The One Room School By Apostle John Dean

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Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end. Proverbs 19:20 KJV

The older I become the more thankful I am for all who have influenced my life. Over the years I have learned so much from others that I wonder sometimes if I personally contributed anything to my own makeup? Perhaps I am only a conglomeration of everyone else. Either way I am still a thankful person.

The other day while reminiscing and thanking God for those who had influenced me, I remembered a very special school teacher. She taught in a little one room school that I attended in central Texas. This one room school served the children of the local ranchers as well as the children of the families who worked on those ranches.

As I think back on those early days in the one room school there really did seem to be an old-fashioned romance and innocence about them. But on the other hand when I remember those cold rainy winter days of walking several miles back and forth to school the romance fades fast.

The student body was twelve to fifteen students who were all taught in one room. If you missed something one year, you could make up for it the next year because the same lessons were taught over and over. It seemed to be a great concept even though some of us were not known for our scholastic achievement. However after having said that, it is worth noting that a high percentage of the students went on to graduate from the University of Texas.

Our teacher drove back and forth from town where she and her husband lived. She was probably the kindest and most patient lady I had ever met. She must have had a divine call from God to teach in that school at that particular time. I am sure the Lord sent her there just for me. The things I learned from her I cherish to this day. I especially influenced by the light of her life.

To this day I still try to emulate the life lessons I learned from that precious one room school teacher who drove for miles each day to teach children like me. Perhaps the more valuable lessons in life are not always learned in the university while listening to a brilliant professor, but through the simplistic teaching of a dedicated one room school teacher.


Thank you for the lessons I learned from this wonderful God-sent teacher. I learned through her that virtue, patience and commitment would one day help me to serve a cause higher than myself. These qualifications were the qualifications I would one day need in order to fulfill my call as a minister. Lord, help me to always be as dedicated to others as my one room school teacher was to me.


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