He Has Already Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time

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Once again, I find myself pondering the promises of God in my life. Only this time, I began to think of them in relation to time itself. Ras and Bev Robinson sent out a prophetic word this week which began to stir up the gift of revelation and understanding in my own heart with reference to time and the thoughts of God…in reference to resting and waiting without feeling doing(can’t have feeling doing together with something?) less is failure. To do is not harmful; but, to do without first “being” is harmful. Read the word they shared and let it encourage you as it encouraged me.

You are feeling the promises of the Word have drained out of you. The energy has slipped away from what you are about. This is the time to rest. Don’t try to make something happen or you will end up in the flesh. An Ishmael will be produced that you will face, deal with and even fight, for a very long time. Go abo

ut your business as usual. Bring your mind to rest. Rest your body as much as possible. This too shall pass. Remain patient and allow My Spirit to work with all parties. Be at peace, and what I have said will happen. I love you and everyone involved.

Then come with me and be blessed by the Lord’s response to the stirrings of my heart in relation to the shifting sands of time…in relation to the certainty of eternal promises born of ages past.

After reading the Word they shared, I began seeing a picture of myself standing on a beach called Provision for Destiny. Excitedly, I began scooping up a portion of the sand for myself. Once I had scooped up my handful it began immediately to sift through my fingers. This was disconcerting to me. I felt like I was losing my portion.

As a result, I began to concentrate on what was falling through, not on what was remaining. As I did this, I saw an hour glass full of sand began to mark the release of time. Time began to flow from the top to the bottom in a steady stream. Time was running out. Not only did the sands of time sift through my hands, they were flowing through the hour glass to form a mound in the bottom of the hour glass labeled “time is up.” I felt hopeless even though I was standing on an enormous beach full of sand. Should I go further down and pick up some more from somewhere else? Should I let go of what I had? After all, according to the hour glass, my time was up. Should I wait and see? With all these questions bouncing around my head I simply forgot to see if anything was left in my hand. Here is His Word of response.

So that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men (human philosophy), but in the power of God.

Yet when we are among the full-grown (spiritually mature Christians who are ripe in understanding), we do impart a [higher] wisdom (the knowledge of the divine plan previously hidden); but it is indeed not a wisdom of this present age or of this world nor of the leaders and rulers of this age, who are being brought to nothing and are doomed to pass away.

But rather what we are setting forth is a wisdom of God once hidden [from the human understanding] and now revealed to us by God–[that wisdom] which God devised and decreed before the ages for our glorification [to lift us into the glory of His presence] (1 Corinthians 2:5-7 Amplified)

Grains Of Sand, Hour Glasses And The Illusion Of Time Verses Eternity

Beloved, don’t you know by now that I am not limited to time and space. I live outside of time. I am the Alpha and the Omega…the Beginning and the End. The past, present and future have all already happened as far as I am concerned. I have always been before the worlds began and I continue to be. I exist outside the realms and confinements of time; yet, I dwell in your heart. How marvelous is that…to know the Timeless One lives in you imparting all the wisdom and revelation you will ever need. This changes everything in relation to time and its power over you. Time does pass and those living do pass on: but, that is only the beginning regardless where you spend eternity. All things pass away. The rulers of this age shall pass away, but to where? Not the same place as you. In your case, time goes on, but moves from a limited, finite state to an eternal immeasurable state.

Therefore, I don’t want you to think about time in such a way that it remains confined to what you hold in your hand or what your own personal hour glass contains. I don’t want you to concentrate on what you have missed or what has sifted through your hands. When you do this, you miss what is left…the golden nuggets of truth which cannot be destroyed. When you do this, you miss the new thing…the new grains I am pouring in to your hands…into your life.

Beloved, do not spend time running here and there all the while trying to grab some other portion…some other hand full. Do not be discouraged by how time seems confined to the hour glass of your life. If you see your time and what you do within such a limited finite scope or in such a restricted fashion you will have a tendency to give up or be despondent.

