Breath Of Life And The Eternal Conversations Of Heaven, Part I

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Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7 Amplified)

[It is] the Spirit of God that made me [which has stirred me up], and the breath of the Almighty that gives me life [which inspires me]. (Job 33:4 Amplified)


Thus says God the Lord–He Who created the heavens and stretched them forth, He Who spread abroad the earth and that which comes out of it, He Who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk in it: (Isaiah 42:5 Amplified)

Breath Of Life

Beloved, it is I who meet you in secret and will indeed reward you in the open. I am so aware of what you need. Do you think only by your many words I will figure it out what you need? No! I already know and have thought way ahead of you even to the very end. I know you.

There is a difference between lots of words and intimate conversation which can have plenty of words or none at all. It is the intimacy…the communion which infuses the words or the silence with impact and power.

I have always known you. Now is the time for you to know Me the way I know you. You will do so through the power of My name as its very essence is revealed to you.

How well do I know you? I knew you before time was I knew ever speck of dust and water it would take to make you. When I created Adam from the dust of the earth I was already intimately acquainted with every speck…acquainted with every cell of your physical being and every essence of your spiritual being. To know you is to love you. It is as simple as that.

I know I have told you these things so many times before but it bears repeating now. Forever knowing you has given Me a long time to anticipate the pleasure I would experience in revealing the purpose of your life to you in unfathomable ways… a long time to bask in the wonder of what our relationship would be like on a day by day basis.

Are you surprised I think like this? You shouldn’t be. After all my thoughts toward you are too numerous to be counted. Like the sands of the seashore sifting through a child’s hand, the thoughts I think about and for you are raining down. Catch them with the faith of a child who is unafraid to explore the vast beauty around them.

Explore and imagine how much fun it can be for both of us as you discover all the thoughts I think about you…or at least as many as your lifetime permits. I am willing to share them. I have shared them with you in the past. When you feel as if you can’t hear My still small voice simply read My Word. To read Me is to hear Me.

What you do not hear in this lifetime, I will have all of eternity to tell you. What fun it will be. I am already anticipating our many conversations…conversations in this time and the time to come whether they are made of many words or none at all. Every conversation we have is eternal because I am eternal and so are you. Therefore, take some time and listen carefully. I am releasing My breath in the cool of the day in order to speak eternal things from My heart to yours (Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4).

From Dust To Glory

 Beloved, you are indeed made of the earth…made of natural elements according to the ancestry of Adam, yet you are infused with Me…filled by Me…made into an entirely new creature by Me. You have been made into a completely new creature…a new creation…a new race. It is time to move from dust to glory. It is time to be what I already know you are. You have truly gone from dust to glory.

In the natural, wind comes and stirs the dust…stirs the earth with its presence in order to move it around, to reshape it, or to distribute it all for the purpose of meeting a need elsewhere.

Likewise, My Spirit…My wind comes to blow through both the natural and spiritual aspects of your life to reshape and position you for My purposes. You are in a time of great shifting as all of Creation longs for the revealing of the sons of men. My wind…My Presence is indeed shifting and sifting in both subtle and recognizable ways.

Mighty rivers reshape the land and deposit rich soil in necessary places. Therefore do not be complacent or apathetic about what I am doing. I do not desire for any aspect of your life to be sedentary, immovable, or unbending. Bended reeds do not break but give way to the movement of the wind. Rigid things break.

Know this without a doubt, My living water flows in and through you to reshape your land…to reshape your way of thinking. I reshape all things until they line up with My intended design and purpose. How much easier it would be for Me if you just agreed regardless of what you see or feel. Many times you do and many times you don’t. Don’t forget the eternal conversations we have had and come into agreement with all I have told you. Eternity begins now.

The Wind, The Rain And Wings To Fly

 Beloved, sometimes the earth can be hard. It can be unyielding and cling to the place where it was first established. It can cling to the thing it is attached to, refusing to move or be shifted in the gentle breeze of the day. This is not good so I send a stronger wind and it moves without any resistance.

