Christ, The Light Of The World In You

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I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength…” (Ephesians 1:17-19 NIV)

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, says the Lord God, He Who is and Who was and Who is to come, the Almighty (the Ruler of all) (Revelation 1:8 Amplified)

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last (the Before all and the End of all) (Revelation 22:13)

Do you not discern and understand that you [the whole church at Corinth] are God’s temple (His sanctuary), and that God’s Spirit has His permanent dwelling in you [to be at home in you, collectively as a church and also individually] (1 Corinthians 3:16 Amplified)

Am The Lord I You, Past Present And Future

Beloved, I am here to open the eyes of your heart, to give to you a new way of seeing who I am as I dwell in you. I am truly the Light and you are My abiding place. I am light in the very midst of you. I am the Redeemer and Restorer of your past…I am your present and I am your future. All three aspects of who I am to you past, present and future live in you at the same time.

I restore your past and as a result your present and future are affected. I fill your present with hope and your future unfolds as you abide in intimacy with Me and My Word in the here and now. My desires and dreams for your future abide in Me and I abide in You. Your future is in you and speaks to you through My Word, My still small voice and through those I bring into your life. You see your future is contained within the depths and recesses of your spirit where I am.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning…the end and all in between (Revelation 22:13; Revelation1:8). I was there before you ever were and knew you. I knew your past, present and future before there was a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. I am your future.

Therefore, remember this, you are My temple…My house, My sanctuary…you are a permanent dwelling place and habitation of My presence. All I am is available at your finger tips, so to speak, but all is not always accessed. The enemy of your soul wants to subvert your present and future by using your past against you. He uses your present struggles against you and when you dream with Me about your future the enemy of your soul calls Me a liar. I want you to reject the lies and choose to believe the truth…forsake the tendencies of man to believe the negative over the positive. Believe me. I am always right.

Beloved, this is why it is so important to have the Word not only in you but activated through meditation and verbal agreement. The Word in you is light and where there is light released darkness must flee. The past is restored. The present is infused and saturated and the future is abounding with hope and expectation. Get ready to see in a whole new way.

The Word Released In You Is Good Medicine

Beloved, your spirit once dead in sin, came to life when you were born again and became a beautiful expression of Our image (Colossians 2:12-14). Yes, you were created in Our image; Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:25-28). All that We are is deposited in you. All the potential…all of the infinite possibilities of who We called you to be are contained in the person you are today. Rejoice in this My love and listen closely with an openness to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

I am going to paint a word picture to help you understand all the things I have been telling you about My abiding presence and its relation to all seasons and times of your life. Today I want you to see many things in relation to your future.

Let’s paint the picture. Your future is contained in Our life within you. Imagine a clear capsule like those that hold medicine. It is clear and translucent and holds many granules of life…many Words. As you see this, imagine each and every granule as individual, intense pieces of light with the intensity of a star…with each having explosive dunimas power. This capsule is packed with so many of these granules that it radiates and pulsates with longing to be released in creative and powerful ways….to be His grace and love in the earth.

Now imagine there are two of these capsules, one representing the born again spirit and one the written Word of God which is full of life, power and instruction. Each one is like a time capsule full of destiny and purpose just waiting to be released…waiting to interact and ignite one another like effervescent tablets dropped into a glass of water, the power of agreement.

When the dunimas, power-packed capsules of My written or spoken Word are read, meditated on, verbalized and ingested by the born again spirit, then My light is released in you. My light explodes, falling like showers of sparkling light to restore the past, refresh and invigorate the present, and lay the groundwork of hope and expectation for the future. The life within and the life without brought into agreement by you has the dunimas power to change the world…to separate all unholy, unprofitable lust of the flesh for it is a living word…a living medicine (Hebrews 4:12) The Word released in you is good medicine.

Release The Full Spiritual Stature Of His Life Within You

Beloved, there is much Word in you waiting to be released…ready to restore, invigorate and bring hope. Listen carefully; I am bringing some Word seeds I have given you to remember. I want you to take them seriously and through time with Me in prayer, worship and meditation let them begin to grow into the fullness of beauty I intended them to be. And when you do, trust faith to come in response to make all things new and hopeful as

Christ in you the hope of glory releases rivers of living water…releases as explosive rivers that shatter the darkness.

The Word in you and the Word working for you brought into verbal agreement generate the same creative force that burst forth from My mouth and created the heavens according to your faith. Remember, you are created in Our image and because of this the future of hope I have planned for you lies in your redeemed spirit and the seed of the Word now planted in you. The potential is there…and like money in the bank, if not drawn upon, its buying power is not utilized nor is it purposed fulfilled. You can have a million dollars but if you never go to the bank and get it, what good is it. I do not want you to live in poverty of spirit in any area when the fullness of who I am lives in you (Colossians 2:10).

