Tender Moments

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“The LORD your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing?”(Zephaniah 3:17 NIV).

“The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: ?I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful” (Jeremiah 31:3-4 NIV).

On the Wings of the Wind

I have come on the wings of the wind to meet with you, only to find you focused on the many distractions of the world. My heart aches, longs, and desires. My very essence yearns to commune. O, how I have missed you. I long to draw you away into journeys of discovery?draw you into unexplored places of My heart. Won’t you come?

Don’t let the busyness of life devour your days or make the pools of devotion in your heart stagnant. I can’t bear to see you give in to mediocrity when I have so much to give. There are realms and portions of My heart belonging only to you. Wouldn’t you like to see?

Maybe if I tell you how I see things?how I see and feel about you?desire will entice you and woo you into the recesses of cinematic revelation dwelling within My being. “What is that?” you ask. Open the eyes of your heart by faith and you will see. Like the plot of a movie, all will unfold and bring revelation into every area of your life . . . and with perfect timing. Therefore, listen carefully to My words of love and read between the lines?see between the lines. And very soon I will take you on pilgrimages into Me.

Prepare your heart by denouncing all unbelief and past stereotypes. Refuse all fear, for you are safe in Me. Holy Spirit will always glorify Me and not lead you astray. Prepare yourself for passage into supernatural experiences by taking some time to rest in Me, to soak in My presence.

Beloved, film is on the reel and the movie is about to begin. You, My most favorite one, have the lead, the starring role. Join Me on an adventure of a life time?just one of many adventures to come.

I Kiss You With The Kisses Of My Word

My beloved one, as certain as the sun rises in the sky, so is My love for you. With the dawning of day, My heart beats with excitement at the prospect of spending each and every moment with you. Through the night, I keep guard and watch over you, anticipating all the plans and thoughts I want to share with you (Psalms 32:8). Yes, through the night My heart beats with the expectancy of tender moments between us.

As your eyes flutter with wakefulness, remembrances of our past moments together captivate My heart and increase My desire to communicate, to share. I can’t wait till the sun rises to have communion with you, so I pour dreams and visions into your spirit during the night hours while you rest. Though you sleep, your spirit is awake and I place things within to encourage you at the dawning of your day. Sometimes you aren’t aware of them, but nevertheless, they are there, encouraging, building hope and giving strength when you need it most. Being with you is My favorite thing to do.

Beloved, we exist for each other. Neither is complete without the other. Fellowship in a place of deep abiding love is the greatest of all aspirations. To know Me as you are known is the ultimate goal. In the process of knowing Me, I will reveal all I created you to be and do.

I kiss you with the kisses of My Word, enabling revelation and understanding to come (Song of Songs 1:2). Wisdom is here to embrace you in her cloaks of divine protection and perception?opening the eyes of your heart to an awakening of love and revelation you haven’t experienced before (Ephesians 1:17-23).

Don?t consider the love you have for Me enough. Crave and long for more and you shall be satisfied. I am here today to satisfy your greatest longings in relation to our union, our communion together. New manna to eat and new wine to drink are given to you today. Dew is settling on your heart and all is softening, enabling you to believe. Seek, receive and grow in love (Psalms 27:8).

As the Mountains are Round About Jerusalem

Beloved, you are the dew of morning to Me, consuming every moment of My existence, permeating deep into the very core of who I am (Deuteronomy 32:2). Yet, so many times worry and fear rob moisture from the dew of My presence. Dew meant to settle like gentle kisses on your day?dew full of new mercy and grace.

You can live in a place of consistent divine love, to live and move and have your being in Me. I would not have said to do so and then made it impossible. You needn’t have the mindset of waiting for Me to show up because I never leave. I am always where you are. Even this moment I am in you, over you, under you, and by you. Simply stated, I encompass you round and about (Psalms 125:2).

Where can you go from My presence? Nowhere! Even though you may think I am far away at times, it is not so. How can one who never leaves be far away? I am near.

The easiest way to prevent getting sidetracked by life is to start and finish your day with me. It is My desire for your first thought of the day to be focused on Me. I am your beginning and end. You must begin with Me, live in Me and end with Me.

So many tender moments of instruction and adoration await you with the dawn of each morning. I don’t want you to miss out. I won’t let you miss out. I am not only waiting to be with you, I am pursuing you. Even now, I am touching you, pulling you deep into Me. Come!

I Show You New Things

New ways of thinking, new ways of doing and being are yours today (Isaiah 48:6). Old ways die to make room for the new things I am doing in you. You have heard this so many times and the danger is seeing it as commonplace when I say it to you. There is nothing commonplace about it. I am creator and therefore, I never stop creating. If I never stop creating, then, I continue to create in you all I desire for your life to reflect, all I desire for your life to be in Me. Seek Me as your only desire (Psalms 27:4).

