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The Old Junk Man, By John Dean

Sometimes there’s a real father figure diamond in the rough right in front of you if you will only open your eyes and look. Such was the case for me when I was thirteen years old. I had already been on my own for a while when I had the rare privilege of meeting and working for an old man that was commonly known as the junk man.

What Kind Of House Are You Building

Beloved, worship creates an open portal between heaven and earth?between your heart and Mine. As you tremble at My word, the earth shakes. And like a mighty underground spring, the Word dwelling in you is brought to the…

From Darkness To Light A Message Of Grace Part Two

Beloved, faith fails when you take your eyes off of Me…when you quit rejoicing in what I have already done…when you look at the troubled economy with all its shortages and threats of more to come. Set your face like flint according to My Word and My promises. (Isaiah 50:7) It is the only way to walk on water. It is the only way to walk on dry ground to the land of milk and honey while the pursuers of your emotional, physical and spiritual provision drown in the sea.

Build An Ark, The Rain Is Coming

Verse five is the verse in which God begins to give Noah detailed instructions on how to build the ark. If Psalms 26 is Angela’s ark then it must hold specific instructions for her just as Genesis 6:14-22 did for Noah. And what about my Psalms 15? Definitely a Selah moment.

These verses in Genesis 6 not only established physical instructions on how to build an ark but were more importantly a promise…a covenant given by God to Noah and his family…a covenant honored and fulfilled by God through the obedience of Noah (Genesis 6:18, 22). God gave instructions and made covenant. Noah listened and walked in obedience. As a result he and his family were kept safe, reaping the fulfillment of God’s promise to them.

Can the obedience of “one” make the difference for a whole family…a whole nation? Just ask Jesus. He made a difference and still does and He did it living as a man walking out a life of abiding in and being obedient to the Father. And now He lives in us and we in Him, thereby creating the ultimate ark. Just another Selah moment.

From Darkness To Light A Message Of Grace, Part One

Beloved, I know you struggle in some things and not in others. Often the things you struggle with are connected to or related to your past experiences…connected to areas where you did not find success…areas where you were not loved or approved of and so on. It is in these areas you do not have the wisdom, confidence or sense of hope that you need. It is in these areas where the manifest outworking of who I am in You is not present because what you believe is based on what you have experienced or seen and not on the truth found in My Word.

God Of Favor, Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Covenant and New Life

In the very beginning I prepared, formed, fashioned and created all things. With a voice like many waters, I commanded for all things to be. I moved upon the waste places…the empty places which were only a shadow of things to come and called them into being with the breath of My mouth. And, when all was complete I stopped to behold…to see. What did I see? I saw all things both present and future My hands had made and said, “It is good!”