Separating The Darkness Part Two

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“And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth, To rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good (fitting, pleasant) and He approved it” (Gen1:17-19Amplified)



I So Loved The World

I so loved the world—the—cosmos…so loved the original intended order I set up in the Garden that I gave My Son. I gave My Son in order to possess what the devil took by adverse possession…by squatting on unattended or forgotten land. I so loved the world and all it contains, which includes you and everyone else, for I desire none to perish (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9).

Satan’s desire is for you to believe your land, your purpose, your destiny; the things you abdicated in your life by fear, neglect, pride, abuse, etc., allowing adverse possession by the enemy, belong to him forevermore.

What is adverse possession? Adverse possession is like when a neighbor builds their fence a few feet inward on your property and if you know they have done so, but do not dispute their actions or the placement of the fence you could lose a portion of your property. (An example of adverse possession would be the following. Suppose a neighbor built his fence a few feet inward on your property. You know they have done so; but, choose not to dispute the placement of their fence. You could lose possession of that part of your land because you did not step up to reclaim the land rightfully yours.) The enemy does the same. He uses fear and a myriad of other tactics to set up fences on the land, the hopes and dreams I have given you.

I must tell you, “If you do not object and fight back, eventually, you will lose title or possession of what I have given you. In other words, the enemy is a squatter and eventually he will receive squatter’s rights if left unchallenged. I have given you all you need to challenge an already defeated foe. I have given MY Son. I cannot and will not let this happen.

Therefore Beloved, you must say, “No!” All I have given you is yours and I intend for you to have it in order for My Kingdom be established unto the four corners of the earth. Imagine all of My children realizing this and the earth being filled with the glory I intended. As the stars light the expanse of the heavens, My children would light the expanse of the earth…the world…all the while demonstrating and announcing My Kingdom dominion (Gen 1:17-19). Revelation for this very thing is being released world-wide right now and you are a part of it. It is and shall be so.

Therefore, as I said, “I am sending a light into your life today…a darkness separating light.”

And you will say, “It is good. I am good.”

Fear Not! The Light has come. Darkness is separating all and all I have given you is being reclaimed. Stand up and object. Stand up and use My Word like the weapon it is. Stand up and remove the squatters from your land…from your purpose. Stand and be amazed. Arise and shine for the Son is shining.

Abba Father

Beloved, submission is the key to true sonship in the Kingdom. When My son came to the Jordan to be baptized and I spoke from the heavens and said, “This is My Son in whom I am well pleased”, it means more than you think. It was a proclamation made to inform all that was and is to come — that, Jesus, My son, had walked in complete submission to Me in purpose and deed, thereby, worthy of inheritance.

Up to this time, He had preformed no miracles, no great deeds and yet, I loved Him. Just as I love and loved Him, I love you with no less love. I love you without you having to perform one deed. I love you, just because you are and for no other reason. I know this is hard to fathom at times especially when you struggle or feel condemned by the enemy. Never the less, it is true. No truer statement has ever been made or said. Simply put, I LOVE YOU!

No, you cannot work for My approval for it is simply My great pleasure to love you. When you try and work for My pleasure you become like an orphan…like a slave. This cannot be. You are My son, My daughter (Rom 8:15 Gal 4:6). I delight in you no matter what and, most of all; I look at the motive of your heart. An orphan and slave you are not.

In fact, I call you friend. I know you have heard this truth; but. do you really believe I call you FRIEND. If not, I am going to make sure come to the full revelation of said truth. Friends accomplish so much more together than do master and slave. Slaves only have access to the rules of the law without relationship but friends have access to the deep things of heart.

Many desires of your heart to walk in fulfillment of Kingdom dreams and purposes are yours. They are being realized and the veil hiding understanding is being removed. Every orphaned way of looking at things is being stripped away. Sonship…friendship is here for you to take hold of and never let the enemy convince you he has the right to squat on your land and call you a slave. You are Mine…period.

