Kairos Timing Of The Lord, Part One

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Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands; [O Zion] your walls are continually before Me. (Isaiah 49:16 Amplified)

You Are Tattooed In The Palm Of My Hand

Beloved you have been born and placed where you are for such a time as this. This is your day and hour. Do not be dissuaded by past failures or the antics of other men and women. O’ how I want you to disassociate yourself from any wrong, deceptive, or negative behaviors of others in this day and hour.

Do not be impressed by signs and wonder, yet aspire to walk in them. They are by products of being in relationship with Me and exercising the authority I have given you. Yes, they are important and demonstrate the power of who I am to a lost and dying world, but they do not compare to intimacy and communion. They are a result thereof…a result of knowing who I am and who you are in Me.

Be impressed “Upon” by Me. Let not the fingerprints of others upon your life supersede the fingerprint of life I have laid indelibly upon your heart…you are imprinted into the very palm of My hand (Isaiah 49:16).

Know this; just because someone else believes something about you does not mean it is true. For the most part, the tendency of most is to believe the negative or believe the discriminations of others over what I have said and you are no exception. It is what the enemy does and I have given you a free will and a choice as to whom you should believe. Choose well and you will live well (Joshua 24:15)

Beloved, take a moment and think on all the things you believe about yourself based on the words or actions of others rather than what I say and believe. What have you embraced other than the truth. It can be anything large or small. What do you find yourself self-talking about on a consistent basis? It can be even one word someone has said to you or you have said to yourself that has lodged in your soul affecting your emotions and attitudes. Today is the day to take inventory and discard that which brings no good will or life to the Kairos time you are in.

Sever The Past And Press On

Beloved, seeing you are born for such a time as “THIS”, one thing is for sure, you cannot live in the present and hold on to the past. You must cut every tendril and pull up every root. And the truth of My love for you regardless what you have done or experienced and the revelation thereof will enable you to let go. Letting go of your own inadequacies and being patient with your own self will translate to others and how you treat them.

Often others are treated unfairly or in an unloving way because of the need to justify self, because of selfishness or unwillingness to give what it takes, or because of the refusal to look at one’s own weaknesses out of fear of rejection…believing consciously or unconsciously that somehow the belittlement of another makes one look better. Beloved, it is so important to know how much I love you and then you will in turn love yourself and others. This is essential to shifting into manifestation of purpose.

Therefore, I am releasing an impartation of revelation to your heart in order for you to comprehend and understand how much I love you; then, you will love you as the valuable asset to the Kingdom you are. Remember, no matter how much progress you have made in this area there is always room for more.

Love is not based on anything you are, have done or have not done. This is a revelation you need…a revelation of the power of the Cross and what it accomplished and made way for down to the most intimate details of your life.

Ask yourself, “What am I most afraid of?” When you get the answer you will find a place where love is not perfected. Be rooted, grounded and perfected in love. And remember I do not give stones when My children ask for bread. Throw out the old bread and receive fresh bread straight from the manna oven of My heart.

Every Good And Perfect Gift

Beloved, I am aligning and shifting all you know…no more drifting…no more wondering…no more doubt and unbelief…no more will the fibers of your being be attached to your past…healing is come to your house for you are My temple and I dwell in you. You are a house of God…a place where I dwell…a place I work in and through. I give you good gifts for you are a “GIFT.”

Yes, I am shifting—I am aligning all things meant for this day and time.

I know your heart, and believe it or not, I have not judged it as harshly as you have a tendency to do at times. You have tried in some cases to follow all the rules, so to speak, and yet you remain in some of the same places within your own thinking and attitudes of times gone by.

Freedom is closer and easier than you have imagined and I am in no way saying you are not successful or that you are in a place without merit. I am simply a giver of gifts…an ever increasing One with life to impart…life capable of raising you up to a whole new stature in the fullness of who I am (Ephesians 4:13).

Beloved, I care so much about you I want to remove every fiber down to the cellular level that keeps you from seeing Me when you look at your own self. Therefore, things must be realigned and you must have the same mind and attitude as I. I say, “Shift and be changed. “

The Lord, A Revealer Of Secret Mysteries

Yes Beloved, I am changing everything. The plumb line is now being released. All is being brought into conformity with Me—being brought into conformity with My Word and you are no exception. What I give…I give to all. I give to whom so ever will.

