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Christ, The Light Of The World In You

I restore your past and as a result your present and future are affected. I fill your present with hope and your future unfolds as you abide in intimacy with Me and My Word in the here and now. My desires and dreams for your future abide in Me and I abide in You. Your future is in you and speaks to you through My Word, My still small voice and through those I bring into your life. You see your future is contained within the depths and recesses of your spirit where I am.

The Healing Song

An original soaking worship song by Sanctuary Worship team member, Natalie Schneckloth

Hold Me Father By John Dean

Jesus resplendent with light from God the Father as the voice of Majestic Glory spoke: “This is my Son, marked by my love, focus of all my delight.” (Peter 1:17 Message Bible)

It’s in the character of our Heavenly Father to show us the same honor and approval as He did His beloved son Jesus.

Hope In The Unfailing Love Of The Lord

Precious one, desire of My heart, I do not and will not withhold Myself from you today. My glory and presence abide and tabernacle in the land of your heart. I draw near to you today in discernable ways if you will but take a moment to rest. Many times I am with you and go unnoticed. It is OK because I just love being with you. However, it is My heart’s desire for you to experience the reality of My nearness every moment of your life.

Of Perennials, Evergreens And Such, Lessons From The Garden

Beloved, your spiritual life holds many seasons. Sometimes, just like in the natural, they seem to defy normal courses of action. There are years in which there seems to be no spring, no summer, no fall or no winter. In the natural there are often years of drought when times of rain seem a distant memory.

Of Shovels And Butterflies, A Resurrection Moment In The Garden

Responding with gentleness, the Lord spoke to my awakened heart, “Yes, just to remind you, though once barren, I took what you had; transforming your life into a watered garden filled with winged abundance. After all, I am Resurrection…I am Truth…and I am Life.

How Great Thou Art “Store Gud” A Poetic Tribute

Carl Boberg, a young Swedish minister, wrote this hymn in poetic phrase while walking home from a church service in a thunder storm, nearly a hundred years ago. Imagine his surprise when he heard his poem sung to an old Swedish tune. Some forty years later a Russian pastor named Stuart Hine caught in a similar thunder-storm added to this magnificent hymn. Both men, lovers of God, opened their ordinary lives to leave a great heritage for the upcoming generations.

Father Expectations By John Dean

Do we have unrealistic expectations of what a father is supposed to be? If not, then where are these men? Perhaps this is another one of Satan’s tricks to get us off course so we will feel sorry for ourselves and thus fall into some sort of idolatry by judging all men. After all, it doesn’t seem reasonable that we are supposed to have fathers and can’t find them. However, if Satan could mess with our mind enough to get us to start judging all men, then he has just hit a home run. This would of course cause us to raise our expectation of fathers to standards that are unattainable.

Citizens Of Heaven Tabernacled In Grace, Tabernacled In Christ

It is important in this day that you call yourself who you are…call yourself My king and priest and just not someone hanging in there or just trying to be. You already are! You are the soil, the rain in someone else’s life for I have indeed sprung up in you. I am your help and now you are someone else’s…you are a fruitful sprouting heaven-born possibility. You are a crown of glory…a royal diadem in My hand (Isaiah 62:3).