Beholding The Sons Of Men And The Reverential Fear Of The Lord Part One

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I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, says the Lord God, He Who is and Who was and Who is to come, the Almighty (the Ruler of all). (Revelation 1:8 Amplified)

I Am Your Ever-Present Approaching One

Beloved, I am the Lord of all…the Self-existent One who was and is and is to come (Revelation 1:8). I know many think of Me as the One to come in such a way that it is so far off or relegated to the very end of times. This is true but it isn’t the whole of Me. I have already come and I am ever in the state of coming to you and always will be.

You see, I simply Am and wherever I am is always in a constant state of change…in a constant stage of creation…in a constant state of happening or being. My very person is Creation which in of itself relates to My ever state of coming to you in every aspect of your life…coming or should I say, “I am constantly approaching, drawing near, moving toward you…constantly reaching out, stretching toward you to listen, drawing closer…constantly extending Myself to you, coming up to you or I am occurring or existing in the midst of your life. I am ever-present to look upon you. To be present is to exist or enter into someone’s thoughts or mind. I am ever-existing with you.

Not only do I behold you but My thoughts are ever on you (Psalms 33:13-15 in the NET Bible(r)" rel="external">Psalms 33:13-15). Do not in any way be fearful of this prospect. Sometimes your thinking can be so wrong in this area. Often you think the thoughts you have about yourself are the same as Mine. This is only true if all your thoughts about yourself are thoughts of love, goodness, kindness and mercy…full of mercy grace and believe you are walking in a future filled with hope (Jeremiah 31:17).

Today I release to you a new way of thinking about even the minutest things in your life. Each revelation will be a building block for tomorrow and the next day and the next day. I am indeed ever coming into the situations of your life. I am here.

Manifest To Destroy The Works Of The Evil One

Beloved, all (the whole of who I am) I do is in love, by love and with love. I can be nothing else but love and goodness. The very essence of who I am is goodness. My heart longs for you to see this about Me in a whole new way. I long for you to experience the fullness of who I am…to experience My intrinsic goodness.

Yes, I do point out areas of your actions and deeds which bring harm to your life and the call I have placed on you. This is done with love and only to free you. Exposing the works of the enemy and bringing them to destruction is what I do. I was manifest for this purpose (1 John 3:8). My Word is right and all My works…all My actions…all My labors are done in faithfulness, for I love righteousness and justice (Psalms 33:4-5).

In fact, the earth is full of My loving-kindness whenever you choose to look for it. Justice demands that I be honest and full of integrity in all My doings…it requires demonstrating impartiality, truthfulness, and righteousness in all My actions. And this includes my actions toward you. It is what you must also do to others.

Therefore, never be afraid of My thoughts or be intimidated by the fact that I look on your every action. I may stare intently or sharply but that does not mean harshly. It means to gaze with a sharp focused love…a love that sets free…a love that covers…a love that imparts the very nature of which it is…Me. My nature is ever coming…ever approaching…ever drawing near. Fall into Me the Self-Existent, Ever-Present One. Fall into My gaze and we shall behold one another. Come!

Revel In My Goodness, Revel In My Love

Beloved, It would be so wrong of Me to behold you and at the same time leave you in a state which compromises the beauty of who you are. Therefore, I am ever-present…always coming to challenge, provoke to good works, convict, adore, comfort, give understanding, wisdom, courage, discernment and so much more. It is the release of beholding love that changes not condemnation. Why condemn and crush the purpose for which I came? That would be not only silly buy wholly self-defeating to whom and what I am.

You must see the heart of My beholding and then you will be able to walk out the challenges I present to you. You will be able to challenge the manifestation of the enemy’s works in your life without fear and without self-condemnation.

You will know his works are manifest to be destroyed in order to bring about the fulfillment of all I have called you to be. With the destruction of all that hinders there will be an increase in your ability to behold Me. Knowing Me as you are known will be the fruit. And what a good fruit it is.