Therefore; I often do things that surprise you because the natural tendency is to think the very opposite of good might happen. This is a result of to much negative thinking. Sometimes it happens because of wrong thinking you have participated in and you aren’t even aware that it is happening. Think on what is lovely, pure and upright and you will destroy negativity (Philippians 4:8).

In spite of it all, what do I do? I do a “Suddenly.” So, try as you might, you cannot figure Me out. You can only live a life of amazing discovery. What a prospect…what an exciting proposition.

Yes, you have the thoughts and intents of My heart; but still I am a mysterious and sovereign God. I do mysterious things in mystifying ways and I have come to mystify you…to baffle you with My amazing love. Many “suddenlies” will happen in the most unlikely places…in the most unlikely circumstances. I want you to be one who looks for the silver lining…the mystery in all things. I am indeed mysterious but at the same time I reveal unsearchable things you know not (Jeremiah 33:3)

Open up, without reservation and let Me do what I do best. Don’t disregard My offer because you think you are doing to poorly or dismiss it because you feel just you’re just fine and dandy. There is always room for more. I am the eternal overflowing; ever flowing God and I want to give increase to you no matter what stage of growth you are in. Change is coming and all must shift to a whole new level. Know this, revelation is coming.

Behold, To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

Beloved, the time has indeed come and your discernment will increase. You will notice with great sensitivity the minutest checks in your spirit saying to go this way or not.

What do I require of you in this instance? I require obedience. Why? Obedience saves so much time and heartache. Yes, I can redeem the time and restore the years the locust has eaten and I do. However, it would be best if it was not necessary for obedience is definitely better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22).

Enough wasted time…enough negativity…enough apathy…enough complacency…enough self-degradation…enough determining your future by looking at your past…enough of fear and intimidation by the enemy. Beloved I say, “Enough is enough.

Time has come to not turn to the right or the left but focus on the one who covers you…covers us…take time says the spirit of the Lord to be in My Presence and let me bring to remembrance Words long forgotten or ones you have turned a deaf ear to and let Me resurrect discarded seeds of manifest destiny…all of those I love are sent to someone or another…the question is, “Who will obey and go? Who will arise and shine? Will it be you?”

and marvels at how awesome it is to live in this day and time…to live for and in Your glory. You are truly amazing. Your beauty fills the earth and the eyes of my heart are fully opened to see. This is the time…this is the day and hour of Your presence and purpose to flow through my life. Though signs and wonders will fill the earth I will keep my heart and focus on the Lord that all men might be drawn to glorify Your name.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, may the fingerprint of Your beauty stamped indelibly upon my heart be visible for all to see. Help me to be so in tune with You that others can experience signs and wonders out of intimate communion with one another. I choose to lay aside all encumbrances and embrace the truth…embrace the positive and follow in Your footsteps. I am one who embraces the truth which is Your Word. I exercise my free will to follow You Lord and You alone. I disregard and break covenant with any words of men which disagree with who You say I am. I take inventory and discard what is of no value to my progress and I embrace…I clothe myself with the truth.

Lord, so many times I have found myself responding to others based on how I feel about myself at any given time. This happens when I have not been with You or in Your Word. How I feel about myself so often reflects on how I am with those I love…those I work with or go to church with. Help me to be aware when I am in a negative thought pattern which leads to being critical of others. I do not want to justify my actions and behaviors. Instead, I want to be free to love not only others but to love my own self.

Holy Spirit I invite You to come and do a complete work in my heart. Show me any hidden thing having the power to affect my life in negative or critical ways. Expose any root which holds me in patterns of weakness or wrong behavior. Therefore, today I receive Your impartation and revelation of love in its fullest degree and capacity. I receive love regardless of what I have done or not done. I receive it because You freely give it to me without measure or condition. It is Your love which motivates me to change…not rules and regulations. I will never be forsaken nor will I be begging for bread when it comes to You. Root out all fear and fill me with love, power and a sound mind..

Lord, I submit myself to You completely in all areas of my life…financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I submit myself to You in my work, church and family. I receive the realignment of all that I am to be adjusted to Your purpose and plan for this hour and time. I confess all my hindrances…all ties and all aspects of my life tied to the past are now broken, in the Name of Jesus. I am set free to embrace the purpose and calling of my life. You have filled me with good gifts and I am indeed a gift to the world around me.