Have hope, My glorious one, and believe all I say. Let Me create new things in you and for you. Dare to look beyond what you see. Close your eyes and I will open your spirit to see what I see. I am standing in front of you calling, “Come away with Me.”

Beloved, I am wooing you into uncharted territory such as you have never experienced before. Some of your expectations are based on what you have knowledge of or what others have shared with you. All these are good things and a place to launch from but not the totality of all I have to offer. If you don’t expand beyond preconceived thoughts and ideas you will miss the unfolding of many unexplored aspects of Me.

There are so many expressions and facets of who I am not yet experienced by any man. I want to share them with you. Prepare your heart at the beginning of each day and you will be surprised at what happens. Even now, I am preparing exhilarating moments encapsulated in life-changing droplets of My essence, My dew. They are pouring from My hand. They are pouring from My heart and running by way of revelatory rivulets into your spirit. Fall into Me. Fall into My tender embrace and discover how very much I love you by way of experience and not just head knowledge. Come; let Me cause you to see all things new. Many tender moments of kind affection await you. Don’t miss out.

Pools of Shalom

Vibrant pools of intrinsic life are formed and fed by underground springs of tender devotion between us. All life giving pools are formed by shalom moments of kindhearted affectionate love for one another.

Beloved, I can wait no longer. I am compelled by My great love, compelled by past joys. I am coming, interrupting, to stir your pool, to draw from the well of salvation within you (Isaiah 12:3).

Yes, I see the many things you do for Me and these are good, but don’t ever let yourself think?doing things for Me?is the same as being with Me. I don’t love you because you “do.” I love you because you are.

Open your heart. Let go of any unworthiness you might feel due to lack of personal time with Me and come close. I am here. Never let busyness rob your intimate moments with Me. Remember, doing is not the same as being?being births doing. I am always waiting with open arms. Open your innermost self, for I am here to stir remembrances of our sweet whispers to each other, our declarations of mutual love. I am singing over you, My dew of the morning, for I am ravished with an endearing love only you can satisfy.

O, how I love you. The time to drink deeply in most unimaginable ways has come. Seize the moment, My love. Seize the day of My visitation and let it bring about a complete infusion of your life and heart. Take My hand and come into Me?into intimacy with Me. Dance with Me. All My tenderhearted moments of love are yours.


My heart melts at Your sweet love. My innermost self reaches out to meet you, to respond to You. Your gracious forgiveness flows through me as I give myself to Your precious administrations of ravishing delight. I lay down the busyness of my life to be with You.

O, how I have missed You. Pour into the pool of my life, into the deep places of my longing, that I may hear the whispers of Your heart. Show me unsearchable things I know not. I love You because of who You are, not because of what You have done for me. Let tenderness cultivate me. Mold me as Your kindness leads me. As I lay my head upon the pillow at night, make me aware of Your hovering presence that I may arise at dawn with the dew of Your name upon my lips. As I sit here, ravished by Your presence, speak, for I am listening. Amen

  1. What “busyness of life” has captured your attention, your heart?
  2. Have you ever imagine the Lord aching to be with you, missing you while you go about your day? Reflect on this and let Him create homesickness in you for His communion, His presence.
  3. Have you ever thought of Him sitting beside you, waiting with excitement for you to wake up…waiting to share thoughts that have been abiding in His heart for all eternity…thoughts stored up just for you. Reflect on this.
  4. His word is the kisses of His mouth in your life. They impart the eternal essence of which He is and who he says you are. Some kisses impart joy while others impart love, healing, reconciliation and so on. His Word kisses work the same. Reflect on this.
  5. Have you allowed the Word to kiss your heart, your life lately? If so, write a note of gratefulness to Him. If not, take some time to reflect on a favorite scripture and let Him release the joy of it like so many sweet kisses of a child. Have child-like faith and experience Him as joy.
  6. What worries and fears have robbed you of the gentle kisses of His word, the essence of His presence in your life?
  7. Have you been living, moving and having your being in Him? Did you ever imagine that He could love the most mundane moments of your life enough to bring joy to them?
  8. Have you considered how the Lord “Creator of all” is still creating today? His nature and who He is has not changed. Universes are still expanding in response to His words. Why not you? Reflect on what new things need to be created in your heart in order to believe all He says about you, and to walk in all He has planned for you.
  9. Have you limited God in any way by your experiences, traditions or the preconceived ideas of men?
  10. Does He have permission or leeway to move as He sees fit in your life without encountering places of resistant unbelief?
  11. Reflect and Journal How makes you feel to think that your Father in heaven sings over you, waits for you and longs for time with you.
  12. Reflect on this: “Being with you is My favorite thing to do.”
  13. Write a letter of devotion to Him.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of ‚ÄúSoaking in His Presence‚ÄĚ to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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