Sometimes I send gentle rains to soften and warm sun to softly dry in order to make the earth less resistant to change. There are times I send floods in order to move massive amounts of richness found upriver to the valleys below. I simply do what is necessary in any given situation to bring about My intended purpose. You see, I know best how to set you free to live and move…to have your being in Me. I look on the motive of your heart and help you to bring all other aspects of your life into alignment according to your true heart’s desire, Me.

Likewise, My Spirit…My rivers come to flow through your life to deposit the rich treasures found in the deep places of My heart. They come and fill the valleys of your life until they are like a rich fertile plain. Today is no exception. I am pouring Myself into every valley of your physical, emotional and spiritual places in your life. I am moving and shifting the dust and earth of your life from one place to another as I transform it as I once transformed something common into something uncommon and beautiful; Adam and then Eve.

My transformative and creative abilities have never ceased to flourish. They are in a constant state of being. They are in a constant state of creating something out of nothing even as it was in the beginning. I am the self-existent one who turned the vacuum of space… the nothingness of endless voids into an ever-growing container you call the Universe. I created it all out of nothing to hold all the worlds and the starry host of Heaven…to make a habitation for you.

You see, I know best how to set you free to live and move…so you will have your being in Me. I look on the motive of your heart and help you to bring all other aspects of your life into alignment according to your true heart’s desire, Me. I breathe life and speak light into the voids of your life today. Will you receive My life and light without reservation or fear of somehow not becoming all I already say you are?

The power of agreement is a persuasive tool when operated with a heart of faith. Beloved, I do not grow weary, nor do I get tired; so. lay all your burdens and cares upon Me today. Let Me infuse you with My faith, My strength, My hope, My promise…let Me give you all that I am so you can fly with ease as you wait on Me. Renewed strength is yours today if only you will lay all your burdens and cares down and fly.

Walk With Me In The Cool Of The Day And Believe No Lies

 Beloved, I walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day every day. They walked within the breath of the morning free, unhindered and unashamed. Their very beings were permeated with My essence. They were in complete resonance with Me…tuned into the very vibrations of My being as every breeze carried My essence.

When I said I walked with them it is not as you think it means today. Walking with them was an intuitive oneness…and ever awareness of each other…a mutual desire and longing for one another’s company in order for complete fulfillment being realized.

One day I came to walk with them as I had many other days to find them hiding for they had been approached by the enemy and believed a lie. They believed a lie about Me and when I came to walk with them they were hidden in shame.

I called to Adam and said, “Where are you?” I knew where he was and I knew what had happened but he didn’t really know. All he knew was he had disobeyed and that he was afraid and ashamed. He did not know why he was naked…he did not know the depth of grace and mercy contained in My heart, nor was he aware of His great need for it…or what it meant. In My mercy I drove them from the garden so they might not eat from the tree of life and live forever in their sin…in their nakedness. Sometimes mercy doesn’t always look like what you think it should…what can look like devastation can be protection. Selah

Yes, I knew where he was, but he didn’t. And, just like a natural father whose child has gone astray cries out to know where the child he once knew loved him and valued relationship with him has gone…wonders who in the world has taken the place of the one he once knew in such intimate ways, I too cried out. I cried out to Adam, for I knew what was to come. I cried out because I knew things would not be the same. I cried out because I loved him.

When they left the garden, intimate communion in the cool of the day was lost to all mankind; but, when Jesus came, it became possible again to walk with Me in the resurrection power…to walk in My Son in whom I was and am well pleased to demonstrate the fullness of who I really am to you on a moment by moment basis.

In fact, I want to start right this moment…right where you are and breathe on the dust of your life and blow away all the unnecessary and the unprofitable. I want to shift things from one place to another until all is in alignment with My perfect plan…in line with My perfect garden for your life. Therefore, I am transforming all aspects of your life with the breath of My mouth as it speaks the words of My heart over you. No matter where you are, come and be with Me where the cool of the day always exist regardless of situation or circumstance. Come and walk with Me.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

 Beloved, who am I to you? Who do you say that I am (Matthew 16:15-16)? Can you answer what Peter answered with full conviction in every area of your life…in every area of your garden or do you have areas walled off from Me. Just in case you do, let Me remind you once again who and what I am by asking you some simple things.