Therefore, know this, when I behold you…look on you…I gaze upon you with consideration, discernment…I experience you…I approve of you…I gaze and take heed (indeed) joyfully. When I behold you it is not from a distance for I come near to provide, regard…yes, even to stare at you…to think and view you with visions of purpose and destiny (Psalms 33:13). Today destiny unfolds and I uphold you. I know the plans I have for you and they are good. Revel this day in My goodness…revel this day in My love.

I Behold The Sons Of Men With An Intensity And Love

How I love to come to you and keep coming every second of the day. If you realized how near…how very near I am…you would be astounded. Let Me open your heart to realms of possibilities yet to be explored and I guarantee you will be amazed. Sweet communion is what I desire and I have come to you so that we may sup together.

Know this, to behold you is to approve of you…to love you regardless…to cause My love to come to you in such a way that you are transformed right before your very own eyes. Beloved, My eyes are indeed on you and My presence is ever near to scan the deep places of your heart and look intently on you with great pleasure (Psalms 33:13).

Therefore, look up and put your trust in Me. Seek Me as your refuge in this day. Do not think you have to get all your ducks in a row. Nobody does. To line all your ducks in a row is the law. To receive the beholding of My heart of love is grace. My heart is in open display before you. It is within the captivated intensity of My gaze where mourning is turned to dancing and ashes are exchanged for beauty. It is within My beholding where your tongue cannot be silent but will sing forth My praise.

Come, let us behold one another. Do not hold back for any reason for I have put you in right standing with Me through My blood. Come and be fully satisfied in Me. Let Me fully awaken your heart as we behold one another. Come quickly and rest! I am here.

The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Beloved, let do not let fear be a part of your life. The only fear you should have is the fear of the Lord. This is a fear of worship, respect and is the beginning of all wisdom (Psalms 110:10?SC?). My eyes are upon those who fear Me…respect Me…those who desire Me with all their heart. This does not mean perfect…it means to know who I am and who you are…to know that without Me there is nothing…no success…no hope…no deliverance…no freedom…no tomorrow.

To fear Me is to worship Me because I am good and My love…My mercy and My kindness endure forever. When you fear Me you hope in My loving-kindness and you are not afraid to be held within My beholding gaze. Instead, you welcome it knowing there is only one way to freedom…one way to liberty…one way to walking according to the Spirit—Me.

There are so many benefits to the fear of the Lord. Want to know some of My benefits? If so, don’t let yourself think about how many times you have heard this before. Just listen with your Spirit and let Me plant some new seeds of life or water some old ones.

When you fear Me you have wisdom and understanding. Beloved, what do you need wisdom for this day? I am present to give you what you need. Ask and it will be given liberally but you must take the time to wait on Me…time to listen. Some things come instantly and some require patience and a willingness to spend time with Me.

In fact, some things do not come without time. After all, I am not a genie in a bottle. What I desire is relationship and the more you get to know Me the more you will know…the more wisdom you will have. I guess you could say, “Time equals wisdom and wisdom equals time.” Ask for wisdom today for the decisions you need to make and I will give it liberally.


Lord, I acknowledge You as the one and only…the great I AM. There is none like You in all the earth. Teach me to walk in the reality of Your ever-abiding presence which fills me and changes me moment by moment. Draw near to me today in ways that change who I am in the natural and what I do. I so desire for my heart to line up with the purposes of Your heart for me. Open the eyes of my heart to see how You exist in the very midst and essence of my life no matter what. Let the mundane things of my life be transformed by Your presence as I set my face to the ever-present beauty of Your presence. I declare this day to be a new day and a new block in the unfolding of my tomorrows…an unfolding built on the Rock. Come and meet me here.

Lord, I revel in Your goodness…in your unfathomable grace. I choose for the words of my mouth to line up with the constancy of who You are; the Unchanging One. May I be like David and ask you to search me and see if there be any evil way in me and do so without fear or justification. Create steadfastness in me as I seek You above all things…above all pleasures this world has to offer.

I declare that I am full of Your loving-kindness and fear has no power over me. I am not intimidated by the enemy for I abide in the Lord at all times. My heart is drawn to Him as His is drawn to me. My eyes are focused on the Lord with an unyielding determination. I fall into the abiding Presence of the Lord and am captured by His gaze.

