Christ In You, The Ever-Present, Unchanging & Overcoming God, Part Two

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Who has prepared and done this, calling forth and guiding the destinies of the generations [of the nations] from the beginning? I, the Lord–the first [existing before history began] and with the last [an ever-present, unchanging God]–I am He. (Isaiah 41:4 Amplified)

I Am Your Ever-Existent Unchanging God (Isaiah 41:4)

Beloved, never despise the process of learning and growing up into full spiritual stature. I could have made you full-grown and fully complete, but what pleasure would that be…where would “free will” be? Where would the sacrificial love of our hearts be? I truly enjoy growing in You and in turn flowing out of you into some other grace starved life in need of love.

You see, I called you forth out of the ever-existing depths of My heart for a time and a purpose to be fulfilled under the heavens. Your generations were known to Me though all they have done was not of Me nor approved by Me. Alas, this is free will.

I restore all things no matter how much was done in your generational line…in your ancestry without thought or submission to My Word. I am not limited by man’s failures through acts of omission or commission. I am simply God and that is that…the end…enough said…no more to be argued with…cannot be disputed…cannot be thwarted…and most of all…I cannot be prevented from making all things new. In fact, I make a way where there was not a way before. In other words, I make something out of nothing. I have no limits or limitations. Therefore, what I need is for you to agree with Me and faint not. To faint is contrary to living as the overcomer  I have already made you to be (Galatians 6:9).

Remember this: I am unchanging, immovable and invincible to the very end for you and you alone (Isaiah 41:4). Isn’t it wonderful how I can say “for you and you alone” to all My Sons for each one is My favorite one. Nothing you can do will change that for I am your ever-present unchanging God. In response, bring your heart of worship to Me, all the while knowing that I will be found, ever-present and ever-ready to meet you.

Think On Him Who Did Not Grow Weary (Hebrews 12:3)

Beloved, I am your unchanging God….yours and yours alone. Take hold of the word “your.” How beautiful to have someone who loves you like I do…how comforting to have a merciful, grace-filled, intimate and personal Lover of your soul who adores being with you. This is something for you to be grateful for regardless of what is happening in your life.

Remember this; gratefulness opens the courts of heaven as you come into My gates with thanksgiving and praise. Never underestimate the power of even a simple thank you. Why don’t you try it right now? Thank me for something…for anything you can think of and encounter a fresh release of My Presence.

When you suffer remember all I have gone through just so you could endure through the power of who I am in and through you. I am not off observing from some great distance. I am abiding in you…with you.

Think on Me and do not grow weary, My love, in doing good and you will reap in due season. In fact, if you are willing to be a little more objective you will see reaping as you go. There are always little gifts left along the way like following a marked trail in the woods. In the natural, people leave little scraps of cloth and so on, but I leave gifts of encouragement and hope.

Take just a moment to close your eyes and let Me give you night vision in the midst of all things hidden. Receive My vision to see beauty enclosed in hard and dark places. Receive vision to see into the struggles of another man’s life and turn up the nuggets of truth. Let your suffering, struggle, time of waiting, or hoping be turned to joy by giving to others as I have given to you. Selah.

I Am Walking Among The Chambers Of Your Heart (Leviticus 26:12)

Beloved, I do indeed walk among the days and hallways of your life to be your God. I am your God and you are my great love (Leviticus 26:12).I do not limit My walks…My journeys to only pleasant places, though I do see you as pleasant place even when you don’t. It all goes back to the words, “Christ in you the Hope of Glory.”

Yes, today and every day I walk among the secret places…the hidden places you would rather leave locked away and I woo you…urge you to let Me have My tenderhearted and always merciful way. I walk among the joyous sounds as you laugh with those you love. I walk among the mundane struggles of everyday disciplines and worries. Simply stated; I am everywhere you are regardless. I am with you period. I cannot be dissuaded or dismayed. I am Hope therefore, I am always hopeful.

Nothing is done haphazardly or by coincidence; for, I have a plan, a future full of hope and overflowing this moment. Why wait for a far off time when somehow you might be doing better…feeling better. What does My love and response to you have to do with this kind of thinking? Nothing!

Come join Me and walk with Me in the cool of the day, for I am yearning for your love—yearning for your smile. I am longing to see it light up your countenance with the revelation as My footprints of destiny impregnate the purpose of your life.

