In The Beginning

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IN THE beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:1-3 Amplified)

Abiding, Agreement, Thanksgiving, Declaration And Praise

Beloved, things have not changed since the beginning of all time when it comes to the birthing of My Word and the manifestation of all intended at its release. From the very foundation of the earth all has been done with the spoken word in conjunction with a heart of abiding, agreement, thanksgiving and praise. We were in agreement and moved with a synchronized flowing in such a way that the very melodious essence of Heaven—the very core of Our being—was intertwined as one to be released within Our movement. Our unity cascaded in ribbons of life to prepare the face of the deep to receive the seed of life in anticipation of the spoken Word to come.

Preparation is as important as the actual doing of a thing. It is a pivotal part of the doing. One does not plant seed with the hope of producing a bountiful, healthy crop without properly preparing the ground first. If one does, foolishness abounds and seeds are lost among the barren places, enabling the state of unfruitfulness and waste to continue.

Preparation is everything. There are many ways to prepare your heart for the planting of My seeds—the planting of My Word. All you have to do, Beloved, is position yourself for the hovering of My Spirit as you pray, meditate, worship, or study My Word.

As you do this I hover over you with the fluttering of My Spirit to prepare you to receive the necessary seed needed to bring about transformation in your life. Begin to prepare yourself for My hovering. Prepare yourself and acknowledge My presence. Prepare yourself for agreement.

Enter into change. It is the beginning of a process to transform and transition your life from one state to another. The hovering of My Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth and enable you to know exactly what to speak in order to facilitate change. My Spirit will plant seeds of life and you must agree. I am waiting. Will you come into a covenant agreement with Me today? A time of My pressing into you has come; therefore do not tarry. A destined moment of My choosing is upon you.

Therefore, Be Imitators Of God

Beloved, it is your time and you must come into a whole new way of seeing things. Come up here where I am and see from My perspective. Don’t be afraid or feel inadequate in any way. Have I not said that if any two should agree on anything they would have whatever they ask? Try agreeing with Me and see what happens.

It is important for you to agree with other believers but first agree with Me. Agreement must precede movement in order to succeed in building a proper habitation for the Word implanted. Agreement produces movement; movement produces advancement and a proper environment conducive to growth. Line upon line, so goes the process . . . ah . . . the beautiful process. Without the process you miss the fluttering, the hovering, the ribbons of life sent to cascade over the waste places of your earthen vessel. Beloved, agree with Me and be amazed. Position yourself for I am hovering.

Once again Beloved, I am not asking you to do something I haven’t already done. We demonstrated by example the power inherent in this kind of agreement. It was not a casual agreement, Our moving over the face of the deep, but one which flowed in complete harmony, having the same mind and intent.

To agree releases the ability to advance. Like a plant grows from one root and produces, We moved from the same root—the same mind without variance or shifting shadow. We moved in covenant to prepare a habitation ready to receive the spoken Word of life and transformed physical matter with Our Word. Because of Our unfettered agreement, We were incapable of producing anything other than what we did.

Since you are created in Our image, according to Our likeness would it not be the same for you when you walk in unity with Us according to covenant promises—promises which are written in the Word and those whispered in your ear as well?

Agreement can have the same power with you as it has with Us because you are made like Us—you are coming from the seed Christ. This revelation needs to settle down in your heart with clarity and understanding. Prepare yourself to receive the hovering of My Spirit over your earthen vessel today and in upcoming days, for surely I have made My Spirit present to move over you with quick and gentle motion in order to stir your spirit and impart regenerating life—to restore you mentally and spiritually—to renew and make all things new.

Be Conformed To Divine Will And Purpose

Beloved, dare to come up a little higher and agree with Heaven about your life and who you are called to be. There are no ordinary people in the Kingdom and you are no exception. All are sons of the Most High with equal access and equal privilege. There is no partiality among My sons (Romans 2:11). It is to whom so ever will.

When it comes to abiding, agreement, thanksgiving and praise, I am not asking you to do something impossible, but releasing you to do what has already been accomplished by and through Our example from the very words, “In The Beginning”. Be as We are and do as We do in conformity of mind and heart. Be conformed to divine will in thought and action (Titus 3:7).

Before I ever spoke a Word, My Spirit hovered over the waste, to move, shape and regenerate. We looked over the waste, the formless matter and brooded like an eagle over her nest—hovering, fluttering… protecting. Imagine My anticipation at the prospect of every living thing coming in to being under the gentle waving and fluttering of My Spirit. I hovered like a mother caring for her children. I will do no less for you. In fact, I have already provided all—I have done all.

