Hope In The Unfailing Love Of The Lord

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 The LORD’s delight is in those who honor him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:11

 As My heart rejoiced one morning during a time when the rain was softly falling, the Lord spoke to me and ministered to my heart and wants me to share this love letter to me with you. This is for you too, for He loves us all the same and His desire is for us. Be blessed.

My Conversation 

 Lord, speak to me this day…this moment. Do not let one second go by without the sweet vibration of Your voice echoing through my heart. Speak to me O’ Spirit of God. Sweet Jesus let me hear Your tender voice today.

In The Natural

Once again a long season of drought and dryness is being overcome by a slow steady rain. I look outside and the trees are dripping with fresh rain. The ground is saturated in preparation to liberate hidden seeds into their destiny of beauty and fragrance. A heavy thick presence of moisture hangs in the cool crisp air.

A covey of geese flying over do not withhold their praise as the faint whispers of spring woo them…call them to come home from their southern journey. Fresh buds are beginning to release the first glimpses of verdant green into the dark brown and grey of winter. Birds are singing songs of new love among the tinkling of my wind chimes and my heart begins to rejoice with them. Sitting at my computer, looking out the window the Lord began to speak to me. And now He is speaking to you…encouraging you…delighting in you.

I Am Delighted In You

 Beloved One, I am so delighted when I see your heart respond to the natural beauty displayed around you…delighted to know your heart is being lifted up to the mountains…to the Lord from whence your help comes without interruption. I am delighted in you when you trust in My unfailing love. It is not about doing. However, it is about delighting…about simply being delightfully conscious of My presence, beauty and love. How this pleases Me.

Everywhere new life emerges, showing off its splendor, its hope, its promise. Declarations are made about My goodness and provision for your life. Don’t let your heart, which has so much to be grateful for, be despondent because the accuser of the brethren has made an attempt to cloud in any way the incredible beauty of your life.

There are many principles and things I could teach you today; but, what you need most is a tender touch…a whisper of love. I made you to love Me, be loved by Me and by others. It is MY perfect, love without condemnation which will sustain you in the days to come, nothing else. Yes, I will send others and they will love you as well; but remember, they are human just like you and can fail too. Therefore, receive from Me…be with Me and when they do you will have the love and grace they need.

I am delighted in you, with you and for you. I never want you to feel far away from me. It simply isn’t true and cannot be true. You are hidden in Me. Lay your misgivings down and lay your ear against the beating of My heart. Find a soft chair…soft music and crawl up in My lap…My embrace. Hear My heart beat words of encouragement and praise.

Beloved, it isn’t your obedience to Me, your faith in Me or even the amount of love you have for Me that honors me the most. What honors Me the most is when you rest in…when you trust in My unconditional, unchanging, unfailing love. What honors Me is when you know you are accepted no matter what. Regardless of behavior, regardless of performance, regardless of success or failure you are accepted in the Beloved. Come and rest.

I Draw Near And Do Not Withhold

Precious one, desire of My heart, I do not and will not withhold Myself from you today. My glory and presence abide and tabernacle in the land of your heart. I draw near to you today in discernable ways if you will but take a moment to rest. Many times I am with you and go unnoticed. It is OK because I just love being with you. However, it is My heart’s desire for you to experience the reality of My nearness every moment of your life.

I am ever near to those who worship Me…who call out Abba Daddy. My salvation is near and available for every need…every desire and longing. Because you love My Son and because He dwells in you…abides in you…tabernacles in you…all things are yours. I am yours and you are mine.

Speak to Me. Let Me hear you…let me savor the sound of your voice as you say My name. Never let Me go…never run…never hide. When you feel like running stop. When you feel like hiding run into My embrace. When you feel like letting go, cling and I will cling to you.

Beloved, I am pursuit of you and will not stop…no not ever. Keep a tight grip on Me. Choose to believe no matter what that I cannot condemn you. My grip is secure, bought with priceless blood. I would not have paid such a high price if I did not think you were worth it and I will in no way ever withhold Myself from you. Hope in My unfailing love. Remember, every investment of pain and suffering I endured will have its perfect work and release the intended benefits in your life.

