Will You Wait On The Lord

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But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8 Amplified)

Slow Down , Run Your Race

Beloved, why be in such a hurry. A day is as a thousand years and a thousand years are as a day. Timing is everything and cannot be rushed without producing by consequence, worry, fear, doubt, anxiety and ultimately unbelief. By running ahead you miss important steps along the way—you miss important ingredients needed to bring forth a complete and effectual result in the things I have planned for you. Often times, when you look at another person or another ministry the desire to compare can be overwhelming when you feel like you are not progressing as you should. This should never be.

Their race is their race to run and yours is yours and no one else’s, period. I will never hold you to the standards of another—their walk, ministry, status, family, or any other aspect of their life. Each is individual and unique, requiring individualized instruction and blueprints. I am not a cookie cutter God and you are not a cookie cutter person.

You must run your race and never ever compare yourself or your walk with someone else’s. The enemy uses this to make you fearful to the point you no longer feel qualified. You are qualified in Me. You feel anxious and uncertain when you get out ahead of Me. You get ahead of Me when you neglect My presence and neglect My Word or try and run another person’s race. All you have to do is relax and hear My voice. It is as simple as that.

I stand by with many words to say and many directions to give. Listen and you will hear. The more you hear, the more you will listen. Once you have heard, turn around and speak what I say to you with declarative power. Speak it over your life. You will be amazed at the results.

Settle Down In My Presence

It is very important in the days ahead to take some time to rest. When you become weary, overloaded and burdened by many unfulfilled expectations on yourself and others, irritation, anger and resentment can easily make their way into your heart.

If you could ask Martha, what do you think she would tell you about duty and busyness among the manifest beauty of My presence? A moment with Me can make time-crunched days and situations move in slow motion in order to get all things done. The sun did stop for Joshua, now didn’t it? At the very least, time with Me, will make you move with such great peace it will seem as if the sun has stood still on your behalf. Can your worry, fretting, or comparing, add one hair to your head? No, it cannot, but it can turn them gray. Don’t ever think that more is always better. It just isn’t.

I know you feel like you must always be doing something. It is programmed in you by your past and the world you live in. You must settle down into the quietness of My presence, away from the crowd (Psalm 131:2, Mark 6:31). Settle down by the still waters (Psalms 23:1-2). Do you think I would neglect to fulfill the destiny and purpose of one who loves Me so much? My Word does not say I look upon the busyness of a heart to determine value. It says I look upon the motive and I know your motive is love. Please don’t try to impress Me with activity. It is not what I am after. I am after your heart.

Beloved, you are much harder on yourself than I; you forget My goodness, My kindness and mercy. Allow yourself to be washed and cleansed with My Word, which releases My kindness and leads you to repentance (Romans 2:4). Spend some extra time with Me today and you will be greatly rewarded in ways you can’t imagine. I have come to rest abundantly in your heart.

Wait On Me, Walk With Me

Beloved, I am here standing beside you in each and every situation in your life. I am not far off. Just the very thought of My name in your heart draws Me ever near. Don’t fret at what seems like long delays and unfulfilled Words. Don’t be afraid to wait. I wasn’t. You see, I am an expert at waiting. I waited all of past eternity for you to know Me. In fact, I waited before all time just to be with you at this moment. What I am and what I have has been given to you. Anxious thoughts never entered My heart. Anticipation was always leaping within Me and never gave way to fear.

I desire for you to walk in gratefulness for the things I have given you—to walk in anticipation for the things I have promised you. Today is the door to tomorrow. Know this; a grateful heart full of thanksgiving today makes way for the unfolding of miracles in the tomorrows to come.

Take My hand and walk with Me as you wait upon Me. Waiting with a heart of trust brings you into a place of rest. I will bring you to a place of revelation not otherwise obtained outside of a restful waiting in My faithfulness and great love for you (Psalms 130:4-6). This does not mean complete inactivity. You must still share Me as you come and go in the duties of everyday life for you are a conduit of My life—My salvation.

In the midst of waiting do not grow unproductive. This waiting I am talking about is in reference to waiting on the unfulfilled dreams and promises you have trusted Me to bring about according to My Word to you. Waiting on these do not bring the everyday requirements and principals of My Word in your life to a halt. I ask you to wait upon Me and renew your strength but this does not mean to do nothing. It is a place of trust and rest in the midst of service.

Therefore, remember the principal of reaping and sowing. Give and it shall be given. The more you give, the more you receive and besides, giving keeps your thoughts off yourself. Be about My business and I will be about yours. I promise. Be patient as I am patient. It is My gift to you today Look up, I am singing over you today.

Along the Way

Seeing that I know the plans I have for you, do you think I am surprised by anything or that I would withhold them from you? Nothing takes Me by surprise and nothing happens in your life by just “Happenstance.” This can never be. I am always revealing. Are you always listening? I hope so. I have so much to say. All I need is a listening ear.

Like chains of DNA are connected with intricate complexity so are the strands of DNA which make up the purposed expression of your life. One thing connects to another and then to another. Sometimes it is hard to discern where one begins and where another ends. Overlapping is a phenomena of the Kingdom understood by very few. It is a mystery I reveal to those who saturate themselves in My presence—to those who are listening.