What you do with and in the time given you is eternal and goes on forever. You could say the true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time. This illusion can tell you there will be no consequences for speaking words of death. This illusion can tell you there will be no long range eternal effects released when you speak as I tell you to in agreement with My Word. Whatever the enemy can tell you in relation to the value of your time and words in order to render you ineffective he will. This is why it is so important to understand that there is only one truth for any and every situation, the truth of My Word. Outside of My Word, all else is an illusion as well. There is revelation of the Word but all revelation must be true to the Word as well.

I affected time by listening to My father and doing only as I heard Him say or saw Him do. I took what He gave Me and released it into finite time. As a result, people were healed, delivered and set free from lives of bondage to sin and the devil. People were freed and they became eternal bearers of My light in a dark world. What happened to them affected generations to come. In others words, what you do with what you hear from Me has the power to affect natural time and infuse it with eternal purpose which in turn continues to grow like a mustard seed until all the birds of the air have a place to rest.

What is time? Time is a period with limits when viewed outside of the supernatural. In the natural, it can be seen like sand sifting through one’s hands or an hour glass as it ebbs away.

What is time? It is to do something in the correct or same rhythm as someone else. It is doing something at a speed or pace which feels natural. The only natural I want you to feel in relation to doing things within the space of time is the supernatural. I want it to become natural to be supernatural.

In the true eternal perspective, time is a place where I deposit revelation and understanding of things once hidden but now revealed into the hearts of man…a place where time is changed from natural to supernatural. I redeem time. Today I am releasing to you some eternal perspectives and answers for your life that have already happened in My heart. I give them to you. I pour them into your hands. I fill the hour glass of your life with things long hidden. I am opening up a portal of understanding and vision that you might continue to march in the rhythm of My heart for your life and the lives of those you love.

Beloved, all I need is for you to listen and agree. When you do this, the natural time you are experiencing will be saturated with eternal perspective having the power to transform and change. Are you ready to forsake the temporal and set your eyes on heavenly things to get the truth (2 Corinthians 4:18; Colossians 3:2-3). Open your hands wide…give Me all the limitations of your hour glass and see what I will do. Open up and be filled with eternal perspective.

Purpose And Grace In Christ Before There Was Time

Beloved, no matter what you do or where you go…no matter what you experience or don’t experience there is one thing for sure and certain, My eternal, truthful heart. I am Truth and have always been Truth. Therefore, whatever I tell you is true and without any possibility of deception or malfeasance. I cannot go against My own nature, law or person. To do so would render Me unlawful, graceless, loveless, unjust, unkind, and powerless over the ravages of time and circumstance…would render Me powerless to restore and bring healing (Isaiah 58:8).

Every Word I have given or spoken was already in Me before the ages of time. Every plan and purpose I have for you was already in My being waiting to be deposited in You when you exchanged certain eternal death for eternal life and salvation. At that very moment, all that I am was given to you. The thoughts of My heart for every step of your life and time were placed in you waiting to be discovered in the midst of communion and intimacy. All the purposes, thoughts and intents of My heart now belong to you and are open to discovery (1 Corinthians 2:16).

Beloved, there is no substitute for time with Me if you want to affect the natural time you live in and permeate it with eternal life of the positive nature. I spent time with My father in order to release His life and thereby affect the environment around Me. When a blind man was healed…when a demon possessed man was delivered…when a leper was healed…when a tax collector was set free or when an adulterer was forgiven, the ravages of time were reversed. Eternal reality invaded the natural realm and things changed. Simply put, I spent time, I listened, I obeyed His instruction and did accordingly no matter how unnatural to the world it seemed. As a result, lives were redeemed. It is no different now.

Therefore know this, I am here to today to promise you…declare to you and proclaim with a loud but still calm voice, “I have called you from the ages past before there was even one second of time to be a transformer of the ravages of time in the lives of people.”

Beloved, I have consecrated you…and called you not based on any works of your own (Ephesians 2:8-9). I have chosen you regardless of how much sand has sifted through your hands. I have called you no matter how much sand seems to have passed through your hour glass into promises unfulfilled. I have called you not according to your own goodness or merit but according to My grace which I lavished on you before you ever knew Me (Ephesians 2:8-9). And if this is not enough, I died for you to seal you in Me for all time and to redeem you for all time from the ravages of time. I have called you to be willing to display the goodness of God…to see the manifest works of the evil one destroyed by daring to step into the fray and speak My Word and see the effects of time in your own life and the lives of others.

