Separating The Darkness Part One

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“IN THE beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it; and God separated the light from the darkness (Gen1:1-3 Amplified)

In The Beginning

Beloved, restoration is your portion from Me. Beloved, restoration is your portion from Me. I restore your soul, your heart and every other part of your life (Psalms 23:3). I delight in restoring everything, even down to the cellular level, to the most intrinsic fiber of your being and thinking. There is always a battle to prevent this, a battle between light and darkness. It started at creation. I won then and I am still winning.

In fact I have already won the greatest prize of all, you (Hebrews 12:3). You and you alone are the greatest treasure of My heart…the greatest delight to any given day. I take care of what I treasure and I take care of you.

In the beginning I hovered over and I moved in a sweeping motion over the empty waste of the earth—over the great darkness on the face of the deep (Genesis 1:2). So I moved across the face of the waters and said, “Let there be light,” (Genesis 1:3) Light was created and it pleased Me. I separated the light from darkness creating day and night. I took unordered wasteland and injected My order and My light into it.

Great chaos and disorder was the enemy of My creation and still is. This does not daunt Me, hold Me back or in any way prevent me from moving on your behalf or anyone else’s. I delight in bringing order. I delight in making things new…in seeing all things reflect what I already know to be true.

Prior to knowing Me you were like the earth’s former state before My presence hovered and injected light which made way for the rest of My reformation of the earth. It all began with, “Let there be light!” It is the same for you. Today I reaffirm and say to you, “Let there be Light now and forever more!”

You see, My light was not just a one time injection. With each new day, separation of darkness continued and continues to this day. This is visible in the natural as you see the sunrise and sunset.

My work continues in you through the renewing of your mind. Every Word I speak to you brings about more revelation…more light. Absorbing My Word is absorbing My light and it will set you free; Therefore, absorb My Word and absorb Me. And today you will see with greater clarity as the Light that I am shines in and through you. Shine My Beloved, shine.

Transference From Darkness To Light

Beloved, when it comes to the restoration process of your soul, the release of light is not a one time thing either. There are circumstances in your life; in your past experiences from the time you were born which caused darkness within your being. Coming to salvation transferred you into the Kingdom of My Light but growing in revelation and truth requires ongoing injections of light…ongoing injections of truth just as each day requires the sun to rise in the morning to perpetuate growth.

The sun rises and sets without struggle. It simply does what it was designed to do. And My Word does likewise. It is doing and will do what I designed it to do. Holy Spirit is ever present to rise in your heart with healing, comfort and joy…to perpetuate growth in Me.

I am bringing you into a new season of restoration—bringing you into a season of injected transforming light by the power of the Living Word released with revelation and truth.

Beloved, when I hover, move, and sweep over and through your being I will separate once and for all the dark areas of your life. One by one dark places will fall…they will give way to My will and purpose. They will give way to truth.

One by one dark places will give way to My light, My revelation and My Word. You are being enabled to move forward and not regress to former patterns and ways. Today is the day. Open your self to Me and don’t be afraid. I only expose the darkness in order to destroy it and its power over your life. I was manifest to destroy the works of the enemy and nothing has changed (1 John 4:9 1 John 3:8).

Come My beloved and posture yourself before Me. Take advantage of everything I offer. I am hovering. I am moving. Light is waiting to consume all that does not give glory to My name…ready to consume you.


Beloved in this last days and seasons you have made many great steps in the journey we have taken together since the day we first met. I am so proud of you and I want you to know complete victory is assured. In Me victory already is. I am bringing the already is Kingdom reality into your natural realm. The Kingdom is at hand (Matthew 10:7). It is nigh unto you. All you have done for and with Me will not be for naught.

In fact, your co-laboring with Me under the hovering presence of Holy Spirit has already accomplished things you are not yet aware of. Sure enough, there are many workers behind the scene being played out in your life, who are bringing things to pass at My command. Have faith and do not be dismayed…I am not in a hurry…and I love the process…won’t you.

After all, I already see you as an Eden…as a watered garden and I have the patience to walk out the process with you (Isaiah 58:11 Isaiah 51:2-4). Most of all, I want you to see yourself as Eden, for if you do, your fervor will be great. Fear will have no power, and cooperation will abound.

Beloved as we journey on this path of restoration, don’t look back or give up precious ground based on vain speculations. Press in…press on and stay on the narrow road with Me (Phil 3:13-15). I promise you will not be disappointed.