Therefore, let nothing hold you back. Know without a doubt My arms ache with desire to touch, hold, embrace, and to pull you in close to My heart and walk among all the needs pressing and pushing into your soul…for you are contained in the very bosom of My being; in; My heart. Selah.

My Yoke Is Easy & My Burden Is Light (Jeremiah 33:11, Matthew 11:30)

Beloved, take some time and come into My Presence with a heart of thanksgiving and lay everything at My feet. Do not hold on to anything or come with preconceived ideas about how I will or will not respond. Acknowledge My ever-abiding Presence and simply talk to Me like you would a good friend. Tell Me anything you wish…tell Me if you’re sad, happy, or angry.

There are some unresolved things on your heart which are in need of My tender care. The yoke of their presence is too heavy for you. I wish for you to experience the lightness of My yoke in exchange for the heaviness of your concerns.

Yes, lay everything at My feet…all your desires, dreams, people, family, hopes and aspirations and let Me breathe My life and purpose on them while you are talking to Me. Imagine it being that simple…that easy. Why? Because it is.

What a freedom…what a wonder to behold. While you are talking (praying) I am working. While you are letting go, I am picking up. Keep it simple…keep it informal…just continue to talk or should I say “chat” with Me and you will hear Me while I work. Selah.

Therefore, turn from looking at your wants and needs to give undivided focus to Me for I am the “Wellspring” of wisdom and life. I will not look in another direction. My heart is for you and you alone. My gaze is on you and you alone. You have my undivided attention. You, like Queen Ester, are simply beautiful beyond comparison. There is no separation from Me for My blood gives you all the access you need.

The only preparation needed on your part is confession of any blockage or hindrance between us and willingness to accept, to receive My forgiveness and My invitation. It is for you to confess, disabling the enemy of your soul and his murmurings. Let go; I already have.

I Do Not Call You Servant, I Call You Friend (John 15:15, Eph. 2:8)

Beloved, I, Christ in you the hope of glory, am flooding precept upon precept into every portion of your life. Like a bubbling fountain and an ever-flowing stream I rise up through the annals and hallways of your life to flood you with My life…to flood you with Christ-Life in the midst of life itself.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life rising up in you by the power of revelation. I am opening the eyes of your heart to deep and intimate things as I strip away the complexity of serving Me. I am removing all tendencies to walk according to the law and not grace.

Religion itself has no value; but, love born of mercy and grace endears a faith that remains and is not wearisome to maintain. Religion is a taskmaster and I am not. Servants serve out of duty and obligation. Friends give out of love. I would rather have one friend than many servants. I no longer call you servant. I call you friend for a servant does not know what his master is doing. This is not true for you. Just ask and I will answer.

Come, give Me your hand, arise and stand in My Presence. Dance with Me among your dreams, hopes and longings. See your very own transformation from all aspects of religion or law into the glorious freedom of grace.

I will expose every plan of the enemy, bringing them to destruction before your very eyes. Soon My Beloved, very soon, you will look around and everything you see will be new and what is yet unchanged will be seen with new eyes of unwavering faith.

All things shall be delivered in every way, and in no way shall they be even remotely reminiscent to what you see and know today. Freedom for you and your loved ones is rising like dawn under our dancing feet as we dance together on injustice. As a result, freedom is permeating, transforming, creating, recreating, breathing, inhaling and exhaling My life contained inside of you to the very atmosphere of your life and the lives around you. You are My friend indeed.

Freedom In Christ And Yokes Of Slavery (Galatians 5:10)

My beloved friend, full of grace and truth, do not move from a place of relationship and communion based on love back to any aspect of religion and law. Do not be deceived into performing in order to receive approval or love. Love is not earned. It was given once and for all through My sacrifice and that will never change. Love continues to give and give and give without expectation of repayment.

If expectation or repayment were necessary very few if any would receive love for all fail. It is not that you fail but instead you have an advocate in Me, who is ever interceding with the Father on your behalf. (1 John 2:1)

Yes, works are important; but, they must come out of the soil of love and relationship and not for the sake of works and works alone.

Don’t move from a place of freedom. Don’t be like Peter and look around. Keep your gaze on Me and the truth of My Word. Remember, you are My favored one and My scepter is stretched out over you, encompassing all surrounding aspects of your life. I encompass you round about as I whisper words of instruction encapsulated in a love and adoration given without the need to perform.

As you delight in Me and I in you, all things are possible. There is no other way I would rather spend My time than with you and My desire does not change based on performance.