When this happens, like a row of dominos falling, so shall the blessings fall down through the generations…down through natural time to release the eternal purpose of My heart from ages past. Redeem the time as I show you to for the days are evil and many are waiting for you to speak into their lives and see evil undone. To do so is as it should be. I have chosen you to display My glory in this evil but redeemable day.

The Heavenly Sphere And Ages To Come

Beloved, even while you were yet dead in your sin and lived like many still do in their evil ways, I loved you. I have always loved you. I know this is hard to comprehend, but never the less; it is true, so very true. I was aware of every failing you would ever commit…all those before you answered My call and all those after. As one who lives outside of the confines of time, I am not swayed or limited by what happens within its boundaries. Therefore, I was not and am not limited by your shortcomings and transgressions, for I am one who loves outside of the boundaries and limitations set in motion by the days, months and years.

I am one who loves you and have always loved you with grace and mercy. I love and give grace in the midst of, before the fact, after the fact…during the time, around the time, upon the time…under the situation as an unshakable foundation.

Beloved One, I give all I am in the midst of and through every circumstance…I give it all throughout your entire life as I planned from the very beginning. I planned everything out before a star was formed…before on aspect of creation came to be. I am love, grace, mercy and goodness to you and the greatest of these is love. My love reached down through all time and called you unto Myself…seated you with Me in eternal, heavenly places far above any earthly realm or kingdom. You are a whole new species…a whole new being with privileges and abilities unknown before Christ.

Therefore, I am opening the eyes of your heart to discern…see and to know…to perceive and understand the difference between heavenly and temporal things (2 Corinthians 4:18). The temporal things you see are always subject to change. Even death is changed as your born again spirit man, once constrained to live in your body within natural time, is set free to experience in fullness what it has always been in Me. Death lets one transcend the boundaries of a physical body once anchored to time to literally experience being seated in the heavenly sphere…to literally become intimately familiar with something you already have. However, I don’t want you to have to wait to experience the reality of the position I have already given you. It is just as real while you are yet living as when you die. Dying only changes the dimensional experience, not the reality. The reality is this: you are already eternal regardless of where you spend eternity. This is why I want you to focus on heavenly, deathless and everlasting things, knowing everything temporal is subject to change by virtue of its definition, to last only a short time. Temporal means secular, worldly, earthly, mortal, and mundane. The very antonym of temporal is the word spiritual. Selah (Meditate and think on this).

Beloved, I am nigh unto this day and every day after. I am night unto and in your heart to lead you…to guide you into realms beyond your natural thinking where the possibilities are unlimited. Come and go with Me to a place where “if only you believe” all things are possible…to a place where when you truly believe you will receive (Matthew 21:22). Come and discover heavenly things held in My heart from ages past…held for you to receive right now and forever more…to receive for the ages to come.

The Potter’s Wheel And The Destined Fragrance Of Christ

Beloved, come and receive. Come and discover the truths of the Potter’s Wheel and all it has had to offer in your life. Come discover how I view abused, broken and devastated pots of clay…how I view men, who like pots are made from clay unto Adam and now beyond. I formed you from the dust knowing there would be the need to reshape and remold in the days to come. I was perfectly aware of the process and did not disdain it nor did I shrink back from you because things would need to be revamped along the way. A good potter, which I am, has great patience and insight. He can see the end from the beginning without being dismayed or put off. He knows what the goal and outcome will be as he shapes the clay in His hands. There are really no surprises; but, there is distinct purpose interwoven and deposited into the vessel with each touch of His hand. It is the same with Me. The touch of grace, mercy, love and goodness are the same for everyone; but, the expression of that touch is different and unique to each. This is the way it should be and is.