Know this, ingesting all I am expressed by My Word into all I am in you and releasing it will create a Fourth of July in your life. Doing so will allow and make way the many star like granules of My light within you to explode into tangible expressions and demonstrations of My grace, mercy, love and power.

Frame Your World With God’s Word And Release The Light

Beloved, you have more control over your destiny, your future than you know through the words of your mouth. The principle…the law of sowing and reaping functions in the area of speech more so than any other place. The worlds were framed by My Words (Hebrews 11:3).

All things were brought into existence as a result of My spoken words and made out of things which are invisible. Sometimes…most times you cannot see that for which you believe. It is invisible to the naked eye. This is where you follow My example and use My Word and dare to speak and dare to believe what I tell you to speak and believe. Listen carefully and you will know the time and season to speak certain things. Every house is built from the foundation up. I will tell you which portion of the house to speak to. I will tell you how and when. Don’t fill the seemingly silent places or the waiting places with negative words. Keep repeating and believing the positive ones for I, the Waymaker, have gone before you to fulfill My Word…to watch over it and perform it.

I gave you all you need to know in order to avoid the pits of wrong thinking. I would not have told you that life and death were in the power of the tongue and that you would have to be satisfied with the fruit of it, good or bad, if it weren’t so. Instead of speaking death over your life and the lives of others, speak life and release the light of My Word. Release the good medicine of My living Word and you shall soon see.

Speak death to past destructive seeds you have planted and to the harvest released by your spoken thoughts, words, and actions. When you do this in the power of My name and through the blood of the Lamb…when you do this and exercise your authority as a king and priest, all forms of words of death and their harvest will be destroyed. Like tender grass in dry ground during a drought, they will wither away to nothing. When this is done, release the capsule of life…the living Word in you and see an oasis born. This is a challenge…an open invitation to change what you say and think. Trust and see.

My child, you will reap what you sow. Reaping is always in the future and sewing is in the present. Will you sow to the light and release the magnificent capsule of potential I am in you? Hide My word in your heart. Speak it out of your mouth for it changes your thought life and you will not sin against Me. Sow to the present glory of My life in you and the image I have created you to be and you will reap the future of destiny and purpose. See the capsule released over your life. Your future dwells in the very depths of who I am; in you. Try Me and see for I delight in giving to you. This is good medicine. Take it My love.

You Are the light of the world

Beloved, in light of the life within you…in light of who lives in you, don’t be so eager to speak the negative things you see and feel. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and negative talk, no matter how innocent it seems, can rain on even the greatest Fourth of July parade (Proverbs 18:20-21).

In other words, don’t let negative, destructive words dampen or even destroy the light you are determined to walk in. It is cutting off your own nose to spite your face in some respects. All the time invested in receiving the Word in your spirit and coming into agreement can be undone by repetitive wrong thinking and speaking. Instead, renew your mind and release the light of My presence in you till victory is achieved in the weak areas of your flesh.

You know from your own experiences and those of others, negative words come to pass. Why not have the same faith to believe; knowing that as you speak My Word it also comes to pass without sorrow. If you really, really believe your words have power, My child, how should you speak from this day forward? Would you change your speech? You can’t change the outside or your thought life without changing what you put into it. Renew your mind and come into agreement with Me (Romans 12:2). I work in you to will and do My good pleasure (Philippians 2:13, Hebrews 13:20-22).

Know this, I am in you to redeem and restore you from your past… to live ever near in your present and preside over your future as I fill it with hope. I am in you to release My life and My light through you by the power of My Word as it is activated in your believing heart. Quiet yourself and hear My still, small voice rise from the power packed capsule of your spirit and believe…and agree that you might see. Light is shattering the darkness and you are being illumed by Me. I illumine your darkness and every negative, unbelieving word and action you let go of makes room for more light to be expressed (Psalms 18:28). No bushel, doubt, unbelief or the past will be allowed to cover your light. I have called you the light of the world. So, let your light shine and glorify My name.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, my heart is Your home…Your abiding place. Everything I have ever been, everything I am and everything I will ever be and do is known by You. My past, present and future are precious to You. Not one moment of my life has gone unnoticed by You. Everything I need to do, know or be is in You. All my fountains are in You, Lord.

Please forgive me for not recognizing the depth of what You have given me…for not recognizing how You see me as a sanctuary of Your presence…as an abiding place…as your home. I am no longer of this world but I am a new creation.a new species…a temple of your presence and so much more. I have been redeemed from the curse and my past has been forgiven.

Lord, I press on toward my high calling and do not give ear or due to the lies of the enemy. My ears are open to the voice of the Lord and the eyes of my heart are being opened moment by moment that I might know Him in the fullness of His resurrection. I reject the enemy’s lies and I embrace the truth. I declare by faith that my past is restored and made new. I declare my present is a place of abiding in Him and is alive and filled with His presence. I declare my future is abounding with hope and expectation for I walk by faith and not by sight. The Word of God in me is performing all it is meant to do and I am seeing and will see in a whole new way.

