You Are The Fountain Of The Lord – A Well Of Living Water, Part Two

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Consequently, from now on we estimate and regard no one from a [purely] human point of view [in terms of natural standards of value]. [No] even though we once did estimate Christ from a human viewpoint and as a man, yet now [we have such knowledge of Him that] we know Him no longer [in terms of the flesh]. Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come! (2 Corinthians 5:17 Amplified)

All Things New

Beloved, old things have passed away and all things for you are become new. The person you once were yesterday or even a moment ago is gone. This is the beauty of who I am and what I do. I am always creating…always making all things new.

You are always becoming new…not just have become new. If you can see it this way you will have a whole paradigm shift…a whole new way of thinking. Just because you sin, fail or fall along the way does not mean you aren’t becoming new. To believe this is to believe a lie of the enemy meant to keep you locked in the past in places of guilt or shame. This will not do.

Once again, I am making all things new and this includes you and those you love. Have faith. I have never gone back on My Word. All its promises are yes and amen to you My Beloved.

Yes, I turn evil for good and take the mistakes you make and turn them into lessons. I use them to polish your life to reflect My beauty. I am the Master of restoration and working all things together for good (Romans 8:27-29). Therefore, do not walk in deliberate and willful sin and make the enemy’s job easier.

The only thing capable of stopping the beauty of My redeeming, resurrecting power to make all things new is your unwillingness to repent and accept what I have done on your behalf. Do not believe that I will condemn and therefore walk in self-condemnation, guilt and shame. Doing this makes you self-centered and not God centered. Beloved, I sympathize with your weakness and endured every temptation. With this in mind, keep your heart clean and let go of every stone of self-condemnation. Let My fountain flow through you unhindered.

I Am Your God Of All Hope

Beloved, once and for all “the person you once were” is now dead and gone…the person you were a moment ago is indeed gone. Every second, water flows through rocks as it makes its way to the surface a portion of roughness is smoothed away. Jagged places give way to a downy like smoothness all the while holding onto properties of strength found in the rock.

Pointed and sharp places become smooth like the stones of a river bed. They can be walked on or held without pain. So it is with you. Do not be dismayed or concerned about the time it often takes. I am not worried about time. I am concerned with you and I understand your desire and struggle to please Me. I care more about you than anything you might ever do or accomplish. I really want you to understand this.

You must never forget how I look beyond the surface to the motive of your heart. Sometimes you do not look deep enough to see what I see and are too quick to judge yourself based on external assumptions. Don’t go digging for what I am not revealing in reference to your own weakness. Trust Me. I always know what to bring to the surface and when to do it.

Trust Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth…to convict at just the right time for freedom. When you do this the sound of water bubbling up through the crevices of your heart and life will be heard clear as a bell unhindered by your own doubts and misconceptions. Walk according to the Kingdom which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17)? Do this and you will bubble over to overflowing with hope (Romans 15:13).

Press On To Your High Calling In Christ Jesus

The best way to walk in hope and confidence in who you are in Me is to remember My mercies are new every morning or should I say every moment. I live in your present. Do not see Me as someone who has come or will come but is come. Come live in the present with Me and be amazed for I am truly the one and only. I am the “Now God.”

By living in the present with Me…in knowing you are new in Me and drinking from the wells of salvation with joy. Your fountain of living water will not and cannot be stopped.

Beloved, agree with Me and let the past go. Stand in the present moment with excitement and expectation of the future I have already given you. I am the future and the hope you need to embrace in the little and big things of life.

Never discount My interest in even the smallest thing you take pleasure in or struggle in….from parking lot spaces to matters of life and death…from tears cried in joy or sadness to your delight as you participate in your favorite hobby…from the very beginning of your life to its very end and all things in between…all, yes, all are of great importance to Me…

Fountains will flow from you effortlessly as you rest in Me…as you rest in Me accepting what I have done for you through the gift of My life I have given you. Make things easier on yourself and remember, it is as important to forgive yourself as it is to forgive others.

As you accept and embrace My word and opinion of you, you will burst forth the fountain of My heart. Embrace who I say you are. Waters of life are bubbling with delight as they make their way to the surface of your life. Can you hear them? I can.

