Citizens Of Heaven Tabernacled In Grace, Tabernacled In Christ

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You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. (Isaiah 62:3 Amplified)

Let fall in showers, you heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness [the pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God]; let the earth open, and let them [skies and earth] sprout forth salvation, and let righteousness germinate and spring up [as plants do] together; I the Lord have created it (Isaiah 45:8 Amplified)

Beautiful One Full Of Heaven-Born Possibilities

Beloved, beautiful one, help has come…help has arrived; therefore’ watch what you say. Do not nullify the victory by confessing negative words or thoughts. Do not listen to the distracting thoughts of the enemy. Do not let him form overshadowing clouds of doubt and unbelief in response to all I have given you, thereby raining on your parade. I alone wish to rain on you…to rain down sweet spring rains of wisdom shrouded in grace and mercy. Let the soil of your heart open up to My rain no matter what the natural may try and convince you. Open up and receive heaven-born possibilities and see the fruits of salvation and righteousness spring forth from your life (Isaiah 45:8)

It is important in this day that you call yourself who you are…call yourself My king and priest and just not someone hanging in there or just trying to be. You already are! You are the soil, the rain in someone else’s life for I have indeed sprung up in you. I am your help and now you are someone else’s…you are a fruitful sprouting heaven-born possibility. You are a crown of glory…a royal diadem in My hand (Isaiah 62:3). You already are and have been before the foundations of the world. Open your spirit in a whole new way. Self-image must change completely for you are created in My image. You were formed in your mother’s womb for My glory…for relationship with Me…for communion and intimacy with Me regardless of your situation and circumstance.

Beloved, My essence…My being transcends all barriers and is not put off by the processes of your life. Therefore, let your heart be open for there are many seeds I have prepared for you. I have prepared them to germinate and sprout forth My salvation and righteousness in the earth. Hand in hand we do this until the earth is filled with the plantings of the Lord.

Springs, Valleys, Mountains And The Delight Of The Lord

Beloved, I am here as always. I am very near to you. You are My dwelling place…My habitation and I delight in you. I send springs of wisdom, help, grace, mercy and revelation into the valleys of your life (Psalms 104:10). Do not be dismayed when you look around and see the troubling times for I am nearer than your foes (Psalms 119:151).

I hear your voice when you call My name and come running to you. I leap over the mountains…over the obstacles of your life with great ease. Barriers, obstacles or any other obstruction of the enemy is inconsequential to me. In fact, they are so inconsequential it is as if they are invisible or non-existent when it comes to Me drawing near to you…to contending on your behalf. Beloved, in plain and simple terms, I am sovereign.

I traverse the mountains of your life with great ease and I am the mountain from whence your help comes from…a tower of refuge and strength not only to overcome but to proceed down the good path in front of you. I give my assistance for every occasion great and small….easy and difficult….possible and impossible. My help and Presence simply are.

There are duties you must fulfill….there are people you need to love but find it difficult to do…there are provisions you need…there are rejoicings you need to express, there are yesterdays you need to forgive and let go of and there are tomorrows you need to embrace and all the fullness I have declared over them. Now is the time. I am giving you all the support, advantage, aid, and comfort…I am giving you all the help you need…simply fall into grace and receive.

Yes, I delight in you My beautiful one. I bring you good tidings today…good tidings of peace…good tidings of salvation in every area of your life. You are indeed My beautiful one who walks in the valleys of others to bring the good news (Isaiah 57:2). Come this moment and walk upon the mountains with Me and let your heart…your emotions…your faith…your feet… be shod anew with the Good News. You are excellent, glorious, noble, and I love you (Psalms 16:3).

Christ The Tabernacle Of Honor, Majesty, Glory, Grace, Favor And Truth

Beloved, fall into grace…beautiful grace. Fall into grace without a care in the world knowing I have you covered…knowing I have you literally covered in red. Take your hands off the rails. Release the white knuckles and fall face first…fall heart first into grace. Fall into the depths of who I am. Fall weightless and care free into My unfailing arms. Free fall into the depths of every yes and amen promise found in My Word.

