Jesus, The Door To The Sheepfold Of Your Life, Your Heart

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I ASSURE you, most solemnly I tell you, he who does not enter by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way (elsewhere, from some other quarter) is a thief and a robber (John 10:1 Amplified)


The Enemy Of The Sheep Climbs Up Another Way

Beloved, I am the door to the sheepfold. I am the door by which all men must enter. If one does not enter through Me, “The Door”; then, he is a thief and a liar. He is the enemy of the soul. I want you to see this in a personal way and not just as the whole sheepfold or the whole church. Today I am speaking to you as the sheepfold and I am the door…the entrance to all you are or ever will be.

In the natural, thieves and robbers by their very nature, try to break in and steal the treasures of a house. Their hearts are set to do mischief…to do treacherous things… to take what is not lawfully theirs. Thieves look for breaches in the walls of your house both in the physical and spiritual. The enemy is one who stalks and sets snares to entrap…to gain entrance in order to destroy the work I, your Good Shepherd…have already accomplished and given to you via the Cross (Psalms 91:5-6)

Beloved, you are Mine and I have paid a great price to bring you into a place of grace and rest…a place where you can abide in Me without fear. I have already paid the price and you do not have to do so…do not have to obey a law to be accepted in the Beloved.

Be so very aware. The enemy roars like a lion. Notice, I said like. He is not a lion and only pretends to be one to introduce fear. I am the true Lion of Judah. Your adversary is always looking for an opening…a breach by which he can access your life. Some of the most prevalent back alley ways he uses are: doubt, unbelief, worry, unforgiveness and fear of what might happen, what I might think of you and so on. His tactics are limitless but My power is greater than his pathetic attempts at roaring like I, the Lion of Judah, can and do. He is a imitator, a liar, a thief and today I roar over the back alley tactics he is using in your life to discourage and disarm you.

Remember, there is no condemnation in Christ…in Me. So, close any breaches in the walls of your heart and life. Walk in forgiveness of yourself and others. Let go of petty things for I love and accept you no matter what. The opinions of others which do not line up with mine must be rejected. I,unlike the enemy, will not come through any back way. I come directly to you with instruction, exhortation, hope, forgiveness and so much more. I am the door to your heart…to the sheepfold of your life. He who comes against you with accusation, shame and guilt is not Me.

Therefore, be mindful and guard the door of your heart and make way for only Me. If anyone or anything comes that does not line up with My Word…does not smell or look like Me…does not exhibit grace and forgiveness or leaves you with a sense of condemnation you must “Shut The Door” to the father of all lies, for you have been accepted by Me. Know this, when I said “it is finished” I meant it. After all, he wants nothing more than to damage you which he knows separates you from the one who loves you most; Me.

In light of all I have said, ask Holy Spirit to show you any breaches in need of sealing up with the Word of God. Give the enemy not access and tell Him when he accuses you, “Talk to the Door!”

The Good Shepherd Comes Through The Front Door

Beloved, I never enter by any other means than the front door. I am full of righteous character and truth, forgiveness, grace, mercy. Clothed in love is My calling card. I am the one with the authority and power to make change in your life. I have already defeated that old serpent the devil. He only has right of entry as we said before, if there are breaches he can access.

Does this mean if there are no breaches, he will leave you or anyone else alone? NO! But it does mean, just like with Me, he will try. If he cannot get you to acquiesce he will return for a more opportune time. If he is not looking for breaches, he is trying to create them by getting you to open the door to his lies instead of My truth.

I do not use backroom tactics, manipulation or exploit you in any way to get you to where you need to be. My kindness leads to repentance and I wash you with the cleansing water of the Word (Romans 2:4; Ephesians 5:26).

Where the enemy comes to do evil, I come to do good. What do I do? What good am I doing on your behalf right now and forever more…every second of the day? The list is as innumerable as the sands of the sea shore. Just as My thoughts toward you cannot be numbered, neither can the desire of My heart to do good on your behalf.

Today, I am at the door of your life…your sheepfold and I am doing some specific things. I am standing at the door of your heart with gifts in hand…gifts I have already purchased…gifts that already belong to you. All you need to do is agree with a big yes and amen.

