What Kind Of House Are You Building

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But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. 24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.? (John 4:23-24 Amplified)

Worship Me In Spirit and Truth

Beloved, personal worship is your time alone with Me. Whether brief moments where you only speak My name, or extended times of adoration and prayer; it is all worship. Every moment you are moved to think on Me, thank Me or just say My name, is worship to Me.

I inhabit the praises of My people and I inhabit yours (Psalms 22:3). Yet, expressive times of personal or corporate song are not the only ways to demonstrate a heart of worship. You can walk in a spirit of unparalleled worship by walking with a Christ-like attitude I am here to expand your vision—to open up the arena of possibilities and create a wider expression of My heart in your life There are so many ways you can worship and I want you to experience them all as a reality.

Worship in all forms—from a spoken word to reflective silence—builds a house of continual habitation. A temple of My presence within your life. What kind of house will you build for Me? Worship, like My Word, renews the mind and ignites passionate flames within your heart. It enables you to overcome the onslaughts of the enemy. Worship births a thirst and hunger for righteousness. A thirst and hunger only found in the depths of intimate and constant relationship with Me in every aspect of your being and doing.

All you need, to demonstrate a heart of faith-filled worship in word and deed, is found first and foremost in Me. Come into My presence and worship Me in Spirit and Truth. Come into My presence first and then you will have something to give to those around you (John 4:22-24).

Abba Father

I reward seekers of My presence?seekers of My heart?in every area of their life. It is to the worshipping heart that I come. To those who worship Me in spirit and truth from the place of “Abba Father.” A son or a daughter is one who knows who they are and who I am. This enables them to become a resting place for all I desire to do in and through their lives.

Knowing who they are and who I am creates rest because faith and hope have done their complete work. I am creating this rest?this faith?in you today. Open your mouth and call out to Me. Let the words ?Abba Father? resound from your heart and form words and acts of worship in your everyday life (Romans 8:15). Today is a day to sow the good seed of a worshipping heart. Remember, you will reap what you sow (Galatians 6:7-8 2 Corinthians 9:6). Cast your bread upon the water and after many days it you will find it again (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

I am not asking you to do anything I have not done. I, too, learned to walk a life of obedient worship to the Father. I only did what I saw Him doing. Just as I needed to spend time in a place of worship and prayer, so do you. I have walked the walk, and now I am enabling you to do the same.

I stand ready to pour fresh oil on you and soften the hard places in your life?those places where to simply live has inflicted pain and unworthiness through ungodly acts of men. I take your sacrifices of worship and use them as healing balm of incense. Like a sweet healing ointment, I pour them back over your heart, enabling your breakthrough into a whole new life of worship. Each drop of My healing salve will infuse and encapsulate every beat of your heart. Posture yourself in a position of worship, whether it be by word or attitude, and be amazed at what I do.

Open Portals of Worship

Beloved, worship creates an open portal between heaven and earth?between your heart and Mine. As you tremble at My word, the earth shakes. And like a mighty underground spring, the Word dwelling in you is brought to the surface in a free-flowing fountain as you release exalted praise. It rises to the very heavens where it is returned in a penetrating downpour of revelation and truth? a truth which transforms mediocrity into excellence, doubt into faith and apathy into preserving, tenacious, steadfast and exuberant desire.

Dryness is an indicator that your land, your heart, is in dire need of refreshing rains. You are in control of the rain. You don’t have to wait for the weather man?s predictions or for the storm front to come in. All you have to do is humble yourself, choose to worship and I will flood your dry ground and your dry life with the dew of heaven (James 4:10).

You will reap what you sow. Sow worship and you will reap desire to worship. In doing this you will bring life to the innermost parts of you being. Attitudes will change and doubt will become faith. Every attitude and doubt subjected to the atmosphere of worship is translated from the sphere of the impossible to the possible. At the same time this is happening, a continual process of giving and receiving is building a house?a habitation of My glory in you?in the earth.

Draw aside and be with Me. Let your heart rejoice and be glad. I have everything covered and you will come to know this at a deeper level if you worship. Every act of worship is one more block in the house you are building for Me. I cannot be contained by building and edifices but I do abide with creative power in your heart. Let the innovative power of worship make a way where there is no way. Worship opens the doors of revelation (Psalms 25:14). Won’t you come in?