The Steps Of A Good Man Are Ordered By The Lord

 Beloved, I always see what you cannot sometimes see. You must remember this. I go before you to prepare a way where there is no way. Just because you don’t feel it or see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I know you have faced things and battled circumstances so many times, yet you are standing…believing…hoping with faith in My goodness. Know this, you are good because you are in Christ and Christ is in you. Let this knowledge provoke you to good works born out of relationship and not duty.

When I told you before you don’t always see what I see, part of what I was talking about is how you see you. I see you as a valiant warrior with a heart of passion for me. Sometimes you set your expectations of yourself too high or so high they cannot be met. This leads to frustration. I am freeing you up to do only as I ask and no more. You cannot save the world. I already have. All they have to do is accept Me as you already have. Every one of My sons has a destiny…a task just like you. You cannot do it all, theirs and yours. Relax and enjoy Me and things will be easier.

This is something you know but need a gentle reminder of. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by Me (Psalm 37:23). I know your coming and going before ever a breath is taken at each dawning of a new day. I lead all those I love from season to season…from time to time and do so with great delight.

Beloved, I am here to let you know I am jealous for you and will not let you live in winter among the abundance of new life emerging everywhere. Even moments of winter are only meant to be depositories of preparation, not an eternal habitation. Winters pass and spring always comes in some fashion or other. I am coming with My rains…soft rain, gentle rain, cleansing rain and purifying rain and spring will arise in your life in verdant shades of green.

 The Apple Of His Eye And The Shadow Of His Wings

 Beloved, spring is emerging and I am once again hovering over you, around you with a thick heavy presence, saturating, moisturizing the dry portions of your inner most being. Speak My name, Jesus, over and over until you sense the oil of heaven saturating your very being. I am imparting My very essence, like dews of freshness on tender grass. Like the grass, you must absorb every molecule of who I am.

This is done by agreeing with Me and not with the contrary thoughts of your accuser. He is a liar and the father of lies from the beginning. Like a flaming arrow, an arrow of love and freedom, I send My word to penetrate to the very depths of your being. Open yourself to Me today. Respond to My words as I have responded to the sound of your voice speaking My name. Just to remind you, I delight in how you trust in My unfailing love…how you are learning to rest in Me.

Therefore, let Me love on you today as only I can. Let go and confess what we know to be the truth that you are My favorite one. I know it; but, somehow you have forgotten exactly how much this is true. Please don’t compare yourself to others and what they are or are not doing even in the slightest way.

Comparing one’s self provides absolutely no benefit to progress in Me or in My purposes for you. I could love you no more than I already do, no matter what is attained or not attained. I have made many declarations in My Word as to how I feel about you and who I say you are to Me. Who are you? You are the apple of My eye (Psalm 17:8). In other words, you are what I see when My eyes are open and they are always open. You are what I see when the sun rises and sets. You are all I see for you are always on My mind, my heart and are always in My line of vision.

Remember, I never slumber or sleep (Psalm 121:4). As a matter of fact, I watch over you while you sleep with a fervent anticipation beating in My heart at the thought of your waking. Sometimes the anticipation is so great I can’t wait so I whisper to you in your sleep. Being with you is My greatest desire. You are My great love.

Oak Trees, Streams Of Water And The Oil Of Joy

Beloved, I look at you and see an oak tree of righteousness planted besides My streams (Psalm 1:1-3). You are dripping with the fresh rain of My presence. My glory is all around you like a thick, dense fog. The light of Heaven is dancing across in the beams of sunlight penetrating the moisture laden heavenly air around you. Like a covey of geese flying through the air singing a joyous, rapturous song of coming spring, I sing over you My love. I am rustling through the wind chimes of your heart, singing a bird song of new love…a new song to awaken your heart to the complete fullness of delighting in Me as I delight in you. It pleases Me to awaken love (Song of Solomon 8:4).

