Sweet Nectar, Butterfly Of God’s Heart

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However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him (I Corinthians 2:9 NIV).

As I was contemplating the season of life many are in,including this nation, I felt I should post this in response with the intent of releasing hope. I pray, if you have read it before that you will find new truths you did not see or perceive before. Be blessed and fly with great grace, power and anointing in these days, for surely His glory shall fill the whole earth as the waters cover the sea….blessings Brenda

The Awakening Of Love

There are beauties of My glory, yet untapped and I am going to show them to you. I am opening them up before your very eyes, enabling sight into a realm not seen before. I am drawing you to drink deeply from My sweet nectar—to drink deeply from My presence. I am wooing you with love. I am drawing you with kindness and I am washing you with the water of My Word.

Beloved, you are indeed My butterfly and Mine alone. I created you and now I am bringing about a metamorphosis in your life and heart. You are to no longer to be held captive in a cocoon, no longer hidden away. It is time to fly with freedom under the protection of My mighty wings as you rise to see the face of your God, whose very essence flows with goodness and glory. Awakening is here. Love is awakened, My beloved. Love is swinging wide the doors of opportunity, favor and honor. I am returning hundredfold all that has been stolen while you slept—while you rested.

I have sent winter on its way and it is responding to the Word of My mouth. The Son is rising. Rain is coming. Ground is being softened in preparation to bring forth flowers of the Spirit from which you shall feel and gain strength.

Dewy moisture, freshness and newness of life permeate the atmosphere. Even the birds sing of this new life. They know; yes, they anticipate the revealing of the sons of God. They are anticipating you and your newness of life. They long to sing among the Spring of your heart.

Beloved, they know before you do. They can sense My workings. Rain saturates the soil as it anticipates the seed to come. Seed from one flower alone can populate a whole new garden. All has and is being prepared. Your garden awaits. Can you see the clouds of promise gather? I can.

Arise from within the very depths and smell the rain. Arise and believe for surely Spring is here. Arise and do as I bid for love is awakening.

Holy Spirit Whispers

Though there has been harsh weather you’ve had to endure at times, your cocoon has protected you. It has kept you from the elements in ways you do not yet discern. You do not see all things going on outside the cocoon of your vision. Beloved, they are happening. They are indeed being prepared.

I placed you within My garden and I have always been with you. I surround you and I have been watching your development with great anticipation as I wait for your complete emergence (Psalms 125:2). I have and am pulling away every hindering strand of your cocoon one filament at a time. I know it seems almost at a standstill. Have you ever seen slow motion photography as a flower unfolds? It is the same for you. Sometimes it seems very slow and at others it seems as if things suddenly appear. Every filament removed has a progressively larger affect. After all, I am the God of multiplication.

Beloved, you must be patient yet have expectation. It would be detrimental to you if I removed everything all at once. Ah . . . yes, I sigh with such pleasure at what I see in you . . . such power and anointing displayed within such intricate, delicate and captivating beauty. I see beyond the cocoon—beyond every filament. And I am pleased. Yes, I am pleased.

Therefore, let Me take a moment to revel in what I see as I stand by you at this very moment. Did you know the Father and I often converse with Holy Spirit about you? We are so excited about your potential and how it is manifesting itself. We know just because you are cocooned in some ways doesn’t daunt us at all. We see the bigger picture, the bigger landscape of your life. Holy Spirit whispers our thoughts to you and we want you to believe them above any other. We want you to embrace them like a warm winter coat on a snowy cold day (John 14:26).

Yes, even now, Holy Spirit is whispering in your ear—whispering into your heart saying, “Awakening is here, My love—My butterfly. The very last of fibers and filaments are falling away. Awaken and Emerge. It is time to fly.”


Beloved, while you are changing, growing, and metamorphosing, I am always planting circumstantial seedlings in the soil of your life. Circumstantial in the fact that they are intricately related to what you need to become. They are handpicked and specific to My purpose for you. Each one develops elaborate and complex textures and tones to the wings you fly with. Little veins of color to be woven together in ways you have yet to imagine.

Beloved, timing is everything. Timing—My timing—is of the utmost importance. I know just when to plant in order for the things I have prepared for you to sprout, grow, and flourish. I know just when to present you to others and the world at large. Each stage of growth is critical and necessary to the final outcome.

Presentation—or should I say blossoming—provides much needed sweet nectar and is imperative for the continuation of life. You will drink from the blossoms of others and they will draw sustenance from yours. Life continues

All is well My butterfly. Yes, all is well planned. I can see you as you really are. What others and even you may see is a cocoon, but not Me; I see My graceful, colorful, beautiful one ready to be released in to the garden I have prepared before all time. In fact, you are My garden (Isaiah 58:11, Jeremiah 31:12).