Beloved, I am the Light of the world—the light of the cosmos—the light of the way of order and I give it all to you. In fact, I gave it to you before you ever were. So, come up higher and dare to believe and receive by faith the fullness of sonship, My valiant and victorious one. It is already yours.

Old Things Have Passed Away

Beloved, old ways of doing things ended when I came. You are in Me and I am in you, therefore; you are a new creature. You are a son of the most high God capable of demonstrating and walking all I walked in. I tis what I died for.(2 Corinthians 5:17). You moved from darkness to light—from old covenant to new covenant when I came into your heart…into your life. Now who I am is multiplied in and through you. Every time you release who I am in you I am once again multiplied. How I love multiplication.

The Kingdom is released on the earth through many of My sons and daughters stationed throughout the lands. They rise up in Me and give this notice; “We are taking dominion for the Kingdom of God is at hand. It is fulfilled in your midst today by demonstration and power.”

Beloved, this is your motto. This is your charge. This is who you are. You are stationed right where you are for My purpose. You are to take the light I gave you—take the light I am in you and inject it into the world around you. When you do this, old things will pass away and My order—My light—My way of doing and being shall be released.

Does this sound to grand? I hope not. After all, I gave My life for it and do not intend for My life to have ever been given in vain. It has not and it will not. And it will not in you. I deem it so.

I took death, hell and the grave. I purchased the title deed to the earth and now I give it to you. Be fruitful and multiply and take dominion for all authority and power over has been given back to you (Genesis 1:28 Luke 10:19; Luke 9:1).

All that is needed is for you to believe…to believe and open your receiving heart and let the Light in all its fullness in …let Me separate all darkness that might remain in the recess of your being. Let me remove all the hindrances within the wounding of your soul for I “The Light” have come! Revelation is come at every level! Embrace Me! I am the Light. Darkness separate now!

Moses Is Dead, So You Must Press On

Beloved, as darkness separates at the revelation of My Word in you…as light invades any dark areas of your soul, you must rejoice. Rejoice now for what has already been done in Heaven. Rejoice now for the light has come. Not will come but has come.

As My light…as the truth of My Word comes as light, all dark areas will be dispersed and come to no more. As this happens your vision will grow clearer and clearer. Things you could not see before you will see. Like Paul you will arise, have all scales of hindrance removed in order to see clearly and lead many to faith in Me (Acts 26:15-19)

Unbelief will not have the power to hold you prisoner any longer. Lies give way to the Light…the truth; therefore, exchange all wrong belief…all lies for the truth. Every portion…every ray of Light released makes way to see other areas one step at a time. To see and overcome builds confidence and strengthens your sense of identity in Me. Self-condemnation is giving way to understanding of who you really are. All this is taking place as I rise up in you today. Never fear…always be ready to let go…for there is no condemnation in Me (Romans 8:1)

Beloved, Moses has passed away. John the Baptist has passed away. Old ways of thinking and living have passed away. Moses is dead and so is the life you had before Me, so move on and cross over the Red Sea of any circumstance in your life(Joshua 1:2). I am with you to make a way where there is no way.

You no longer have to live a life void of power and its demonstration.  A whole new avenue…whole new covenant of intimacy came when the veil was rent in two. Yes, a whole new order…a whole new dominion came and is fulfilled. Beloved, it is fulfilled in you. I have given you all you need. For whatever is born of Me overcomes and you are born again in Me; therefore, you overcome. The victory that has overcome the world is your faith. It is faith that overcomes…it is your faith that overcomes (1 John 5:4).

Time has come to press on…leave the Red Seas behind and listen carefully to all I say. Never get so frustrated you behave like Moses and strike the rock after I have told you to speak to it. After all, you are made for the Promised Land…and I am always near to give you fresh revelation so fear not and press ON!