Like the eagle fluttering over her nest I moved in like motion among the atmosphere with the wind of many wings upon the face of the deep—for a time of preparation was a must in order to prepare the wasted places to receive the seed of My Word—to prepare the seeds to become spoken declarations of transformation—to prepare the deep for the words, “Let there be light!” The time has come for you to be overshadowed by the sheltering, protective cover of My abiding presence . . . a place where all things grow in perfect love—a perfect love which cast out all fear. Deep to deep I come to you. Open and let all things be overshadowed by Me.

Sense, Believe and Engage

Beloved, imagine My excitement, My anticipation at seeing every desire I have ever had for you come to pass as I hover over you—overshadow you to bring forth every aspect of your living destiny and purpose—to speak light into every needy place. I illumine your darkness.

Can you sense it? Dare you believe without fear? Dare you engage? Fear not, for I never leave or forsake (Hebrews 13:5). I have not forsaken My original words and continue to hover. All things are held together by My power and continued presence (Colossians 1:17). I will not let you go nor will you cease to be the subject of My hovering. Let this truth overshadow you as you spend time with Me. Let it prepare your heart to receive many seeds.

The seed of My Word will settle down in your heart and bubble to the surface. When it does you must take the next step and not only agree but speak. Imitate Me and speak, “Let there be light!” There are many Words I wish to speak to you from the releasing of light to those which impart peace and so much more. Let the seed fall into the ground of your heart and produce through death of self a transformation of character and incorruptible life eternal.

I have given you many things in the past that have gone dormant among the trials, expectations, and struggles of life. Some became dormant because of unwillingness to let go of unfounded doubts and unbelief based on the actions of men. Some still have a hold on you and prevent growth because you became critical in response to their actions. Let it go. Let My light of love and graces penetrate the deepest, darkest places. Forgive, and receive My light. Let the seed of Christ be birthed in your heart’s veiled places. My Son did not despise a manger. He went where He was welcomed. I do not shy away from concealed and dark places. I just go where I am welcomed and I overshadow with love, healing and resurrection. Yes, a time of restoration is here.

As My Words bubble to the surface, you must write them down and speak them just as I did in the beginning. When you do this they will release the power of agreement. They will release the power to transform. To your great delight you will discover you are the one who has changed even in places were circumstances have not. This is the incorruptible seed of Christ in its highest form—to be in the world but not of it. Decree a thing and it shall come to pass and your path will be filled, bathed, clothed in light; revelation, truth, understanding, favor, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Job22:28).

When You See Eden Blooming

Beloved, know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are in a moment of destiny as I release My light above you, around you, up against the hidden dark places within you, through you and beside you. When I come upon you there is no place left untouched. I complete and bring into fullness every partially developed place of your person, your heart which the enemy tried to abort. This alone will bring you to a place of thankful and abundant praise. It shall rise out of the joyous wells of salvation and catapult you into the courts of Heaven.

Even as I gave a declarative shout of thanksgiving and praise when I said, “It is good!” so must you, Beloved when you receive the seeds of transformation in your heart. It is not enough to be overshadowed and prepared like a beautiful garden. It is not enough to come into agreement and see change. It is not enough until your heart rejoices.

When you see Eden blooming in your life, you must declare its goodness, giving all attribution and praise to My name (Isaiah 51:3). You must declare My goodness and recognize all I have done regardless of circumstance or in times of delay. Praise Me in the hovering. Praise Me during the planting. Praise Me in the dying and the growing. Praise Me in the time of harvest and manifestation. Praise Me on this side of the Red Sea in your life. Praise Me on the other side of the Red Sea as well. Praise Me simply because I am good (2 Chronicles 5:13).

When I declared and released light, it was a continuous word which never stopped creating and never will. When I said, “It is good!” it never stopped declaring or giving praise. To be good means to be beautiful, precious, full of wealth, welfare and prosperity—to be full of favor, bountiful, kind, most pleasing, ever ready to do My will and gracious, just to mention a few.

Can you see the depth of My goodness? Can you see the power of releasing thanksgiving and praise through declaring that I am good and how all I have done for you is good? My mercy made a way, and the veil between is separated forever (Hebrews 10:20). The gates and courts are open and ready for you to enter in to all I have done. Enter in with a sacrificial admission of thanksgiving and praise.

Does hovering and transformation bring thanksgiving and praise or does thanksgiving and praise bring hovering and transformation. It is both, My beloved.

In the beginning I hovered, therefore I hover over you. I overshadow each and every moment of your life with great delight, for each moment is a new beginning. Today is an “In the Beginning” moment of time for you. Won’t you join Me and hear the words, “You are good!”

Read a Based On Genesis one verse one through four.

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, You have loved me with an everlasting love since the beginning of all time. In the beginning, You loved and adored me with a divine purpose in mind—a divine purpose meant to express the fullness of who You really are. With great care I was formed in Your image to express a portion of Your heart that no one else ever has or ever will. Help me to see the magnitude of this great gift and responsibility given to me. Teach me to be in agreement with all things spoken over my life according to Your written and spoken Word. Open my heart to receive the fullness of Your Word. Let every seed of change planted in my spirit be fruitful and multiply. Let each seed bring forth an abundant harvest. I reject all fear and embrace the love, power and sound mind of Your Word spoken to me. I choose to agree regardless of any contrary winds the enemy sends my way.

