Abide In Me And I Will Abide In You

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I am the True Vine and My Father is the Vinedresser” (John 15:1 Amplified)

Dwell in Me and I will dwell in you, Live in Me and I will live in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit of itself without being vitally united to the vine, neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me (John 15:4 Amplified)

Abiding, A Many Faceted Wonder

Beloved, abide is a gentle sounding word, yet it is encapsulated with the authoritative, trustworthy backbone of the Cross. It is encased in My shed blood. In light of this let Me share some facets of this all encompassing word as you behold Me in your heart.

There have been many times in your life and in the lives of your loved ones where I have demonstrated the many qualities of abide and what abiding means—what it asks of our relationship. The many facets and definitions of abide are a clear demonstration of what I offer. Yes, the definitions of abide are even a picture of who I am.

When I abide I endure until the end. Nothing can dissuade Me from the decision, once made. And I made it once and for all at the “Cross.” There is no going back, not even a shadow of turning. This decision was made before the worlds were formed. I remain when no one else does. I am the last one standing and will continue to stand by you to the very end.

When you wander, I remain, yet at the same time I am in search of you like a shepherd and the little sheep gone astray. I survived all the brutal assaults on My life and character thereby ensuring your survival throughout all eternity. I am a permanent, unshakable foundation not made with human hands and fixed as the rock of ages. I am steadfast, never to be swayed about by inconsistencies or shifting winds. I am steadfast even when you falter. I remain faithful when you are not.

All this I freely give to you through the Cross. I invite you to partake in the abiding place of mutual love in practical everyday ways—to experience Me moment by moment. I am an ever-present God; therefore, I am where you are—always.

What I am, you become as you abide in Me. You take of who I am in order to be like Me. You take from Me in order to fill the earth with My image. All the characteristics of who I am flow from Me to you. This isn’t an invitation for the perfect. It is an invitation for whosoever will. Are you a whosoever will? I say you are. Pull aside a moment. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow yourself the pleasure of My company and all else will fade away. I am near. My love is whispering, “Come and abide.”

Abiding Is The Only Desire Of Mutual Love

To abide in Me doesn’t mean you will never fail. Don’t be afraid of failing. The motive of your heart to rest in Me—to abide in Me—brings such utter delight to the very depths of My heart.

I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are a success, to make sure you wear every facet of who I am like a Kingly Robe. I will do all it takes to keep you from falling and make your life into a complete reflection of all I have ever desired for you to be. It takes time, so don’t be inclined to rush. I am not pushing you. I am walking beside you, with you. This is the beauty of being in union, being in communion with a steadfast heart like Mine.

Abiding isn’t accomplished by great strength of will. It is it simply a product of mutual love and affection, producing a life sustaining two-way relationship? It is a place of agreeing with one another and acknowledging each other’s intrinsic value to the continuous flow in both directions.

Is it a choice? Yes, it is a choice, a choice to cherish by relationship and born from an understanding and revelation of My love for you. Do you think I who called you to come unto Me, incapable of keeping you (Jude 1:23-25)? May it never be!

You only severe or cut our abiding ties when drawn away by some promise of a greater desire, some enticing sin or when you let failure make you hide behind the fig leaves of your making.

Always remember this, I remain and I never move. I am always near. Adam and Eve moved, not Me. They listened to the enemy’s “Hath God Said?” They believed that I, who walked with them in the cool of the garden, had somehow deceived them, somehow kept something from them. They believed I had moved when I had not. Their mistake, their doubt in My ever-present and steadfast goodness had somehow wavered and they covered themselves with fig leaves as they hid from Me in the garden.

They mistakenly listened to the voice of the enemy and forgot the Word I spoke to them as we walked together. And as a result they did not run to the permanent and unshakable foundation that I am at the first sign of trouble. I want to save you all this heartache and implore you to be with Me at all times regardless of what you do, think or feel. I am a big God and I can take it. I already knew anyway. It is in the place of abiding that you lay down these things in exchange for all I have to give.

Beloved, I want you to know Me so well that when you sin, desire other things more than Me, or failure triumphs in your life, your first instinct will be to dwell in Me and not hide. The only safe and nurturing place to go is to abide in Me. It is the place where I infuse you with the ability to overcome.

With persistence, tenacity, and confidence born out of time with Me you will overcome to be wholly rooted in the abiding place of My heart and Word. I will infuse you with My very character revealed within the very definition of the word abide. Every facet of who I am will reflect through and out of your life. You belong in Me and I belong in you. Yes My love, you are My favorite place to be. Come walk with Me within the cool of the garden—within the secret places of My love.