Lord, though my sins were once scarlet, they are now white as snow…they are separated from me for you were made to be sin on my behalf. I was once dead in my sin and without hope until I found You. I found you and now I am a new, beautiful expression of your heart…a beautiful expression created in the image of God for His glory. All the Lord is dwells in me. I am His abiding place. Everything I can do or ever be is contained within the glorious presence of the Lord in me, the hope of glory. The thoughts and intents of His heart speak to me and show me His desires and purpose for my life. He withholds nothing from me for I am one who walks uprightly. Destiny and purpose are in me because He is in me and I am in Him.

Therefore, I pray for my heart to be soft and pliable in His hands. I ask you Lord to shape my heart till it is a fountain poured out in compete surrender to Your will and ways. Restore every area of my past…invigorate my present with refreshing and revelatory knowledge and lay more groundwork for a future of hope and expectation according to Your Word. Hope in You will never disappoint for You are faithful to the end. I come into agreement with Your Word already within me and I choose to feast on Your Word that I might grow in discerning Your will on a daily basis. Your living Word is life to me…good medicine to me and is even now changing me from glory to glory. I am made new.

Lord, Your Word says Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance all things when they are needed. I ask for every bit of the Word in me related to the struggles I have to come to the forefront of my thinking and I will agree accordingly. I will mediate on the Words and absorb them into all the troubled places in my soul where the enemy has a foothold…into all the areas where I do not believe about myself as you do. I will take every Word seriously and in the process the living Word will have its way…will have Your way be done in me.

I will come into agreement with the words of my mouth. I will be verbal and not shrink back. I will dare to say what You say no matter if my situation says otherwise. I may feel unlovely but will declare I am lovely. I may feel I can do nothing right sometimes but will declare I can do all things in Christ Jesus. I may feel as if I cannot forgive myself or another but I will choose to forgive with the words of my mouth until the light of Your presence arises in me like eagle’s wings. I do not have a poverty of spirit, for I am rich in the Lord, seated in heavenly places and have the mind of Christ. The spiritual bank account given to me will not be left untouched. Instead, I choose to make a withdrawal right now. I withdraw from all that has been given to me and I deposit the riches in my spirit to create agreement with the Lord.

Lord, let the light of Your presence explode in me until I am a fully expressed example and demonstration of Your grace, mercy, love and power.

Lord, I have never really thought about having control over my own destiny but when you relate it to the words I speak I can understand. Yes, You are sovereign; but, I do have control over what and how I speak. I can choose to agree with You which makes the process of walking out my destiny easier and quicker or I can disagree to my own dismay. I do not want to be one who kicks against the goad or fights you at every turn because I do not choose my words with careful wisdom.

Your framed the worlds with Your words and made all things out of that which was invisible. Please help me to see this…to have a revelation of the truth and not be dismayed because I cannot see what I am hoping for. I dare to speak the Words You have given me, both spoken and written. I will not base my diligence on how I feel or what I see. I will simply trust in You and believe if You said it You mean it. Your Word is my Word.

Holy Spirit, please reveal to me any destructive, ungodly word seeds I have planted. Show me the hidden seed in my heart with the potential to produce a harvest with the power to destroy and hold back the purposes of God in my life. I rise up now and speak death to the ones I know…to any anger expressed…any thoughts I have had of people who believe they can never change. I break convent with words of judgment of others and my own self. I choose to make an oasis in my heart so the Word of God can bloom and break forth in light. I rest in the knowledge of who You are in me and I in You. Today I delight in the Lord and take the good medicine of His Word even it if brings correction. I receive the whole Lamb…the whole Word.

Lord, You are the redeemer of all things. You are the light of my present life and the one to come. In you there is neither darkness nor shadow of turning. Steadfastness and goodness cover me like a warm blanket on a cold day. I am secure in You and the promises You have made in Your Word. Therefore, I will choose to keep a guard over my lips that they might speak only kindness. If my lips for a moment cannot speak kindness, I will keep myself silent, least I speak death. I only want to eat the fruit of life born out of righteous and upright speech.

Please show me any blind spots…any place where I repetitively fall into the same trap of negative speaking. Heal any soul wounds which make me defensive and unkind in order to protect myself. Heal me and I will be healed. Speak words of restoration to any bitter place in me and my fountain will be sweet. I forgive all who have spoken death over me…over the way my personality expresses itself…over how I handle things like mothering, fathering, career, or any other task given to me.