Hover over me today. Let ribbons of grace and mercy surround me, encompassing me within in the shelter of Your wings as You overshadow me. Let every wasted, dark or hidden place be penetrated by Your light and transformed by Your presence as it cares for me as a mother cares for her child. I open up with complete trust to let Your perfect love cast out all fear. Deep to deep I will abide as You overshadow me. I am changed. Let Your Word bury deep within my heart and show me if there be any unclean way in me, any critical or unkind spirit, and I will repent. I will lay aside all critical attitudes and I embrace humility with my whole heart. I forgive and I am forgiven. This is the purest form of love.

I embrace the destiny of the moment, the destiny of this day. Each day is a building block and a door to tomorrow’s destiny. Each day is interlinked, intertwined with purpose, connecting one to the other. What I do with today affects tomorrow. Touch every portion of my life and heal every partially developed place in my person, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Help me to grow up in areas where I may have been wounded or simply not understood how to be.

I confess the Word of the Lord, mourning is transformed into joy and ashes become beauty. Eden is blooming. My life is becoming the garden it was always intended to be and reflecting like a beautiful pool the glory of the Lord. I declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I release thanksgiving and praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is no other worthy of such praise. My life is now overshadowed by abiding, agreement, thanksgiving and praise. As You are, I am. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Reflect on being formed and shaped in the image of the Triune God. What does this imply as far as your personal day to day struggles and joys?
  2. How can you personally position yourself for the loving presence of the Father, the work of the Cross and the hovering of the Spirit in your life? Have you been taking time to pull aside with Him just to let Him hover over you and minister to you seeds of life?
  3. What would you most like to see changed in your life, your heart, your soul?
  4. Submit these desires to Him in a time of rested worship. Write them down and agree.
  5. In what areas to you need to change your way of seeing things, your way of speaking and embrace things as He says they are and will be?
  6. Reflect on the fact that He isn’t asking you to do something He hasn’t already done. He led by example and came into an abiding agreement. Out of this agreement, words of life were spoken and all that is created came into existence.
  7. What areas of your life have you been agreeing with the enemy instead of God and His Word, instead of the promises He has spoken to your heart?
  8. You must change your thinking and one way to do this is to write down the truth and with disciplined effort begin to speak what He says. There is power in agreement. Take at least one stubborn area or place of unbelief in your life and apply His Word and begin to speak it.
  9. Have you felt in any way that others have more value or greater privilege when it comes to the things of the Spirit? Reflect on whom so ever will. Are you one who will?
  10. He is here with you this moment to hover over you like a mother with her child. He is here to administer Heart of love. What do you need the most right now? Don’t be afraid to ask.
  11. Reflect on some area of your life in which you have longed to grow in. Have you given into hopelessness in any way? Are you afraid to try one more time? Your time has come in this area to be perfected in by His love as it cast out all fear. Won’t you believe? Reflect.
  12. What is your greatest hindrance or fear that keeps you from full engaging in things you know the Lord has asked you to do?
  13. How have you been nurturing the “word or picture seeds” the Lord has planted in your spirit? Take some time to speak light to them and believe what you cannot see at the moment. Believing is seeing. Yes, to believe is to see.
  14. Christ did not despise a manger and He does not despise any hidden, dry, cracked, or dark place in your heart. He loves to come and abide there for He knows when He does all things will change. Salvation will come to every area of your heart you let Him abide in. Reflect.
  15. What words, pictures or seeds have been bubbling to the surface of your heart and need to be spoken? Write a decree accordingly and speak it with faith. Follow His example of abiding, agreeing and speaking.
  16. The hovering presence of the Lord is on you to resurrect every place the enemy tried to abort in any fashion. He is present to bring into fullness the partially developed portions of your heart and soul. Are there any places in your life where relationships with family, friends, and others have caused you to be stymied in your growth emotionally or spiritually? He is here present to move on your behalf. Reflect.
  17. Do you have a thankful heart? Are you able to thank the Lord before you see the answer because you know He is faithful and true?
  18. What do you do when you see Eden blooming? Do you embrace its beauty with excitement or self-chastise or devalue what is happening with words and actions? Sometimes when good things happen or good things are said about us we respond with “but.” Kind of like when someone says what you are wearing is nice and you say but I got it on sale. Do you disqualify yourself and what God is doing in this way?
  19. Does hovering and transformation bring thanksgiving and praise or does thanksgiving and praise bring hovering and transformation? Reflect on this in relation to your life and actions.

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