Watch Over And Stir One Another Up To Love And Service

Beloved, you are My chosen one and the time has come to arise…to stand up and up and believe beyond the bounds of your life. Stretch your tent pegs out beyond the conformability of anything you have been used to in the past. Dare to enlarge your way of thinking. Take all you know and let Me expand the very fabric of your being to believe for the supernatural.

The time to receive and confess with your mouth the beauty of who I am in you has come. You are not a fountain bringing forth bitter and sweet water. You are My fountain of resurrected dreams and visions for your own self as well as those you love. You have within you things born of My Spirit. Others need what you have. Never think what you give to be miniscule in any way. Life is life and is never to be graded to be relevant based on whether it is meaty or deep enough. Simply dispense what you have and I will back you up.

With this in mind, is there someone in your life who needs the water of My living Presence? Come aside with Me…be with Me and listen close to the bubbling thoughts of My heart to see and hear sweet waters of ministry, deliverance, healing, resurrection, hope, love, provision and so much more I wish to release.

When you hear what I say write it down so you can remember what I said…what you saw. Know that when you release what I have given you it will be like water on a parched land. I will allow it to fall in such a manner as not to let one drop run off or be misused. Therefore, be patient and trust me to disseminate the water you have drawn from the Fountain of My Presence within you as I see fit and according to My timing. This is faith.

You Are My Continual Spring Welling Up Unto Eternal Life

Beloved, when all is said and done, I am your mountain, your strong tower and your refuge in the day of trouble. Therefore, arise; come aside into My presence daily without equivocation. Do not delay. There is no time to waste for the day is approaching and your fountain… the Living Water within you is needed not only for your own life but for those I have stationed along the way…the thirsty ones meant just for you. They are waiting for the Water of Life…they are waiting for the Me found in you.

Therefore, confess and let go of everything but what I say in order that you may pour forth life giving waters…life giving waters meant to flow uninhibited out the depth of My heart in you. As your stones of hindrance and blockages are removed in cooperation with Me, living waters will pour forth like a bubbling spring. The life inside of you will cleanse, invigorate, and inspire with revelatory streams capable of smoothing every stone in your own life and the lives of others.

Beloved you are My courageous and forgiven one. You are indeed MY fountain with the ability to bring forth watered gardens in your own life and the lives of other. Arise and Come! Arise and bubble forth My presence. Arise and gush forth My life. Come and thirst no more.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, sometimes it is hard to see myself the way You do, especially when my past seems to loom larger than life. Help me to advert my eyes from looking back or looking inward in negative ways. Though I have sinned and make mistakes I am learning from them and choose not to be enslaved or locked in by them. I choose to agree with You today and declare I am indeed new in every way. My heart is set like flint toward the future of hope and prosperity in every avenue of my life.

Thank you for turning what the enemy has meant for evil into good as You restore all things in my life…including my family and friends. I will not be stubborn or ignorant as to my weaknesses or failures. Instead, I will declare I am strong in the power of Your might. I set my eyes on You and refuse to look away. My heart embraces the Word, and as I resist the devil, he flees from me. Thank you for not leading me into temptation but delivering me from evil. Today I let all things go into Your capable hands and I am forever changed

Lord, You are my light and my salvation in all areas of my life. My rough places do not surprise You, nor do they cause dismay. You never look at me and think I am not worth it or too tough to handle. Your kindness, mercy and goodness are ever before me…wooing me…calling me…saying to me, “Come close.” Create in me a burning desire to be ever close to the fire of Your heart…to the fire of Your all consuming love. May I drown in the flowing waters of Your enduring and life-changing love.

Help me to only deal with things in my life You point out to me by the Spirit. I choose not to go digging for what You are not revealing or working on. I align myself to hear Your voice and no other…not even my own. May my heart be in sync with You like a finely calibrated tuning fork. I declare I am one who is lead by the Spirit to the beat of Your heart. I walk according to truth, righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. This day, I am overflowing with hope.

Lord, today I choose to acknowledge that Your mercies are new every morning and they are new for me. You show no partiality to any person, however; you are partial to me because of Your great love. How You love me. I leave the past behind and live in the present moment with You, even if it is just to say Your name. Help me to keep my relationship with You simple by experiencing every moment with the realization You are there. I embrace the life You have given me with and expectation of a future and a hope. All things are forever being made new when I am in You.