Leave behind fear…leave behind pride…leave behind all self-sufficiency. Let Me, Christ in you, be your life. You are a being and not a doing. Doing does not secure place…being does…it requires Me. You do not have to live the life for I am your life. All goodness, favor and loving-kindness…all grace and glory were manifest in Me…tabernacled in Me and are now abiding in You. All that I am is now yours. I lived awhile among you to show you the Father. I tabernacled the fullness of the Father…in the fullness of all He gave me through the sacrifice of Christ: salvation, healing and deliverance in every area of my life. I tabernacled the truth and now it abides in you (John 1:14).

O that you and I be one as the Father and I are one. We are one; but, I am speaking of the revelation knowledge…the understanding of this reality in your everyday life. The fullness…the entirety of who the Father is was tabernacled in the natural as I lived in a tent of flesh for awhile. I demonstrated the way, the truth and the life. What was and is available to Me is now yours in grace. Fall into Me by spending time with Me…by simply saying My name.

Beloved, did you know a quiet moment with Me…a shout of praise to Me…or even a simple acknowledgment of thanksgiving and praise is as favored as all the days you spend going to church or doing good deeds? I know it might stretch you a little; but, it is true. Grace is grace all the time and is not dependent on what you do but who you are in Me. So fall into grace…fall into Me and when you do speak GRACE to your mountains…to your rubble, they will become a plain before you. Even if they do not somehow instantly disappear, they will fade away in the light of My glory and grace. It is all about perspective sometimes…it is about letting the air out of balloons. Something only has power if you give power to it. Come abide in Me…come fall into grace…come and speak grace to your mountain, for I am tabernacled in you.

A New Creation Whose Citizenship Is In Heaven

Beautiful One, take some time and come into the secret place. Put down the cares of this life for a moment or two. A moment to me can be like a thousand days. A moment with Me can change a thousand of your other days…a thousand of your other moments. Come into the tabernacle of My heart…come into tabernacled grace.

Sometimes it is easy to always look at Me as one being on the outside…to look for Me off in some distant place. I do say, “Look to the Lord”; but, don’t get hung up on semantics for I dwell in you. I am the beating of your heart and the breath of your life. Your life is hidden in Mine (Colossians 3:3)

Beloved, once you were part of the world and now you are a whole new race…a whole new being…a whole new creation( 2 Corinthians 5:17). You are not of this world but are a citizen of Heaven. Your true abode…your true home is Heaven. Don’t look for Me as somewhere out there afar off when I dwell in you. You contain the fullness of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and have been set apart for Me (Colossians 1:6 Amplified; Ephesians 2:19).

Therefore, cast all your cares on Me and come into My Presence. Yes My Beloved, take some time to be with Me and envision your cares floating away like feathers in the breeze. Give them to Me and in exchange, I will give you all the necessary well-tailored help I have created and ordained just for you. When you do this, the cares of this life will shed like a snake sheds its skin in order to grow.

Beloved I am calling the new you…the new creature…the new citizen created at your salvation to emerge in this hour and time. I am calling you forth into the light with a fresh freedom that dances in the never-ending graces of My heart. Know this, mercy cloaks you…covers you. Heaviness, burdens and the tendency to perform are being removed and replaced with the revelations of tabernacled grace.

Old Adam, New Adam And The Manifest Work Of Christ

Beloved, we have been discussing grace and your new identity…your new habitation and the beauty of living out of Christ in you and not according to duty or self-sufficiency. It would be good for just a moment to remind you how the enemy works…how he crouches at the door looking for one little opening…looking for you to forget grace.

The enemy of your soul so wants you to focus on what you did or didn’t do. When you do well, he tells you that you haven’t done enough. When you do poorly, he tells you that you are insufficient and not pleasing to God. When it comes to dealing with the enemy it is a no win situation. He has a ploy…a deceptive answer at every turn. This is one reason why it is important to not focus on him. He loves attention and the more you blame him…focus on him the more attention he receives. The best thing to do is focus on Me and My Word.

Beloved, remember this, I was manifest to destroy the works of the evil one and it was done when I proclaimed with a loud voice, “It is finished!” I was made visible to destroy, loosen and dissolve the works the devil has done (1 John 3:8). This does not negate the working out of your salvation, meaning the sanctification or purification of your soul. It is about your focus. Set your face like flint toward Me and My Word and you will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7).

