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The Gift of Unwavering, Steadfast Faith

I have dwelt with you in your times of adoration. Your contemplations are sweet, aromatic moments to Me. They waft up through the heavens like sweet perfume. They enter My senses like the smell of spring rain and produce an abundance of fruitfulness in your life as I release them back to you in showers of blessing.

You Are The Fountain Of The Lord – A Well Of Living Water, Part Two

The only thing capable of stopping the beauty of My redeeming, resurrecting power to make all things new is your unwillingness to repent and accept what I have done on your behalf. Do not believe that I will condemn and therefore walk in self-condemnation, guilt and shame. Doing this makes you self-centered and not God centered. Beloved, I sympathize with your weakness and endured every temptation. With this in mind, keep your heart clean and let go of every stone of self-condemnation. Let My fountain flow through you unhindered.

You Are The Fountain Of The Lord – A Well Of Living Water

Beloved, you are a fountain that goes down into the deep regions of My heart. My heart flows forth from the fountain of your life. My living water bubbles up over the rock of My precious Son Jesus who dwells in you. Like an underground spring, I will eventually make joy and living water bubble to the surface in all areas of your life. As I do this, I will play the communion of our hearts like a skilled musician, for My springs of joy are in you (Psalms 87:7)

Beholding The Sons Of Men And The Reverential Fear Of The Lord, Part Two

Beholding The Sons Of Men And The Reverential Fear Of The Lord,The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and skill [the preceding and the first essential, the prerequisite and the alphabet]; a good understanding, wisdom, and meaning have all those who do [the will of the Lord]. Their praise of Him endures forever.

The Prophetic Demystified – Part I

If you look it up in the dictionary prophecy can mean to tell of a future event in order to reveal the will of a deity or be seen as a prediction, a foretelling, foresight or insight. The act of predicting or foretelling is most often what scares or at the very least concerns many believers. Either they discard the value and legitimacy of prophecy or leave it up to someone more qualified or gifted.

Prophecy is often looked at as something the so called “national or local church leaders” engage in and can be seen as something reserved for a select gifted few. It can be seen as something operating on a grand scale in regard to nations and/or governments with little relation to everyday life and experiences. Prophecy is also seen as something a Prophet visiting a local church or conference might engage in. This is indeed true, but prophecy is much more than that.

Beholding The Sons Of Men And The Reverential Fear Of The Lord Part One

You see, I simply Am and wherever I am is always in a constant state of change…in a constant stage of creation…in a constant state of happening or being. My very person is Creation which in of itself relates to My ever state of coming to you in every aspect of your life…coming or should I say, “I am constantly approaching, drawing near, moving toward you…constantly reaching out, stretching toward you to listen, drawing closer…constantly extending Myself to you, coming up to you or I am occurring or existing in the midst of your life. I am ever-present to look upon you. To be present is to exist or enter into someone’s thoughts or mind. I am ever-existing with you.