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Fear Of Aging By Apostle John Dean

In our fast paced society we spend millions of dollars annually trying to keep ourselves young. We must avoid the appearance of aging at all cost. Gray hair, no hair, pudgy belly and wrinkles must be from the pits of hell or at least from some ancient civilization that never learned there was a better way. Why wouldn’t any decent thinking individual avail himself of hair color, implants, work out rooms, liposuction and face lifts, to keep his youth? After all, isn’t it better for the grandchildren to see their grandfather as “Joe Cool” with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the face and craftiness of 007 rather then just plan old boring grandpa?

Declaration of Strength and the Power to Bloom

I declare the strength of the Lord to all who read this…I declare you will not grow faint or weary in doing good…I speak to your spirit man and tell it to arise and shine over your soul man…over your mind…over and above all your thinking…over your will and give you great resolve to stand…over […]

A Promise Given, A Promise Kept – God, The Original & Ultimate Promise Keeper

Beloved, I am not excusing the practice of breaking promises or not living up to covenant; but, I am saying that men are men and just like you they fail…they miss the mark. This is where grace and a true understanding of provision come in to save the day. This is where knowing one’s value to the King of Kings can make or break the day…can determine if it is filled with joy and trust or if it is filled with anxiety, self-doubt or even worse…having a heart filled with offense, bitterness and resentment at the one who failed to keep their promise…who failed to keep their covenant.

A Promise Given, A Promise Kept My Personal Perspective

Secondly, some have even wondered…questioned… how I would dare take the Scripture and do with it as I do…how I can take something so reverent and share it in such conversational form. I believe the Lord is a conversational God with an intense desire to fellowship with us in simple yet profound ways according to the way He has made us. I also believe one cannot plummet the depths of God’s Word any more than one can dive to bottom of the deepest reaches of the oceans…but it is fun trying.

Potato Faith By Apostle John Dean

I am often asked what is the difference between hope and faith? We actually need both hope and faith working in tandem in our lives. Hope is a dream of something that is either wanted or needed—but faith is what turns that dream into a substance or reality. Without hope there is nothing for faith to create a substance from. And without faith, hope is nothing more than just a powerless dream.

The Word Of God Is Living And Endued With Power

It searches the depths of your being, revealing every thought (1Cornithians 2:9-12). It moves deep into the places of your soul and spirit, dividing and cutting asunder hindrances, long held beliefs and habits of the soul. The Word confronts lies believed by your soul, cuts them, removes them and inserts itself in the place of wrong mindsets and beliefs. It transforms you and turns pride into humility. Let go and embrace your new status in Me—as status of being always made new (2 Corinthians 5:17). I desire it so.

Take The Excursion Of A Lifetime And Vacation In God’s Heart

Come and go with Me, my child, into the very depths of glory beyond the veil into My beauty…into My Presence where you will be transformed. You are anxious about much that can’t be changed by worrying; it can only be changed by prayer and abiding in My habitation of worship and the Word (Philippians 4:6).

A Love Note From Jesus On Mother’s Day

You are the apple of My eye…the most beautiful piece of pottery on My wheel…the loveliest garden I walk in…the most fragrant lily of the valley…the most perfect rose of Sharon..the most amazing butterfly I have ever crafted.

Why Not Tonight

There is an old saying that says that you can always tell when a person is getting older because they only want to talk about their past. This would of course imply that there is nothing happening in their present life worth talking about. I might agree with a part of that but certainly not all of it.
There are plenty of things happening in my own life today worth talking about…and I do. As a matter of fact, the presence of God and His revelatory teaching to me is more powerful today than before. I can hardly wait to wake up in the morning and listen to his sweet voice giving me daily direction. I also can hardly wait to go to bed at night so He can speak to me through dreams and night visions.

Jesus, The Door To The Sheepfold Of Your Life, Your Heart

Beloved, I am the door to the sheepfold. I am the door by which all men must enter. If one does not enter through Me, “The Door”; then, he is a thief and a liar. He is the enemy of the soul. I want you to see this in a personal way and not just as the whole sheepfold or the whole church. Today I am speaking to you as the sheepfold and I am the door…the entrance to all you are or ever will be.