In the beginning before you knew Me, you were a broken lifeless pot with no living water. Your surface, even if it might have looked shiny to some, was only an illusion. Some could look at you and see something good because it matched with their life values and morals. Others looked at you and judged according to their bondage to legalism and religion. However, I your Maker looked beyond the surface. I looked beyond the emptiness. I looked way past all temporal things and peered into the very molecular makeup of your clay…clay which I anticipated the shaping and molding of before the ages. Though I waited a long time and longed to co-labor with you according to your call and purpose, I knew to wait for the perfect time to pick you up from the world’s potter field and carry you home to My wheel. All the while as I carried you I whispered and sung songs of destiny and purpose. I told you things your ears could hardly believe for those who tended the enemy’s field had told you so many lies.

Therefore, I took the Rock and pounded the broken pieces…pounded the lies into fine dust in order to expose and find all the thorns and thistles of your life…all things you had embedded into the clay I created that had the capability to rob the beautiful vessel I made you to be. I did all this. I know at times it hurt to let go…hurt to see and know some things but it was and is still worth it. Why…because then came the awesome part as I scooped up all the dust…all the clay and poured My life of living water into you, drenching you…saturating every molecule of dust within and without. I permeated you with love. Once permeated with love, I began to shape you into the vessel I already knew you to be and took great enjoyment in watching you marvel at My work as the destiny of your life and calling began to unfold like a great mystery…the mystery of the ages…the love and infatuation of a bridegroom for His cherished bride.

Beloved, it is no different today. I am still infatuated, ravished and totally in love with you down to the tiniest molecule of dust from which you were made. Though your roots are dust, your life is now eternal in Me. Though you struggle at times, the glaze of My Presence coats you, covers you and envelopes you. Whether you are living in a wilderness, living in an oasis or anywhere in between does not diminish the beauty I see and rejoice over. For as I work with you continually on My potter’s wheel, the fragrance of who I am in you is being released. Sure the fires come…the heat comes and as a result you are strengthened for battle; yet, you are ornate enough to carry and dispense into the atmosphere of life My Presence wherever you go, the fragrance of Christ. Beloved, in all this there is one thing to remember. Everyone’s fragrance is different in smell, texture, heaviness and so on.

Be grateful for what I have given you and never lose sight of your own fragrance while thinking the perfume of another is better somehow than the one I made you to be. It is not so. There are many beautiful vessels waiting on your perfume…your fragrance. They need yours and not that of another. What you have will cause them to see how they were declared beautiful before all time…that they too are ones who have been confiscated and salvaged…that they too are treasures brought in from the world’s field into My house of grace, mercy and love. They too have a place on My wheel and will demonstrate the glories of My great love. They like you were beautiful before all time.

He Made Everything Beautiful In Its Time

Beloved, from ages past till now I have truly made all things beautiful and will continue to do so for ages to come. In fact, if you could only see what I see when I look at you both past, present and future you would so amazed your perception of self would change forever. Sometimes you look at your past and don’t like what you see. It is best to not to be so introspective, judging nor to spend so much time looking for what is not good…what is not beautiful.

Know this: the past is gone and even when it wasn’t I still saw you as beautiful. “How can that be,” you ask?

Child, I formed you like a coat of many colors, in your mother’s womb. I designed every patch of color with great care knowing as you made your choice to respond to My call, each would become visible…each would become manifest as you chose to make Me Lord of your life day by day…yes, even moment by moment.

You see, I do not look at what you are not. If I were to do so it would be of no benefit to You or Me. After all, you have enough detractors in this life. Instead, I look at the finished product. I look beyond the bounds of time to the unfolding eternal manifestations of your life planned for ages past. Simply put, I see what you already are and rejoice in it. I always have and I always will.

Yes, your actions and attitudes may have been most sinful, and probably were since all have sinned and fallen short of My Glory; but, you are now justified and have been made upright in Me (Romans 3:23).

Beloved, in the very beginning I made all things and declared their goodness. At the moment of creation and even before you were in My heart, I saw way beyond the present natural time and saw you. I knew Adam and Eve would eat of the tree. I gave them free will and choice. How else could there be real love without real choice?

Did I stop loving Adam and Eve? No! In fact, I loved them so much I did not want them to eat from the tree of life and live forever in their sin. Where they still beautiful to Me? Yes! As they left the garden My eyes were set to the Cross with desire and assurance to once again make all things beautiful and do it in the midst of natural time. This includes you.