  • To those who are weak and sick at heart, I am binding up your brokenness and giving you strength. Do not fear; put your hope in Me and not any formula. Formulas are OK to use but they must be founded in and flow from intimacy with Me. I am here to heal your heart.
  • To those who are in need of sustenance, I am the provision for when I give to you, you then in turn have that with which to bless another. Give as it has been given. The rewards are great.
  • To him who is hard of heart, I have come with the oil of My Presence to soften the ground that it might be pliable enough for the stones of unforgiveness and bitterness to be removed. Submit to Me by forgiving, resist the devil and he will flee.
  • To the prosperous, joyful, rejoicing one, I have come with a cup that you might fill it and give it away. To the ones filled with hope and faith, I have come to present those who are downcast to you that they might in turn find their way to out of the pit to stand in a large place.
  • To those who are lonely or suffering abuse, I have come to pull you into My embrace…to send ministering angels to act on your behalf. Only, you must forgive. It is the high road of surrender. Don’t try and defend your own heart. Let Me. I do a much better job.
  • To those who dream, I have come to fulfill the desires of your heart and co-labor with you to bring to full term the dream planted by Me in the first place. Water your dream with the Word of faith I have given you. Speak hope and protection over your dream. I am with you.

There are so many things I have come to do for and with you. I am knocking on the door of your heart. Will you come and sup with Me?

The Watchman Has The Keys To Open The Door

Beloved, you are the watchman…the gatekeeper of your own heart…your own personal sheepfold. It is up to you to open the gates of your life and heart in order for Me to have complete access. Yes, I dwell in you; but, I never force you into anything. Sometimes I allow things because I long to have your complete attention and affections; but, the choice is still yours at all times. It is called free will. It doesn’t take much movement on your part to draw Me into the sheepfold of your heart. Just a breath whispering My name is enough.

Yes, whispering My name…calling My name in any and every situation is the key to opening the door…the key to letting Me in to every aspect of your life. In days gone by, the sheep were just outside the house of the master so they could be better protected and only the gatekeeper…the watchman had the key to the sheepfold. The master gave the keys to whosoever he trusted…the gatekeeper.

At one time you dwelt outside of My house…My Kingdom. When you gave your heart to Me all things changed. You became seated in heavenly places and part of the kingdom of light. The sheepfold of your life became Mine to shepherd. Yet, even in this, there is choice. Now you are the gatekeeper who decides who and what comes in…good or bad. It is up to you to invite Me to abide with you in daily relationship and intimacy. I do dwell in you but dwelling is not guaranteed fellowship. Many can live in the same house and never really know one another. I know you always; but, if you do not open the heart…the soul…you will not know as you are known.

You never have to keep the door closed out of fear of discovery, fear of failure or for any other reason. I already knew everything you would do anyway. So, there is no need to hide what I can already see and know. I am not put of by any of it. All I want to do is to be let in…to speak and share My heart with you in a unique way only understood by you. All I want to do is come in and call you by name. I love to speak your name.

Beloved, when I answer the invitation to come in, I speak what you need…and I give you the grace to heed My instructions. I call you by name with a familiarity born of the ages…born of having known you forever…born of having loved you forever. I call you by name and lead you out to green pastures of instruction, revelation, healing and understanding where I feed you everything necessary to overcome…everything necessary to be successful, to be unbound in many areas, to know Me and abide with Me in intimacy. I lead you…direct you…guide you and show the way for I am the Waymaker.

Therefore, whisper My name and open the door to only Me. Guard the gate of your heart and be a diligent watchman for out of your heart flows the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). I have drawn near. I am knocking. Let Me come in and sup with you about the hidden places and take you to green pastures that you might receive all that you need. Come.

As The Shepherd Leads, The Sheep Follow

Beloved, in the natural the shepherd would go behind his sheep and drive them out into the pastures. He would compel them to go. I only compel by wooing your heart…by leading the way.

Know this, I do not drive you…I lead you…I bring you out by the one and only way, through and in Me. I have already gone before you to prepare a way…to prepare a place meant just for you…suited just for you. Do not be compelled to follow the law for it is a hard taskmaster and will drive you to perform. Follow Me…follow grace and you will fulfill all in love.

I know all My sheep by name and I know you. I know your character, your likes and dislikes, your hopes dreams and desires. I know what makes you tick…what floats your boat…what note makes you sing…what makes you cry…what makes your heart soft. I know you down to your very essence and have planned a path for you to walk on…a pasture from which to graze meant for you and only you.

I go before you and am the first to encounter any danger ahead. When danger does come, the practice of listening to My voice will make you secure. Listening to My voice and becoming as familiar with it as I am with you, will enable you to follow Me through or around danger without fear. Knowing I know you by name and am madly in love with you will make you feel safe regardless of how the storms rage and the tempest howls.

I lead and you follow. It is the only safe way to navigate the storms of life and experience joy in the midst of suffering. It is the only way to remain in the secret place…to remain in the wake of My goodness…to remain in the shadow of My wings.