I see you like the graceful, colorful, butterflies drinking pollen from the beautiful flowers of My creation. Fluttering, floating without care, causing amazement as you move from place to place with elegance and grace. You are full of beauty and strength. I have lavished all love on you, and when I appear you will be like Me (1 John 3:1-3).

All those who discounted you will see you in a new light as I bring about the promised redemption of your calling. I redeem everything the locust has eaten (Joel 2:25). When I give back, I give back pressed down, shaken together and running over in everything (Luke 6:38). Simply stated, I am a God of multiplication.

Can you see your wings? Can you see what I see? I am redeeming all things and those who cursed you will rise and call you blessed. They will consider it a privilege to know you. Know this, believe this and embrace it. Wear it well. It is who you are.

I Have Removed All Reproach

Beloved, as I remove each filament of your cocoon I eradicate the reproach of men and circumstances from the deep places of your heart. Like Eve I have taken away your reproach (Genesis 30:32). This was done at the Cross but now must be walked out in the natural everyday things of your life. The things you thought and used as excuses, allowing them to bind you in a cocoon of sleep, I have removed. I need you to agree with Me on this and see them melt like wax in a flame. The enemy wishes for you to concentrate on them to the point you give them power over you.

Beloved, close your eyes and see Me. See Me pulling away layer after layer. See Me near you right now for I am removing the reproach of men. I am granting you favor with Myself and man (Luke 2:52; Isaiah 54:4). What I am doing now, you or no one can argue with. I remove and break away all words and judgments of men and even family. In the process, I bring a work of humbleness to their lives, thereby freeing them at the same time. What is done for you ultimately becomes their freedom. You will comfort in which you have been comforted (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

I have taken the crooked staff the enemy used to reach out and wrap around your neck, pulling you back into the places of darkness, and turned it into a sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12) As you remain faithful to Me, I deny him any power over you. My grace is sufficient, and My love gives lift to your graceful, yet powerful, wings, enabling you to soar above all that was.

I restore the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). The time of recompense has come for I have been jealous for you, My beloved. I have been jealous and longed to see the beautifully intricate butterfly you are to soar above every circumstance. I have longed for others to have their lives enlightened and brightened by your appearance. As many travel far and wide to see migrations of butterflies so shall many come to see what I have done in you. Arise and believe. Arise and embrace. Freedom to fly is here.

Arise And Fly

Beloved, as you rise and fly in the current of My mighty wings, you will have sight into My realm of goodness and glory—into My realm of thinking and doing. For I have called you to collect pollen and take it from place to place. The deposits you share will make it possible for gardens to bloom in the lives of others. What you have, they need.

However, you cannot do this with old mind sets or when you believe what others have said about you or to you. As your cocoon dries up and becomes only a faint memory you will indeed be free.

For without pollen, without the deposits of My goodness I have placed in you, many would stay in their bound-up cocoons way past the necessary time. The right amount of time produces one like you, while excessive time destroys hope. As you dispense the sweet pollen of My nectar into the lives of others, self-reproach will be removed, and I will remove the reproach of men upon their lives. What I have done for you I will do for them. What I have given you I will give to them.

I will cause you to light in places where you will collect much pollen and revelation. You will then process it through your own unique personality and giftedness to make what others need. There are many who will best receive what I want to give them through you more than anyone else. Therefore, divine appointments and situations are being arranged. Gardens in need of your pollen are being made ready for you. Have faith and do not be afraid, it is all beyond what you imagined you would do for Me. You receive from Me and I establish. I determine and you obey with the full understanding that I am the one who does it through you and for you.

Beloved, drink continually from the nectar of communion with Me in order to come in and go out of My presence with the necessary pollen to produce in like kind. Comfort as you have been comforted, My butterfly (2 Corinthians1:3-4). Soar the lofty heights among realms of intricately woven places of glory and share in all I am and called you to be (2 Thessalonians 2:14). Like the eagle you must rise and faint not. Behold I do a new thing (Isaiah 42:9; Isaiah 43:19). The best is here, the best is yet to come. Now arise and open your wings. Yes, open your wings and dare to fly.

However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him (I Corinthians 2:9 NIV).


