A New Wind Of God Is Blowing

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For in Him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your [own] poets have said, For we are also His offspring.” (Acts 17:28 Amplified)

Move Within My Wind

Beloved, there is a new wind blowing across the land in this day and hour—a wind destined to bring change and challenge the hearts of many to grow in profound ways. Winds shape, shift and bring strength to both the natural and spiritual environment. My wind is not only moving across the hearts of many, but is coming to you, My Beloved, in a personal and vital way. Even as a physical landscape is transformed and rearranged by natural winds so shall you be changed as I blow across every facet of your life.

For so long you have been taught it is best to have the wind at your back pushing you forward. I beg to differ. Is best to move within My wind and experience its exhilarating pressure intruding aggressively in and through your very being—to experience it penetrating the environment around you. This is part of living, moving and having your being in Me (Acts 17:28 NIV).

My wind has the ability to make its way through obstacles, circumstances and yes, even seemingly impenetrable hearts believed to be closed and uninhabitable. With one breath of My mouth, mighty winds of change are released. Prepare yourself to move within My winds and see things shift before your very eyes

Yes, My wind is cascading in waves from My throne as I exhale the breath of My heart. Like the tide they are ebbing, flowing, and moving in and out as I inhale and exhale. Listen carefully for the many coming whispers carried upon every shifting of My breeze. Be willing to let go of all rigid attitudes and let your heart ebb and flow with Me.

Ride The Wind

I have chosen you and called you, not as one to be pushed forward, but as one who advances with the knowledge of who they are in Me. The kingdom suffers violence, and violent men take it by force (Matt. 11:12 Amplified). No longer shall you be on the defensive but the offensive. No longer will you walk as one forced and maneuvered by your circumstance or the atmosphere pressing against you. You were made for more than you are experiencing. Ride the wind and come up higher.

Yes, press your ear to My heart and listen. Can you hear the rustling winds of change? They are coming to carry you like a hot air balloon to heights yet unknown. Dare you come up where the eagles glide, where the mountains meet the sky? Dare you believe that the mundane things of life can be transformed by even a slight movement in the spiritual breeze surrounding you? It is all about attitude—all about perspective—yours verses Mine. Mine is always best.

Beloved, there are realms of My love and providence never experienced before by men. There are words I have to say which haven’t been spoken or written. There are gifts in heavenly places not yet imagined or distributed and I want to give them to you—I want to give them to you in order to dispense them throughout the earth. I am just waiting for you to ask, to believe, to turn your face into My wind, leaving all contrary winds behind.

Dare to ride the wind of a believing heart. Dare to ride the wind of yes and amen to all the promises I have spoken. Dare to ride the wind of My consuming love. Dare and come fly with Me. Dare to have a heart set free to soar—set free to experience the heights of heavenly places. Come and ride the wind of My presence.

My Kingdom Reigns In Your Heart

The atmosphere and the circumstances around you are subject to you as you walk in the fullness of Kingdom principles. They are in no way ever intended to have power or to shape you according to their mold. The only shaping taking place should be your environment surrendering to the transforming power of My Kingdom working in and through you. I made you to have dominion not be subjected to every wind moving through the earth. When you move within My wind all opposing winds have no power to move you from a place of persistent faith.

The Kingdom is within your heart (Luke 17:21). I am giving you a revelatory understanding of this truth—an understanding of who you are in light of many prevalent triumphs to come.

Victory is your heritage, your birthright. You must never forget I look on the heart. I have looked at yours and found it full of desire in the purest way. Never let disappointments over any lack of success speak louder than your pure-hearted desire to please Me. When you do this the enemy has his way and a door to condemnation is opened. Guilt and shame will cloud your thinking and make you believe wrong things about Me—things which invalidate My ravished heart of love for you.

Don’t stumble on any distasteful left-over mistakes from other battles or other storms. Don’t be distracted by the enemy’s constant effort to make you focus on what you aren’t instead of what you are. This is a brand new day and I want you to arise on the wings of My wind and go with Me. My Kingdom reigns. My winds are blowing in your direction. Do an about face and move with Me.

Winds Of Wisdom And Revelation

Beloved, vision rides on the wings of My wind. Vision is always prevalent wherever I am. Without vision you perish. Without knowledge of what I am doing in the present moment you perish. Sometimes just knowing I tell you to wait is enough. You must have vision to endure while awaiting the manifestation of the promise.

You shall not perish nor falter in the days ahead. I insert My fingertips into the recesses of your heart in order to open the eyes of your understanding. With each insertion sharp as steel, yet having a soft brush-like movement, I am cutting away any hindrance—all the while imparting vision with the wisdom and revelation to carry it out.