Lord, I choose to change my speech no matter what the speech of others may be. I am responsible before You and You alone. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight at all times. If this is so, then I will have walked uprightly with others regardless of what they think or how they perceive me. I rejoice in Your restorative work in my life as I experience Your ever-present love and grace each and every moment. I anticipate my future with great delight for the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to share the good news…to share life and not death with the words I speak. Because You are in me, I am indeed a light in this world and do let my light shine to glorify Your name. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. What does it mean to you personally for the Lord to be the Redeemer and Restorer of your past?
  2. How is the Lord your present?
  3. How is the Lord your future?
  4. Meditate on the Lord being the light in the midst of you? Express your feelings about what this means.
  5. You are the temple, the sanctuary, the house, the abiding place and the habitation of the Lord. In light of this, what should your response and attitude be about how you walk out life?
  6. Most of us have heard that we are created in God’s image. However, according to Genesis it says “our” image. This is worth pondering. Imagine Father, Son and Holy Spirit having a conversation…an agreement to make us like them. We are indeed triune beings and they are three in one just as we are three in one. Take a few moments to contemplate the conversation they must have had as they discussed how we would be like them. How does this make you feel? What value does it assign to your life on a personal level?
  7. Have you ever thought about the Word of God in you as individual portions of light with power to change? How can you as a chosen one release the light in you…release Him to those around you?
  8. Contemplate the meeting of the living Word with your born again spirit when you take it in through meditation, agreement, worship or any other myriad ways…when you make the conscious decision to absorb, and utilize it in your life. Write down your thoughts.
  9. What unholy, ungodly, or unprofitable things do you need separated from your way of thinking and doing? Find a Scripture and begin to ingest it into your spirit on a consistent basis. The light will come on…the fusion will take place and things will change.
  10. Stop and think about how much Word is already in you. Often we are so much in search of another Word while all the while the word we have already received, learned or ingested longs to bubble up like a fountain. Take a few moments and be silent…close your eyes. What Word is coming to mind as it bubbles up from your spirit? Write it down…mediate on it…sing it…speak it…and let its beauty grow in your heart.
  11. Ephesians Chapter 1 and 3 speak of the power of God working in is and for us. We bring these two aspects together by agreeing with the words of our mouth. What Word do you need to speak out loud in order to agree with God?
  12. Contemplate how reciting or speaking the things God shows you out loud can help you walk with an attitude of hope and faith.
  13. Where do you need a Fourth of July in your life? Is there a Word already in you or maybe you need to read the Word and find one. There is an answer in Him for every need. Tell Him about your need even if you have done so many times before that it seems hopeless. His ear is ever open to you and His arm is not too short to save.
  14. Have you ever thought about the words you speak or don’t speak as enabling you to have control over your destiny? God is sovereign but He has instituted sowing and reaping. Sometimes He turns water into wine but for the most part we are responsible for our words. Does this mean if we speak wrong words of death that we are not accepted or loved? NO! His love and acceptance of us is not based on behavior but on who He is; Love. However, speaking life will help us to move down the path of destiny in a more peaceful and productive way. Jesus only spoke what He heard the Father saying. Because of this He could say the enemy had nothing in Him.
  15. What death words do you need to break agreement with?
  16. Where do you need to, by a choice of your God given will, choose to speak the positive and not the negative? Pick one area, one thing until you grow in a disciplined and consistent way. Keep adding more and one day you will be amazed at the change…if not in others…in yourself.
  17. Your future dwells in Him…in the depths of Who He is in you. Mediate on this…on Him.
  18. Do you remember what it is like for someone to rain on your parade? How did you handle it? Did the negative experience make you more careful how you respond to a parade in someone else’s life or did it make you less inclined to rejoice in another’s good fortune?
  19. In what ways or what areas have you let the words of others hold you back or stop you from stepping out and taking a risk when it comes to the things you feel the Lord has called you to do? In other words, has your self-confidence been based on what others think or what I say and think? Just because someone thinks something ill of you doesn’t mean it is true. Often people can be cruel or just ignorant when it comes to assessing the life of another. Go to the Lord and find out what He thinks. Let Him have the final definitive say about who you are and what you are to do. The Word is clear. You are the apple of His eye.
  20. Do you have a thought life in need of some change? Do your thoughts run rampant in some area or another causing you to worry too much, to be angry or shout at others…cause you to talk down to yourself or others, to eat too much, to spend too much or any other weakness of the flesh? Take the area of struggle and renew your mind by agreeing with God about who He says you are in that particular area. Use the Scripture to speak strength to the weak places where you tend to give in time after time. Trust Him. He has a lot move invested in your success than He does. Your spirit is perfect and He sees you in Jesus. This should free you to know your struggles can never change your place in Him. Surrender your thoughts to the heartbeat of His Word and be changed.
  21. Contemplate the Word of God being activated to fulfill its purpose as you embrace it with a believing heart.
  22. Take a moment to write a note affirming our faith in Him who is able, thanking Him for abiding in you with ever-lasting light.

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