I am granting consolation and the oil of joy to the mournful places of your heart. I am draping you with beauty. I am calling forth expressive praise which has the power to transform. You are lofty, strong and magnificent to Me. Oh that you would know how much I love you. I have written so many words of love that if spoken in a continuous stream they would have the power to transform deserts into oceans. You are distinguished and stand with uprightness…with right standing in Me…completely accepted in the Beloved (Isaiah 61:3).

Beloved, today new growth is emerging in your life. One day you look out and the trees from a distance seem brown yet they are teeming with new buds of life indiscernible to the eye. Soon they are an abundant display of green. So it is with you. Change your perception and do not base it on what you see or don’t see, for I have made all things new. I take every misgiving and replace them with promise. Have a heart of praise and gratefulness. Draw near for I am near.

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I lay my misgivings at Your feet and crawl up in Your lap, Your embrace. I lay my ear against the beating of Your ever encouraging heart. How I delight in you, my God and my King…my Friend and my Comforter…my Hope and my Wisdom. I receive Your tender touch today. I receive your touch right now, right in the midst of my busy and sometimes confusing life. I receive a sustaining grace to walk out the beauty of a life set free from expectation and performance. I am accepted in the Beloved and nothing can change that.

No power or principality can change the truth of who You say I am to you. I could lie down and never do another thing and you would love Me. This kind of love motivates me…encourages me to be about Your business…not out of duty, but out of reciprocal love for one who adores me. Today I relish Your closeness…Your faithfulness which never fluctuates no matter if I am joyous or despondent. Love is love and Yours is ever-present and unchanging. I am humbled by such an amazing grace. I have come this day to rest and be refreshed. Fill me to overflowing with love and strength.

Lord I speak to you. I call your name, Jesus. I say it over and over until peace floods my soul with cascading rivers of grace. I run to you. I hide in the secret places of your heart. Keep a tight grip on me. Never let me go. You are the delight of My very being. I pursue you with an overwhelming grateful heart of love. I embrace the Cross and the priceless blood You gave on my behalf that I might be with You…be with You…love with You. You are my all in all.

Everything I have experienced has drawn me close to you and therefore worthwhile. You paid such a high price. How can I disregard such a gift by ever thinking less of myself and not agreeing that I am a pearl of great price to You? Forgive me. I open my heart to hear Your words of love and I open my mouth and I sing Your praise.

I speak your name over and over and over. I say, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….Jesus. There is no other name I would rather say…no other love I would rather bask in. I give my heavy burdens to you in exchange for peace and communion. I will not let any burden or heaviness rob my intimacy with You, Lord. I hope in Your unfailing love.

Lord, I am so grateful that you have gone before me to prepare a way…to prepare a way on the mountains and in the valleys. I do not live by sight but by faith. I trust Your goodness to manifest itself in all areas of my life and in every circumstance both good and bad. You alone make me stand and give me the strength to endure. I do not fight according to my might but according to the Spirit.

When things don’t seem to go the way they should, sometimes the first place I look is to me. What have I done wrong? How could I have done better? The accuser of the brethren is always ready to try and point out faults. The fact is, sometimes…a lot of time it simply doesn’t have anything to do with me at all. I think this way because I forget how You see me…forget who I am in You.

Therefore, today I am going to set my face…my attitude…my thoughts…my hopes and everything I feel on the Rock and declare I will not be dismayed. I will relax in the rest You have provided for me. You know my coming and my going. Nothing is too hard for You and my steps are ordered by You. The winter moments of my life are but for a season. Spring is emerging in new and powerful ways. I receive the rains to soften my heart with gentle administrations of love. I receive the rains of cleansing to wash away the dust of yesteryear. I bask in the rain of Your presence and rest in the love of Your heart as shades of green emerge in my life.


Lord, I sense Your hovering presence around me. By faith I receive the saturating of all my dry places…all the dry and dusty places. My inner most being…my soul cries out to You…cries out Your name, Jesus, and proclaims that you are more wonderful than can ever be known. I open myself up…no denial…no fear and I receive…I receive dews of freshness into the tired, worn out and burned out places. Like tender grass reaches up to receive the rain, I reach up to You Lord. I refuse to agree with my accuser and I choose to agree with You. I declare Your Words of love are penetrating the depths of my being with freedom and love. Hope is flooding my soul and filling my life to overflowing. I am learning to rest in You.

