times do things in your own strength, you never let go, never stopped loving Me, and calling on My name.

Though you were tired and worn out at times and wondered how you would ever accomplish all I said you would, you still loved Me. Then the day came and is here once again where you can let go completely and I am here to answer you fully. I will accomplish all I promised through you. Seek me first above all things, above even your own greatest desires and dreams. Will you seek Me first?

Sorrows have been in your nights in the past but joy has now come. It is morning. Your rags are royal robes and your feet are shod with the gospel of peace. Revelation knowledge is yours. Many will come to hear overflowing abundance of your heart. Surely you will impart abundance into lives of lack. Teach them what real abundance is and let Me use you to heal their broken hearts. Freely I have given to you. Now give to others the gift of faith and trust.

Do not worry about what seems to be small beginnings. Remember the mustard seed? I have given you the keys and you are growing into all I have ever intended. I will arrange divine appointments and you will be amazed. Prepare your home. Prepare your heart, for you will entertain angels unawares.

All I have spoken to you today, given you today is to be shared as it manifest in your life. Set the captives free from broken heartedness, the bonds of religious spirits, from mistrust and fear, or any other thing separating them from Me. This is your portion of the harvest. Now is the appointed hour for you. Fall to your knees, surrender all to Me and arise My beloved to walk through the open door I have set before you. The old is truly gone and all things are new in Me.

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Father, everything I am belongs to You. Every aspect of my life is in Your hands. I do not fear. I love the Word and cherish every morsel of wisdom found among its pages. My soul prospers in You and everything I turn my hand to succeeds. I am so grateful You never leave or forsake me. You are truly more than enough. I receive the riches of Heaven by faith in Your goodness. Teach me to dream without fear. Teach me to hear Your heart for my life, my destiny on a day by day basis. You defend me at all times and contend with those who contend with me.

The tide of my life has turned and freedom is all around me. Let my heart beat with Your perspective as I bow in humble surrender at Your feet. You are my God of more than enough. Touch me. Speak to me and I will be made whole. I lay all my self-sufficiency and mount up to the secret place to dwell in You. I stand in You and claim my portion of the harvest. Now is my appointed time and I walk through the open door. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Has lack in any area seemed to dominate your life? Reassess what is important and of greatest value. Start with a grateful heart and move on from there.
  1. What does your level of contentment say about who and what you believe He is?
  1. What has disqualified you or held you back from receiving the spiritual blessings of heaven?
  1. He chose you in Christ before the worlds were formed and made you His son according to the kind intention of His will. His will is kind. Reflect and express your thoughts back to Him in a love note.
  1. Have you been afraid to dream for any reason at all?
  1. Reflect on what ?the tide has changed? means to you specifically.
  1. Say the words ?Abba Father? and listen closely to hear His voice.
  1. Have you felt bound by any chains of the past, even bound by unfulfilled hopes and dreams?
  1. Fall on your knees and come to the highest place of worship? Place your ear close to His heart. What is He saying?
  1. Have you felt the things you do for Him seem so small. He values the mustard seed and He values you. Some things you have accomplished in this life may not be seen until ?that? day.
  1. Recommit with a heart of faith to anything you have felt too small to matter.
  1. Reflect on the above declarative prayer and write your own thoughts of love to and from Him.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of ‚ÄúSoaking in His Presence‚ÄĚ to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. This is just what I needed.

  2. I just read both parts one and two together and cryed. This has been a Word from the Lord spoken directly to my heart of hearts. Even to the smallest detail of my life and struggles. It has confirmed all I felt Him speaking to me over 18 years of struggle and battles. I am so excited and refreshed by this Word and I thank you so very much for being a mouthpiece of the Lord in my life! Bless you sister!!!

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