Your Heart, Your Life – A Place To Rest My Head

Beloved, even as Eve was born out of Adam’s side…Adam’s rib, so are you born out of My pierced side. My side was opened. Water and blood flowed as if from a womb giving birth. Yes, Eve came from Adam’s side and you are born of Mine. I endured the Cross…I endured the piercing…I endured the pain that you might live…that you might live with Me.

While on the earth I had no place to lay My head and I do not mean a literal bed. I had no place to call My home—no heart to dwell in—no body to work through, yet I endured to the promise that we would be one as the Father and I are One. I longed for a place to rest My head…to rest My heart…a place called home.

On the cross—I gave My life…I bowed My head in a place of complete surrender for resurrection was to come and I knew it. You were and are the joy set before Me. I so desired and looked forward to the actual day when My resurrection power and wooing love would be found and experienced by you. That day has come. And now I have a place to lay My head. I have a home in your heart.

What a beautiful picture to paint…what a lovely thought to have…Me with a place to lay My head and like a child comforted by the Father. My abiding Presence brings security and hope to the deepest struggles of life. This hope…this security comes from knowing, I your Maker have likewise experienced and overcome.

Yes, I lay My head upon and in your heart for you are indeed My most Beloved one. I am the Head and you are the body and we work together to accomplish My purpose in the Earth (Colossians 1:17-19). How I love resting, abiding, and taking up residence in you. You are My resting place and I am pleased with you.

The Cross…the plan…the sacrifice…the obedience…it was all for you—it was all for the restoration of the world…the cosmos…yes, for the restoration of all mankind. It was all to bring all things in to perfect order…to once again make all things to be fruitful and multiply.

Beloved, you are My favorite resting place…the place I love to call home. The veil is rent…it is removed forever. The Light of My Presence is at home in you separating the darkness and creating a substance of faith which operates in demonstrations of power. Yes, I am He who is alive forevermore and I am alive in you (Revelations 1:18).

So, release any and all areas of darkness you struggle with and let Me rest in you with My Light. I have come to say to you and over you, “It is good. You are very good!”

Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Thank you for your encouragement Lord. I so needed it today. There are things I have possessed and now they seem to have gone by the wayside. My attempts to recover have been hard and many times I have given up, abdicated and walked away hoping for a better day. Sometimes I have even looked at myself and felt I deserved what I was experiencing. I let the enemy build fences, and even at times buildings, on my land or in my heart.

Therefore, I choose this day…yes…this day, to walk in the light of Your Word to me. I have been limited in my vision and thought it was all about me in so many ways. I have been so focused on self that I have forgotten it is about Your glory…about Your plan and it always has been. It isn’t about me. It is about the bigger picture—the cosmos—the world and all it contains.

May I light the earth like Your stars light the night sky and proclaim Your glory in whatever I do or where ever I go. I receive another portion of Your revelation today as shafts of Your revelation light penetrate my being. Even now, darkness is separating off my thinking—separating off my seeing and yes, off my believing.

Lord, please forgive me for the many times I have submitted to my own desire and will rather than Yours. Yes, I so long to be found faithful in the little things of life as well as the big. Sometimes the little things are harder for they are more frequently required to be acted upon. If not acted upon little by little, then the molehills of my life become like mountains. Mountains are harder to take back from the enemy than a molehill which can be kicked over very easily.

Father, I must admit I never thought about You being pleased with Jesus prior to all the miracles He did. I know You were, however; I never put it in this context. Imagine You being pleased with me even when I am doing nothing. Truly obedience is better than sacrifice.

Therefore, I choose to be in submission to Your overall purpose and to Your individual purpose in word and deed. In all of this, still I am not required to perform for Your love. All is birthed out of sonship…friendship. I am Your friend.

All You have given to me and will give to me is given with great pleasure…is given just because you love me. How wonderful to know that I am loved unconditionally by You. I am Your daughter…Your son. I am simply Yours and nothing else matters. I am loved just because it is Your great pleasure to do so. I receive by faith and I agree that I am your valiant, victorious one. I am Your friend and we have access to one another’s hearts. You are my great love and I am Yours.