Revelation is of no value without the wisdom to use it properly. Much of what you need you already have. Much of what you already have you do not see, therefore I am shining My light to illumine any darkness seeking to hide your treasure chest of invaluable assets and gifting.

Each insertion of My finger into your heart will stir the atmosphere and create a wind tunnel able to carry the airstream of My power. What you don’t need will be removed. What you do need will be deposited while what you are unaware of will be revealed. Beloved, all you have is being enhanced, fortified, and sharpened. Stay close to Me for you are entering into days of visitation. I am opening your heart to receive winds of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17-21).

Face Into The Wind

Beloved, never be afraid or concerned. Don’t count yourself as unworthy, nor figure someone else will do it. If all is left to what you consider to be Super-Christians, much will be left undone. I desire you and the fulfillment of all I call you to be in the earth.

Therefore, breezes of My presence have come and will continue to come to expose and blow away all chaff in this day among My beloved ones and this includes you. I am blowing the dust away and clearing the air with new winds of restoration and change.

This is your day of visitation and you have already come farther than you know. In order for you to see enough and enable you to come up here with Me, I must not push or exert My wind against your back but come around about and meet you face to face. Lift your face; lift your heart to the mountains from whence your help comes. Your help comes from Me. The wind is blowing.

It is a new day and those with their faces set like flint and turned into the wind will hear the voice of Holy Spirit saying, “Turn right, turn left.” The nuances of My presence and diversity of gifts have become and will continue to become manifest (Isaiah 50:7). Without revelation you perish. Turn your face into My wind; I have set vision before you this day.

For, there is no other who can do what you do in the way you do it. You see, Beloved, you are indeed a piece of My DNA—an expression of My heart no one else will ever be able to duplicate. You are truly one of a kind—the rarest of all gems fashioned to radiate a unique matchless demonstration of My heart. Yes, you must rise and face the wind and it will surround you, carry you, advance you and propel you into the manifestation of all vision.

Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, I turn my face toward You. I set my face like flint in Your direction. I set my face to the mountain from whence my help comes from. I set my face into the wind of Your presence and receive the breath of Heaven released from the corridors of Your heart. Shift and change every portion of my life and cause it to move within streams flowing from Your throne. Let me feel Your presence at my back, pushing me forward on the paths You have set before me.

Reveal to me every rigid attitude I hold onto for self-protection or rely on for self-preservation. All it takes is one breath from Your mouth, one touch of Your hand and all things are made new. I am amazed and humbled by Your great love for me. You see me at my worst and best, yet You still call my name. You still tell me who I am in You without qualification, always calling me higher by telling me who I really am. I open my heart to hear and receive Your Words and gifts held in heavenly places for me. I ask You right now to pour all wisdom, discernment and understanding into the very depths of my being that I may comprehend all You are saying to me.

Let every doubt and wrong perception of vision and faith be removed with the breath of Your mouth. Teach me to hear even the tiniest whisper of Your heart, Your voice that I may not perish between the vision and the manifestation of all You promised. Cause Your goodness to pass before me, around me and envelope me like a caressing wind. I lift my face and look full into the wonder of Your glory and magnificent grace. O’ that You have chosen me is beyond compare. Who am I to be loved so by You? I am indeed a pleasure of Your right hand. Let the breezes, the winds of heaven flowing from Your heart cascade over me and invade me with Your sweet presence.