When you were born again you were given a whole new life. You were dead in your trespasses and now you are alive in Christ. Your born again spirit will never sin for the old Adam nature has been put to death and you are hid in me. Your flesh has its own desires and longings; but, your spirit is perfect in Me. This is the beauty of grace and how I can say there is no condemnation in Christ. Are there consequences in this life? Yes. There are; but, if you are in Me, there is no condemnation. If there was, seeing you are in Me and I am in you, I would have to condemn Myself. This cannot be. Quit condemning yourself for any reason. Simply confess and repent thereby slamming the door of the accuser in his face to walk in the free gift of grace.

Yes, the enemy wants you to free-fall but, not into grace. He wants you to free-fall into the encumbrances of distraction, doubt, unbelief and fear. Hah! I have other plans and they supersede his. I just need you to agree. This is a whole new day for you.

Arise and ascend to the mountain from whence your help comes…arise and ascend to the mountain of the Lord where the ram is already provided. Look up and draw nigh unto Me for I am already here within the beating of your heart. Breathe Me in…inhale My love and grace which is not only in you but surrounds you and you will exhale in like kind. Arise and ascend to a higher plane of victory for I have taken your old life and made it new. I am forever listening and answering. The well-spring of Christ in you can and will provide all the grace, mercy and provision you need in any area from the least to the greatest. Beloved, what do you need? I am bubbling up rivers of grace in and through you. Partake!

Tabernacled In Christ Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, how beautiful You are…how wonderful is Your name in all the earth. There is no one like You; therefore, there is no one like me for I am made in Your image. Before time ever was You knew me…You loved me and had plans for me. I am not an after-thought. In fact, I consume Your thoughts. Your thoughts about me are so many they cannot be counted. My heart is overjoyed when I ponder how you continually think on me and plan for me.

I choose to come and abide within You under the shadow of Your wings. I reject all doubt and unbelief. I rest in the security of Your name which contains all I will ever need. I open up my heart to receive the rains of Your presence…Your Word into the soils of my being. Let it rain…let all heaven-born possibilities and promises be fulfilled in my life.

I declare my heart to be open and unafraid. I declare no shame or guilt will rob me of displaying the beauty of who You have called me to be in the lives of others. I receive the rain of Your Presence. I declare that I am fruitful…that I am sprouting forth Your glorious salvation and righteousness in the earth, to and for those I love. I am walking hand in hand with You to accomplish Your desires for me and those I love…for those I have not met yet. Germinate and sprout new life in me today as I submit myself to You…as I nestle into the atmosphere of Your Presence and receive the rain of all heaven-born possibility.

Lord, You are my most excellent dwelling place. You are my shelter…my strong tower and my refuge. I shall not be afraid for you contend on my behalf. While the world rages around me I choose to abide in the beautiful place…on the mountain with the only one who is able to save. The ploys and plans of the enemy are inconsequential to You. Your power will cause Him to flee. All I have to do is stay abiding in You. I invite you into the valleys of my life and ask you to fill them with springs of living water. Come walk the mountains with me and those seemingly insurmountable ones will be cast into the sea as I rejoice in the sovereignty of Your name and person.

I am one who chooses to let go…to forgive others and my own self for I have been forgiven by You. I open up the well-springs of my heart to let you love the unlovable ones through me. Though they have hurt me…ignored me…not supported me and sometimes have even lied about me and to me, I choose to forgive. I choose to believe I can love them only as I allow You to pour Your life out through me. I receive Your help; support, aid and comfort for You do indeed delight in Me. I am Your beautiful one and so are those I struggle with.

Lord, You are grace to me. You are grace for me. I am in You and You are in me. The cares of the World cannot interfere with the compass of your heart… cannot interfere with the bearing of grace You have set for my life and for the lives of those You love and adore. I let go of all the things I have held on to with white knuckled determination. I let go of_____________ and no longer depend on my ability or performance as the determining factor to success and victory.

Yes Lord, You are my victory. You are mercy and grace personified…mercy and grace perfected. This mercy and grace personified in Jesus is now abiding in me because of Christ death and resurrection and my acceptance of what He did for me.