Teach me to breathe You in and at the same time breathe out wrong attitudes, unforgiveness toward you, others and my own self. I am a fountain full of Your living water and this day I burst forth with delight and adoration for You and this life You have given me. I can hear You bubbling up within me.

The Lord is my mountain, my stronghold, my refuge in the day of trouble. He is my revelation, my truth and my ability to love. The Lord is ever present in my life regardless if I feel like it or not. I am a diligent worshipper of the Lord and I keep my lamps full of the oil of His presence and the power of His Word. All my fountains are in the Lord and I make them available for all who are in need. I am one who hears the Shepherd’s voice and does not follow another for it is no longer I who live but the Lord who lives in me; the Hope of Glory.

Because this is my heart, Lord, I ask you to keep me ever mindful that I am but dust and am indeed dependent on You. You are my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear. I will not fear any man and will instead give away all You have imparted to me; with love and grace. Let mercy and truth in love always be the expression of my heart to the lovely and the unlovely in this world. For, I am indeed Your fountain…your every flowing stream with the ability to bring forth watered gardens in all I do and say. I arise in You to release my life. I thirst only for You. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. What old things do you find yourself holding onto…old ways of acting…old opinions or judgments of others…habits which may be legal but not profitable…and so on?

2. Do you think it is possible to miss seeing the newness and growth in your life by thinking on the past (even yesterday) and how you didn’t succeed or pondering how you could have done it better? Not wrong to think on how to do it better but you must not dwell there. Learn the lesson and go on to greater success the next time.

3. In what ways or areas of your life have you not fully accepted what Jesus did on the Cross?

4. How can you base on your own God given personality become more God centered?

5. What have you become discouraged about because it seems to have taken so long to overcome?

6. Do you have a tendency to judge yourself harshly based on the result of external assumptions about your lack of success in any area of your life?

7. Take some intimate time with the Lord and ask Him to show you the positive motives of your heart you might be missing. Yes, He convicts, but often we think that is all He does. This flies in the face of His enduring and encouraging love. He would not tell us to encourage one another then never do so Himself.

8. Now that you have done this, take some time to write down what He said about you that is lovely, pure and upright.

9. Reflect on and define what it means for God to live in your present?

10. How can you better take advantage of your “NOW” relationship with Him?

11. What mundane or even enjoyable things you are involved in (hobbies and such) that you somehow keep separate from Him without the realization He longs make fun or join in on the fun? Do you think the Lord likes to have fun with you…to join in on the fun you experience? If so, why and if not, why?

12. Spend some time with Him and listen for His heart to bubble in you like and underground spring. What is the saying?

13. Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you are stuck in old ways of thinking…held captive by unbelief or the traditions of men? Once you have done this, take time to repent and confess all unbelief.

14. Write a declaration stating your own willingness to be one who is a stretched tent for the Lord.

15. Write a declaration about your beauty and about how He sees you. The Word is full of encouraging words. Find some in direct opposition to what you struggle with in relation to your own self image.

16. Now write a declaration about someone you may have issue with or someone you have prayed for in a certain area for a long time without result. As before, find scripture opposite of the scheme or struggle in their life. This will build faith in you and release the power of His Word in and for them.

17. How much importance do you put on the invitation given above to come into the presence of the Lord without delay? Is it something you have heard so many times before it is almost cliché?

18. Contemplate what He promises if you will come.

19. What does it mean to you to receive “living water?”

20. What blockages would you like to see removed so the full flow of His life can cascade out of you to your own life and a dying world?

21. Take the prayer/declaration, print it and declare it over yourself for 30 days and see what a difference it makes in your heart

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. Thank you for todays love letter. I have a habit and I’ve confessed, repented and have not prevailed. The church I belong to harp on it a lot. I feel ashamed and unworthy before the Lord. I beat myself up a lot, and feel like no one wants any part of me because of this. As I read your letter, I started crying, this is all me 100 percent. I don’t have a printer yet, as I was writing it out, the Lord showed me because of my culture we have also had to work twice as hard to prove ourselves, and this carried over into the kingdom of God, of not knowing how to received. There was such a weight that had lifted from me, my heart was liking racing…wow Lord, you do talk to me. May God bless you mightily in all you do for Him…..have a bless day

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