As soon as you think you have discovered a connecting factor in some aspect of your life—as soon as you think you have it figured out, new strands of DNA are discovered and build in different directions. They form a complex structure which displays My endless creative nature. These must be discerned in the Spirit, not in the natural man. If you are hurrying out ahead of Me, these things have a tendency to be missed and the full expression of My beauty will not be discerned. Patience is a must in order to experience the fullness of My plans for you. Trust Me to work all things out for your good.

Beloved, I will reveal all in the fullness of time, unveiling My plans for you as we go along the way. You will miss the unfolding if you run ahead. Charging ahead will cause backtracking and waste the precious time it takes to arrive. Even now, remember the tenderness and sweetness of My presence in the quiet place.

Remember those moments it felt as if the air you breathed was saturated with My presence and return to our secret place. Put all hindering thoughts aside. Come, you will not be disappointed. I am breathing the breath of new life over you this very day. Listen to My heart speaking and answer when it calls. Stop, close your eyes. I am breathing the breath of heaven on you right now. Receive.

Will You Trust The Lord?

Beloved, I have gathered the winds of My spirit today within the breath of My mouth. I have gathered them and given them voice—voice to whisper words and impressions of love to the deepest places of your heart. I move through the chambers of doubt and perplexity within hallows and hidden places inaccessible to anyone but Me. I can go where no one else can go.

Sometimes I am in places within you, working—working diligently before you ever come to recognize My presence. However, this is about to change. As you become more surrendered to My will you’ll be more aware of My ways. This is a progression that will always be in effect all the days of your life as you move from glory to glory. Anticipate the days to come, for you will experience My presence healing all wrong mindset and bringing restoration—bringing a new way of thinking. I am renewing your mind. This will enable your heart to wait on Me.

Listen carefully. Can you hear My voice calling? I am here with My tangible presence hovering upon you. I am pulling you into My embrace, enabling you to hear the beat of My heart for your life and the lives of others. You are a tremendous blessing to those around you. Even though at times it doesn’t seem like it, you are increasing in all I have called you to be for them.

Are you willing to wait on Me—willing to wait at My feet? Are you willing to trust Me to be goodness to you, no matter what circumstances and situations seem to say? Beloved, will you trust the motivation of My heart toward you? It is imperative that you do. All I desire for you is good, good, good. Be strong. Be courageous. I am.

All I require is: to love Me, love My Word, and be in My presence. All else shall be accomplished. Wait always in My presence, then arise and move out at My beckoning and we will go together, one step at a time. I have some destined steps for you today. Don’t judge them by their size or perceived value. Remember, each step I reveal and ask you to take is important to the next and then the next. This is one reason why obedience is important. No one wants to waste time making up for lost time. There is so much to do, even while waiting. Press in.

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Please forgive me for comparing my walk with You to anyone else’s. I cannot run someone else’s race and their race does not determine the value of mine. I choose not to run ahead of You in any way. Times of quiet and rest with You are not wasted. They are like sweet perfume to me, permeating my life with Your precious fragrance.

I repent of wrong attitudes and partake of life changing revelation. Teach me to wait on You and be a conduit at the same time. I will trust You, Holy Spirit, to lead and guide me into all truth. The motivation of Your heart toward me is for good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11). You are my greatest defender and strongest advocate in everything I do. I come humbly into Your presence today. I sense Your presence washing over me, invading me, infusing me. I am waiting on You. Speak, for I am listening. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. In what ways have you been comparing yourself, your ministry, your family, your job to others and how has this affected you?
  2. Do you think God is worried about time?
  3. In what ways have you felt disqualified in the race you are running? Remember, for the most part, what you see of another person’s life is not all there is. They have struggles too and maybe, just maybe they have the tendency to compare themselves to others they see as having progressed more than they. It is all about perspective. Comparison is dangerous to all who give way to it.
  4. In what ways is your relationship with the Lord like Martha’s?
  5. What traps have you fell into by thinking more is better?
  6. Are you afraid to say “NO!”? If so, ponder the whys and wherefores. Who are you trying to please, God or man?
  7. Reflect on how the Lord waited all of eternity up to this point in time to be with you. What does this say about the infinite love and dedication of the Lord to the words, promises and dreams placed in your heart by Him?
  8. What does it mean to you to “Wait on the Lord” and all the while serve the Kingdom with a heart of rest?
  9. Have you ever felt somehow the situations of your life have taken God by surprise or go unobserved by Him?
  10. Reflect on how this day is truly a doorway to tomorrows in your life and the potential miracles they hold? How does or should this affect your actions and responses in reference to God and other people?
  11. Take some time to reflect on the sweeter moments you have had with Him and the breath of life He imparted. Breathe Him in and let His creative power transform you once again.
  12. Does it surprise you that God is working by His spirit in places without you even being aware of Him?
  13. Since He is sometimes working within you without your perception, how should this change your thinking about times of trouble or self-doubt? Nothing about your life surprises Him, dismays Him or pushes Him far from you. Instead, He is pressing in and will press in to the point you recognize His administrations and respond.
  14. Are you willing to be one who waits on the Lord, one who sits in His presence regardless of what you feel? Are you willing to be one who loves His Word?
  15. What does it mean to you to “wait and do” at the same time?

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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  1. Hi Brenda!

    Today is a good word I will pass on to another friend who has been quite worn, she does not yet know about this site.
    Blessings!! Cheryl

  2. Hi Brenda, thank you for the revelation of God’s word you pouring into my spirit. Its building me up and preparing me for what’s ahead. God bless you.

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