You see, eternity is planted in your heart; therefore, beauty is in you…it is who you are. It is not something you have to muster up or try and do. It simply is. Therefore the beauty of who you are has already been planted in you from ages past. I have given you a divine sense of purpose which only I can satisfy and I am going to satisfy in you in every way…and in everything. Get ready to experience the unfolding of your beauty right before your eyes as I cloak you in your own coat of many colors, stitched and prepared from ages past. The time of mantling has come. Once you are aware of your cloaking I will begin to sew jewels, medals and so much more adornment. ..so much so that if Joseph were here with you, he just might be jealous. Truly, I have made you beautiful before time, in time and for all time to come.

He Had Made All Things Beautiful Prayer Of Declaration And Supplication

Lord, You are an infinite God without end or beginning. Not only are you aware of all I have ever been or experienced, you are aware of all there is to come. In fact, You have already been there and know me…know all I have experienced from moment to moment. You have experienced my life in an intimate way even to the numbering of the hairs on my head. Every detail of my life is important and valuable to You. Though I am constrained in my thinking as it relates to time, You are not. The greatest hindrance to not living a life outside the constraints of time is to see it limited and unyielding…to see time as having no potential outside of the moment. To do so eliminates all consequences and blessings resulting out of time based actions on my part. Time is eternal and I must see it as such. What I do in time affects the times to come; therefore, it has eternal consequences both good and bad.

Teach me to see beyond the moment into a realm where there is no time so I can put more value on what I do at any given time. Teach me to see everything I do with eternal eyes. As I do this, what I participate in or don’t participate in will change in order to bring about the most effective change.

Lord, when it comes to You, time has no power to stop or hold back anything You desire to see and have done. When Joshua fought in battle, time stood still and the sun did not set until victory was accomplished. Therefore, I say the sands of time running through the hour glass of my life are all subject to You. I will not limit myself by what I see or by disobedience in any way. I will not run to and fro comparing myself or trying to accumulate the sand of another for my own purposes. The hour glass of my life is not confined to time but is eternal, for when I leave this physical life I simply continue on in You. I step over the boundaries of time which cloak the true nature of who I am, an eternal son of the Most High God.

Instead of being one who is halted or holds back, I am one who hears the Father’s voice and acts accordingly even as Christ did when on the earth. As a result, I am free and others are free as well. In doing this, I have set my eyes beyond the natural to the supernatural where all things are possible…where nothing is limited by time. I am one who is saturated with eternal perspective and the power to be transformed. I am one saturated with the power of God to bring about transformation. I am eternal and not temporal; therefore, I think in eternal ways when it comes to my everyday life and actions. I am not cloaked in time. I am cloaked in supernatural, eternal glory as a living, manifest representation of Christ on the earth.

Lord, the experiences, struggles and circumstances of life have no bearing on Your goodness. Bad things in life do not determine Your goodness. Plain and simple, You are good and truthful at all times regardless. I cannot look at things around me as a barometer of who You are. To do so would limit You to a level of being subject to the actions of men accomplished in finite time. There is no deception in Your heart for You are Truth. All the Words You have ever spoken have been in Your heart before all time and now are being revealed through the present age and the ages to come. Not one will fall to the ground nor will they come back to you without accomplishing the purpose for which they were sent.

Lord, I declare myself to be a keeper of every Word You have given to me and none will fall into uninhabited wilderness places. Every Word falls into the good soil of my heart to bring forth eternal purposes in supernatural ways.

I declare the desires of the Lord for my life shall unfold step by step as His light fills my path and gives me direction. The thoughts of the Lord’s heart for me are available and accessible at all times and I am one who puts my ear to His heart that I might know them. Every Word proceeding from Him to me has the power to transform my life and heart if I choose to embrace each one with faith. The ravages of time in my own life, the lives of those I love and those sent to me can and will be changed by the release of an eternal redemptive Word from the Lord. As a result generations can and will be transformed.