Nectar Of God’s Word, Prayer of Supplication and Declaration

Lord, I receive the sweet nectar of Your Word. It settles down around my heart and flows into the hidden places of dryness like fresh spring water. It coats my heart like thick honey from the Rock. I declare that my eyes are beholding You in a whole new way. I am able to see into the realms of Your glory and presence that have been reserved for me in this day. Metamorphosis is taking place with every breath I breathe. My heart responds to Your wooing of Love.

I receive Your goodness—Your kindness which flows to me from the depths of Your heart. The gates of purpose and destiny are swinging wide open. Favor, blessing and honor are mine as I dwell in You. All that has been stolen is being returned multiplied unto me. Spring is arising in my heart. The Son is shining and the rain of Your presence is softening the soil of my heart. I am being made new. Flowers of provision in every area of my life are popping up just as I need them. I am being prepared to fly. Spring is here and my love is awakened.

Lord, teach me to see You in every circumstance. Open the eyes of my heart to see with great faith—to see what You see when You look beyond the struggles I experience as I try to walk out this life You have given me. Sometimes I look at my life and I don’t see myself having been placed in the garden of Your love and care

Always remind me to put You in remembrance of the Word you have spoken to me. Let faith arise with wings of hope and expectation and I will mount up and fly into the promises, into the purposes you have for me with great delight. For You are indeed multiplying me in every way. Struggles surrendered break me free. I envelope myself within the comfort of Your presence as I would snuggle into a warm coat on a cold day. All is unfolding and love is truly awakening within me. All is falling away. I can fly.

Help me to see the beautiful colors that are so intricately being woven into the very fabric of my life. Your very life flows through the veins of my being and I am being made like You. Teach me to never worry or be afraid. Teach me to rest among the active moving of Your Spirit in my heart, to be patient and wait on Your timing. Timing is everything and I must trust You when all seems delayed. I must trust You to show me if there are things in my heart and life which hinder me and keep me cocooned, keep me from walking in the fullness of blessing.

Lord, thank You for lifting the reproach of men and circumstances off my life and heart. I invite You into every deep or hidden place within me and say, “Have Your way!” More than anything, I want to be completely free to be who You have made me to be. I release all people who have disdained me, hurt me or wounded me in any way. Please bring each one to my remembrance that I might lay down the ugly colors of unforgiveness down forever. I release them that they might be free also. Every accusation of the enemy melts like wax in the flame of Your presence.

The very essence of who You made me to be is awakening like the rising of the dawn. This is a new day, and I embrace it. I give You all my excuses. I lay aside every hindrance. I receive restoration of all things stolen from me. Draw me continually into Your presence to receive. Never let me forsake My time with You in favor of leftover strands and filaments of my old cocoon. Let it blow away never to be revisited. I receive divine appointments and circumstances without fears of inadequacy for I am one who expresses You in a unique and beautiful way. I come into Your presence and I drink deeply. Fill me, enable me, comfort me, and I will do likewise (2 Corinthians 1:4). The best part of my life is now and to come. Old things have passed away and gardens are prepared to drink from and to impart to. The best is here. I am free and I open my wings to fly. I am flying. Amen

Reflect and Journal

1. In what ways do you experience a metamorphosis or awakening in your heart and how is it affecting your life?

2. Write down what has been stolen from you so you will know what to expect to be returned.

3. His rain is here and more is coming. The Son is beginning to shine with a whole new revelation into the darker places of your life. Close your eyes and visualize the Son shining into the areas of your struggles with your own self or someone you love.

4. Have you given up on yourself or them in these areas you long to see changed? Why do you think this is? Do you really believe Father God can do anything or have you limited His ability to awaken love in any area or any person?

5. Remind Him of His promises to you. Put Him in remembrance of His Word. He doesn’t mind and it will build faith in your heart. Write them down and daily lift them up to receive Son and Rain

6. Knowing He is captivated by your beauty even in what you consider to be an unlovely state frees you to change, to become what He says you are. How does this revelation minister to your heart and your self-worth or self-assessment?

7. Did you know there were conversations in Heaven about you and the wonder you are? How does this affect your thinking, your feelings? Listen close, Holy Spirit wishes to whisper some thoughts of the Father’s heart to you right now. Write them down.

8. What has Holy Spirit shared with you in the past about whom you are that you need to come into agreement with? What words do you need to put Him in remembrance of?

9. Have you been daunted, felt unworthy in any way by places where you have been cocooned or have you seen them as place of preparation aimed at developing intricate beauty? Reflect on this and take time to journal your thoughts.

10. Restoration is here. He is changing the minds of others about who you are. He is changing your mind about who you are.