I walk on before you and you follow because you are attuned to the sound of My voice (John 10:4). How does this come about…how does familiarity with My voice to the point of blind trust come about? Through time and experience…by listening and taking it for granted I want to talk to you…taking it for granted I want to lead you without condemnation…by realizing you can come to Me with anything and I will still whisper to you and call you by name.

Beloved, if you will listen carefully for just a moment no matter where you are right now or what you are doing, you will hear the whisper of My voice in your ear. Maybe it isn’t a long eloquent thing you hear…maybe it isn’t a sonnet or a prayer and maybe it isn’t a song being sung over you. Maybe it is just one word, one sound or one impression. No matter what it is, if it comes from Me it is enough. Lay your expectations down and listen. I am whispering I love you and so much more. Selah (stop and think about this).

A Strangers Voice You Shall Not Follow

Beloved, you are the sheep of My hand and the apple of My eye. I am absolutely one-hundred percent in love with you. I gave My very own life and laid it down for My sheep…for you (John 10:19). My heart is a heart moved with compassion at the distresses and ignorance of the heart, for I long for all to know Me as the Good Shepherd…as the door (Mark 6:34).

I am the door plain and simple for all sheep. There is no other way no matter what a stranger might have to say…no matter what wiles and deceptions he might employ. There is no other way to the Father and there is no other door. I am the one and only Door. If you know My voice, and I have told you My sheep know My voice, you will never be deceived by anything from an imitation to flat out lies.

The best way to know My voice and what I say is to read the Word. The Word is full of My voice…My love…My instruction…My wisdom and revelation. When you delve into the heart of all I have said many things will develop for My Word is a living thing and has the power to renew the mind…to renew the way you think(Hebrews 4:12; Romans 12:2). The Word will develop a discerning spirit within you and the stranger…the enemy will be much easier to recognize.

Beloved, you contain the thoughts and intents of My heart within you and when you read the Word understanding will come for I am in You (1 Corinthians 2:16).

Therefore, I am sharpening your discernment…sharpening your early warning detection skills to see the enemy…to recognize the stranger who longs to lead you away if only just a little bit. A lot of little bits can lead to a subtle slow deviation from the path I have set before you…a path of life and not death…a path full of a future and a hope.

The stranger’s voice often calls out in such a way as to cause feelings of doubt about the direction I am leading you. He regularly challenges the path you are on by either telling you that you are not doing enough, that you have missed it, that you are not qualified or that your mistakes are too costly, by enticing you to engage in busyness, entertainment and so on. He will do anything to keep you from being focused on My voice…to keep you from listing to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit as He directs and points you in the right direction.

Even more so, the enemy hopes you will forget that you have the mind of Christ…hopes you will forget how Holy Spirit leads and guides you into all truth…hopes you will forget grace and embrace the law you can never fulfill (John 14:26; John 15:26; John 16:7).

In this day and hour, it is even more important to be aware of the schemes of the enemy to impersonate Me by adding just enough truth to deceive many. Stick close and keep a watch over the gate of your heart. Be a diligent watchman who is only open to My voice and not susceptible to the accusations and lies of the enemy. When he accuses, go find out what I say. After all, I have already had the final word. Now, arise and follow Me more closely than you ever have before that you may be in place of safety and provision. The time and hour demand it.

Jesus Is The Door Prayer Of Declaration And Supplication

Lord, there is no other way beside You. You are the beginning, the end and all in between. Nothing escapes Your knowledge and you know all things lying in the path before me. Therefore I will stick close to you. I will be a good watchman…a good gatekeeper over my heart and soul. I will.

Many times the enemy has come to accuse me…to accuse You in attempts to persuade me to leave the safe confines of Your guidance and love. He has wanted me to believe the hard things I experienced were evidence that you had forsaken me or did not care about my suffering. He tried to come in the back way through breaches in my heart where unforgiveness, doubt, unbelief, anger and so many other things had made cracks big enough for Him to slither in and distract me. I opened the door not for You, my Good Shepherd, but for him. Please forgive me for not having my heart and mind set on You. Sometimes I would open the door to You and then disregard what you spoke to me thinking it was too hard…too scary or too good to be true. I repent of my doubt and I let go of all shame and guilt associated with having believe the enemy instead of You.

I declare I am one who opens the door only to the Good Shepherd. I do not listen to the lion-like roars of the enemy but I do listen to the Lion of Judah. He roars over me. I choose to forgive as I have been forgiven and put to death any root of bitterness or resentment within me. I am mindful of my heart and declare it belongs only to the Lord. I reject anything that does not agree with the Word in reference to who the Lord is and who I am. I say no to the law and yes to grace. I seal all cracks and breaches with the Word of the Lord and I tell the enemy, “Go talk to the Door!”