I confess this is a new day—a day of visitation and revelation—a day of hearing Your voice. A time of vision and the manifestation of Your promises are before me. With complete acceptance, I embrace Your Word of love and affection. I am a beautiful gem of unrivaled quality formed by Your hand for Your glory. Even now as I close my eyes, Your wind, Your presence surrounds me like a blanket, carries me on its wings and propels me into the manifestation of vision. I am carried away by You. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Have you felt the pressures of life pushing in on you in different areas? How have you responded to this pressing in?
  2. The time has come to discern between what winds are blowing from Him and what are of the enemy. Many times we blame pressure to shift or change on the devil and don’t take time to discern what God is saying. Pressure brings change. What rigid attitudes or ways of thinking and doing are you inclined towards?
  3. Reflect on what He is saying to you about any rigidity you might have.
  4. What circumstances, obstacles or people have you seen as unchangeable or impenetrable? Readjust your beliefs and make way for the wind of God to shift and bring about change.
  5. In what ways have you seen yourself as one who is pushed the whole way as opposed to one who advances with purpose born of knowledge of who you are in Him?
  6. Have the mundane things of life dampened your excitement for the Lord?
  7. Reflect on how your mundane chores and necessary daily activities could be energized by the conscious realization of the fact that the Lord is omnipresent. Which perspective will you choose to have . . . His or yours?
  8. Are you choosing to use the gifts He has already given you while walking in the expectancy of more? God is a god of multiplication. What you plant grows. What you use multiplies.
  9. Incline your ear to His heart. What are the breezes of Heaven rustling for you today?
  10. What circumstances have you allowed to have control to shape and form your life according to what they represent instead of what the Word of God says?
  11. As He is moving in your life to reshape, change and make new, are you having an attitude of trust and contentment while you are waiting for the manifestation of what He has promised?
  12. Reflect on the above answer and make any adjustments needed. Confess, receive and be changed in attitude of heart and mind.
  13. What distasteful left-overs from past battles have you let distract you enough to keep you from entering the fray one more time or distracted you with the intent of dictating your future?
  14. Reflect on what it takes for you personally to do an about face and move within the new direction His wind is blowing in your life.
  15. Do you have visions and promises given to you by the Lord which you have laid down or allowed to perish in the light of your circumstances or everyday life?
  16. Reflect on the Father’s finger being inserted into the depths of your heart to cut away all hindering factors. Are you experiencing or have you experienced this in any way lately? What responses have you engaged in?
  17. Do you have the tendency to focus on the negative aspects of this cutting away or on the hand of the Lord depositing, enhancing and fortifying through the power of illumination.
  18. Take a time to reflect on the Word and consciously receive His wisdom and revelation. Write what you experience of what He communicates to you.
  19. In what ways have you counted yourself unworthy and left the job for others to do because they are more qualified? Remember, everything you have is given to you by Him and will multiply like the fish and loaves when you dare to give it away regardless of any wrong self-assertion.
  20. What are some of the gifts you know God has given to you? Ponder His thoughts on how you can step out in these areas. Remember He uses all of us, not just the Super-Christians, whatever such a word means.
  21. This is the time of your visitation where He desires to come face to face. Remember, He already knew everything you have done before He ever called your name. Nothing takes Him by surprise nor is He daunted by your weakness. In fact, in your weakness He demonstrates His great strength. Dare to take the time to reflect and use your sanctified imagination to meet with Him face to face. Reflect on what He says to you.
  22. The Lord led vanquished foes and gave gifts to men. He is imparting new gifts and understanding to you, but He wants you to venture out and use what He has already given you. Reflect on how you are using or not using what He has already given.
  23. Now take time to close your eyes and reflect on the words of affection He has spoken. Pick your favorite gemstone and then imagine how much more valuable and rare you are—rare enough to warrant the ultimate sacrifice.
  24. Reflect on His wind wrapping around you and propelling you into the manifestation of vision.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

2 Responses to “A New Wind Of God Is Blowing”

  1. Dear Lord,

    The past week has been a hectic one, but endearing at the same time. What happy moments with all my children being present. This happens whenever my daughter Anne comes home from An Asia Pacific assignment. I has been tiring and busy in the 32 year old but well maintained kitchen, but worth the memories. Ah…

    We can never hold our children by the hand forever: it is only in our hearts that we can. As each leave to face their own challenges, a mother’s heart cries…I put all their little hands in yours. I surrender their future into Your loving care. For truly, You and You alone can be their best friend. Even when they were small, they use to sing for me “I have a friend in Jesus” and “I love you Lord.”

    When we were new in the renewal community, they used to come along in our prayer meetings. While waiting for the school bus, each must memorize a verse. Family prayer time is something I miss. They all know the ACTS. Kathy plays the piano and we all sing praises to God with all our hearts.

    Beautiful memories that I will ponder in my heart. From afar, all my emails and text messages remind them of their relationship with God.
    Such beautiful family time will never come back. The mess in the bathroom and the piles of laundry left as they go to school…I miss them.
    I miss them going under the table sneaking pieces of carrot sticks they loved to munch. Sunday afternoon was always barbecue time at the backyard.

    Summertime was going to the clubhouse for weekend swims courtesy of the oil company where Glen works. Weekend at the mountain resort was a big preparation and a grand vacation to look forward to.

    With nostalgia, I look back…gone but forever imprinted in my heart. I am thankful for the happy memories, for the travails of raising a family, for the tight budgeting and the total reliance on His provisions. I am above all thankful for the courage I have by grace to accept the reality that I must let go for I am a steward and I did my part well by raising 4 children with the fear and love of GOD.

    As the memories come back like a camera in my mind…all I can say is Thank you Lord for my family.. for entrusting me 4 children, for guiding me all along. THANK YOU!!! Now I am giving back what my 81 year old mother did for us.. Thank you Nanay (mother or mama in our dialect).

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