Fear Of Aging By Apostle John Dean

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Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? (Job 12:12 NIV)

In our fast paced society we spend millions of dollars annually trying to keep ourselves young. We must avoid the appearance of aging at all cost. Gray hair, no hair, pudgy belly and wrinkles must be from the pits of hell or at least from some ancient civilization that never learned there was a better way. Why wouldn’t any decent thinking individual avail himself of hair color, implants, work out rooms, liposuction and face lifts, to keep his youth? After all, isn’t it better for the grandchildren to see their grandfather as “Joe Cool” with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the face and craftiness of 007 rather then just plan old boring grandpa?

The fear of growing old and being put out to pasture in an old folks home—and for all practical purposes forgotten—while the rest of the world passes by is just too much to deal with.

Does the scratched, worn thin mounting really lessen the value of the diamond? I would suspect all of us walk through diamond mines daily searching for what we’re already standing on.

Shakespeare wrote, “remedies in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to heaven.” In other words, why keep asking God for that which He has already given? Each generation seems to have to start all over again trying to learn the lessons and receive the treasures that it took the previous generation their lifetime to learn. Perhaps that which we seek is already in our hands.

Maybe we should heed the words the Lord spoke to Joshua in Joshua 4:21. He told Joshua that the people were to pass the word from generation to generation on how God took them across Jordan on dry ground. In other words, grandpa’s testimony mixed with your own experience should make your faith stronger and sweeter.

By the way, does anybody remember where we put grandpa?

In spite of fears, phobias, pains and all the other things that go along with aging, could aging be a gift from God? I suppose it depends on how you look at it. It’s as though in most cases the riches of true wisdom, patience and a thankful heart seem to be the capstone of all God’s gifts to His children. You spend your whole life seeking for what it takes your whole life to get.

Learning to be a graceful person by aging gracefully is truly a gift from God.

My Father,

You are infinite in Age and Wisdom. I too, am growing in age and wisdom. I thank You for the experiences You have given me and the lessons You have taught me in my life. You are improving and increasing me each day. Like a fine instrument that improves with age, I am wiser and more faithful today than I was in my youth. Thank You Father for aging me, for in the process, I am becoming the man you want me to be.


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