As we grow together in relationship, realization and revelation will dawn like the morning sun and rise up through your spirit…rise up and consume all of you to release the scepter of freedom and favor into your hands. It has always been there with the authority to reign. You just needed time with Me to bring understanding and confidence. Stretch your scepter out with confidence, knowing, we are one…for I am Christ in you the hope of Glory.

Arise and stretch out the scepter of favor in the same grace filled manner I have extended it to you and see the salvation of all things. I am with you. This is your day of great favor. Ask what you will.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I make a choice to follow you and choose to not despise the process of learning and growing up in You Lord. Although there will be times of correction and times when I fall, I know You are there to always pick me up. I have been given the gift of a free will, and it is my will to follow after You Lord. I present myself as a living sacrifice acceptable to You which is my reasonable service (Romans 12:1). I offer myself as a heart of sacrificial praise and obedience as I live in the grace of Your everlasting, ever enduring love.

I count it a blessing to be a co-laborer with You and share Your love with others who are starved for love. Thank You for calling me according to Your plan. You work out everything in my life making it conform with the purpose of Your will (Ephesians 1:11).

Although I have been created with certain limitations, You have none. Therefore, I am in agreement with Your will and will not faint or grow weary in doing well. I praise You for making me an overcomer even in the midst of my own limitations. Thank You for revealing to me Your unchanging, immovable, and invincible nature for and through me. It is a beautiful thing to have You as a personal God to me. I worship You now and for all eternity for You are my friend. You are my personal, ever-present and ever-ready friend in all seasons of my life. You are my friend and I am Yours.

Lord, it is such an awesome thing to meditate on the fullness of who You are. As soon as I think one of Your marvelous attributes, many other amazing things about who and what You are flood my thoughts. There are not enough days in this life to contemplate the fullness of Your beauty and its ability to express itself through my life. How marvelous that You should choose me and do it with such great pleasure. The very thought makes my heart sing.

Your thoughts toward me are not capable of being numbered making it hard to comprehend on a natural level how deep and indescribable Your love is for me. How wonderful it is to have a personal relationship with You, the Lover of my soul…to know that You know about all my flaws and still love me. Who can describe such great love…such indescribable joy? There are no words in the human language capable of expressing my heart when it comes to loving You. All I can say is, “Thank You for being the lover of my soul.”

When I feel hopeless I remember Your promise to those who faint not…Your promises to reap in due season…a promise which gives me great hope. One thing I know, hope never disappoints for Hope is who You are. When I hope in You, I do not grow weary in doing good for You, Lord. Today, this very moment, I receive all the gifts of encouragement You have for me as I go along on our journey. I receive Your vision to see all the beauty hidden even in the hard and dark places. I see through the struggles I have had, as well as the struggles I see others have, by focusing on You…by setting my face like flint in Your direction. Help me as we journey together to share the joy You have given me as I walk as an overcomer through the seasons of life moment by moment.

I truly am Yours Lord. You are my God and I am Your great love. I wake each morning to the sound of Your voice and You are with me with every step I take all the day. Every morning You give me new mercies as the sun arises.

Lord, I declare You as Christ in me the hope of Glory who abides in me…who goes wherever I go. I give You permission to go into the secret places… to go into the hidden places that I would rather leave locked away. I trust You Lord because of Your tenderhearted and merciful ways. Your Word and Your ways will always bring healing to my heart even in the most deep or hidden areas.

Thank You for being with me through this journey called life. I understand that nothing is done haphazardly or by coincidence because You have a plan for my life. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. You are the Never Changing One and I can trust You Lord with my past, present and future. I trust You with my future, for it is full of hope because You are with me.

Forgive me for all the times I have doubted You and help me Lord to receive a deep revelation of Your love. Help me to understand how the footprints of my destiny are impregnated with Your purpose as I abide in You and You abide in me.

Lord, I come to You wanting nothing but to be in Your Presence. Right now, I lay everything at Your feet, as I worship YOU. I will not hold onto anything or anyone. I only desire to be in awe of You as I enter into Your Presence with praise and thanksgiving. I am so thankful I can come boldly to Your throne of grace, and yet have the privilege of talking to you as my best friend. I cannot at times comprehend how You can call me friend but I choose to agree until my entire being comes into alignment with who You say I am; Your friend.