Am I am love longing to be poured out? Am I am love longing to walk in the heat of your life to bring the breath of My cool garden to you regardless (regardless of what?)? Or am I someone you find it necessary to hide from in fear I might see your nakedness? Beloved, I do not see your nakedness. I see Jesus. I know you know this in some ways; but, I want you to have a complete revelation of Christ in you as being all I see. Knowing Christ in you is the hope of glory.

Christ in you is all you need to walk in the cool of the day with Me like Adam did before he believed a lie. Is it possible? Absolutely!

Beloved, it is possible to walk that closely with Me. It is possible in knowing you do not have to hide behind fig leaves when you believe and act according to lies. It is in the understanding that if you do believe and act according to the lies of the enemy or give into your flesh, you have an advocate who has gone before you and made an ever-present way. The more you walk in the finished work of the Cross asking for and receiving forgiveness the more your desire for the things of the flesh will decrease…the more you will discard the lies of the enemy. Why? Because, in this relationship, you will come to discover My grace and mercy more…come to discover the beauty of love poured out in Jesus and as a result you will sin less and less and less and less….

Who and what am I like? I am like a heater on the coldest night winter can bring. I am like air conditioning on the hottest day. I am like a thermostat, only I have limitless settings for every need and the ability to transform situations and circumstances into gardens even while in the midst of suffering. Beloved, it is all about perspective and who you look to for strength.

No matter the situation, whether it be a barren desert or a frigid sea, when you look to Me…when you trust in the Ever-creating One that I am, you can walk in the cool of the garden with Me in the midst of it all. You see, I created the garden out of something already in Me. The garden wasn’t just something I imagined. It was part of who I am. You are part of who I am. And how could I possibly be displeased with Myself. I cannot. I am not.

Who do you say I am? Am I far off? No. I am near…so near as to breathe into the very recesses of your being. I am transforming something common into something uncommon. I am transforming your dust into glory…transforming your earth into the garden I already know it to be. I am causing My covenant promises to be realized in and for you. Who am I? I am yours forever more.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, Your revelation excites my heart. It sets me free. There will never be enough words for me to utter that are capable of describing my love for You; but, I choose to try…to spend my days telling You how much I love You. To know that You know me to the very core of my being and still love me unconditionally anyway is truly amazing. Thank You for helping me to understand this reality in an ongoing way as I abide in You day by day. You not only know all about me and the things I need now but what I will need forever! I am awed by the revelation of Your all consuming, never changing, and limitless love unfolding before my eyes…before my life. My steps are surely ordered by You.

I relish the privilege of having “forever” to talk about anything and everything. Knowing this helps me to relax and rest in Your Presence, never needing to be anxious about anything. You truly know the end from the beginning and I can rest in the assurance of Your love as You cover me all the days of my life. Understanding this gives me so much freedom, for I realize I have all of eternity to share my heart just as you share Yours with me. I am forever grateful to You for shedding Your love abroad in my heart and life. Breathe on me in the cool of my day with your breath of life

Father, I choose to agree with you right now. I choose to not live in the past but live in the moment with You. Eternity is not a future thing. It is not a pie in the sky someday kind of thing. Eternity begins right now. I move from the past into the moment where all things are possible and make a choice to always agree with You.

I am one who willingly lines up with Your Word and Your will. I am chosen by You, infused with You and filled with Your Presence for all eternity. My mind cannot comprehend all that entails, yet I praise You for the reality of it all.

I am a new race. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. I am moving from dust to Glory as I learn to be who You already know and say I am. Thank You for reshaping me to be conformed into Your image all the while positioning me to fulfill the purpose You created me to fulfill. As I experience the shifting and sifting I will keep my mind on You and praise You for all that You are doing. I trust You Lord. I will not be rigid and break, but I will bend as a reed and give way to the movements You desire in my life. Thank You Father for the Living Water of Jesus flowing in and through me for I have been transformed from dust to glory through the Cross.

I am so grateful to serve a God who never slumbers…who never grows weary or faints. Lord, you are not bound by the limitations of man, therefore; I can depend on You regardless of the times or seasons I find myself in. Though I am limited in this finite world, You are not.

