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Sovereignty Day

Ever prayed as you approached your mailbox? …or answered a call? …or opened a letter?

I often do. I feel the need for the phone call to be good news. I want the letter to be encouraging (not just a bill or junk). Today, I wanted checks in the mailbox. It seems the clearer my need, the narrower my desires of God.

The One Room School By Apostle John Dean

Our teacher drove back and forth from town where she and her husband lived. She was probably the kindest and most patient lady I had ever met. She must have had a divine call from God to teach in that school at that particular time. I am sure the Lord sent her there just for me. The things I learned from her I cherish to this day. I especially influnced by the light of her life. lessons learned in a one room school house

Separating The Darkness Part Two

The power of God to separate any and all darkness from or in our lives just as He separated the day and night just as He did in Genesis 1. I so loved the world—the—cosmos…so loved the original intended order I set up in the Garden that I gave My Son. I gave My Son in order to possess what the devil took by adverse possession…by squatting on unattended or forgotten land. I so loved the world and all it contains, which includes you and everyone else, for I desire none to perish (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).

The Father Anointing By Apostle John Dean

After pondering the comments and heart cry of the other speakers I soon realized that old age and white hair does not make one a father. I felt the Lord tell me that the anointing to be a true spiritual father is a gift from God. The father anointing gift is no less important than the gift to be a prophet, evangelist or shepherd. In other words, they have the same high level of importance as the five gifts listed in Ephesians 4:11 where it says that some are called to be apostles, some prophets, some pastors, some evangelists and some teachers.

Separating The Darkness Part One

Beloved, restoration is your portion from Me. I restore your soul; you’re your heart and every other part of your life (Psalms 23:3). I delight in restoring everything, even down to the cellular level, to the most intrinsic fiber of your being and thinking. There is always a battle to prevent this, a battle between light and darkness. It started at creation. I won then and I am still winning. Transference From Darkness To Light Separating The Darkness, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Is True Fathering What It’s Cracked Up To Be? By Apostle John Dean

One of the hot topics today in Christian circles is the subject of spiritual fathering. It’s as though if one can be labeled as a father, he’s attained at least some measure of respect and worth in the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the modern day fathers aren’t fathers at all, but self-made men who have discovered a new way to control the hearts, lives and money of trusting Christians.

The Bridge By Apostle John Dean

The pastor of the local Baptist church was baptizing some new converts in the creek. I got off my bike and leaned over the railing of the bridge so I could watch the service. Since I did not go to church, that was the first time I had ever seen anyone baptized. When the first person went down into the water and came up, everyone on the shore started clapping and laughing.

He Has Already Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time

What you do with and in the time given you is eternal and goes on forever. You could say the true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time. He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time. Truly, I have made you beautiful before time, in time and for all time to come.

Sweet Nectar, Butterfly Of God’s Heart

There are beauties of My glory, yet untapped and I am going to show them to you. I am opening them up before your very eyes, enabling sight into a realm not seen before. I am drawing you to drink deeply from My sweet nectar—to drink deeply from My presence. I am wooing you with love. I am drawing you with kindness and I am washing you with the water of My Word.