You are truly a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I can tell You any and everything. I can hide nothing from You anyway. I will not shy away from the unresolved issues of my heart and I thank You for showing them to me in merciful and kind ways…for washing my heart with Your life-giving Word until all unprofitable things fade away in the light of Your glory and grace.

Lord, I take Your yoke upon me, for all the other stuff is too heavy for me to handle. I lay everything down at Your feet, trusting that You already know everything anyway. I will praise You for breathing Your life and purpose on all that I surrender to Your care. Nothing is ever lost in You…only gained. Therefore, I turn my eyes fully upon Your lovely face giving You my undivided attention from this point on. I let go of all that concerns me for truly You care for me.

It is so exciting to have a good friend and even more so to have a good friend like You that I can completely trust. I just want You to know how much I love You and see You as my very best friend. No one else would have ever loved me so unconditionally regardless of my actions or attitudes. How patient and kind You are…so patient and kind that I long to be just like You in thought and deed.

Lord, I want You to know how much I consider it an honor and joy to know You. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and at the same time my friend. How awesome is that? It is so awesome that joy springs up in my heart in such abundance it is hard to contain. How great a gift to know…to really know You as my friend. Like a perpetually bubbling foundation the joy in my heart is ever flowing and running over.

Today, I arise and stand in Your Presence. Today I make a new affirmation to take Your hand and walk with You wherever You lead…wherever You desire. While others are stuck, I will be one who dances with You among my dreams and hopes, knowing You are with me in the midst of them all.

Today, I truly am walking into the glorious freedom of grace, away from all duty, all religious letters of the law and all rigid thinking. I walk out into grace…into mercy…into a kindness which leads to repentance. I do not walk into grace with an excuse to do as I please but with a desire to do as You have bid me to come and do. I serve You, not with a servant heart, but with a heart of a friend which loves at all times.

Thank you for exposing every plan of the enemy and bringing them to destruction as You are glorified in my life. I desire to dance with You for eternity in worship and praise my Redeemer and Lord…my friend. Amen

Lord, You are my “Wellspring” and I humble myself in Your Presence with an adoring heart of love. As I humble myself, I will also rise to the adoring gaze of Your eyes upon me and walk on the waters of this life without fear. My feet are secure in You and I receive Your favor over my life. Dwelling in the security of Your love gives me the courage to give you all –my dreams, hopes, desires and yes, my family– in complete faith knowing all things work together for my good. I refuse to walk in performance for it promotes failure which robs the sweetness of relationship. Performance was taken care of at the Cross.

In love, I rise up and take Your hand to dance the dance of agreement with You over every aspect of my being. As I dance (stay in harmony with You) all schemes of the enemy are revealed. Once again, I set my face like flint and refuse to be moved, for You have set me in a large place full of grace.

Abiding in You is a secure place to live from and function as Your ambassador on this earth; an extension of Your heart and hands. I am indeed beautiful in Your sight… a true delight to behold. Therefore I will arise and shine for Your glory. My ears are open to attentive instruction. Freedom in You is all I desire. Cover me! Superimpose yourself over my very life, over my heart, over the whole essence of who I am in real and practical ways, as I sit at Your feet. O, how I love You my gracious King Jesus, for You have set me free and I shall not give way to the yoke of slavery and bondage again. I march on in You to experience the fullness of Your love while I am yet living.