Father, old things have passed away in my life and the new has come. I refuse to look at them any longer except to allow for the manifest presence of Christ to destroy any vestige or fragment left over capable of coming against Your purposes and plans for my life.

Father, old things have passed away in my life and the new has come. I refuse to look at them any longer except to allow for the manifest presence of Christ to destroy any vestige or fragment left over capable of coming against Your purposes and plans for my life.

Instead of focusing on lack I so often see in myself, I choose to set my face like flint and press on. Yes, I press on to a higher calling. I press on to a higher vision…a vision born of Your heart for me and all those I love. Once again, I confess that it is not about me. It is all about You…it is all about Kingdom. It is about restoration of all things and You have given me a part to play. I am taking dominion of all you have given me charge of. I am not insignificant to the plans and purposes You wish to accomplish on the Earth. Yes, I press on to a higher calling. I press on to a higher vision…a vision born of Your heart for me and all those I love. Once again, I confess that it is not about me. It is all about You…it is all about Kingdom. It is about restoration of all things and You have given me a part to play. I am taking dominion of all you have given me charge of. I am not insignificant to the plans and purposes You wish to accomplish on the Earth.

Nothing is too grand, for nothing is impossible with You including my life and its struggles or my purpose in reference to those I love and Your will for all involved. Your light is here with me right now and I am in full reception of it. Revelation is around me and in me at every level for You dwell in me. All my senses are captivated by Your heart…by your friendship as You dispense revelation and truth according to the Word. I live…I breathe…I walk…and take dominion in You.

Like the song words, ‘On a clear day you can see forever” I can see. The eyes of my understanding are opened. Revelation and wisdom flow from You to me. As Moses passed away— as John the Baptist passed away and made way for a new thing so my old ways pass away. I receive the Light of Your Word and I exchange all the lies I believed in AND exchange for Your truth. In doing this, I will come to embrace the full identity of a life hidden in You…a life set apart for your glory.

Lord I am indeed new and I am becoming new each and every day. The veil is rent and I have access to see You and Your plans for me. As I embrace Your Word I am not afraid of failure nor am I unqualified. You and You alone have made me qualified. You alone are my Strong tower…my Refuge and I receive all You have to give, for surely my cup overflows with rivers of the Living Water that flows from your heart—from Your throne.

Lord, I choose to arise for my faith is an overcoming faith. Old things are even now continuing to pass away and I am new…I am completely fulfilled in You. The only power the opinions of others have over me is what I give them and I choose to give credence to only what You say in Your Word. My destiny…my purpose are fulfilled by You and my submission to Your truth. My destiny is fulfilled in and by you as I, like Paul, choose to allow the scales of hindrance which include unbelief, unforgiveness, pride or any other sin fall away as I receive mercy and grace…mercy and grace for myself and for those around me. I embrace a life full of the demonstration of power in Your name. Promised Land here I am.

Be still my heart. O’ the love I feel at the very thoughts You have expressed. It seems I cannot contain the immensity of Your love. To be Your resting place is more than I could desire, more than I can imagine, yet, You say it is so. To have the security and hope as You reside in my heart…as You call me your home. You are indeed the head and I am the body to carry out all You desire and have planned for me. What an amazing analogy…what an amazing picture…to see my heart as a place for You to rest Your head which makes up all Your thoughts, desires and dreams. I am privileged indeed. I would have it no other way. Teach me to be so very aware of Your presence so that I never take You for granted.

I must come into agreement with the depth of this truth of being Your resting place. I must know the fullness of being one as You and the Father are one. Open my heart…open my senses, as You promised before. Open them down to the very cellular level…to my very DNA.

Come and infuse the very nerves of my being and make them receptive to Your immense expression of love. I declare that Your resting place…I am a place You call home. You are the head and I am the body. We move in unison together to accomplish great purpose and destiny.