The Lord has consecrated me and set me apart for His good pleasure, not according to my works but according to the redemptive work of the Cross. Therefore, no matter how much time has sifted through my hands, the grace, mercy and call of God on my life will have its way as I surrender my heart. One by one the dominos will fall and I will obtain the prize of my high calling in Christ Jesus. As a result, blessings will flow down through the ages in many profitable and redeeming ways. Today and every day after the Lord has called me to speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil. He has called me to speak the Word, hear the Word and see the Word come to pass. I am chosen and I will walk with eternal perspective displaying the glory of the Lord for ages to come.

Lord, Your great love which loved me even while I was at my very worst…while I was a sinner without any desire for me amazes me…cradles me and calls me to higher ground. Your love calls me to a place of complete acceptance in the Beloved where no condemnation, guilt or shame can live. Knowing how much you were aware of all my faults, failings and outright rebellion yet loved me, sets my heart ablaze with gratitude and thanksgiving. To know Your great unconditional love, sets my heart on a course to live outside the limits and confines of time with realization of eternal results.

Therefore, I declare myself as one who lives in the goodness, mercy, grace, love and hope of God at all times. I live and move within the beating of the Lord’s heart to accomplish His will on a day by day, moment by moment basis. The plans and desires of the Lord’s heart for me are too numerous to be counted and it will take all of eternity to fulfill them in any measure. His thoughts toward me are more than every grain of sand and the sands of time cannot displace one thought or one plan, for I am seated in heavenly places with Him far above all things natural. The temporal things of my life are giving way and will give way to the eternal things of His Word and His heart.

I declare that My natural life on this earth is but for a moment and will give way in the blink of an eye when I step into the realm of His eternal timeless glory. All that is of Him in me will continue on to experience and do more eternal things. The ages past and the ages to come are all permeated with Him and are pregnant with purpose at all times. I am right now this very moment receiving revelation, truth, wisdom and understanding for the moment and for the ages to come. I am an eternal timeless one created in the image of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am seated in heavenly places far above the tediousness of life and I embrace my position with a fully surrendered heart. I am timeless in Him

Lord, I hear Your call to come and learn from the potter’s wheel…to come and discover truths about You and how they relate to me. As I learn about how You go to great effort to rescue devastated and abused jars…abused pots of clay, my heart ascends in praise for the one who loved me enough to rescue me from the devil’s clutches…from his field of broken dreams and lost worth. How I love You Lord. There is no other who could do or will do what You have done. Your tender, ever foreseeing heart has loved and will always love me, cracks and all. Thinking about the abandoned, rejected pots in relation to my own life brings tears to my eyes as I ponder Your goodness. All I want to have is the same heart towards the loved, the broken and the lost as You had for me.

Every lifeless dry place in my heart was most important to You…so much so, the sacrifice of Your life was required and freely given. You never gave up on me for the vision of Your heart for my life was the joy set before You as You endured the Cross. I cannot imagine loving a friend, let alone a vicious enemy, enough to lay down my life with the possibility the act would not be appreciated or even accepted. However, You looked beyond the sin…the emptiness…the temporal…and peered into the very makeup of my being and said, “It is good.”

Lord, You took my broken pieces…all the worthless things and pounded the lies surrounding my worth and value into fine dust. You removed all the thorns and thistles of life and continue to do so. Everything embedded into my heart meant to cause me evil You turned for good as You released saturating amounts of living water into my very soul where unfertile, unloved soil abided. You scooped soil and living water into Your hand and placed it on Your Potter’s wheel to shape me… form me into a vessel of honor You always knew me to be. What a good treasure hunter You are.

I so want to be just like you in the reality of my life, not in theory but in practicality. In my head I know these things you say to me are true; but never the less, they are not always revelation to my heart. I ask you to open the eyes of my heart and fill me with so much love I overflow with love and grace into every area of my life…that I flow into the people I struggle with on an ongoing basis. Let the mystery of the ages…the love of the Bridegroom for His bride unfold with natural and eternal power to transform both me and others. Strengthen me for battle and teach me to marvel even more at what the touch of Your hands has accomplished in me as I move to Your rhythm on the wheel of Your heart. May Your fragrance be the only thing I emanate. I will not desire the fragrance of another but will be pleased with my place…vessel that You have taken so much time to fashion. Yes Lord, I am one who was beautiful before all time and always will be.