Reflect and Journal

  1. Think about the areas in the past where you may have despised the process you were going through as you were growing up in the Lord. Ask the Lord to reveal to you any areas you may need to repent. Take time to share your heart with the Lord with your new understanding.
  1. Do you think that there is a difficult area in your life that may have been influenced by a generational line, passed down by your ancestors? Recognize that God is not limited in any way to be able to address and help you to make the changes needed. Write down any thoughts concerning you in this area, and then find Scriptures in the Word of God that will help you know His faithfulness to make all things new (2 Cor. 5:17).
  1. God desires to restore all things. Take a moment to write down the things you desire to see God restore in your life and begin praising Him for His faithfulness to work on your behalf.
  1. As you bring your heart of worship to the Lord tell Him of your willingness to stand in faith, not being weary in doing good. Tell him of your willingness to be in total agreement with His perfect will for your life. Remind yourself daily that God is ever-present and ever-ready to meet you day and night. Write down some practical ways to make this happen without overwhelming yourself…start with at least one thing a day and you will eventually build into greater things.
  1. Focus on the word “your” in relationship to God and your intimacy with Him. Can you comprehend the reality of God through the indwelling Presence of Christ as the personal lover of your soul?
  1. Write your thoughts on paper as God reveals these truths to your heart.
  2. Take time to thank God without asking Him for anything. Have a time of worship and praise Him for loving you unconditionally and eternally.
  1. Are you willing to put on your spiritual night vision goggles of forgiveness and obedience to the living Word speaking to your heart in order to be able to see into the dark places without fear?
  1. Ask God to help you to see into the hard and dark places where you or others are struggling. Write down the revelations you receive as you seek the Lord in this area and put them behind you as you press on toward your high calling in Christ.
  1. As you reflect upon your own struggles in the past, as well as your time of waiting, journal the insights you now have as you see those things and times in a new light.
  2. Are there areas in your life that you would prefer the Lord did not walk through? If so, why or why not? What are you afraid of or unwilling to let go of in order to proceed into a revelation of who you really are in Him…who He really is in you.
  1. Are you willing join the Lord and walk with Him wherever He leads? Write about your willingness to let God direct your steps.
  1. Do you realize how much God enjoys being with you? Take time to tell the Lord how much you enjoy being with Him.
  1. Is there anything that you are aware of in your life that holds you back from all that God desires to give you? Write what may be hindering you, and if you are willing to let it go to follow the Lord.
  1. Spend some uninterrupted time in the Presence of the Lord letting go of all preconceived ideas and plans for your life, as you surrender to His plans for you. Take time to just enjoy Him for who He is…take time to marvel on His goodness with an audible voice. Express yourself.
  1. Think about how you can turn from looking at your wants and needs to look at the Lord’s desires for you. Write down what your wants and needs are that may be taking your focus off God and onto your needs.
  1. Have you surrendered unresolved things in your heart to God’s care? Write out a statement of faith praising God for the manifestation of healing and restoration concerning those areas.
  1. Is there any area in your life where you need to confess any blockage or hindrance that gives place to the enemy and keeps God from intervening? Spend some time confessing in a heart of true repentance before the Lord. God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all of our unrighteousness. God’s goodness leads us to repentance and those whom the Lord sets free are free indeed.
  1. As the Lord floods precept upon precept of love, goodness, grace, mercy, and kindness into every portion of your life, take time to journal and meditate on the revelations He reveals to you. Take each adjective mentioned above and meditate on how He has expressed these things in your life in spite of all you have endured. Think on what is pure, lovely and upright. It is a choice…a choice you can make.
  1. God will reveal truth to you. He will also help strip away the complexities of serving Him. What may some of those complexities be in your life? How have you been bound to religion verses relationship?
  1. Do you shy away when you feel you have done wrong or offended the Lord? If so you have fallen into the very trap of the enemy and forsaken the wooing of the Lord, for He wants you to run to Him and not away. Grace and mercy are in Him not away from Him.
  2. Can you see the contrast between love and relationship with the Lord verses religion? Where does your personal walk with the Lord fit? Is it religious or relational?
  1. Write your desire to grow and deepen your walk with the Lord, making a fresh commitment to follow where He leads. Enjoy the dance.
  1. Do you have a tendency to try and perform? Performance can be very subtle and seem quite noble. When I feel I am beginning to perform, I literally sit down and say, “NO!” Once I have done this I search my heart out for why I feel I need to do so, who I might be trying to please, for what reason or whatever my motive might be. Once I have done this, I choose to be honest with myself and not be afraid as I ask the Lord to examine my heart to see if there be any wicked way in me (Psalm 139 23-24). I ask Him for His desire and motive. I, for one, no longer want to do anything out of fear or any other reason than having the motivation of the Lord’s heart. The approval of man lasts only a moment and can change on a dime; however, when done according to the Lord’s heart, it does not matter what men do or don’t do in response to being served or loved.
  1. Pick one thing or place where you have a tendency perform for any reason. Ask the Lord what the underlying reason is. Holy Spirit will be more than glad to show you. Often it relates to how you see yourself and can be rectified by exchanging the lie you believed with His truth. It may not happen instantly but will if you persist in replacing the lie with the truth.
  1. Take some time with the Lord and see Him stretching His scepter of love and favor over your life right where you are, warts and all. Remember, Father sees you in Jesus and sees Jesus in you. Like nesting boxes, one inside the other, you are nested in and sealed up forever in Christ.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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