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Removing Barriers Of Unbelief – A Key To Intimacy With The Lord – Part Two

It is my belief that most of our inability to love God is based on lies we believe about Him…lies often formed in our own wrong belief system according to what we have experienced at the hand of men or circumstances…and a misunderstanding of the Word and God’s nature. Our greatest hindrance to loving God is to believe we are not loved. How can we truly be intimate with someone we aren’t sure loves us?

God’s Restoring Grace Abounds, Part Two

Beloved, you are My stately king and priest (Revelations 5:10). My treasure chest full of gifts of incalculable value is now laid before your very eyes. All is in response to your grateful heart. All is in response to the unselfish sharing of your heart and gifts. Ah . . . how big your heart is. I know. Yes, I know because I fashioned it before you were ever conceived in your mother’s womb (Psalms 139:15-18). Know, I am the builder of your home and I will bless the foundation of it. I will make your home immovable and strong for I am the Master Builder. All the shifting sands of your life are being eradicated and I am standing you on the Rock. I cut away undesirable and prohibitive factors from your life and family. I have come to anoint each corner of your foundation in order to bring forth a new generation of anointing.

God’s Restoring Grace Abounds, Part One

As always, in the end I will have My way. Why? Because I am good and My love endures forever—because I have a plan and have seen the end from the beginning. Because I am God and there is no other (Psalms 136).

Are You A Friend Indeed?

According to the Word a friend—a brother in Christ is born for adversity. What is adversity anyway? It is hardship, difficulty, danger; unfavorable experiences and yes even great suffering just too mention a few. Many times we judge in times of adversity. I have seen many judging those they know who get sick, have financial issues and so on as being in sin. Nothing is ever that simple. I am not saying there aren’t consequences to sin which sometimes lead to adversity. However, I am saying, “Be careful.” The Scriptures say we are born to bear up one another’s burdens and are called to restore them in a spirit of gentleness. We are to do this keeping in mind our own vulnerability to temptation

A Heart of Thanksgiving and Praise

Beloved, I have come to redirect your focus and draw you into a place of gratefulness and freedom. I am here to remind you how important it is to enter My presence with thanksgiving and praise each and every time you come. Lay hold of this and it will transform your life. My heart is drawn to My grateful ones. Appreciation and gratitude are the foundations of contentment in all things and enables you to behold Me with a clean and pure heart.

Carvings In His Palm Book Review By Pam Kumpe

It was as though, I’d personally taken those letters from my own mailbox, and opened them. Like God was sending me special notes of encouragement by way of Brenda’s book.

Brenda set out to teach truths about how God truly feels about His children. About how much He loves us. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book with the dialog set in this tone. Thus my surprise, especially since I felt like God spoke to me in a new way.

Reckless Words and the Casting of Stones, Part Two

When it all comes down, the enemies chief?s desire above all else is to kill, steal and destroy?to divide and conquer?to cause dissension which separates you from Me and those I love (John 10:10). He does this in any way he can. How he loves reckless and harmful words…

Reckless Words and the Casting of Stones, Part One

Sticks and stones break bones but words have the potential to destroy a heart —a life.Beloved, put away all thoughts, words and deeds against others no matter how small and in inconsequential they may seem. There is no such thing as inconsequential word. They either bring about good consequences or bad ones. Even if they have a seemingly neutral connotation, to them there is almost always an underlying motive of some sort.