I confess my doubt and declare that I am Your favorite one. There is no one else like me in all the earth, nor will there ever be. I am unique and uniquely Yours. I am the apple of Your eye and am always on Your mind. I will not compare myself to anyone, not even to myself in the things I might have done well. Sometimes I look at myself knowing I could have done better…even better like I used to. Tonight when I lie down to sleep, I am expecting the whispering of Your voice in my dreams and over my life. Come whisper to me and I will hear. Come whisper to me and I will embrace all You say. I am Your favorite one.

Lord, I am a tree…an oak tree planted by Your streams of living water ready to bring forth fruit in due season. My leaf…my life will not fade or wither but everything I do shall prosper and become mature according to Your purpose. Joy has come to abide in the places where I have mourned. I receive an expressive garment of praise as I cast off heaviness of any kind. I declare that I walk in strength and I am not easily dismayed. I am the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified. I am the Lord’s garden.

I hear the new song the Lord is singing over me…a song of acceptance and beauty. I do not have to act right or perform for the Lord. I am hidden in Christ. I am accepted in the Beloved. I am loved. Though some of my promises are yet unfulfilled they will come to pass. The buds are on the trees and will open according to His timing and purpose. I will not reject the timing nor will I walk in doubt and unbelief because the leaves on my tree are not completely open. I will not base my perception on what I see or don’t see. I will base it on the Word and the Promise. I lay my heavy burdens down. I lay my failures down. I lay my successes down. I lay all things down and I rest and listen to the heart beat of my Good Shepherd. I am loved in the Beloved. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Have you ever thought about how the Lord delights in you simply because you hope in His unfailing love?
  2. When nature displays its beauty, when the rain falls on parched ground, when new life emerges from a seed, declarations about the faithfulness and sovereignty of God are made in visible ways aimed at capturing our heart. Have you ever thought about the connection between the marvels of nature and the voice of the Father being connected? Have you ever just sat and marveled at Gods goodness and power in what you see. Scripture says He cares for the sparrow and cares even more for you. What misgivings do you need to let go of for even a moment to enjoy the beauty around you…to listen to His heartbeat…to sit in His lap. I was walking in my garden and the beautiful pink roses were in full bloom. I almost walked by. Instead, I cupped one in my hand. As I smelled its lovely fragrance, I thought of Jesus and the lovely fragrance of His life. I imagine Jesus smells like my rose and I hoped in Him. This delighted the Lord. Selah (meditate).
  3. Are you so caught up in principles and obedience (all of which are good if walked out as Christ lives through you) that you miss the sweetness…the beauty? Are you so concerned about what you have or haven’t done that you miss delighting in the one who delights in you?
  4. Do you feel accepted by Him who loves you no matter what? If not, write down your so called warts and give them to Him in an act of faith. Receive His rest…His complete acceptance.
  5. Do you think or feel that the Lord withholds Himself from you in any way? If so, why do you think He withholds…your behavior, your lack of faith, your sin, your lack of understanding or any other ineptness you think you might have in any area. Some people who have troubled family situations think they can’t receive from Him and serve Him because someone in their family is not living as they should. The enemy will use anything and anyone to try and separate us from intimacy with the Lord. Yet, God says nothing can separate us from Him…us who are hidden in Christ. Nothing means nothing. Draw near to Him today. He is near.
  6. Speak out His name, Abba Father, Abba Daddy, Jesus…however you feel led to at this moment and listen to Him…He is near regardless…listen for His voice…it could be simply remembering a Scripture of hope, a song which encourages faith and so much more. Don’t limit His voice to some mystical thing. Remember, His voice sounds like yours and is always encouraging and uplifting even when He is giving instruction or exhortation.
  7. Contemplate the Lord pursuing you…literally chasing after you at all times no matter the circumstance. He bought you with a price because He thinks you are worth it. Why would He stop after such a great cost? He won’t. Take some time to see Him (use your imagination) pursuing you…running after you and then stop. Let Him draw near.
