Dance Of The Bride And The Bridegroom, Part One

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I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. (Isaiah 61:10 Amplified)

May I Please Have This Dance

Beloved, over the years you have practiced keeping your ear to My heart. Even in difficult times when things seemed impossible you pressed in. I know at many times you have felt as if you didn’t…but let Me tell you that is how I see it.

What I think is what matters and I have decided it is time to uncap wells of joy such as you have never experienced before…time to release your heart to dance a dance of complete surrender. I, as your Bridegroom am coming to you even now and I ask you my chosen one, “May I please have this dance?”

I want this dance. Let Me encourage your heart and enable you to believe in such divine romance that you are captivated to the point you become completely unresisting to My wooing songs of love.

Yes Beloved, it is time to dance—time to dance in step with Me and go where I go without fear. In this place with Me it doesn’t matter what others think or say about how you dance…for to be hidden in My heart brings freedom. Joy comes in the morning…joy comes in the dance (Psalms 30:5; Psalms 16:11).

This freedom causes the scales of doubt and unbelief to fall to the ground…causes the pain inflicted by the words and actions of men to disappear like fog in the sun. To dance with Me in the hidden place…the secret place is all You will ever need…and once You have experienced this all else will fade away…prepare your heart and take My hand.

Fairy Tales And A Child-Like Heart

Learning to hear and trust My voice is only the beginning. Now is the time for action. Don’t be like the maiden who believed there was no chance to go to the big ball…no chance to dance with the King. No, don’t be like the maiden who believed there was no such thing as a Prince on a white horse…nor believed in fairy tales…well, believed fairy tales could not be or that they belonged to the heart of the child. Have I not spoken about the heart of a child and what a beautiful thing it is to Me. Receive Me like a child (Luke 9:47-48).

I for one am not big on the magic of fairy tales. And I am not speaking of them in the true sense of the word as related to by your society. But I will tell you this, “It is easy for a child to believe in the supernatural for there are no limits in their hearts. This kind of heart is closer to Heaven than you can imagine. You could learn a few things from fairy tales in general if only you looked between the lines to find the beating heart of a child who can dare to believe.”

Dare to have child-like faith? It is time to dress up…to acknowledge your covering or righteousness bought by My blood…time to acknowledge it in all its fullness and come to the ball. Whether you are a prince or maiden matters not. All are invited. The question is, “Who will come?” Let it be you…My hand is extended and My secret place is open. Come.

From Elevators To Ballrooms And A White Horse

Beloved, I give you permission to believe in fairy tales…to believe in your dreams once relegated to being nothing more than a fairy tale…to believe in something much larger than life itself…something much larger than your own abilities or lack thereof. I give you permission to believe there is a King who rides on a white horse (Revelation 19:11).

I give you permission to recapture your childlike heart and believe…to recapture your childlike heart and see beyond the natural realm into a realm where all is prepared…to see into a kingdom where the orchestra of Heaven is playing…where angels are waiting to serenade. Permission to believe My promises are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20).

It will be like stepping out of a dimly lit elevator straight into a magnificent ball room. Elevators are necessary to get you to the top floor and in your case all things have been and will be used for good, creating an elevator which will lift you up floor by floor until you reach the “Big Dance”.

Up until now our communion together has been one of intimate gentleness of heart as I expressed My love for you regardless of your frustrations…in spite of your unwillingness to hear at times because the things I spoke to you—promised you…seemed so hard to believe in light of your ever- present and very visible circumstances. Listen carefully, for I am reiterating the promises of old. I am coming on My white horse.

The Big Dance

Everything is about to shift and come up higher into My purposes…come up higher into the desires of My heart for you and for your life. All you have to do is dance with Me and I will do the rest. I know it’s hard to believe. After all, so many things are being said in this day and time. Do this! Do that! Could it be as simple as just doing what I tell you to do…what I tell you personally to do…what I tell you and no one else? Yes, it is that simple.

As we dance this dance of life together…this dance of the bride and the Bridegroom, I will whisper in your ear and say go this way or that. I will tell you what to say and when to say it or to say nothing at all.

I will tell you how and when to do something or do nothing at all still…when to hold on…when to let go…when to be quiet…when to speak out loud. Therefore, you must believe, trust and have hope. You must have fun, rest all while walking in faith. You see, doing only what I say…following in My steps…following My lead is all it takes. I am decking Myself with garland and I adorn you with jewels (Isaiah 61:10)

How simple is that? The simplicity and power of My truth sucks the life out of the often complicated and convoluted perception of serving Me and leaves you with the byproduct of joy…fills you with gladness as You come before Me with singing (Psalms 100:2)

How good is that? It is good…so very good…in fact…it is the very best. So, let go and follow My steps all the way into the ballroom…all the way to the “Big Dance”.

Crescendos Of Heavenly Grace

Beloved, the time has come to increase…to dance not only an intimate dance but a victorious dance; therefore, our communion will now become more intense like the swelling of music as an orchestra brings an opus to its highest crescendo in order to pull those listening into the very heart and pinnacle of sound and enabling a fluidity of movement once reserved for only the most graceful of dancers.