Lord, not only have You loved me for all time, You called me beautiful too. This is amazing and a joy to My heart. There have been those in my life who have not seen me as beautiful…who have judged me based on their own perceptions or thought they alone knew the intent of my heart, but not You. While they were judging, You were looking on my true motive…my true desire to be like You and overcome as You overcame. You knew I hated my sin but felt trapped and unsure of how to be transformed into Your image in my everyday life. It did not matter what You saw me do, I was and still am beautiful to You. Help me to realize this in the depth of my being…in any place where I was wounded, unloved or unaccepted. Heal every place in my soul where I cannot accept the beautiful picture You see me to be and I will be changed.

This is the day I declare I am a beautiful coat of many colors fashioned and formed in my mother’s womb to display the glory of God in and on the earth. Every color fashioned and meant for me will be sewn into my coat with great delight and without delay. I will not miss one color…one patch meant for me. Moment by moment, my coat of many colors is unfolding like a beautiful tapestry in order to display the plans and purposes of the Lord’s heart for me. Because of this, all I am will be a blessing in time, throughout time and into eternity. The Lord has looked at me…He has looked upon me…and has and forever will declare me to be GOOD! Everything in my life is being transformed into the reality of His likeness in my everyday life. I am a reflection of the beauty of the Lord in every way and in every situation.

Lord, I testify this day the manifestation of my divine purpose is not for a future day but is being demonstrated in the moment by moment…hour by hour and day by day things of life and love. My heart is fully satisfied with the Lord and the fragrance He has placed in me.

Come Lord and cloak me…cover me…and surround me with Your sense of purpose and beauty as who You are in me unfolds before my very eyes. The time of mantling has come. The time of cloaking has come and no opinions or words of men can stop it. For the Lord has and is adorning me according to His pleasure and not according to the opinions and ideas of man. I am truly one who was beautiful before all time, in time and for all time to come. Amen.