David, Manna And New Mercies

David cried out to Me for a steadfast spirit, one not shaken by every passing circumstance or failure. He understood that failure made way for pruning and cleansing; therefore, he willingly submitted himself to it. Failure did not nullify or cancel his abiding relationship with Me or My dedication to his success. Instead it pressed him closer to the vine—so close he drew strength straight from My heart.

It was because of his abiding that he was able to overcome the greatest of failures, all the while being called a man after My own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). He bore much fruit in his life, including the fruit of repentance. He found obedience to be greater than sacrifice.

The one thing he wanted the most was to dwell in My temple—to gaze upon My beauty with an inquiring meditative heart (cf. Psalms 27:4). His heart cried out to My face—My presence—as he sought Me and required Me for the very sustenance to live and be. Because of this, David lives on in Me and My heart to this very day. In fact, his life lives on to instruct you in the way you should go in order to walk the path of humility and accept who you are in Me regardless.

Now imagine with Me for a moment a beautiful bouquet of flowers, arrayed in colorful splendor. With delicate precision and fine craftsmanship they are displayed in a beautiful ornate vase. Their presence emanates a lovely sense of grace and beauty, transforming the environment around them. Though they seem identical to those abiding in the garden, they are not.

Even though they release fragrance to all who walk by, they are not living. No matter how much water and additives they are fed, their fate is inevitable. As days go by manifestations of their true state become visible as they wilt, droop and give away to brittle dryness.

They are either discarded, never to be remembered or kept as pressed flowers holding only a faint memory of their former beauty. Memories are not enough to sustain you My child. Manna from yesterday will not provide for today. Challenges come each and every day requiring the fresh manna of communion between us. Abiding in Me is a moment by moment necessity.

Old manna and old flowers alike are for the discarding. My mercies . . . My manna . . . My abiding presence are new every morning. Yes, they are new with each breath you take. Breathe deep and smell the beauty of My living garden and don’t hold on to the things of yesterday. Yes, you can learn lessons from them but don’t keep or depend on them. I am new every morning and so are you.

Beware Of Little Foxes

My precious branch, subtle little foxes come into your life with the intent of robbing our abiding relationship. You must be on constant guard and the best way to do this is to abide in Me moment by moment. It isn’t hard. Just to think on My name or speak it is enough. After all, My name is above all names. My name is above all things. Therefore, when you struggle with the necessities of life and long to be with Me, just cry out or even whisper My name and see what I will do.

Ultimately these little foxes retard, destroy, or cut off fruit. The destruction doesn’t always show right away. In time however, like a beautiful bouquet, wilting takes place. Being disconnected from the vine like a vase full of flowers will eventually produce a disheartened soul. Your soul needs your spirit to be connected to the vine in such a way to receive infusions of My life-giving nutrients. When separated from Me, little foxes have a way of plucking the life out of our relationship and produce outward manifestations of dryness which represent the inner workings of the heart.

Dehydration takes place when you don’t abide in Me, and as a result, the soul feels free to express itself with unkind words and deeds. This robs the garden I called you to be and brings barrenness, guilt and shame to the core of your being (Isaiah: 58:11). This is where the enemy of your soul compounds the situation with guilt, causing you to flee, instead of hiding in Me. Let it never be. Instead you must run to Me, not from Me. Don’t hide in unfruitful or barren places. There is no covering there. Confess, repent and draw near. It is the only way to re-hydrate and build up your spirit man. Attach yourself to the vine of My presence and be renewed.

An understanding and revelation of My nature and that of My Father will keep you attached. And you get this by being in the Word and by being with Us. We are your safe place.

You see, the very moment I observe an area of darkness, a hindrance, or weakness trying to separate us I am there with My pruning knife to cut it away. Have I not said, “Nothing can separate you from Me?” The whole time I am pruning, I am cleansing with great mercy and grace. Each time I prune, new tender shoots of fruit-producing growth sprout up in abundance, strengthening our relationship and your own perception of self.

Yes, each and every time I touch you, your revelation of Me grows and a deeper abiding is the result. This brings delight to your heart and gives you courage. I press you onward to your high calling in Me. It cuts off any harmful effects of the past and puts them where they belong; in the past. Remember; don’t let the little foxes push you away. Defy them; defeat them by coming after Me in hot pursuit. Counteract the schemes of the enemy by running to the only safe place—Me.