Thank you Lord for being committed to me…committed to changing who I am and what I do into Your very likeness. You never get tired or weary. Your never slack on the job for You do not slumber nor sleep. Provoke my heart to do Your good pleasure as I revel in Your incomprehensible love. How I desire to know you as you know me. How awesome to know Your gaze is ever fixed on me…ever beholding me. This could be fearful if I did not know that You are Love. Nothing escapes you and all evil schemes and plans are now manifest in my life in order to be destroyed. Line upon line You reveal them…incident by incident You uncover them enabling me to overcome and walk in freedom.

I agree with You and declare that You, the Lord, consider me with great love. Therefore, my heart is consumed by you and does not halt or falter. Today my destiny is unfolding before my very eyes. I acknowledge the present moment I live in to be a part of my destiny…a door to my tomorrows which are already ordained and planned by the Lord. Today the Lord goes before me and directs every step. I will not falter.

Lord, I cry out to know even for a moment how close You really are. Let me feel the breath of Your mouth blow into the essence of who I am. I desire for it to be so real that my physical body reflects Your nearness and responds like soft strands of hair blowing in the wind. Let Your transformation come to the very deepest parts of me. Explore the possibilities of my heart and show them to me that I may do great exploits of love in Your name.

I declare my heart is awakened and my trust is founded on the Rock, Jesus. He is the lover of my soul and I respond to His beholding love by setting my gaze on Him. I am not ashamed for He is my righteousness and strong tower…a refuge in whom I trust. I am one who holds nothing back for my heart belongs to the Lord and the Lord alone. I am satisfied in Him.

Lord, I refuse to fear or let fear have entrance and power over my life. The only fear I want to walk in is the reverential fear of You…to respect and honor You. Most of all I want to desire You above all. Help me to mature in this area and not be like the children of Israel in the wilderness and forget all the times You have delivered me.

I worship You in spirit and truth and declare goodness and mercy follow me as I bask in the wake of Your Presence. I proclaim the Lord is my liberty…my freedom and I will not be dismayed for He contends with those who contend with me. I stand on the field of battle clothed in the wisdom of the Lord and the power of His name. There is none like Him. My time with the Lord is bringing great benefit to my life and shines through me to release light to those around me. I receive the wisdom of the Lord. Amen

Reflect and Journal

    1. Reflect on the Lord always being in a state of “coming” because He was, is and is to come.
    2. What does it mean in your everyday life in reference to the Lord always being in a position to reach out to your regardless of your situation or circumstance?
    3. What actions or attitudes has the Lord been pointing out in your life which are in need of change? Are they things you have struggled with time and time again? If so, have faith. Now is the time for you to be free once and for all. Take a chance and believe. You have believed for so many other things and overcome. Why not this or these?
    4. Have you been covering those you love as the Lord covers you? Reflect on this. Confess, repent and forgive where necessary. It is easy to tell the faults of the ones we love to someone else before we go to the Lord. Give Him the first fruits of everything…even in this area. He alone has the power to change and draw all into a dance of life with Him.
    5. Reflect on how the Lord has adored, convicted, comforted, understood you, or given you wisdom, courage and discernment in any given situation. Break this down one word at a time. Doing so will cause your faith to grow all the while developing a grateful heart of thanksgiving and praise.
    6. The Lord says He experiences you. What do you think this means on a personal level in your own life?
    7. Have you ever imagine the Lord just standing there gazing at you to the point He is overflowing with joy? If not, now is the time.
    8. What does supping with the Lord mean to you personally? How do you sup with Him on a day to day basis and what if anything has the tendency to interrupt this intimate communion with Him the most?
    9. Reflect on how mourning can be turned to joy just by taking time to focus on Jesus not for what He can do, but for who He is.
    10. Are you fully satisfied in Him or do you find yourself reaching for other things to fill voids in your heart or life. What do you do first when finding yourself bored?
    11. Define the fear of the Lord in your own words and reflect on how your life is demonstrating itself in respect, honor and in an all consuming desire for the Lord.
    12. What do you need wisdom for today? He is asking us to listen with our spirit and in the process He will plant new seeds and water old ones. With this in mind run to Him quickly and let Him press His life into your heart.

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