Increase in me today according to Your will and purpose. Set my feet in a large place…on the rock of my salvation. I embrace freedom to the very core of my being as You lead me in a way I don’t know. You illumine all my darkness and cause my light to shine. I am this day rising up to my full stature in Christ. Today all things connected to my past which holds me in bondage or hostage are being removed. I am immersed and infused to my cellular level by the Lord.

Lord, change everything in my life and heart to line up with Your heart…with Your Word. Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father. As a child of God, I am a recipient of good gifts. Therefore, I am asking for seed today. I am asking for bread…bread to eat and seed to sow.

Help me to never put You in a box…in a box of my expectation. Many times I have expected the worst to happen. How silly this is when I focus on You and the Word. I have depended on my own thoughts from the soulish realm too many times. Therefore, I choose to declare and end to my own ways of doing and thinking. I am one who changes and shifts according to Your perspectives without delay or argument. I am a hearer and a doer period.

Lord, all my unlikely places…all my “I can’t figure it or You out places”…are becoming places of discovery, adventure and manifestations of my mysterious and sovereign God. I open myself up and receive Your offer and in the process change comes and I will increase in You..

I declare I am one who hears Your voice and I do not follow another. I ask for wisdom and it is given to me liberally with great measure. Discernment is my constant companion as Your voice leads me in paths of righteousness. I am a hearer and doer of the Word, for I choose obedience over sacrifice.

My heart is consumed with the zeal of the Lord and waits on Him like the deer pants for water. All my fountains are in the Lord and I thirst no more as I worship in spirit and truth. I hear the Shepherd’s voice. I do not listen to another. My ears are open to Him and my heart is not hardened to the voice of the Spirit. All the discarded dreams and seeds of promise are now being resurrected in this day and hour. I will obey and go. I will rise and shine for the glory of the Lord has come. I am Your obedient one. Amen

Reflect And Journal

  1. In what ways have you believed more in what others have said about you or even your own negative thoughts or perceptions?
  2. Contemplate and journal what it means to have your name inscribed…tattooed in His hand and what do you think it says about you right at this moment?
  3. What have you believed about yourself just because someone else has said it about you or accused you?
  4. Write down all the negative things you wish to discard and then on the opposite side write down what the Lord has given you instead. Take these positive words and write a decree you speak over your own life.
  5. Do you ever find yourself treating others in negative or critical ways you feel about your own self at any given time? Kind of like taking out how you feel on others…in others words…I feel bad and so should they. Not that you consciously choose to do so. Misery just likes company, so to speak.
  6. How do you think a revelation of His love regardless of who you are or what you have done can change this negative cycle most of us find ourselves in from time to time?
  7. How is your love of others directly related to your revelation of His love for you?
  8. Ponder the word above and write out what you are most afraid of. It will help you to face the issue and give you the courage to overcome. Just facing things makes it easier.
  9. What is the most persistent attitude born of your past you had to fight with most often? Write it down. Get the answer from the Word. Begin by declaring it will shift and align itself to the Word of God. As you do these things ask Holy Spirit to reveal its root…unforgiveness, wounds, rejection, betrayal and so on. This can be an exciting adventure if you are willing to participate and the enemy’s house of cards will fall.
  10. Spend some time thinking about how He has gifted you and what those gifts are. Then ask yourself how they can be applied according the desires of your heart and your personality. Most people are always looking to see what God wants them to do and would be better served if they responded to the positive leanings of their heart. Did you ever stop and think those godly desires were put there by Him and that He wants to help you fulfill them? Maybe what you are to do is right under your nose.
  11. Have you used any other thing beside the Lord and His Word as a plumb line in your life…things like a book, a plan or system…people like your pastor, your family or some nationally known and gifted speaker? Look closely and see if you value the words or plans of men more than what you receive personally from Holy Spirit or the Word.
  12. How do you most often try and figure out God? What “suddenlies” have you experienced?
  13. In what areas do you need to open up more to the Lord? What areas do you long to have revelation in the most?
  14. How have you tried to substitute sacrifice in place of obedience in your life?
  15. In what ways do you waste or take advantage of the time the Lord has given you?
  16. Take some time to be in His presence and ask Him to reveal the discarded dreams He wishes to resurrect in your life?
  17. How can you personally right where you are in life, rise, shine and declare His glory. It doesn’t have to be some magnificent or grand act. Perhaps it is just a smile, a kind word or releasing judgments against someone or perhaps walking in forgiveness. Anything He ask you to do becomes grand when you obey.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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