Love God And Love Your Neighbor

Beloved, I chose you, you did not choose Me. I chose you and determined that your fruit would remain (cf. John 15:16). You are the branch I chose. You are the one I longed for—the one I desired and gave so much for. You are the one I dreamt about. You are the joy set before Me at the Cross. As the blood poured down My face and agony shuddered through My ripped and torn flesh, I saw you and longed for you.

Yes, you were and are the one I long to walk with, sup with, dine with, and talk with not just in the cool of garden but in the heat of the day. Know this; I am an all weather kind of God. I am with you in the thick and the thin. Circumstances and situations only have power to rob from our abiding relationship if you let them. I am always near—always waiting.

Beloved, I cried out for the Father to make us one as He and I are one. I wanted and want you to have what We have. Therefore, I made a way where there was no way. I am indeed the Way Maker. Come into the Way and be, for all is ready regardless who, what or where you have been. It simply is because I Am.

As an example of relationship, obedience and sacrifice to My Father I compel you to come for I am able to keep you in this abiding place. As I eternally live on in My Father’s love, you eternally live on in love as we abide together. My Word dwells richly in your heart, functioning as a wonderful capable teacher, developing fruit for your own life and the lives of many others (cf. Colossians 3:16). I have ordained it so. Won’t you receive? Won’t you be?

Keeping the commandments to love Me with all your being and loving your neighbor as yourself will enable you in this abiding place. Loving Me fully eliminates the possibility of potential failures in the area of loving others. It is the key to overcoming everything else in your life.

As we commune, love will be the first thing I give you, the second thing I give you and the last thing I give you in each and every situation—in and throughout each and every day.

Therefore, depend on Me to funnel all that I am into you. Loving and being loved takes time and communication. Abiding is resting in the fact that I love you as much as My Father loves Me. Bouquets of flowers may fade and wither but you, My fruitful branch, will live on in My love as I live on in His—as I live on in you.

Like Me, you endure, remain, prevail, survive, and are permanently unshakable and steadfast as you dwell in Me. Come, let Me keep you. Come, abide, receive, give and be complete. Be full and running over with gladness for I reside in you and you reside in Me. I smell your fragrance and it smells like Me. Inhale deeply and you will know, you will smell. Come; let us walk in the cool of the day. Much is waiting to be discovered.

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, Your ability to keep me, to make me stand in the midst of any situation is amazing. Teach me to remain in You at all times and to do so with an understanding that no matter what You never leave or forsake me for even a moment. You survived the cruelest agony depraved and tortured hearts could ever dish out and yet You interceded for forgiveness on their behalf. Teach me to be like You. I partake of all You have done for me and acknowledge Your ever-present heart. I am never alone for You are with me. I give up my fear of failure and put on Your righteousness. Teach me to receive the fullness of Your Word in my life. Let me see and know within the deepest subconscious portions of my heart and being that You are one-hundred percent dedicated to my success. You use my failures and mistakes to teach me not to forsake or pull away from You.

In fact, the very opposite is true. You draw near to me and reveal my heart in order to free me, in order to walk with me in the cool of the day. Your Word is like a fresh breeze on a hot day and infuses me with strength and vitality. I declare that the voice of the enemy has no power over me, for I live according to every Word proceeding from the Your mouth, from Your heart.

Lord, I cry out to You for a heart like David. I long to desire You as the most important necessity of my life. I long to pant after You as the deer pants for a brook of water. Captivate my heart and let me not love or look to another. Past circumstances or failure have not one bit of relevance when it comes to how You feel about me. Open my eyes to see You as I gaze upon the beauty of Your Word—as I reflect on the loveliness of Your name. You are sweeter than the honeycomb and stronger than bands of steel. Your name and Your love endure forever. And I am in You, therefore, I endure forever.

I come into the garden of our relationship and pick fresh flowers every day. I feed on the manna of Your Word morning by morning, evening by evening. I taste and see that You are good. As I draw from Your presence I am a fresh bouquet of flowers dispensing Your fragrance everywhere I go and in everything I do. I let go of the memories I hold on to in favor of fresh revelation and truth. I learn from the lessons of the past and they enable me to succeed with humility in the moment and the days to come. I discard all old flowers and manna to walk in the garden with You. Show me the little foxes that so easily beset me in order to draw me away from You out of fear, shame, and guilt or for any other reason. Teach me the power found in the simplicity of speaking Your name throughout the course of my days. I depend on Your name, for it is above all names.