Though I am created with limitations I long to live in the flow of Your creative power in every progressive way. Help me to see and know how to live within my limitations without diminishing the supernatural. When I recognize my own limits and Your great power at the same time, the foolish things of my life are used to confound the wise. Knowing my own limits makes me dependent on You and not the works of My flesh. I desire for the wind of Your Presence and the waters of Your heart to flow over the hard fleshy places of my heart and shift me into all You have called me to be.

Though I have been taken from dust to glory, I can cling to things which I have been long attached to for they can seem secure to me in comparison to the unknown. Forgive me for refusing to move or be shifted. Have your perfect way in me. Do whatever is necessary to bring about Your intended purpose. Deposit rich treasures from the depths of Your heart into mine. Let me fly like dust in the wind and land where you need me to be. I let go. Now I can fly.

Oh Lord, how wonderful it is to be able to come boldly to the Throne of Grace where I am free, unhindered and unashamed because of the free gift of salvation given to me through the precious blood of Your Cross. I hear Your voice calling me…wooing me…calling me out of all the places where I hide from You. Take the fig leaves I have used to cover things I think I can hide from You in spite of the fact You have known me from the beginning of all time. You knew all I would do before I was ever born and came to love You. Nothing surprises you or causes you to forsake me.

Lord, my desire is to walk in oneness with You as Adam and Eve once did before the fall, in complete resonance with You. I desire to be tuned into the very vibration of your essence every second of the day. Tune my heart to beat in rhythm with Yours. I long for You in a dry and thirsty land for I know dust can be turned to glory. At times I may not sense Your being…might not sense Your Presence but I know You are near, even nigh unto my heart. My heart is reaching out to you…leaning toward You like a child on parade day stretching out his neck past all the people to see the beauty before him.

I long for Your company. I cherish my time with you with an ever-increasing desire to be aware of Your Presence in everything I do. I hear You calling, “Where are you?”

I hear you and I am responding with a heart of praise and adoration…with a mighty declaration, “I am here! I am here? I receive Your resurrection power. I receive Your grace. I am here. Have your way.

Lord, You are truly the Christ…truly the Son of the living God. This is s who I say You are in me and to me. You are love longing to be poured out. Lord, You are Hope fulfilled. You are the one and only water walker and enable me to walk on the waters of my life in the power of Your name as I set my face on You. Winds obey the sound of Your voice as You speak peace over my life. All My fountains are in You. No frigid circumstance…no fiery trial…no howling wind has power over You. When you tell me to speak peace to the upheavals of my life, I will with the expectation of seeing those upheavals respond to Your Word.

I am the vessel You have chosen to use for Your Glory. I am the love of Your life. I am Your most favorite one. You are pleased with me and I bring a smile to Your face as You set Your gaze upon me. I am Yours in the good and the bad. I receive strength as I eat from Your hand. I am fed.

I will not hide from Your Presence in fear, for Your perfect love casts out all fear within me. Help me to grow in the revelation of You as Christ in me the hope of Glory. No, I will not hide from You my Lord but, I will rest in Your strength.

Yes, I rejoice in You forever and thank You for the continual transformation of my life as I continually move from dust to Glory and become a beautiful garden in the midst of Your Presence. Amen.

Reflect and Journal

1. Realize, speaking many words to God is not what moves His hand? He knows what we need before we ask. Whether we talk to Him or sit silent in His Presence He hears us. Take a moment of silence and offer up the beating of your heart…your spirit to Him and let Him interpret the words it sings to the one it loves. Now that you have spent some time in silence before Him listen for His response. It could be a simple “I love you” or something more. No matter what it is, write it down and choose to receive His Word to you as a gift…as a breath of life for you today.

2. Now is the time to know the Lord as He knows us. That happens by spending time with Him, seeking His face and reading His word. When one does this, the Lord will reveal Himself through His word to every heart, for truly, “Those who seek shall find”. He is quick to speak and quick to listen. Pick up the Word of God and read for a few moments or read the Scripture associated with this devotion. What are you sensing or hearing?