Therefore, I leave behind all self-sufficiency and pride. I cannot do things on my own. I must trust in the abiding presence of Christ in me, the hope of glory. His life flowing through me is the only way. Grace is the only way. I receive grace and I give grace. I choose to release others to the outworking of You, Christ tabernacled in them, to accomplish the workings and plans of Your heart for them. .

Open the eyes of my understanding. Give me revelation in the deep emotional areas of my heart where I have been hurt or bruised. Give me understanding in these areas so I will not be motivated to perform but will instead fall into a depth of grace which brings forth the revelation of our oneness. I whisper Your name and I am in grace. I shout your praise and I am in grace. I feed the poor and I am in grace. I go to church and I am in grace. Grace is who and what You are, therefore, no matter where I am and what I am doing, Grace is there available and ever ready to flow through me. I am tabernacled in You…I am tabernacled in the grace of Christ.

Lord, I am indeed your beautiful one and the desire of Your heart. Sometimes when I look at the things I do and ponder the things I think, it seems so hard to agree with Your assessment of me. I choose to take You at Your Word for I am a new creation in Christ. I do not belong of this world. I may live here; but, I am not of here. My citizenship is in Heaven. I am a whole new creature…a whole new species. My life is hidden in Christ and I am new.

Help me to shift my ways of thinking about You. Help me to realize how close You really are. You are not just far off in some distant place. There is no distance between us for You abide in the depths of me…in my spirit. My soul is being sanctified…is being purified and made whole, healed and delivered. The fullness of the Godhead dwells in me; therefore, the very heart and full potential of all You are is in me. I lack no good thing for I have all of You.

Therefore, I cast all my cares…all my performance based mentality…all my hopes and dreams on You. I give you everything and I come into Your Presence and experience grace…experience the gentle breezes of Your overwhelming love. I come to listen…to hear the beating of Your heart for my life. I come to receive wisdom, knowledge, revelation and understanding into the plans You ordained for my life. I come to receive well-timed help. I shed the troubles of this life…the cares of this life like a snake sheds its skin and I grow into the person You say I already am.

Lord, all I can say is, “grace, sweet grace you are overwhelmingly beautiful to me. You are the most beautiful word besides the name Jesus that I know. Grace sweet grace, I tabernacle myself inside of You…hide myself in You.”

I know I often become enemy focused. The enemy did this and the enemy did that. How that must please him for he is an attention seeker who loves to have his name mentioned above Yours. Today I choose to be God focused…Word focused…Jesus focused. There is no other name under heaven by which man may be saved from his enemy no matter what that entails.

Lord, I set my face like flint and I will not be put to shame…no I won’t. I have a whole new life…a life hidden in Christ…a life seated in the abode of Heaven. Old things have passed away. The person I was is dead and gone. The person I am is in Christ. I am not condemned, judged or guilty. The nature I inherited from Adam has been swallowed up by the new Adam, Christ, and I am perfect before my Father in Heaven.

Therefore, I arise and ascend and come boldly before the throne of grace to receive well-timed help…to receive with confidence what has already been given to me. The well-spring of Christ in me is bubbling up into all the needy, doubtful, hurting, in need of deliverance and healing places of my soul…my mind, my will and my emotions. The grace of Christ in me is setting me free to be a dispenser of all He has given me…all He has made me when I left my old life and became a citizen of Heaven. Come and spring up in me O rivers of life as I free fall into the arms of grace.