I thank You for sending Your precious Son as a declaration of Your everlasting love. You are a wonderful Vinedresser and an ever-loving Father. Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to give Your life that I might have a place to live. You have provided an abiding place for the here, the now and the life to come. I cling to You, drawing all my strength and love from You.

Holy Spirit, teach me how to abide with all my heart, realizing a deeper communion than I have ever experienced before. You are so practical, yet at the same time, so holy—a touchable awesome God. In the midst of my many failures and blunders I find myself closer to You as You forgive me and wash me in Your cleansing blood. I am here, Jesus, to abide, to receive, to give and be complete in You. You are my hiding place and I love You so. Help me; grace me to always abide in You. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. Have you ever thought of the word abide in this way?

2. Choose an aspect of the word you most need to focus on and receive it from Him.

3. Take some time and confess these traits over your heart and life as you think on Him.

4. Has a sense of failure or lie of the enemy in any area kept you from the Lover of your soul?

5. Reflect on the fig leaves Adam and Eve used to cover their own nakedness. Are there areas of your life you have tried to cover with religion or good deeds thinking God is unaware? Or have you known He is aware but are afraid what He will do or say? He already knows and still loves you. In fact, He has always known and still loved you to point of death. Isn’t it time you let everything go and received a fresh breeze of His abiding presence?

6. Journal what it means to you to be infused with Him.

7. He is committed to making your life a reflection of His. What does His steadfast and unrelenting commitment to do so mean to you personally?

8. What old manna, old communion, or old abiding have you been holding on to?

9. What do you admire most about David’s life? What about his failures or successes give you the most hope?

10. What attribute of David do you wish to most employ in your own life?

11. Discard, abide, and breathe deep. Ask Him to develop a heart of David in you.

12. Ask the Lord to open the memory books of your heart and show you the things of yesterday you are depending on in lieu of new manna, and walk among His living garden.

13. Look at the areas of dryness and see what little foxes you have allowed into your life? Have you been on constant or periodic guard?

14. Forgive yourself, forgive others and let Him prune your life. Do this with a heart of gladness.

15. Defy the lies of the enemy, let go of the past and embrace the watered garden you are. What do you need to let go of most in order for this to happen?

16. What is your own perception of cutting and pruning? Have the terms held any kind of negative connotation to you? In light of the Lord’s great mercy what do you think they are intended to convey?

17. Confess over your own heart the things He says about you and write what He speaks.

18. Contemplate the incredible reality of the sacrifice He gave in order to choose you—in order to make a way for you to be one with Him as He is with the Father.

19. How does it make you feel to know you are His chosen—His favorite place to be?

20. The first and the last thing He gives you is love. How will this enable you to embrace the definition of abide?

21. Have you been His love to others? If not, take stock or inventory of your time and relationship with Him. Do you see any correlation to your time with Him either way?

22. Take some time with Him and ask Holy Spirit to show you which definition of abide He wishes to work into your heart and life the most. Write what He speaks to you.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

3 Responses to “Abide In Me And I Will Abide In You”

  1. Your death on the Cross paid for all my sins. My own sufferings is my way of helping You carry that cross. Each time I fall short of my covenant to You, I nail You again on the Cross. Give me the grace and courage to abide in Your Love that I may never again make You grieve for me.Hearty obedience is all I need to be abiding to Your WILL.

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  3. Hey my friend, I’ll share with you a thought the Lord of all as given me. He used John 15:7 If you abide in me and my words abide in you…. The showed me that there are two truths in these words,first in Matt.11;28-29 Come unto me…and learn of me for I’m meek and lowly of heart, the second is Heb.4:12 is quick and powerful,and sharper than a two edged sword… these verses are related Brenda, truly eye has not seen nor ear heard what the Lord as prepared for them that love Him.

    Brenda in the Spirit I don’t know what time it is. But this I can say starting the first of this year, the Spirit is taking me to new fresh dimensions of the word, of faith. Nightly He is taking me my the hand and walking with me through the Word, starting with the heritage of my faith father Abraham, to my future in the royal priesthood of Melchizedek.

    You Brenda God seems to be supernaturally keeping people away from me right now. I have not told people to stay away as I seek the face of the Lord, they just are,and I’m so thankful.

    Its my prayer for you His whole body, that we learn to wait, to rest, to journey with the Spirit into the deeps to the Word.

    Tell the saints bye for now I pray is face Shine upon you and yours.

    Daniel C

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