It is imperative that you grasp on to My Word and revel in its truth. The truth is this– I have called you to be fruitful and to multiply in every aspect of your life. I sent My son, Jesus, to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). More than souls were lost that day in the garden. My order—My perfect order—My Eden, if you will, was lost and I am going to reclaim it through you…yes, you My king and priest. You are My plan in and on the earth. You are the one I choose to work with…take dominion with. I have no other plan…there is no plan B…you are the plan…you are the one…you are plan A.

Therefore, don’t underestimate yourself for I confound the wise things of the world with what seems foolish to them. Where you are weak, I am strong. You must remember this at all cost. It will help you and enable you to give your own self grace.

Beloved, it gives Me great pleasure to be your strength. Yes, you are My king and priest, My ambassador. Rise up in your position. I am with you. My presence is hovering…My voice is speaking…Light has come.

God’s Image, God’s Representative

Beloved, as one created in My image, I have placed you right where you are, to be a reflection, an example, a representative of Me upon the earth establishing My dominion in the earth (Genesis 1:27). You are in the perfect place to release who I am right now…not for some far off day…but right here and right now.

Know this; there is no one who can take your place. There is no one more suited to do what I have called you to do. If you do not go, who will? Sure, the rocks will cry out if you don’t but this is not what I choose. I choose you.

Yes, you are to be one who walks in confidence—to be the one who walks in full agreement with your identity in Christ My Son. You are one seated in heavenly places, yet, strategically placed to proclaim, recapture and walk in the dominion abdicated by Adam and Eve—to walk in the dominion given back to you by the death and resurrection of My son Jesus.

Take some time and think on this Beloved and disagree with the lies you have believed. Disagree with the guilt and the shame heaped on by the enemy for I have already set you free. His ranting and accusations are meant to be a smoke screen—meant to be lies telling you that your areas of struggle won’t change because you have retreated back to them so many times. They are designed to make you forget the strides and accomplishments you have made…designed to make you forget all the times you have overcome…to forget all the victories and concentrate on any lack of success the enemy can find.

How dare he say such things? He knows it isn’t true but if he can get you to believe one lie the next one is much easier to convince you of. It all begins with one lie…one thought.

Therefore, focus on the Truth. Focusing on failure is a dead end street with only more failure waiting to cast up its ugly head and speak death over your life. I took the keys of death hell and the grave. death, hell and the grave. Remember this and see darkness flee. Reflect on the Light and make no room for dark thoughts.

Be done with the enemy and all his lies. Give him no place and take all thoughts captive to the truth of Christ…to the truth of the Word After all there is not one moment left to waste for time has indeed come to emerge—time to advance has come. Fear not! Light is coming! Light is here! Look up for darkness is separating!

Cross Your Jordan And Say, ” Abba Father.”

Beloved, when I come with My hovering presence and darkness is separated from the light, I can begin to build and bring substance into your life. Creation was accomplished by building one day upon the other with each new day built on the last. Light came first and substance began to form. In your life when light comes—when true revelation comes—darkness is permanently separated. This makes way for miraculous and transcendent change.

In this process of transformation, you cross your Jordan and don’t look back (Joshua 3:1-4:8). Moving into the Promised Land, you take back what is rightfully yours. You move on to the next conquest invigorated by victory and your newly embraced identity of sonship.

Time has come to fill the whole earth with My image and you are an intricate part of doing so. Every one of My sons and daughters are of utmost importance. The more you know this the brighter My light will be. Light upon light upon light and soon the whole earth will be filled with My glory. Without what you have to offer being a part of this manifestation things won’t be as bright as they should be so be the light you are and shine.

Yes, My light is separating all darkness. It is separating all dark places that have labeled you with an orphan heart. You are no longer an orphan but a son adopted into My Kingdom and you call Me Abba Father (Romans 8:15 Galatians 4:6). You are not a slave to any darkness. You are My offspring. You are My son—My daughter.

Therefore, arise in the beauty of who you are and let the world and all it contains know I own the earth and the fullness thereof. You are to be My living proof. Let this sink into your heart. Arise and be an Esther. Arise and be a David. Better yet, be a living example of Me. It is who I say you are.

Separating The Darkness One, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, You are my restoration and my portion in all things. You restore every waste place in my life and make them beautiful reflections of who You are. Nothing is out of reach of Your redeeming and restoring love.

Today I need Your light in the midst of my dark places…in the midst of every area in need of restoration. I invite you to come and do whatever it takes…and impart whatever I need to reflect who You are in me. I acknowledge the value You have placed on me and agree with You that I am indeed treasure in an earthen vessel. Hover over my earthen vessel as you hovered over the earth and make all things new. I close my eyes and I can see You hovering over me. I can feel the breath of Your Spirit moving across me and into the recesses of my mind. Touch every hidden subconscious thought which does not line up with Your Word and what You have declared me to be.