Reflect and Journal

  1. You are His beautiful one…His image on this earth to demonstrate salvation and righteousness. You are full of Him regardless of situation and circumstance…you are full of Him regardless. Has worry, doubt, unbelief or the mundane thing of everyday life robbed you in any way of this beautiful truth? If so, please take time to read the verse again and again. Read the devotion again and again until you can sense or acknowledge by faith that His rain is saturating the soil of your heart…until you can acknowledge in spite of life’s experiences that you are a demonstration of His image, His salvation and His righteousness in the earth…to all those you encounter.
  2. What does it mean to you personally to be a crown of glory and honor in the Lord’s hand? Do you believe being this is contingent on your behavior…your performance or simply because He is love and you are loved by Him?
  3. Who does the Bible say you are? Are you willing to proclaim that reality? Are you willing to walk into your true identity and call yourself who you really are?
  4. Take some time to contemplate the magnitude of God’s thoughts to you…contemplate the reality of how He constantly thinks about you…you are always on His mind. Selah (Meditate)
  5. Valleys are beautiful places where the rich soil and the streams from nearby hills and mountains accumulate to produce abundance and beauty. Learning to surrender to the Lord, learning to overcome…to walk in forgiveness and perseverance with a patient trusting heart in the goodness and sovereignty of a faithful God, produces rich soil. The Lord is near in both the valley and the mountain. Selah (Meditate).
  6. What valleys of life do you need the Lord to pour Himself into with springs of living water, grace, mercy and revelation?
  7. Who do you need to forgive today? You may have forgiven them time and time again only to find yourself in need of doing so once again. Go ahead. Let the Lord flow through you with forgiveness. It may not be that they have done something wrong in particular. Maybe they just disappointed you…misjudged you…or somehow failed to meet your own expectations. Either way; deliberate or unintentional, the need is still the same. Forgive as you have been forgiven. Choose the righteousness that is in you, Christ the hope of glory.
  8. Listen and listen carefully. The Lord wishes to speak some Good News to something in your life, heart or emotions. He has the Good News to overcome.
  9. There are duties you are to fulfill in reference to your purpose, your destiny. Now is the time. Are you willing to accept all the help the Lord is prepared to give you to accomplish this?
  10. Are you hard on yourself? Do you look for your faults and tell the Lord or others about them? Are these habits consistent with His grace?
  11. What are you holding on to tightly with a white-knuckled grip? Are you afraid that if you let go He won’t catch you or grace will not be there? Are you afraid the answer might not be exactly what you think it should be? If so, remember who knows the beginning from the end.
  12. Read John 1:14 over and over until the beauty of it sinks into your heart. Know everything the Father says about Christ, He says about you for Christ is tabernacled in you. It is an abiding…a place of grace. Meditate on this and write out what it means to you to be the tabernacle…the home of Christ which is glory, honor, majesty, grace, favor, loving-kindness and truth. These are all in you for He is in you.
  13. What does it mean to you personally to be a tabernacle for the Lord…to be tabernacled in grace?
  14. Do you find yourself thinking about God or talking to the Lord as if He is someone off at a great distance…only in Heaven or somewhere out there? What do you think might happen in your relationship if you came to the revelation of His ever-present abiding in you according to Colossians 1:6…of being continually hidden in Him according to Colossians 3:3?
  15. Make a list of cares, worries, doubts, unforgiveness, fears, lies, or unbelief and vocally give them to the Lord. Imagine yourself hidden in a secret place with Him. Hand Him the list and receive in return; Grace.
  16. What does it mean to you personally to see yourself as a whole new creation…an alien in this world or a whole new species?
  17. Do you find yourself concentrating or speaking about your struggles in life by relating to them to the enemy? In other words. Is he, the enemy, the gist of your focus when it comes to the negative circumstances of your life? If so, what do you think would happened if you turned the tables and began to focus on and speak about the Lord and His Word in reference to what you are going through?
  18. Meditate on how the old nature given to you by Adam is gone and how you are perfect in Christ. This perfection is not behavior based and is positional in Christ. It is like this in natural sense. It is kind of like scrambled eggs. Once you were born again, you became one with Christ…you were scrambled up with Him. Can you unscramble eggs? Can you separate them and put them back in the shell? No, you can’t! Your old nature is gone and cannot sin. The old Adam nature is dead…the old man is gone. The flesh is a whole different story, but knowing you cannot be condemned ever again gives you the freedom to walk out the sanctification…the purification of your soul while being tabernacled in grace. Reflect and write out your thoughts on this and how it can change your whole life by setting you free to let Christ live through you and not over you with a do this and don’t do that theology.
  19. Take some time to be with Him…knowing He is within the very beating of your heart…knowing He is within the very breath you breathe and free-fall into His heart of grace.
  20. Hear His voice calling you…saying to you, “You are My Beloved One.”
  21. Here Him asking you, “What do you need most to walk in grace? Where do you need to be healed in order not to be so hard on yourself and others? Come and partake for I am here to bubble up in and through you with free gifts of grace.”

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