  8. Have you ever seen a stage play? If so, remember there is only one scene on stage at a time. All the while the actors are performing the scene…the next act is being prepared back stage. New props, new costumes and sometimes new actors are being readied for the next act. Take this example and look at your life in the same way. Just because no one can see the preparations going on behind the curtain on stage doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. They are and will be revealed in the appropriate time. Imagine if the last scene was wrongly placed in the middle of the play. There would be complete confusion and the audience would be left scratching their heads in puzzlement. Life is the same. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The Lord goes before us to direct our steps…make plans and set the stage. If we spend our time in doubt and unbelief we might leave the theater before the next scene or even the final scene and miss the beauty of what is planned. Meditate on this thought in relation to promises unfulfilled in your life and in the lives of those you love and for whom you are praying?
  9. Where do you most need to experience the rain of the Lord in your life?
  10. Take some time and remember some winters of your life that have been transformed by spring and be grateful. Use these victories as foundations of hope and faith to believe for the unfolding of the next scene in the areas of need in your life.
  11. Even as Spring comes in the natural, it also comes in the spiritual. There can be winter seasons in one part of your life while spring is unfolding with great beauty in another. I know this to be true on a personal basis. I have suffered great pain while experiencing great joy. Both seasons can be experienced at the same time. Springtime gives needed rain, and hope to the winter areas of our lives in the natural and in the spiritual. If we are grateful for the good things we often have a tendency to overlook in favor of negative thinking and speaking, the winter seasons of our lives would be so much easier to endure with faith. List some things you are grateful for.
  12. Take some time to pay attention to the spring like shoots of grass growing in the hard places of your life…in the hopeful places…in the waiting on the Lord places and be grateful. Vocally express your thanksgiving and praise. To do so builds faith and intimacy with the Lord for you are hoping in His unfailing love.
  13. Have you been comparing yourself to someone else or even to your past accomplishments? If so, give it to the Lord and accept that you are accepted in the Beloved just the way you are. The Lord wants you to live out the gifts He gave you according to the personality you have…not someone else’s. He made you unique and capable. Never pay attention to the accusations of others when they imply doing things their way would be better or accomplish more. Maybe the Lord is not worried about accomplishing more…maybe He just wants it done in a way that reflects the flavor of your life and heart. You can’t get any more beautiful than that. You may make mistakes. So what! Others will make mistakes too…just with a different flavor. The Lord has them all covered anyway. Remember, He looks on the motive of the heart.
  14. Take some time to rest in Him and listen. What is He whispering to you…yes you…His great love…His favorite one?
  15. Once again the Lord is talking about how He sees you. Do you realize the Word is full of beautiful thoughts toward you and I. Often we only focus on the “do this” and the “do that” and miss the relational words of love spoken so often. It is about time we agree with Him about who we are. In this Psalms 1:1-3 we are oaks of righteousness. Of course we are. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 3:22-24). Take some time to use your imagination for His glory. Close your eyes and see yourself as a tree with His wind rustling through you, around you. See birds singing…see wind chimes ringing and rejoice. Agree with Him. Thank Him that in Christ you are an oak of righteousness planted by streams of living water.
  16. Find a scene in the natural somewhere, somehow like this one and delight in Him…even a video if in the natural it is impossible. He delights in you always but I can just see Him delighting with sighs of pleasure when He sees us enjoying Him…enjoying the things He has made…when we agree with Him about who we are in Him and how He sees us.
  17. Are there brown trees in our life that you are looking at in a distance kind of way…looking at without hope because you can’t see the indiscernible buds getting ready to emerge? Name them out loud to the Lord. Thank Him for having experienced spring in the past and that you will again. Thank Him that His unfailing love will not fail…unfailing means certain, reliable, consistent, unshakable, enduring, able to be relied on at all times, never used up or exhausted, always accurate (unfailing eye for beauty and symmetry). He has an always accurate and without fault view of you and it is this: you are like Him for you are created in His image. Selah (Meditate).

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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