As I sit in Your presence I will absorb every portion of Your being. I will absorb every truth and Word you speak to me. Come and penetrate the deepest places of my heart and mind. Penetrate to the very internal subconscious regions of my thinking from whence actions come. . In Your presence I am renewed…I am restored. Right now…this very moment…I declare that darkness is fleeing and Your light has come for Your mercies are new every morning…every moment. Your grace is all sufficient for the restoration of my entire being.

You inject me with pure light through the Living Word. Every Word I read and every Word You speak is transferring me in to a new season of life and sonship. One by one each hindrance is falling away for the dominos have been pushed. I declare that I am entering a new season of reformation and change.

Therefore, expose every work of the enemy and You will bring destruction to the enemy’s plans of darkness (Deuteronomy 34:27). I posture myself in Your presence and in Your Word. As I do this, come and hover over me. Let me hear Your breath inhale the darkness and exhale the light. I receive Your all sufficient grace and mercy. With faith and expectancy I breathe You in.

Lord, what seems like small steps to me has brought You joy. Forgive me for being so hard on myself when You are so pleased. What I cannot see, You can. You already see the victory. You already see and call me a victor. Time is of no matter to You. Teach me to love the process and enjoy going through it with You. Give me Your perspective on process and time. How I want Your heart in reference to patience and time.

I will grab a hold of Your word for it is truth and life to me. It is Light. I receive wisdom to walk as a king and priest…to function as Your ambassador with full authority and anointing. I agree with You and declare that my life is a place of Eden in this earth and an oasis for those in need. I am fruitful and I do multiply according to Your promise…according to Your Word. Perfect order is coming to my life and to my way of thinking. My mind is renewed in You by the power of Your Word and I am clothed in Your righteousness.

Lord, You have clothed me in Your righteousness and I am seated with You far above all hindering foes and powers of destruction. You are my strength…my Strong tower…my ever flowing fountain of Life and Light. I see You for You are with me and in me. I am Your watered garden, an Eden of abundant fruit and provision to the world around me.

I look at my life and actions sometimes and wonder how I can be made in Your image. Yet, You say I am. Therefore; I choose to agree with You and thereby, enable myself to walk in all You say I can and will. I am Your representative in and on Earth. I am a living example of Your image to those around me…an oasis to the needy and hurting. My focus is on You and You alone.

I tell my heart to be of good courage and to have faith. I break agreement with any lie to the contrary, lies forming a smoke screen aimed at fooling me in to believing otherwise. I break all covenants with guilt and shame. Instead, I embrace conviction by Holy Spirit and receive the freedom and liberty given to me by the blood of Christ.

Stir my heart to remember all the good things You have accomplished in and through me. This is not pride, but it is Your testimony in my life and has power to engender faith, hope and love. Stir me to remember all the times I have overcome by faith and endured until times of victory and I will be encouraged. Yes, stir me to remember who I am in You.

For, when I abdicate who You say I am, not only do I loose, but all those around me loose. I take the dominion You gave Your life for and I choose to walk in it by faith. I tell shame and guilt to flee, for I am walking in complete grace and forgiveness. Today is a new day of light and revelation. There is no time to waste on petty self-incriminations. I choose to forgive and let all inadequacies fall by the wayside as I embrace the Light of Your Word. I am Your representative. I am Your plan. Thank you for choosing me.

Lord, forgive me for every time I have gotten ahead of Your timing—for not building one day at a time because of fear or worry. When I do this I am hard on myself and feel I have failed in some way. Teach me to rely on the conviction of Holy Spirit with complete trust in the fact that Your kindness leads to repentance. Wash me with the cleansing power of Your Word each and every time I read or hear it. Water every seed of Eden within my heart and enable me to flourish in practical ways into the oasis you say I am.

Continue to separate all darkness…all dark thoughts of failure and bathe me in Your light. Teach me to move with Your flow in order for things in my life to function properly according to Your purpose. Every house needs the right foundation. Separating light from darkness in my life builds a good foundation on which to operate from. Substance, the fulfillment of dreams and a confident heart become my portions.