11. What particular self-assumptions do you need to change that do not line up with what He has just said about you?

12. How have you seen delay in your life? How does knowing that timing is everything give you hope? If a butterfly breaks free of the cocoon meant to keep it safe too soon, before it has developed correctly, it cannot fly and be as it was made to be. Consider this as you answer the question.

13. Can you say about yourself what He says? Go ahead! Say them, each and every word He has spoken to you. Say, “I am . . . .” (fill in the blanks with the words above and more)

14. Reproach means to be criticized or to criticize, feel blameworthy, disgraced, be disgraced, disgraced, disgraceful, or to be discredited in some way.

15. In what areas have you looked at yourself and did any of the above or received theses definitions of reproach from others?

16. What areas of reproach need to fall away from your life, enabling you to fly? Repent for any self-reproach; forgive those who have reproached you Forgive all the reproaches of men and confess if you have walked in reproach toward anyone.

17. Give each and every reproach to the Lord. Agree with Him and take the sword of the Spirit, stand up in your rightful position, ready to battle.

18. Write a devotion of acceptance, of agreement with all He has said. You can start it with these words, “I am . . . .”

19. Once you have completed this, take the time to read it out loud as often and you can.

20. As you read this love letter, what do the words freedom and awakening mean to you?

21. Who had the Lord put on your heart in particular? Have you been willing to do what He is asking, what He is showing you to do? Maybe you are the only one who can. Ponder and respond.

22. Reflect on what it means to have the Lord’s sight, to see above the circumstance.

23. Reflect on being His butterfly soaring like an eagle and with the grace that entails.

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About the Author


Brenda Craig is a published author, prophetic teacher and Seer whose desire is to know the Lord in all His fullness. Her writings and teachings reflect a deep intimacy with the Lord. As a worshiper, Brenda has received revelation on how to take the simple act of “Soaking in His Presence” to a new level and developed a teaching called Soaking with a Purpose.

7 Responses to “Sweet Nectar, Butterfly Of God’s Heart”

  1. Yes, my sweet Holy Spirit, You have set me free from my cocoon. Like a winged butterfly buffeted by the wind of Your love, I fly high, confident and sure of myself. You took away, like a swift wind blowing, my self doubts, my insecurities, my feeling of inadequacy. Yet, my confidence is deeply anchored in You, reliant on Your grace because without You I am nothing. You temper my desires by Your wisdom. My new found freedom from the views of others and dependence on flattery has come to light. I am free from tyranny of false appreciation and flattery. Thank You Lord for my newfound freedom. A freedom that will hide and be cautioned by Your sweet and endearing leadings. Thank You..

  2. “All those who discounted you will see…”

    All things work for good for those who believe. Thank you for giving me a forgiving heart to those who treated me with meanness, who failed to believe in my ability, who had put me to shameful situations, who openly ostracize me.

    The experience became my sandpaper to refine what I needed to change. Like a sharp garden tool, they prune the ungodly in me, my pride, my overconfidence, and my indifference.

    They are tools for tempering, for filtering, for reckoning. They became my scented incense of love offering so that I will be fully reconciled to You. Thus, ushering the way to be in agreement with You and You alone! Thank You

  3. Indeed, You have prepared the garden where I will fly with my wings open, unafraid and strong. I can spread my wings without hesitation and fear of what the flowers may say or feel, for I will be in communion with them.

    Yes, my hands will move over the keys to express freely the songs of my heart for You. My garden, for my beautiful thoughts and love songs for you, welcomes me with love and endearment. The encouragement to go on is awesome and my moves are never doubted. Thank you for the freedom to express and shout to the corners of the world Your goodness. My heart will continue to pour out my Love for You.

    Thank You for this website!!!

  4. As I read this word–I actually sensed our Lord talking to me–using you. I am so blessed to have read it. My faith is rising and my smile is bigger. Oh, how much He Loves Me–yet I want more. Everything He desires for ME.

  5. Oh! Am flying so high just knowing am God’s sweet nectar. Wow! What an honour the Father has bestowed on me. Thank so much Brenda. Am growing day by day and moment by mement as I study devotional. May His grace continue to increase in your life.

  6. Saintasu,

    Thank you so much for all your comments of encouragement and grace. I am so blessed to have you as a part of Journals…may the Lord continue to richly bless you in all you do, in your coming in and going out…blessings Brenda

  7. This is the best word I have read in a very long time. Thank You for sharing your heart. I love receiving The word of the day. Thank you for allowing so many to gaze in your garden. Great Blessings to you as you serve and seek the Father’s Face and will.

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