You see, in Me, all can dance. In Me all are full of grace and move with grace. All has been prepared and our communion…our dance will reach a crescendo of elaborate and heavenly proportions…our dance is immersed and infused with grace. I give you grace…grace…grace (John 1:16).

I could speak to you in such romantic terms all the daylong but I know you wonder how this works out in the practical. You think, “How can I learn to do such a thing? After all I have been doing things another way for so long. How do I shift? How do I dance in the midst of life immersed in grace…infused by grace?”

Bring yourself close to My heart and listen and I promise you that you will hear it beat out step by step the dance I have planned for you. Confess any false steps and continue to offer up your prayers for they have great power (1 John 1:9; James 5:16).

I have never meant for it to be an unsolvable mystery but a beautiful discovery capable of building a relationship between us such as you have never known. My heart is beating for you and the music is building…come and spend time with me…come and dance with Me.

Payer Of Supplication And Proclamation

Lord, Your words have the ability to startle and thrill my heart all at the same time. I know I have often judged my own heart incorrectly. Forgive me for not extending the same grace to myself that You give me. Teach me to forgive and see myself and my heart the way you do…to see myself as one who continually keeps my ear to Your heart. Remove all scales of doubt and unbelief from my eyes. Soften the crusty places with the oil of Your Presence and I will be changed…I will be able to see

Let, freedom be my portion in the land of the living…let goodness of heart be my motto…let goodness and mercy follow me. Words of men have no power over me for I am in the care of a sovereign and loving Father. I surrender my heart for preparation to dance a dance I have never experienced before. I prepare my heart with child-like faith and receive. It is time to fully acknowledge who I am in You…time to come to the ball. I dare to have faith for You are faithful, steadfast and true. You are unwavering and I am like You. The time for action has come and I choose to respond. I come into the secret place with You. Amen.

Lord I choose to agree with You today and walk with a heart of child-like faith and recapture the innocence of believing for spectacular things…impossible things. Let me hear the sounds of Heaven…let me hear the heavenly orchestra as they sing and play over me…let me hear You sing over me. Open my ears to Your sound. May the sound of Heaven supersede the sound of circumstances and situations. May the sound of Heaven resound through the chapters of my life with exuberant praise full of hope and possibility?

Lord, all adverse circumstances are submitting to Your will as I learn to love the way You love. How freeing to just do what You say whether it be simple or complex. No matter what, You give me the right amount of grace and wisdom to befit every need. You are my ever-present help in trouble. You rejoice when I rejoice. You comfort when I am sad. You encourage when the race is hard and I feel faint. You renew my strength.

Your truth sets me free and takes the power and life out of any opposing foe or circumstance. You infuse me with joy in the process of being with You. All it takes is to follow step by step…not mile by mile…just step by step. I am following You intently from floor to floor all the way to the “Big Dance”.

My heart and life hold on to the beauty of who you are. I immerse myself in You in order to increase from the inside out. I immerse myself in You, cling to You and the unity of our hearts beating together will create a new sound in my life. Let the sound of our intimate relationship reverberate through my life and into the lives of those I love…those I come in contact with. I do indeed receive your grace to shift in this time and season. I am infused and immersed in Your grace…in Your mighty love. I dance with You. There is no one else I would rather have. I love you. Amen

  1. Reflect and Journal

  2. Have you ever or are you now in any way allowing your dance with the Lord to be dictated by someone else and their opinions of what your dance should look like.
  3. Are you in any way comparing your dance with someone else’s to find yourself feeling better than or perhaps coming up short?
  4. He sees you as one who presses in even in the hardest or most frustrating circumstances. How do you see yourself and what do you need to break agreement with in order to line up with His way of seeing you?
  5. Do you believe in “fairy tales”? What dream have you let go of to simply become a fairy tale which can only be believed with a child-like heart of faith?
  6. What do you personally need to do to recapture this child-heart in order to embrace your dream?
  7. In what ways, areas or attitudes have you felt stuck in an elevator between floors wondering if you would ever make it to the top floor or any floor for that matter.
  8. What promises and or dreams have you given up on or left unattended that He wants to bring to fruition in your life?
  9. Listen carefully! Once you realize where you may or may not be stuck (you may just be hanging out awhile…timing is everything) and ask the Master of the Dance what He is saying…what step He wants you to take next? Don’t try and complicate things or find a big theological answer. It could be a very simple…hold on…rests…trust or you fill in the blank________________. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t right. Sometimes in this performance based world we live in we come to believe everything has to be a 12 step process. Not that there is anything wrong with 12 steps. Just don’t get locked into performing and just be and obey.
  10. You can grab onto something else unless you let go of what you are holding on to. Reflect on this and journal your thoughts.
  11. In what areas of your relationship with the Lord have you longed to increase?
  12. Do you spend time with Him in a way capable of benefiting your desire to increase?
  13. Where do you need the most grace in your life…for your own self…in dealing with others such as spouse, children, family, pastor, or maybe your boss? Are there any judgments you have held on to…any unconfessed sin or anything negative related to the area in which you need to be infused with grace

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