Reflect and Journal

  1. What does it mean to you personally when God says He is not limited by time and space? How does or can this relate to your everyday struggles?
  2. How have you seen time confined to what you can hold in your hand…to the minutes of the clock ticking away?
  3. Contemplate the time you spend having an eternal continuation for it is not confined to the moment you experience it.
  4. Do you have a tendency to see the sand that has already poured through your hands and feel discouraged or do you look at what is left…the golden nuggets of character growth and maturity…the giftings and sacrifice…the beauty left from the refining fires of life or fill in the blank______________? If you have a tendency to look at the negative and miss the eternal beauty, ask God to help you …to give you a whole new perspective. Write down one incident where the Lord brought good out of the evil intentions of the enemy and produce an eternal blessing.
  5. Ponder this thought: The true nature of who you are and what you do is cloaked in the illusion of natural time.
  6. Time is doing something  according to the same rhythm of another to accomplish a specific purpose. Who are you in rhythm with? Where have you been and not been in rhythm with God in areas of your life and the call He has given you?
  7. How can you better embrace the eternal perspective of time in relation to being in rhythm with the heart of Father?
  8. What temporal mindsets do you need to let go of to embrace the eternal?
  9. When you do make a mistake in natural time, how does grace speak to such a thing to bring about a redemptive work?
  10. How have you compared the situations and struggles of your life to determine or validate the goodness of God? In other words, have you looked at what you experience as a barometer to establish God’s goodness or lack thereof?
  11. Ponder the beauty of God holding a heart full of gifts, plans and purposes in His hand waiting to deposit them at the moment of your new birth in Him. Imagine Him doing this in ages past before His heart ever gave way to speak into existence the worlds and all the beauty thereof. Every step and thought of goodness for your life was already planned out and waiting to be delivered. How can the ponderings of your heart on these thoughts make you more open to discovery… make the possibility of discovering amazing things a guarantee?
  12. Describe in your own words how what you say, do and release has the ability to move beyond the bounds of time and create eternal blessings that flow on for generations (Deuteronomy 29:29).
  13. Ponder being called by God not based on any works of your own…not based on goodness, deeds, obligation, or anything else other than grace through faith. How does this free you to be all He has put in your heart?
  14. How does hearing what the Father says and doing it set you free from the law of religion?
  15. Contemplate how hearing and doing what the Fathers says can push one domino over, thereby, starting a whole chain of events which can and will release eternal blessings for generations to come…for ages to come.
  16. Take a few moment and meditate on how God loved you before you were ever conceived…loved you when He knew the worst thing you would ever do in advance…how He knew all the times you would rebel…all times you would ignore Him…forsake Him…deny Him…hurt others….how He knew all the times you would choose to have your own way no matter what…or depend on the law of religion and not grace.
  17. What did He love you in spite of and how does His heart of and ability to pre-love speak to your future?
  18. God gives love in the midst of, before and after the fact, during the time; around the time and upon the time…He gives it under the situation as an unshakable foundation. How can you apply this truth to a present struggle in your life in such a way to cause hope and faith to grow until the promise He has given you is manifest?
  19. Describe in your own words the difference between temporal and eternal based on the definitions given. What temporal thing in your life needs to give way to the eternal truth? How can you best cooperate with God to see this happen?
  20. Meditate on how you will simply move from this time in the natural into eternal timelessness with only who you are in Him and who He is in you. How can this motivate you to have a more intimate communal lifestyle?
  21. Dying only changes the dimensional experience of where you are…regardless of where eternity beyond natural time is spent. With this in mind, what should you be focusing on?
  22. Temporal can mean mortal, worldly, secular, earthly. However, Jesus came to transform and eliminate those things and give the spiritual. You live in the natural but do so as a whole new eternal son of God species having the power to influence or change the ravages of time through surrender and obedience to who you are in Christ. Mediate on this and write a statement…a declaration about your own personal life and its power to change the temporal environment around you by hearing and doing only what the Father says.
  23. Meditate on seeing the Lord strolling through a field of broken and beat up pots…some with no handles…some with no pour spout…some with many cracks and holes…and even some broken in pieces displaced and separated from one another. Are you one of these clay pots? If so which one…if not mentioned in the above examples…write down a description and the condition of your own pot when He found you or as you need Him to find you now.
  24. After you have done this, ask Him to show you how He currently sees your vessel…your clay pot. Ask Him what needs to be done…what needs the touch of His hand and give Him permission to rescue you in your area of struggle or need….then submit to the process knowing He will destroy lies, gather up, add living water and reshape into something full of His living water. This can relate to your whole life or one area. We all have areas in need of the Master Potter’s touch.
  25. Meditate on how the Lord of Lord and King of Kings who created you in His image can peer into the very molecular structure of your clay and water to see what you need. Write how this makes you feel or what you think according to the personality He gave you. If you are not a poet don’t write a poem…and so on. If you see or think the answer in a math equation then so be it. Just Be Free!
  26. Write your thoughts on comparing yourself to another vessel or another fragrance? Are you pleased with the fragrance He has made you into through the submission of your heart to Him? If not, do not dismay and compare yourself with another. Ask instead if there is something He wants to do in you or break agreement with any lack of self-worth in order to received His ravished, infatuated, smitten, lovesick, besotted, forever committed heart for you.
  27. Think about your life and how over time you have learned many lessons along the way…how you have changed behaviors and so on…how you have embraced the truth to be set free from habits and such. Think about who you were before you gave your life to Christ or made Him Lord of your life even though you feel as if you have known Him forever. Think on these things and see how over time many beautiful colors of redemption and giftedness have been sewn into who you are. Write some down and rejoice in the beauty of who you are with a thankful heart.
  28. What does it mean to you personally to be justified and made upright in Him?
  29. Contemplate how Father’s love for Adam and Even drove them from the garden and how at times you might have felt driven away from a circumstance or person in order to protect you as He protected them. How has this happened to you and what did you learn about yourself and Father in the process?
  30. Meditate on having eternity (the ageless plans, purposes and beauty of the Lord) already planted in your heart?
  31. Write a letter…a note to the Lord loving on Him and thanking Him for calling you beautiful before all time…for calling you loved and chosen before you ever were.

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