Behold Me and Be Changed

Draw aside into a place of worship and make a decision to pursue Me no matter the cost or whether you understand the fullness of what I am asking you to do. I reward obedience and I honor My Word (1 Samuel 15:22). When you draw near to Me I will draw near to you. Actually, I am already present and waiting. Therefore, press in,draw near, and you will find Me

Behold Me and be changed. Open up the vessels of your life, even those you find painful and hard to look at. Worship from these places and healing will take place. For I am holding bowls filled with your worship, your sacrifice, and I am releasing them. They are running over with liquid life and the many colors of My love. Abundant purpose, vision, and eternal dreams stored up in My heart waiting for this day?the day of your complete surrender, of your yielded heart?are yours for the taking. Until now, you have tasted only the appetizers and thought yourself to be satisfied, unaware of the totality of what is available. Behold My beauty and be blessed (Psalms 27:4 Psalms 128:4)

Don?t let feelings of unworthiness steal all I offer you or convince you to do just enough to get by. There is so much more to the building of ?My House? in you. My house in you is a beautiful thing to behold. I see so much more than you do. The time has come for you to see what I see.

Rest comes when you have faith to see what I see and say what I say. I created you for My pleasure, for fellowship and the procreation of My glory in the earth. You are the dwelling place I chose above all other endless possibilities. I created you first and foremost to commune within a place of mutual love and affection. I created you to love and be loved?as a habitation to live in and live through. You were created to be My house of prayer and worship. Will you be My house, My tabernacle?

Resting Place of the Lord

Beloved, as My tabernacle, you must come trembling at My Word, with expectation and anticipation. Come in sweet humility (Psalms 10:17 Psalms 69:32). Abandon any pride disguising itself as unworthiness which leads to apathy? apathy that gives way to hopelessness and self-pity.

Pride has so many disguises with which to fool the unsuspecting. Defeat pride and embrace true humility?a simple understanding and recognition of who I am and who I made you to be by way of Calvary. Come boldly to My throne and receive grace and mercy for your times of need.

Receive all I have done and walk in the finished work of the Cross. Stand up and assume the heavenly position I have given you. You are the one I have called to walk out My life in all its expressions as you tremble at My Word, humbled in worship and exuberant praise.

Yes, you are My resting place, so what kind of house are you building for Me (Psalms 132:13-15)…Come, and I will multiply a hundred fold as you surrender to the anointing I have placed on your life before the foundations of the world. Time is wasting and cannot be recaptured; however, I will redeem all things and use them for My good. Your life’s purpose composes a piece of My heart that will go unfulfilled if not embraced.

Beloved, you must always remember and even dwell on the fact that I love you. And even greater than loving you, if that is possible, I enjoy you. Yes, it is true. I love and enjoy you. I, your Creator and Redeemer, cherish every moment with you. Arise in the full adornment I purchased for you with precious blood and display My marvelous work. Let your life display many signs and wonders with a heart of tender mercy. Time is running short. Come! Worship and become what I already know you to be, “My Resting Place.”

Need to rest in Him. Try listening to “Rest In Me” a 45 minute Soaking Session


Lord, it is my desire to worship You in all I say and do. I desire my life to be a life of thankful praise displayed with a kind heart toward myself and others. I choose to make the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart acceptable in Your sight regardless of situation or circumstance. I am a seeker of the Lord. I seek Him in spirit and truth. He is the one I desire above all other things. I am a child of the King of Kings and I call Him “Abba Father.” I plant good seeds of worship in my heart with the words of my mouth, with acts of kindness and a right attitude

When I am dry and weary remind me to open my mouth and create rain through the power of exalted praise. Lord, I choose to sow worship and reap the benefits flowing from the portals of heaven. I lift all my doubts and insecurities up to heaven to be carried on the wings of praise to Your throne. I completely surrender to Your will and purpose. I have a yielded heart and refuse to live on appetizers. I choose to live on every word proceeding from Your mouth. Being loved by You creates a rest in my heart. I am not afraid or stressed. I dwell in the secret place of secure love and my heart is bowed in humble praise.

Every moment of my life is cherished by You and You are redeeming all my lost and wasted time as I enter into Your rest. Teach me to enjoy You, to enjoy life and receive the many tender mercies of Your heart. I walk in the finished work of the Cross. I am Your resting place. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Have you ever thought about proper attitudes being a form of worship?
  2. What about prayer? Do you think it is a form of worship and why?
  3. What kind of house are you building? Is it a tabernacle of praise and worship
  4. In what areas of your life do you need to see faith and hope do their perfect work in order for you to rest?
  5. How will knowing who you are in Him affect your ability to rest?
  6. Listen carefully and hear what He is doing in your life. What is He saying?
  7. Do you have any dry or dead areas in need heavenly rain?
  8. He wants to open up portals over you and wells within you. Take some time to listen and sing, say, or do whatever form of worship necessary to release the rain.
  9. Have you allowed your lifestyle or the actions of others to dictate in any way how or when you worship Him?
  10. Are there any painful areas of your life which you avoid during times of worship? Let these areas be an offering to Him, a sacrifice of praise.
  11. Reflect on being the Lord’s resting place.
  12. What does being a cherished, loved and humble resting place mean to you?

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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