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Dance of the Bride and The Bridegroom Part Two

Perfect splendor and grace transform your butterflies into an elated dance of grace and peace. You have overcome…no longer counting steps. Instead, you are moving in harmony to melodious music as you are stirred to the very depths of your soul with all encompassing delight. This is the epitome of hearing My voice…the voice of your Good Shepherd

Dance Of The Bride And The Bridegroom, Part One

Learning to hear and trust My voice is only the beginning. Now is the time for action. Don’t be like the maiden who believed there was no chance to go to the big ball…no chance to dance with the King. No, don’t be like the maiden who believed there was no such thing as a Prince on a white horse…nor believed in fairy tales…well, believed fairy tales could not be or that they belonged to the heart of the child. Have I not spoken about the heart of a child and what a beautiful thing it is to Me. Receive Me like a child

In The Beginning

Beloved, things have not changed since the beginning of all time when it comes to the birthing of My Word and the manifestation of all intended at its release. From the very foundation of the earth all has been done with the spoken word in conjunction with a heart of abiding, agreement, thanksgiving and praise. We were in agreement and moved with a synchronized flowing in such a way that the very melodious essence of Heaven—the very core of Our being—was intertwined as one to be released within Our movement. Our unity cascaded in ribbons of life to prepare the face of the deep to receive the seed of life in anticipation of the spoken Word to come.

Turn Your Eyes On Jesus And Behold Him

Beloved, before you ever were—before Adam ever was—it was understood. It was known that I would be made like you in every respect—made like you having flesh and bone— made like you in order that I might be a merciful, faithful and sympathetic High Priest (Hebrews 2:17). It was imperative for Me to live as you live, to suffer, to die to self and in the physical, in order to make complete atonement and propitiation for your sins (Hebrews 2:18). How else would I have been able to understand the pain and suffering of your life . . . the power of physical death to separate you from the One who loves you so?

Carvings In His Palm Book Reviews

If you have read and loved books like Come Away My Beloved by Frances Roberts, God Calling by A.J. Russell, or Letters From The Father’s Heart by Charles Slagle you are sure to love Brenda’s book.

Though her writings are in the same vein as these great scribes of God’s heart, she takes things a few steps further providing thought provoking reflections and prayers which have the capability to increase faith through the power of intercession and declaration. Her book is like Come Away My Beloved on steroids.