Lord, You are the way, the truth and the life…You are my way…my truth and my life. I open my heart up to you without fear…without a single doubt as to Your goodness. I embrace the covering of truth, forgiveness, grace, and mercy all clothed in the love You have given me. I snuggle into the safe and secret places of your heart. I will not be dismayed or afraid. I am secure in You. I know the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but You have come to give me life and life abundant. I receive Your kindness which leads me to repentance. You do not bully me, manipulate or intimidate me into change.

Today you are at the door of my heart just like every other day. You never forsake or leave me. Here you are standing at the door with gifts in hand and I choose to receive them…to receive the freedom they afford me…the newness of life they give me.

I declare where I am weak, You are strong in me. My brokenness is made whole in You. I have all the sustenance I need for You are my provider and my provision. Because of this, I am one with much to give and bless others with both physically and spiritually. The hard places in my heart brought on by the experiences and situations of life are now being softened by the oil of Your presence. All the stony places are being exposed and can be removed. I am one who chooses to walk in joy with a rejoicing heart filled with faith and hope. Just because things are hard does not mean You are not good. Every lonely place is filled by Your whispers of love and adoration. My dreams are being manifest with each passing moment as I co-labor with the Lord to bring about the God given desires of my heart.

The Lord is knocking on the door of my heart. He is calling me into His presence to dine with Him in the secret place known only to us. I am responding right now to the calling of my name. I choose to enter into intimacy with Him moment by moment. He is truly the Good Shepherd of my heart.

Good Shepherd, I choose this day to open the doors of my heart…the doors of my own personal sheepfold where all my dreams and longings abide…where there are hidden places yet in my soul yet untouched by the Shepherd’s love. I give you complete access to the inner most places of my being. Show me…speak to me about hidden things which hinder me and keep me from receiving the fullness of Your affection and love. By a choice of my free will, I choose to listen and follow. I call on Your name. I call to You, Jesus. No situation or circumstance will keep me from hearing and listening to Your voice.

I break covenant with all fear of failure…all fear of letting You see the ugly things in my heart. You already know them and still love me; therefore, I am not afraid. I choose what is right. I choose to only let good in to the vineyard of my heart…into the sheepfold of my life. My heart is open to hear what the spirit is saying to me.

You are my beloved and I hear You calling my name. It is the sweetest sound I know. I hear you calling and I will follow as You lead me into all truth about myself and about You. I surrender my heart as one soft and moldable in Your hands. You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom (Ps. 51:6). Shape me among the green pastures of Your love into an instrument of grace. Whisper my name and I will listen. I sup with You. I give you the hidden places as I draw near for Your love is more than enough.

Lord, Your heart is kind and full of plans for good…plans for a future and a hope. Your heart of love leads me to green pastures. Never do you drive me like a master might drive a slave. The law is a hard driving taskmaster; but, You are a master of grace in all things, at all times. The beauty of grace frees me and births a love that compels me to follow you…to follow the Word. My heart delights in how You know and are concerned about each and every unique part of my personality. It is amazing how you pay attention to my likes and dislikes. My hopes and dreams are important to you…so important You co-labor with me to fulfill them. Open my heart to see how much You love me right this moment, right where I am.

No danger is too fearful…no mountain too hard to climb…no circumstance too hard to endure…no valley to low when I follow you. You are my shelter and security in the storms of life. You are my hope for the future. You are the one I love. Condemnation is not my portion…forgiveness and restoration is. My heart rejoices in You and my eyes behold you. My ears are open to the sound of Your voice. Today is a whole new day to rest in Your Presence. I give You the freedom to speak to me using all my senses in any way You please as I rest under the shadow of Your wings. I draw near.

Lord, I am the sheep of Your hand and the apple of Your eye. I am loved more than can ever be expressed by human words. The compassion of the Lord is ever being released to me. He is acquainted with my grief and my joy. He surrounds me like the mountains surround Jerusalem and my face is ever before Him. Lord you are the way to the Father and have personified Him in the flesh. I know you and, because I do, I know the Father who is slow to anger and full of loving-kindness.

I declare I am one who knows the voice of the Good Shepherd and I will not follow the voice of another. I read the Word and I hear His voice. I read the Word and it is living inside of me to accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. My mind is being renewed day by day as I speak and mediate on the Word. Discernment is my portion and a result of hiding the Word in my heart. I am not deceived by the schemes and plans of the enemy for his tactics are exposed by the Word.