Lord, once again I give You the hidden places of my heart where insecurities abound. I give them to You, and I move on. I can see the Jordan and I know the ark of Your presence in my life will move me across on dry ground. I will agree with You and say, “I am Your living example.” I ride with you and call You, Abba Father. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Are there specific areas you are aware of that need to be restored. Start with your most significant need or struggle. Submit it to the One who loves you. Let Him do as the word above indicates. Write what He shows you.
  2. Take some time to acknowledge and give thanksgiving for some of the changes or transformations already completed in your life. Often we concentrate on the things that haven’t been done and do not take the time to reflect with gratefulness on what the Lord has already transformed. Doing this makes way for faith to grow and enables us to have hope and believe even more is possible. Never ask for the new without being grateful for what has been given.
  3. Reflect on being a treasure in an earthen vessel and how the Lord takes care of His treasure.
  4. What area do you have a tendency to regress in…to find even after a period of freedom you still revert? This is the season of overcoming persistent shortcomings. Put this area before the Lord and seek His revelation. Find His truth in the Word and declare it over yourself and then rest in His presence…letting the Word have its way.
  5. This is your time to overcome. Give it to Him. Ask for revelation and expect to receive it, and then do as He instructs. Write down all He shares with you and don’t let it be stolen by the enemy or the next struggle along the way. Remember, all it takes is one domino to make the whole struggle or dark place fall…to be replaced by light and revelation.
  6. Once you have found the truth in His Word…apply it during as many times of rest and reflection (soaking) as you can…imagine a sunrise coming up over the horizon of your heart to release light…see the darkness flee…use the imagination God gave you for good as you co-labor with Him.
  7. He is so pleased with you and enjoys His journey with you, calls you His watered garden, His Eden. Journal your thoughts on this.
  8. How do you tend to focus on the lack of progress you have made instead of the accomplishments you have achieved in His strength?
  9. Take some time to look back in a positive way. List some accomplishments or areas you have overcome in Him. Write them down and then declare them once again over your own heart. In the process of doing this declare the same kind of success over things you still struggle with. Release a testimony of faith in reference to what has been done over that which needs to be done and hope, expectancy, and assurance will arise like the morning sun.
  10. What lies have you believe that have brought guilt and shame, thereby, preventing you from moving on to walk in the dominion He has given you.
  11. Write them down, rebut them with His truth, tear them up, keep a record of what He said in response and move on.
  12. Have you been looking back so much that you can’t see where you are going…if so…what have you been looking at…focusing on besides Him and His Truth? It is time to press on. He has spoken. You are His living example.
  13. What past experiences do you need to let go of? Reflect and journal on this. Write a letter of release and give them to Him.
  14. What does it mean for you personally to call Him “Abba Father”?
  15. Reflect on your importance in bringing the manifestation of light and glory of God to its fullest measure on Earth. How does your value and importance change your way of thinking when you look at your own personal sphere of influence. Things are changed and illuminated as each person’s sphere of influence is transformed as they reflect His glory… sphere upon sphere upon sphere. Selah (mediate and reflect)

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

4 Responses to “Separating The Darkness Part One”

  1. Thank you my sweet Jesus for the grace that took me out from Jordan in my life. Restoration is your gift wrapped in a special box full of your loving care for my wellbeing. You are never mindful of my shortcomings and no matter how I fall short of Your infinite love for me, You are always ready to take me back with Your arms widely open. Thank you for restoring many areas in my life which is known only to You. Ah RESTORATION is Your most invaluble gift watered by Your Precious Blood. Thank you.

  2. Brenda,
    How awesome God’s reassuring grace.! Today’s devotions confirms my soaking prayers. How good to feel I am heard and my convictions are according to His will…His loving presence is like a pool of fresh water that envigorates and makes me feel safe. It is the gift of waiting on the Lord. Yes, patient and expectant anticipation of His great mercy and compassion. The light has overpowered the darkness. How great is His love for us!!!

  3. Brenda:
    You have written my life in the last eight months. Abba Father working step by step, day by day, seperating me from the darkness of my life into His light. Seperating soul and spirit.

    He put me in a place where once, and for all He could seperate me from the darkness, where I had no resources left, where I had no ability to find the solution for myself. He led me into a place of learning to lean on, and rely on only Him. To look only to Him, to keep my eyes and life focused on Him.

    He took the garden of my life, pulled the weeds from it by the roots so that they could not return, fertilized it with His Word, and watered it with His love. Preparing it to bear fruit that contains multiplying seed. Life giving seed to sow into the lives of others.

    He hovered over my life void of fruit, void of form. He spoke light into my life to vanquish the darkness. He placed the light of His life in my life, so that I could walk out the destiny He called me to. To His purpose of furthering His Kingdom on earth.

    I close my eyes, lift my hands up, and say Abba Father, thank you for loving me so much you hovered over my life. Amen.

  4. Veryl,

    What a blessing to see how much you have changed in the very little time I have known you. His grace is amazing and His mercy unending. Sometimes we think of mercy as pity, a pity that removes us from our situation, however, mercy often leaves us where we are so we can learn or be changed. May we never act cowardly and seek release before time, but may we be victors and overcome.

    Blessings to you today Veryl, along with the abundance of heaven.


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