3. How do we build our relationship with the Lord? One way is by writing down the revelations He gives on a day to day basis and refer back to them to reinforce that which has been seen or heard. Revelation and deeper intimacy with Lord unfold just like a book or painting—one word at a time…one stroke of the brush at a time.

4. What is He painting on the canvas of your life this point and time? What promises have you received from Him that seem to be like a black and white photo…a photo with no color? Ask Him to share some of His colorful thoughts and visions related to said promises. Choose to believe and let His revelations color your world with faith, hope and love.

5. In the book of Psalms chapter 40 it is written that God’s thoughts towards us are too numerous to count, likened to the sands on the sea. Whenever we think about someone they may not be in our presence. God never leaves us nor forsakes us, and we are on His mind continually. Is He on yours? Determine to spend more time meditating on the goodness of God and intimacy with Him will continue to grow for eternity. What does it mean to you personally to always…always be the subject of God’s thoughts?

6. As you get into agreement with the Lord, what might He be requiring of you to let go of in order to more readily shape you into His image?

7. Describe what a time of great shifting may look like in your life right now. What major siftings and shifting have you experienced? What glories have come out of the dust of your sifting and shifting?

8. What difference has God’s shifting and sifting, whether subtle or recognizable, made in your life? What has it deposited in your heart and life you did not have before? For instance, do you have more patience, more understanding, more tolerance, more faith…and so on? Bring it down to the practical level and don’t over spiritualize. Make it real no matter how small the advancement seems to be. Remember, we all move from glory to glory and each step is worth rejoicing over. Process can be beautiful when we dwell on the positive.

9. What is your perception of how God wants you to be compared to what He already knows you are? In other words; are you aligned with His perception of you or are you agreeing with what you see and feel? Do you give more credence to Him or your own misperceptions about your true identity?

10. What are some of God’s transformative and creative abilities (gifts, talents, wisdom, understandings, truth…etc.) working in and through your life?

11. Are there floods in your life which may seem to be of disastrous proportions, yet you sense they are the result of God moving in an undercurrent in order to shift you to a whole new realm?

12. What is the motive of your heart at this point in your life? Does it seem like a simple question? It isn’t; so, take some time to contemplate where the main motive of your heart is right now. Do you desire to get into complete alignment with the Lord’s will for your life?

13. Will you come into agreement with a heart of faith by believing the Lord’s Word for your life in the Scripture and with those Words He has given you through other means? Write down what adjustments you may need to make so that you come into total agreement with the Lord’s Words for your life.

14. Thinking back to Adam and Eve, what do you think it means when the Word says God walked with them in the garden? How can you apply it to yourself in a personal way?

15. Write down how you think Father God felt when Adam and Eve hid from Him in the garden and how it relates to you when you separate yourself from Him. He never forsakes us or breaks covenant. Those are things we do, not Him.

16. Is there a difference in how you perceive what He might think about you and what He actually says according to His Word?

17. Are you willing to let the Lord blow away all the unnecessary and unprofitable things in your life hindering your ability to have communion and fellowship with the Lord such as Adam and Eve once had in the garden? We originated in a garden. Maybe this is part of the reason people are always trying to go to the tropics, plant beautiful gardens or love the Rose Parade so much. We are always trying to get back to the garden in some way or other. Why not experience this longing by walking in the cool of our days with Him until all our dust is turned into glorious gardens? Take a Selah moment and write down your thoughts.

18. Who is God to You? You can answer this better if you can relate it to a specific circumstance where He has intervened on your behalf…where He has changed you. Again make it real and practical. Sometimes we spiritualize things too much. When you relate this to specific incidents or situations in your life it gives you something to be grateful for and helps you to not focus on the negative but on the positive. Write down the names of who you say God is to you…such as deliverer…healer and then give examples.

19. Do you visualize or see your life as the garden God says it is? If not or if so, how do you see it?

20. Are you willing to trust the Lord no matter what temperature is set at on the thermostat?

21. Do you understand that you are part of who God is, Christ in you the hope of Glory? Meditate on the beauty of your life being a manifestation of part of who God is. Describe such a revelation and how it can affect the rest of your life?

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