Teach me Holy Spirit to understand and walk in the fullness of this great truth. Your Word to me creates more motivation to release all that hinders, holds back, or entices me. I am Your habitation…Your resting place and I am indeed a good thing. All darkness is separating from me as You declare, “Let there be Light!” After all, I am Your favorite one. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. What dream…what word…what land or what anything has the Lord done for you or put in your heart that has been abdicated due to the adverse possession of the enemy? Where has he built fences on your land and claimed it as his?
  2. How should you apply the above word to your situation of personal adverse possession when it comes to what you have been given in Christ? Think on this.
  3. In what ways do you find yourself thinking it is all about you? This happens when one becomes so engrossed in their own needs they forget those around them. Often times the best way to overcome is to give and help another person rise up in an offensive position and take back their land. Reflect and meditate on this.
  4. Have you ever got down in the weeds, so to speak, of your own life to the point that you didn’t see the big picture? What area of your life tends to ever confront you in hopes of distracting you from walking according to the privileged, cherished, loved friend of God that you are?
  5. In what ways have you found yourself working for His approval and not as a heart to heart friend without even realizing it?
  6. Remember, to see darkness, to see weakness is half the battle and we often tend to leave things there by being…unwilling to fight…feeling unworthy to fight…feeling to overwhelmed to fight…or by feeling too hopeless to believe we have already overcome in Him. Once something is exposed it is subject to destruction and is not meant to haunt or threaten. He shows us things that need to be dealt with not to condemn us but to free us. Exposure subjects the said deed or issue to the manifest presence of Him who came to destroy the works of the evil one. What things has He shown you He wants to set you free from? Agree with Him and be made free…agree with Him and reclaim your land.
  7. Reflect on the fact He delights in you no matter what your performance may or may not be.
  8. Have you felt you are too insignificant, unimportant or not qualified enough to carry out His mandates? If you have, you are not alone. However, the time has come for a shift in your thinking and doing. Take your thoughts of insignificance, etc. and let them go. They are lies from the enemy. Agree with the Lord and His Word. Take your thoughts that are inconsistent with His and subject them to the Word…to the truth and move on.
  9. Reflect on being stationed…positioned right where you are for His purposes and plans. Have you felt in any way that somehow you aren’t where you should be…have you been looking at your placement…your position in a negative light by comparing it to something someone else is doing? Comparison never works and always leads to a critical spirit of either your own self or someone else. It also gets your eyes off the true value of where you are and makes one deaf to the whispers of His heart for the situation and people around you right where you are.
  10. Seeing that the blood of Christ purchased what was lost in the Garden and that dominion was given back to us to have power over the enemy…your situations and struggles are included as those now subject to the manifest presence of God. What situations, struggles, sins, doubts, unbelief, and so on do you need to see as under the dominion of Christ and what He accomplished on the Cross? Take some time to really reflect on this and deal with them one at a time.
  11. What you could not see before you will now see. We all have blind spots at one time or another. Let His Word seep into your heart and reveal any blind spots…any scales over your eyes that keep you from seeing the complete beauty of who you are in Christ. Take some time to reflect on this.
  12. According to the Word above how can you personally view walking a step by step process as a confidence building exercise which brings about the true nature of your identity in Him and not get dismayed in the process?
  13. How does God’s perspective help you to continue on?
  14. Reflect on the fact that being born of God gives you what it takes to overcome the world.
  15. It is time to write your own love letter to the Lord based on this word. Reflect on the immensity of what He is saying. Can you imagine what your life would look like, sound like or be like if you truly believed these words?
  16. It is time to explore this truth for you in relation to every aspect of your life. You could take one aspect of His nature and heart resting in You at a time and there wouldn’t be enough time to express it all even if you had all of eternity to do so. There is not one minute to waste and there is no time like the present. I challenge you to start right now and just SEE!

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