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A New Wind Of God Is Blowing

Beloved, there is a new wind blowing across the land in this day and hour—a wind destined to bring change and challenge the hearts of many to grow in profound ways. Winds shape, shift and bring strength to both the natural and spiritual environment. My wind is not only moving across the hearts of many, but is coming to you, My Beloved, in a personal and vital way. Even as a physical landscape is transformed and rearranged by natural winds so shall you be changed as I blow across every facet of your life.

Breath Of Life And The Eternal Conversations Of Heaven, Part II

Beloved, can you hear me calling you aside to sit with me…to walk with Me? I have come knocking on the door of your garden. Will you hesitate to answer? Will you be convinced to wait as the burdens of the world try and settle on you with weariness of heart? Have you already given your best to something else? No matter. Come anyway. Come and let Me come to give you rest, for you are Mine.

Breath Of Life And The Eternal Conversations Of Heaven, Part I

How well do I know you? I knew you before time was I knew ever speck of dust and water it would take to make you. When I created Adam from the dust of the earth I was already intimately acquainted with every speck…acquainted with every cell of your physical being and every essence of your spiritual being. To know you is to love you. It is as simple as that.

New Mercies, Every Moment Has A Morning

Yes, His mercies are new every morning…every moment…for every moment in time has its own morning. Selah

Christ In You, The Ever-Present, Unchanging & Overcoming God, Part Two

Beloved, never despise the process of learning and growing up into full spiritual stature. I could have made you full-grown and fully complete, but what pleasure would that be…where would “free will” be? Where would the sacrificial love of our hearts be? I truly enjoy growing in You and in turn flowing out of you into some other grace starved life in need of love.