The Gift of Unwavering, Steadfast Faith

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“Clothe yourselves therefore, as God’s own chosen ones (His own picked representatives), [who are] purified and holy and well-beloved [by God Himself, by putting on behavior marked by] tender hearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of yourselves, gentle ways, [and] patience [which is tireless and long-suffering, and has the power to endure whatever comes, with good temper]” (Col 3:12 Amplified)

Long-suffering And Tender-hearted Mercy

My precious one, My heart is full of loving compassion as I watch you patiently waiting even if it takes a year or more in your earthly time for your prayers to be answered. Relying on the fact that My words will always come to pass, you are still waiting expectantly. Yes, you are patiently waiting with much anticipation, full of hope, strongly believing I am always true to My promises.

Repeatedly, without tiring, you proclaim My promises and hold onto them, no matter what the situation looks like. Your eyes are lifted up to the heavens, and your steadfast faith never wanes. Your total consciousness is deeply rooted in MY Words. In the deep recesses of your soul, My Word has left an indelible mark. I contain the stamp of those promises. You savor and relish them in the silence of your heart. Always hoping, waiting, anticipating and believing, you are My compassionate, faithful one.

While you are waiting, let tenderhearted mercy always be your companion. It is in long-suffering your gentleness and kindness of heart have the opportunity to exhibit My nature with incredible joy (Colossians 1:11). In humility and meekness, as you wait for the fulfillment of all I have spoken, make allowances for those who are weaker and without understanding. In this, they will be provoked to trust me with a heart of love and acceptance. Clothe yourself in Me for you are indeed My compassionate one (Colossians 3:12).

Contemplation Of The Heart

I have dwelt with you in your times of adoration. Your contemplations are sweet, aromatic moments to Me. They waft up through the heavens like sweet perfume. They enter My senses like the smell of spring rain and produce an abundance of fruitfulness in your life as I release them back to you in showers of blessing.

I embrace you in your silence. As you whisper “Shalom,” My peace engulfs you (Philippians 4:7). You are lost in Me, apart from the world and transformed into the realm only silence and deep contemplation can make way for We commune with each other. Our hearts beat in unison, and our minds are entwined within the glory of My loving presence. Such wonderful moments nourish your hungry soul and quench your thirst for my loving presence! Your heart and mind lifted up to the heights of heaven are enthralled with encompassing joy. Yes, joy and peace transcend your human understanding, a peace that comes from Me, and Me alone, is the garrison of your heart.

These times are important, and you must always remember them. They are like heavenly excursions where I let you taste, touch, and see the essence and beauty of Heaven. Always remember to take something back with you. Fill yourself when you are with Me, for there will be times you are not in this place of intimate communion. There will be times when cold blasts of stormy weather assault you, making necessary a withdrawal from your heavenly account, an account where you have stored up future nourishment from the joy abiding deep within you at this time – joy bubbling up from deep within your well of salvation (Isaiah 12:3).

Come often to this place of contemplation and silence, and never fear if you feel anxious. It is when you feel anxious or condemned in any way that you should run into this place of shelter and revelation. Take a moment right now, and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, breathing in My presence. I am always here.

Bells Of Silence

The heavens are ringing with sounds of bells peeling through the atmosphere. I have sent angels to ring bells of freedom and jubilation over your life. Clear and precise sounds of purest praise are being sung over your environment as you bow your head in submission and praise.

The bells are ringing a clarion call. They are releasing songs, calling My cavalry of angels to arise and come to your aide. Their call is My call to be ready, to clear ground of your worldly and mundane concerns, for I have come to call it Holy Ground. The quiet contemplations of your worship, the tenderhearted compassions stirred toward others, along with the prayers you have prayed, are arrayed before My throne. You have My attention, and I have yours.

Yes, it is just you and I in an atmosphere of silence, deep silence, a silence so deep you hear even the beating of your own heart as well as Mine (Psalms 131:2). Unmindful of your surroundings or worries, you dwell in My presence. All is well with your soul.

The posture of your heart bowed in reverence and adoration makes the place you abide Holy Ground. In the stillness of the moment, there is nothing that has the power to intrude because it is a moment to moment encounter with Me. I inhabit you, surround you, infuse you, and saturate you to the point of overflow. Come and spend a few moments with Me right now. All will wait a moment or two. I want to touch you deep within so you can hear the bells of heavenly angels ringing right now.

Come In All Humility

I oppose the proud and give grace to the humble (James 4:6). I am drawn to you, and My grace abounds. Not only does it abound, but it follows you in sync with its companion, mercy. A humble heart hears, sees what others cannot, and is strengthened by Me (Psalms 10:17; Psalms 113:6).

Your prayerful position is expressive like the sweet kisses a child plants on his mother’s face and reminds you to be rooted in the soil of humility. This is truly Holy Ground when you are of such humble attitude and surrender. You yield your total being within the care of My capable hands.

Beloved, bare yourself and hide nothing, ask nothing. Your heart beats out every need you have in sonnets of prayer. In this way, you flow in the Spirit with an abiding faith. How good it feels to forget the world and all concerns that are not heavenly. You must, and will, realize, in the end, only I matter. Keep still, and let Me infill your being. It is and will be a sight to behold. Oh My beloved, the time has come not to ask or do but just to BE.

I know you have felt the need to perform at times in your life. Others have placed expectations and judgments on you. When you perform at the bequest of others without having a heart of sacrificial love and kindhearted intentions, resentment can form. This robs your quietness in Me, making you feel the need to perform for Me also. It is not to be so. All service to others comes out of time with Me or it doesn’t bear the fruit of patience, mercy and love. Today I grace you to come always into the quiet place and abide within the very soil of Holy Ground.