I declare I am aware of how the thoughts and intents of the Lord’s heart abide in me to give me discernment and wisdom in all things. I am not empty-handed, for all that the Lord is belongs to me. I have been given all things in Christ Jesus. I forsake the law and embrace a grace life as Christ in me the hope of glory flows forth with fountains of living water. I am a good gatekeeper and guard over my own heart for out of it flows springs of life. I am diligent to hear, listen and follow the Good Shepherd. He leads me to green pastures and I am fed. I arise and follow Him for the time and hour demand it and my heart longs to do so. Amen.


Reflect and Journal

1. What breaches in the sheepfold of your life have given the enemy a place to slither in to do his dirty work…to accuse you and limit your service to and for God?

2. What has the enemy done…how he has intimidated you with a lion-like roar? Has he harassed you about things you have already asked forgiveness for by insulting you with shame and guilt? Yes, it is an insult for you are forgiven.

3. How have you been guarding the door of your heart? How can you better guide the door of your heart?

4. Take a few moments and tell the enemy to “talk to the Door” about all those accusations he has made. Name them and let them go.

5. How has the Lord been the Way, the Truth or the Life to you recently? Be specific.

6. In what way do you need Him to be the Way, the Truth or the Life to you right now?

7. The Lord is at your door with gifts in hand. What do you need the most from Him?

8. Do you have areas of brokenness; unforgiveness…have you been weak or sick at heart? He is with you to heal your heart. Write your need and listen.

9. What provision do you need?

10. Are you aware of any hard places in your heart where you just can’t seem to think well about God, yourself or others?

11. Do you need Him to pull you into His embrace in some area of your life? If so, where? Now take time to acknowledge He cares and rest in His presence…listen for His voice and believe Him when He whispers love words to you.

12. What dreams birthed in your heart by God have you let go of? Why do you think you let go of them? Was it fear, lack of confidence, the accusations of the enemy through the words of men, or any other reason? Remember and write down the original vision He gave you and water the dream in your heart.

13. Have you ever thought about yourself as the watchman of your heart…the one who opens the door to the Lord that He might speak?

14. Your life is your own personal sheepfold. What or who is allowed to come in is up to you. The Lord is knocking at the door…and you have the key. Let Him in and listen. What instruction…what revelation…what words of love are He saying to you today?

15. When you open the gate, He comes in and speaks. You listen and then the action takes place. You need to follow. In what areas or places has the Lord spoken many times about the same thing in your life and you have not taken the initiative to follow? Ask for forgiveness for not having the courage or freedom to step out accordingly. There is grace. Grace says try again. Grace says you can as Christ lives through you. Step out by following…not by doing it in your own strength. Let His love compel you to go…to do…to be.

16. You are made in a unique way and the Lord is in relationship with you based on how He made you. He knows just how to talk to you…how to love you…how to give you what you need according to the way you have been fashioned by His hand. This should free you. You do not have to hear like someone else…think like someone else or follow Him like someone else. Meditate on this and let the beauty of how He has made you to set you free to hear, listen and follow? What do you see, hear or feel?

17. How can you personally on a practical level guard your own heart? Do you need to set boundaries with people in your life who tend to belittle you? Do you need to reconsider what you view as entertainment? Do you need to walk in forgiveness toward someone so bitterness or other manifestations of anger do not develop within the confines of your personal sheepfold? Are there habits and addictions you need to forsake by the power of Him working in you such as: drugs, alcohol, over-eating, shopping too much, gossip, sleeping too much and the list can go on for we are all unique?

18. Take some time to rest with Him and listen to the soaking song I have provided…listen and let Him draw you…speak to you. What is He whispering?

19. In what ways do you feel driven in your walk with the Lord? Do you feel like you are always trying to fill a square somehow…trying to perform correctly according to a list of do this and don’t do that? If so, it is following the law and not grace. He leads, you follow and when you don’t hit the mark there His grace whispering in your heart, “I love you. Let me do it through you. You don’t have to perform for me. Just love me and it will work out.”

20. Contemplate the Good Shepherd going before you. He has already been where you are going and knows the way. Nothing surprises the Lord…nothing. He has an answer and the key is opening your heart to hear and to listen. Where do you feel left out in the storm, so to speak? Are you in a situation or have a circumstance where it seems you are all alone. Open the door of your heart and invite Him in with confidence. After all, He is the shepherd and wants to shepherd you through every moment of your life.

21. Are you familiar with His voice? Can you recognize it in an instant? It is important to be with Him regularly. This can be done moment by moment if you are willing to let go of preconceived ideas of what being with Him means. It is not a religious activity. It is experiencing life and sharing your thoughts on and about it with Him at all times. I give you permission to in a sense talk to yourself about Him. It builds relationship and a sense of presence which will come into full bloom in your life. Lay down your preconceived expectations of how He speaks and enjoy life.

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Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

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