I Am Whispering, “Let Go.”

As you let go of anything and everything that can come between us in our precious moments of personal encounter, you become all ears to My whispers. My promptings come vivid and lucid as the clear waters of a mountain spring. Letting go provides a place where you can bathe your whole being in Me, in the loveliness of the moment. And others are coming into focus. You just need to abide.

Always know I plan for your welfare and not for calamity (Jeremiah 29:11). You have asked for more and more time to be with Me alone, and I am giving it. All you need do is take advantage moment by moment, and like building blocks, a beautiful edifice will emerge. Let your heart cry out, “Forever my dear Lord.”

I cannot say no to your request for I have seen and felt the humility of your heart, your life. Certainly, I will allow you to be in the deep waters of My love and caring (John15:9; John 16:27). Savor it, feel it, and bathe in the intensity of My powerful and infinite LOVE. Our spiritual synchronicity leads you to your destiny. From here, you have a glimpse of My plans for you. I am showing you the vision of all I have planned for you (Jeremiah 33:3). Some things are very clear.

God Whispers, I Emerge, Wisdom Flows

As you leave the Holy Ground of humble adoration and prayer to continue your daily concerns and face new challenges, you receive My anointing. You are stronger to face the realities of life. Should you have to walk your path in the middle of scorching heat, in the fiery path of adversity, you will not be burned. Patience and trust always pay off and are highly rewarded. Through these experiences, you will have the bread of love and compassion for those going through their own adverse situations. Wisdom born of your own circumstances will feed others and bring life (Proverbs 18:4).

Your creative emergence is blessed by the sweet moments we spend and will spend together. Nothing is wasted. I will multiply every aspect of your life. That is My promise. I am now opening unusual opportunities and giving you unusual favors. I am pouring out to you and your loved ones the economy of grace. What seemed difficult and impossible will come to manifest.

I give you the gift of spontaneity in the midst of your creative emergence. I will unlock many hidden potentials the enemy has blinded your eye to. I will blot out from your memories doubts, insecurities, hurts, and there will be complete healing in all areas of your life. I will bring about economic revival and lasting divine prosperity like a river that never goes dry.

I will pour out My blessings to you, and your long-awaited financial breakthrough is happening NOW! I just want to remind you of our covenant. You are just a steward and channel of whatever I will pour into you. I remind you to stay as simple as you are, deeply grounded in My words. You are to be a living witness for My Kingdom to take over the earth (1 Peter 2:21). Go on, my dear precious one. The journey is on.


Your words of encouragement have touched my heart beyond measure. It is my greatest desire to fulfill all You have planned for me. Your Word has created pools of refreshing within my being where I can lay and rest when storms or opposition come All I have to do is close my eyes and breathe You in, for the atmosphere around me is filled with Your presence, charged with power, and one-hundred percent available.

You do not run from me and I will not run from you. Many times I get carried away by things going on around me, but today is a different day. I close my eyes and breathe You in once again. Today is a new day, a new day for me.

I give up by faith all tendencies to perform or live up to the expectations of others. If I am in a place of patient humility then all expectations will be met for I will be walking out love. I let go. I acknowledge Your presence and dare to bathe in the essence of Your love. I am captivated, overwhelmed and saturated by You. Your whispers become clear to me.

I arise from sitting at Your feet. I arise from the place where my tears wet the ground around You feet. I arise to walk in humble obedience to all I have received, in humble obedience to all You have given. Rivers of life flow from You to me and out of me. I will never grow dry. I am green pastures and still waters to those around me. I journey with You.

Reflect and Journal

1. What have you been waiting patiently for? How has your attitude or faith level been?

2. Read the above scriptures and put on, cloak yourself with the words. Take them, put your name in them and proclaim them over yourself and you will see change.

3. Reflect on some of your more intense moments with Him while your heart was given over to complete adoration. Even if they were brief they have the capacity to change your life. Draw on them. Let them become a catalyst to move back into His presence.

4. Are you in a storm of any kind, a struggle of any kind, then stop and enter in.

5. Have you been to busy to close your eyes for even a moment or felt if all you have is a moment it isn’t enough so you decline? Remember, minutes, hours, days and weeks are built in increments. Enough minutes and you have a day, a year.

6. Close your eyes for a moment; whisper His name and imagine the clear sound of church bells ringing. What is He saying? What are the bells ringing?

7. Reflect on the thought of your heart beating out a sonnet of prayer when you are in a place of humble adoration. There are not enough words or expressions available to describe or request the sonnet of your heart. It is a heavenly language and He hears.

8. What things always seem to get in the way when you pull aside to spend intimate time with Him? Look for a pattern or having the same old issue or doubt appear to discourage you, lie to you, thereby disrupting the flow of communication from Him.

9. In the natural bathing is cleansing and enjoyable at the same time. The bathing process takes place to wash away and invigorate. With this in mind, take some time, bathe in a place of worship and let His sweet whispers forgive, cleanse and fill up all in the same process. What freedom this is. Reflect and write what He says to you, in order to maintain this freedom and cleansing.

10. What areas personally and financially do you need provision in? Are there areas of doubt and unbelief you have confessed to in these areas? If so, quickly repent and move on. He is standing with His hand out to bless you.

11. Reflect on the specific words of declaration He has made in this devotion. Respond in agreement and walk out the wisdom He has already given to you. There is always someone who knows less about certain things than you do. Ask Father to lead you to His hungry, needy sons and daughters.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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